Drew Brees Welcomes Son Bowen Christopher

10/20/2010 at 03:00 PM ET
Sthanlee B. Mirador/Shooting Star

There’s a new footballer in the family.

Drew Brees and wife Brittany welcomed their second child, son Bowen Christopher Brees, on Tuesday, Oct. 19, the New Orleans Saints quarterback announced.

Brees — who received over 6,000 suggestions after soliciting his followers for uncommon ‘B’ names via Twitter earlier this month — wrote, “Healthy, happy baby. Big hands, big feet. Brit is great. I am so proud!”

Bowen joins big brother Baylen Robert, 19 months, who celebrated with Brees, 31, on the field after the Saints cinched their Super Bowl win in February.

— Sarah Michaud

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Lisa on

Congrats, I’m a huge Saints fan and Drew Brees fan. However, not too fond of their name choices for either of their boys.

Nicole on

I love the name Baylon, but I’m not so fond of Bowen! Probably just because I disliked a boy in school with that as his last name! Congratulations to them though – they’re a beautiful family!

bungalowbliss on

Great at throwing the pigskin, not so much at picking out names. Regardless, congrats to the Breeses.

SusiQ on

Congrats on the birth of the new baby and bless the mother. Two boys under two??? Wow!!

Luna on

I like their middle names, but both boys have kind of strange first names. And two boys under two? Whew! However, I’m sure he’s a cutie like Baylen and I’m a big Saints fan! Congratulations Drew, Brittany, and Baylen on baby Bowen.

Iris Harrell on

I was your Dad’s secretary at T&K for 5 yrs. when you were a child. You and Reid used to ccme to the office on Sat. with Chip while I was working for him and I would talk to you. Also my daughter used to babysit for your parents when you were very young.

Erin on

There is something about Bowen that I like, although it reminds me of Boeing…He did say via twitter they were looking for a unique name that started with the letter B, not found in baby books…I think they achieved their goal! Who Dat!

gdfg on

Why do so many people give all their kids names that start with the same letter? What’s the point?

Terri on

Congrats to the Brees family!

bbdoll5 on

I love the Saints BECAUSE of Drew and Brittany Brees. They brought healing, hope and unity to the Crescent City and to the nation. Love the names they picked out. Bowen is an old world family name … and for you people who can’t figure it out .. think of the unique names this way: BAY Brees (Baydon) and BO Brees (Bowen). Seriously, look beyond your noses people and see the big picture! Love the names Drew. Congrats and God bless you all!

natasha on

What’s the significance of “bo” and “bay”?

Mira on

Two of the three posts that mention the big brother’s name misspelled it. Hilarious!

That’s why you shouldn’t give made-up names to your kids. They’ll spend two thirds of their life spelling them, correcting documentation that’s misspelled them, and being annoyed at people who mess them up. Silly, silly naming trend.

But congrats on the healthy baby!

Lisa on

bbdoll5 don’t tell us to look beyond our noses!! As if we can’t “figure it out”?? We simply do not like the name. Big Whoop. We are not being mean. To each their own opinion. It suits their family just fine, just would not mine! so what?

Also, want to add that I had 2 kids under 2 at one point. Now they r 5 and 3 1/2. I would not have had it any other way. It’s so much fun and for me was not difficult. Now when they become teenagers, that’s a whole nother ball game.

MommaH on

Congratualtions to the Brees family! Drew is such a great stand up guy. I am sure he will pass on a strong sense of giving, morality, family, and faith to his children. Who cares what HE chooses to name HIS children. That is their business. I am sure people have been judgemental of my names, your names, and everyone elses’. As long as they are happy!

shannon on

Bowen is a Welsh name that means “son of Owen.” Owen is a Welsh name meaning “desire born.” It’s typically used as an alternative name to Owen and can be shorten to Bow or Bo.

It’s an unusual name but after looking up it’s meaning it doesn’t bother me as much as other names.

Sarah S. on

Congrats to the Brees family!! And I love the dress that Brittany is wearing in the photo!

TR on

I enjoy parents giving their babies unique names most of the time. And his 2 boys will most likely be referred to as Bo and Bay. I myself have a fairly common first and last name and it has been my experience all my life to have to correct someone elses misspelling. I don’t get mad though, what bothers me is when I say Terri, the person says back to me Jerri, or Mary? Ugh, T’s do not sound like J’s or M’s and I have no problem enunciating my T’s.

Erin on

bbdoll5 – I can’t figure out what the hell you’re talking about regarding the boys’ names. Who cares? They have a new boy, which is wonderful. Also, the super bowl win was great. But I’m sure the hundreds of thousands of New Orleans residents who never came home after Katrina don’t feel totally healed. Or unified. Just saying.

D on

What is with these odd names?

Tee on

Actually, Erin, I am one of those Katrina victims and while I can’t speak for all of us, I can say that everyone I’ve spoken to and the overall attitude of the city is that the Saints strong season brought life back to the city in a way unlike anything else.

The NEW DAT is here! Congratulations, Drew and Brittnay!!!!

Georgina on

bbdoll55 perhaps you should look further than the end of your nose to see the eldest boy is called Baylen not Baydon, quite important when your posting such a condecending comment.

Bowen isn’t that unusual as a name but its more a surname, where Im from anyway. Baylen sounds made up to me, which is worse. Saying them together is a bit of a tounge twister though! But Bay and Bow is quite cute.

joyce latture on

congradulations to the Bree`s family! The boys will have such fun growing up together. Love their names and i know mom and dad are so proud! We love the Saints in Arkansas and always watch such a great and admired team. Once again congrats and best wishes. Burt and Joyce Latture

katie on

Love both of the boys’ names, and the Brees family!

Erin on

Tee – I wish the best for everyone in N.O. and I’m sure the SB was a boon in many ways. But a large portion of the African American community has been permanently displaced due Katrina. Entire neighborhoods are still empty. Communities disappeared. I was just giving a shout out for perspective, that’s all. Good luck to you!

Jessica on

I wish we could ‘like’ comments – bc I would ‘like’ Georgina’s response!!! 🙂

Brandy on

Congratulations to Drew Brees and his beautiful family. The “Who Dat Nation” is thrilled to have our New Dat! We could not be prouder of Saint Drew and his lovely family … they are the real deal! May God continue to bless you for all you have done for the people of Louisiana and the gulf coast region.

Whitney on

The hottest news in NOLA right now….

Mandy on

I don’t normally comment on blogs, but I had to comment on this one. Our sons names are (and I am NOT making this up) Baylen and Bowen. Baylen is 2 1/2 and Bowen just turned a year old. We thought it was a weird coincidence when we heard Drew Brees had named his first son Baylen, but imagine our shock when we found out his second has just been named Bowen. Not sure what the odds are! =)

Oh–and it’s also been fun reading everyone’s comments on their name choices, sorry we’ve chosen “trendy”, “wierd” names. LOL To each his own, I suppose.

Christy on

Wow! You people are incredibly judgmental. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. What happened to congratulating people and wishing them well?

I wish Drew, Brittany, Baylen and Bowen all the best! I like to think they got Bowen from “Bowl Win,” cause he was conceived right around the time the Saints won the Superbowl! Go Saints! Who Dat Two Dat!

garfield12323 on

Bowen Brees? My mind immediately went to Blowin’ Breeze! What’s wrong with Brian? 😉

Michelle on

Erin – where are you from?

CelebBabyLover on

shannon- Exactly! I can’t stand it when people accuse other people of giving their kids “made-up” names….since most of the time, if you take a closer look, they are NOT made-up names. Just because a name isn’t commonly used as a first name here in the States (or even at all, for that matter) doesn’t mean it’s made-up!

It might, for example, be a perfectly “normal” name in another country, or a name that has traditionally been used as a surname. Or, in rare cases, it’s both, as in the case of Bowen (which is, as shannon said, a Welsh name….AND it’s also used a lot as a surname).

And as far as the boys having to constantly spell their names goes….Having a “normal” name is no guarantee that you won’t have to spend a lot of time spelling it. I have known several people (including myself, my mother, my brother, and my grandmother!) who have fairly “normal” names, but still have to spell them often. In the case of myself and my above-mentioned relatives, we all have names that have more than one “accepted” spelling (and in my case, the way I spell my name is by FAR the most common way to spell it…..but I still get asked how to spell it!).

Same thing goes for kids teasing other kids because of their names. No name is tease-proof!

All of that said, congrats to them!

Tee on

Erin- You’re right. It’s not just African Americans though. So many communities have been abandoned and driving through the “blue tarp” areas is depressing and horrifying all at the same time. Katrina was a storm that changed our lives forever. My family was blessed though. We lived in a higher area and suffered minimal damage. Since then, we’ve moved to Mississippi to be closer to my sister and her family. New Orleans is still home though. I’m sorry if my comment came across as critical. I really didn’t mean it like that. I’m just so thankful for the life that has returned to our city since the Saints started playing some decent football! While it’s certainly brought money and revenue into the city, it’s also brought a lot of the spirit back to the city. That’s what New Orleans was missing after Katrina and Rita. The spirit. Again, I apologize if I came across as rude. It was certainly not meant to sound that way.

Percy Ortego Jr. on

congrats on on your bundle of JOY God loves you and it was your choice witch was a great choice …you guys are special. thank you what you are doing for the CHILDREN… Ms. Britney and St.Drew bless you and your BOYS…

MiB on

@Mira I have a traditionally spelled name, and I always have to spell it and people still give it a more unique spelling (come to think of it, my friend Mary has the very same problem, thoug more people get the spelling of her name right)! The boys will be fine! The names may not be my cup of tea, but they have a very nice flow togehter. Congratulations to the Brees!

Anna on

Baylen and Bowen, awful names in my opinion. Especially Baylen.

Saintsgirl1 on

I think the baby’s name mean Bowl win, since Brittany was pregnant during the Superbowl. LOL

Nancy on

Their kids, they can name them whatever they want, who cares! Congrats to you all!

Ellen Smith on

Mira – it’s not the names that are the problem. It’s the ignorant, careless posters who don’t take the time to read and transcribe the names properly.

Sarah M. on

I have friends who have 2 kids with names of a Scandinavian origin. Adrielle (goes by Addi) and Boden (goes by Boden). Dad’s name is Anders and that’s where his family was from. They’re currently expecting #3 (a girl) and I can’t wait to hear what name they choose! I’m sure it’ll be Scandinavian, too!!

I really like the names of both of the Brees boys. I know a Baylen, a girl, so I think of it more as a girls name. But it’s a cute name none the less. 🙂

Sarah M. on

Amen, Ellen Smith! If you’re going to take the time to post how awful and terrible you think names that people have given their children are (in a rude manner, there are nice and respectful ways to disagree with people over any topic), those doing so could at least spell the name CORRECTLY.

As to having to spell their names for others, EVERYONE has to at some point or another. My name is Sarah. When I’m spelling my name for others and know they are writing it down, I automatically say ‘Sarah with an h.’ otherwise about half don’t add the h. And it’s people making up ‘new’ and ‘unique’ ways of spelling common, typical names that make it so that those with common names to have to spell them more and more for people. I don’t really get mad, though. It just a part of life like anything else, really. I’ve just heard some REALLY awful spellings for my name. (One was Saraha. Pronounced the same, just with an extra a tacked onto the end.)

Susan on

I love the Name it’out the Bible! God Bless Enjoy your babies!

Erin on

Tee, I agree with everything you said. I don’t think you ever came across as critical at all. I guess I was just a little sensitive about the subject. I lived in the Bay Area during the 89 earthquake and my parents’ place had pretty significant damage. All any of our out-of-town friends would say was – at least you have the World Series! And as much as I love my Giants, it wasn’t much of a help mentally or monetarily! But I do understand the sentiment. And I sure hope you get to go back to your hometown as soon as you can. Great luck to you! (Michelle, I’m from the Bay Area and now live in LA – near the beach and close enough to the 405 to get to work)

Boilermaker on

Well really its ironic when Brees is a Purdue alum and Bowen Engineering is one of Purdue athletics, and Purdue in general, biggest supporters ($$$)!

Tee on

Erin- It’s nice to talk to someone that can really understand a major disaster followed by an uplift from sports. Until the ninth game of last season, I had never… and I mean NEVER… watched a football game in my life. The only reason I started watching then is because I realized it could be history in the making and I love to watch history in the making. No, the Saints haven’t set New Orleans exactly to where it was. I don’t think New Orleans will ever be the same, quite frankly, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t return to the historical city that it should be.

Michele on

Congratulations to the Brees family and a Who Dat welcome to your little one. New Orleanians love their Saints, and we feel they are part of our family – which they are! Like 30+ years ago we welcomed Archie and Olivia Manning’s boys – Cooper, Peyton and Eli – and watched them play high school, college and (for 2) pro ball, we look forward to watching the Brees Boys – Baylen and Bowen – grow up. Hopefully, they’ll be in this area for a long time.

CelebBabyLover on

MiB- Interesting about your friend Mary! Just goes to show that you can have the most “normal” name in the world and STILL have to spell it. Really, I don’t get why people don’t just use common sense when it comes to spelling your friend’s name, considering that at least 98 percent of the time, that name is spelled the way she spells it. Only very, very rarely is it spelled Merry (which is the only other spelling I’ve seen)!

At least for woman that DO have it spelled Merry, they can just tell people, “Merry as in Merry Christmas!” 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

By the way, what MiB was saying about her friend was exactly what I was trying to say about my own name last night. The way I spell my name is the way at least 98 percent of the people with my name spell it….yet I still get asked to spell it (at least most people assume I use that most common spelling, and simply ask me if it’s spelled that way just to make 100 percent sure they have it right! :)).

MiB on

@Ellen Smith – So true! I’m absolutely fine with having to spell my name, that’s not a problem, but it really does bug me that so many people can’t be bothered to listen when they transcribe a name. There is no excuse to write Zara when the person in question clearly spells it Sarah (if you on the other hand are spanish, and Sarah doesn’t spell her name out for you, then you have a perfectly valid excuse).

Laura Baran on

I am so happy for you and your wife Brittany. I can guess your son is so happy to being a big brother and nobody can that away from him.
I was so glad that your team was able to win the Super Bowl in February and that your home town was to celebrate when your team won the Super Bowl.

Sam & Freya's mum on

not a fan of either of their boys’names but insignificant to them, and congrats anyhow!


Congrats to you & your wife!!! So happy for all of you. Now Baylen has a lil brother he can play football with…


Congrats to the Brees’ family. Now Baylen has a lil brother to play football with. And yes I am a true die-hard Saints fan..Love Drew & the Saints..Who Dat!!!!!Love you guys…:)

Jen on

Who cares what they name the kids….its none of your business. It’s their choice and responsibility. These two little boys have parents who love them and will teach them true values and how to be decent human beings.

The Brees have done so much for NOLA, and Drew plays a mean game of football.

I say all the more power to them and as the bible says. “let them without sin cast the first stone”. remember that when you are judging people….

Kelly on

I love the name Bowen Christopher. So much so that I named my middle son the exact same thing 4 years ago.

crg on

Brittney, Baylen and Bowen Brees? Wow. I don’t think alliteration in names is all that horrible, but when it’s with B’s it seems especially hokey. Baylen has alwalys reminded me of “baleen”, like the stuff in whale’s mouths. I agree that “Bowen Brees” sounds like “blowing breeze”- haha. And it’s not just that they both begin with B’s- both of my boys have names that begin with L- it’s that the names also sound very similar. But to each their own. Years ago I frequented a baby naming board where a woman had a daughter named Mackenzie and wanted to name her second daughter Mackinley. Ugh.

WhoDat2010 on

I am a HUGE Saints fan and always will be. I don’t see why everyone keeps talking about the babies’ names. Everyone has an opinion and everyone is intitaled to it. If Drew and Britney like it, then that is all that matters. They wanted something different and they got it. I hate names that every Joe Blow in town has or someone in their family has. I hate to hear people tell me…”Oh my name is Elizabeth, My mom’s name was Elizabeth, My grandmother’s name is Elizabeth.” I wish I would have gotten a different name. Congrats Drew, Brit, and lil Baylen!!!! You will most definately have your hands full with those two little blessings. I can’t wait to see the little one. 🙂

diana on

I am glad that I finally found a link on what you named your son. I am even more glad that everyone is happy and healthy. You and Brit deserve all good things and I have and will be a fan forever. God Bless You!

Phyllis Harris on

Come on Saints!! I’m counting on another WIN in 2012!!
Let’s do it Brees….take it all the way!
GREAT Family for a GREAT Quarterback that brings hope to everything . I am not from New Orleans, but I LOVE them!!