Charlotte Church, Ex Put Differences Aside For Kids

10/21/2010 at 09:00 AM ET
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Newly single and with a new album to promote, Charlotte Church muses “things change” in a new interview with the Telegraph.

The decision to sever ties with former fiancé Gavin Henson was “mutual,” the songstress insists, for the couple had been “growing apart for a little while.”

“It was quietly painful,” she explains. “You just get on with stuff, and then we sat down and said, ‘Are you feeling this as well?'”

Remaining friends remains a priority for Church and Henson, she says, citing their two children Ruby Megan, 3, and Dexter Lloyd, 21 months, as “the most important thing in both of our worlds.”

If any good is to come from the split, it will be evident on Back to Scratch, her sixth studio album.

“Maybe music needs to be pre-empted by a little pain,” she suggests. “Unless you’re Kate Bush, you can’t really write interesting songs about domesticity, washing baby clothes and breastfeeding.”

During happier times, Church, 24, says she “didn’t really have the inspiration” to make music.

“I couldn’t tear myself away from my beautiful babas, to be honest,” she reveals. “But [the break-up] was all going on when I started writing these songs. It wasn’t a heart-wrenching, horrendous emotional turmoil; it was just a kind of sorrow.”

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Emily on

Awww, how sad. She always seems so sweet and down to earth. I remember reading in earlier interviews about how she wanted a large family 4-6 kids! Starting a family so young is never easy. I was just 20, when I married and had my first child a year later. The first few years were really difficult. Wishing all the best to her and her two babies!

D on

I like Charlotte, but I saw this coming.

Crystal on

This is really sad. This is one reason that I strongly believe in being married before having children. I know that marriages fail and marriage is no guarantee that the couple will stay together but to me when people make that type of commitment to one another it solidifies a bond.

Plus, there’s much more work into getting a divorce than if you guys are just “engaged” or long term partners where one can just walk away. I wish Charlotte, Gavin and the children all the luck in the world.

JM on

the sad thing to me is that people just seem to give up marriage too quickly. i mean, not every day can be as passionate as the start of a relationship, any relationship needs work and effort from both sides. you don’t split up just because things have lost their spark a little, you can regain it and it just seems to me that they thought it would be easier to break up than work at it, despite the fact that they have two kids.

i just can’t imagine giving up on my marriage that quickly…. divorce just seems too easy nowadays. and i am in no way anti-divorce, if it’s not right it’s not right, that’s fine. i just mean, make sure it’s your last option after you’ve tried everything else….

Mina on

Working on a relationship can be done! I was pregnant as a teen and broke up with the father because I thought I was too young. We started hanging out again and all the old feelings came back. We took it one day at a time…being friendly first. It didnt take me long to realize that he was not only a good guy but a GREAT guy…near perfect. Trust was (and is) ALWAYS THERE.

I have seen some of the most honest good guys cheat. I have seen some of the most IN LOVE couples break up. It makes me proud that I didnt give up. We are each others soul mates having been thru EVERYTHING together…the birth of our son, a breakup, the death of his father after a lengthy illness, the divorce of most of our friends, college, new jobs, new friends, hew hangouts, etc.

We are now engaged and talking baby number 2. He would die for me. It doesnt get any better than that, does it? People are amazed that we gave our relationship a second chance…and that it not only lasted, but has gotten BETTER.

Crystal on

JM- They weren’t married. Engaged but never married.

Shannon on

Too bad it didn’t work out. Good luck to her.

CelebBabyLover on

I’m sad to hear that she and Gavin broke up….but I’m glad to hear that they seem to be getting along well for the sake of the children. 🙂

JM on

crystal, sorry, i realise my point was misleading, my point was not actually just directed at people who are married. i am talking about anyone who made a decision to be in a serious relationship (and i would call having children together a more serious commitment than putting a ring on someone’s finger). my point was more that if you have made such a commitment you shouldn’t give up on a relationship so easily.

Crystal on

Oh I see. You were talking about marriage and relationships in general. My bad! Your pov was right on!!! 🙂

JM on

🙂 thanks crystal, but thanks for pointing it out to me. it would be wrong to say you should only work on a relationship if you’re married.

Kasen on

I think it’s easy to say they gave up on their relationship quickly but how do you know? were you there? If the love is not there and you both feel the same way, there is no point in being miserable. Maybe they did try everything else.