Baby Girl on the Way for Melissa Rycroft

10/20/2010 at 04:00 PM ET

Melissa Rycroft is thinking pink!

The pregnant Bachelor Pad host broke her silence on Wednesday’s The Talk, revealing that the baby she’s expecting with husband Tye Strickland in February is a little girl.

Presented with pink and blue-themed presents by co-hosts Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert and Leah Remini as they guessed the sex of the baby, Rycroft, 27, said, “Of the gifts in my lap, I think I’m going to take home … the pink!”

Monty Brinton/CBS



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Lauren on

Really?? There are too many talk shows, that they can have this even be a segment. What has she ever done for the good of the world? Come on. Who cares about her pregnancy or anything else in her life for that matter?

Mallory on

Aw yay, a girl! It seems like there’s been an overload of boys lately, and every single person I know who’s pregnant and knows what they’re having is having a boy.

And Lauren, didn’t your mama ever tell you “If you don’t have anything nice to say, keep your mouth shut!” Why comment if Melissa makes you that angry and bitter?

Crystal on

That is cute! I think I might start watching the show. It seems like a great show with fantastic, strong, and successful women! 🙂

Jill on

BLAH BLAH BLAH…..They found out the sex and then made a big announcement that they found out…but guess what “we are not telling.” and realized so many people didn’t care that they didn’t tell. so now they now are telling us because she isn’t getting much attention….i still don’t care. her 15 minutes were up SOO long ago.

Seanaci on

Lauren and Emily: Wow…jealous much? No matter how you slice it, she is a celebrity…she was on The Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars. I think she’s even done guest stints on other talk shows.

Linda on

AWWWWWW, leave her alone! I think she is cute & I loved her on “Dancing with the Stars”. I also like the show..Love Leah Remini.

Anna on

I like this new show. I enjoy watching Melissa. She seems like a nice, down to earth girl. I was happy to hear she is having a girl. Can’t wait to hear the name.

Karen on

I always liked her ever since that loser dumped her on live TV. She seems like a very positive, energetic person.

Tee on

Lauren, I was just thinking about how there are so many daytime talk shows these days. I’ve never watched this one so maybe I should check it out.

I don’t know anything about this woman and her husband but I’m sure they are excited to meet their daughter!

Rose on

@Mallory: Hate to break it to you, but you’re not the only one who is allowed to express their opinion. Get over yourself.

kmb on

yay for melissa! i’m sure baby girl will be a cutie! glad everything ended up working out from her season on the bachelor.

meanwhile, why are you naysayers so intent on leaving negative comments? what has melissa done to you? do you usually have such miserable comments to make about strangers? if you don’t think she should be recognized as a celebrity, then stop commenting about her on a celebrity site, generating more hits to this link and showing more interest in her. and learn how to be nice while you’re at it.

Odette on

Emily and Lauren, you are both major hypocrites. If you are so bitter about Melissa and you claim to care so little, then why the hell would you comment? Go crawl back down into the holes from which you came and try not to be so friggin’ hypocritical for once in your miserable lives.

Moore on

Seriously, Mallory? You just called her bitter. In your own advice, you shouldn’t have said anything either.

I’m not surprised she was saving the news for a tv show.

Rye on

Am I the only one who thought Leah Remini’s question was a little bit awkward??? Jeez, way to put someone on the spot! She pretty much just asked, “Was your husband a man-whore before you got married?” to which Melissa basically said YES to. Eeeek! Uncomfortable!

Tess on

I don’t think reality stars are celebrities either. On the other hand, I’ve never heard of half of the actual celebrities on this site.

CelebBabyLover on

I agree with the gist of what Mallory is saying. If you dislike Melissa so much and/or don’t care about her or her pregnancy, then why bother commenting, or reading posts about her for that matter?

Anyway, congrats to Melissa and Tye! 🙂

Tee on

Rye, after watching the video clip, I agree with you. That was an odd question and I don’t think it was appropriate!

kai on


I thought it was funny lol

Lauren on

@Mallory …… Actually, yes, my Mother did teach me very well. I should not have said anything bitter towards Melissa. I never watch Television, or am home during the day. The reason I am and the reason for the “bitter” comment, could possibly be because I am on bereavement leave because my mother passed away. No, I am not jealous, I am the mother of 6 and am a professor. Of course, I wish anyone who is blessed enough to be a Mother the best.

Dana on

Ack…I am SO Melissa Rycrofted out! Again: why is she a “celebrity”? Oh I forget: she is a wannabee celebrity, that’s right. These “people” are just hungry for their minute of fame, it’s so disgusting. Who really cares, you know? Reality tv is such a joke, along with everyone connected with it.

Anonymous on

I am just so glad there is another talk show to watch instead of The View!!

Amanda on

Um, pretty sure most celebrities haven’t done anything ‘good’ for the world either, other than make tons and tons of money and blow it on lavish lifestyles while the rest of America struggles for the basics…if you want to consider that anything good for the world. I haven’t heard of half the ‘celebrities’ on this site, if I have never heard of them I usually don’t waste my time clicking on that post, simple as that.

Melissa was on the only season of the Bachelor that I watched and I think she’s sweet and I’m glad to see that she’s happy after what that guy put her through. Congrats on the baby girl, I’m sure she’ll be beautiful!

Lady on

Wow….I guess this post scream ATTENTION HATERS….who cares people!!! Get off your soapboxes…can’t anyone TRY spreading positivitiy….maybe some people actually CARE…for those of you that dont…well, it’s really very simple…dont click on this post & dont comment…why start stuff!?

Anyways, congrats Melissa…best of luck to ya girl!!!

Jill on

If this site only wanted positive comments, they would delete the negative, but they want both. I read negative comments all day long and am fine with that. Not everyone is going to like everyone….that is life. And everyone is allowed to read everyone blog and post their opinion on every person. If you start reading and don’t like what you see, skip right over it and go to the next one. I don’t like reading all the wonderful things about her because I don’t think she is that great. I didn’t like on on the Bachelorette, she added no value on the Bachelor Pad, and I didn’t watch her on DWTS. I think she is trying to stay in the limelight and I am not sure what her true talent really is that is keeping her on tv. To each their own. Jealous….that made me chuckle loudly. There is nothing for me to be jealous about.

I will say that I am happy she found happiness and that she is having a baby and happy. If this site is going to continue to post….this is the third time since she has been married, I will continue to post my thoughts. All of the comments won’t be smelling like roses. This is a blog….isn’t it?

Lauren on

since when does being on the bachelor make you a celebrity??! hahahaah

Tess on

Jill – great post.

Frankly, I would rather read the “negative” comments instead of the “oh my gosh, he/she is so cute!” remarks that are frequent. I tend to think the “negative” comments aren’t negative, but realistic.

There’s nothing wrong with debating whether this woman is even a celebrity, and obviously some people think she’s not.

Mallory on

Lauren, I apologize for snapping back at you, and truly sorry for your loss.

Annie on

What a bunch of ill-reasoned fools frequent this board?! If being a reality star does not make you a celebrity, how do you know who she is? According to Oxford Dictionary, a celebrity is a state of being “well known.” If you know who she is, then why question her celebrity? It’s such nonsense. Spend your time reviewing the dictionary (or learning proper grammar) instead of making comments about so-called non-celebrities, who you know everything about.

She seems like a decent person, a lot of people know her, and thus her baby news is well within the ambit of topics for this website.

Annie on

@Lauren, since people like you were able to readily identify and recognize her…

brynnlily on

To Lauren: so very sorry for the loss of your mother. I cannot begin to imagine how difficult this must be for you. I lost my father almost 3 years ago and I still miss him immensely. I went through a period that I would be bitter about people bragging about this and that–I still struggle today. Thoughts are with you, Lauren, and please feel free to express your comments. You have every right to your opinion; be it positive or negative.

kelly on

Moore – Mallory said bitter to Lauren.

sarah on

Obviously the majority of this site isn’t even about people who devote their work to the good of mankind so if you have a problem w that why are you on here?

Kinsey on

To those who are complaining she’s not a celebrity, how many international shows have you been featured on? She’s been on 2. Just because she’s not a movie star, doesn’t mean she’s not a “celebrity”

Tess on

I think there’s a difference between being a celebrity famous for his/her work as an actor, singer, dancer, musician, model, and such, and being a celebrity famous for being him/herself.

Moore on

Kelly, I only wrote Mallory’s name not who she was talking to.

People have different definitions of what counts as a celebrity. She might be a ‘reality’ tv star kind of but that doesn’t equal celeb to everyone. Kim K certainly wouldn’t be in the celeb category and she’s on tv too. Probably more so than this person.

CelebBabyLover on

Moore- Excellent post! People’s definiations of “celebrity” do indeed differ! That being said, I have to ask something that’s been bugging me for a long time. Nicole Richie is basically famous for the same reasons Melissa is (being on a reality show and simply being famous for being famous)…..yet nobody ever says she’s not a celeb.

Why is that (I am not criticizing, nor say that people SHOULD be saying that, just honestly wondering!)? I hope somebody can help me out, because I’ve been wondering that for awhile. And just for the record, I like Nicole and don’t think it’s wrong for her to be considered a celeb. I’ve simply noticed that there seems to be a HUGE double-standard when it comes to her vs. other reality t.v. stars and other celebs of that “type”.

Anonymous on

CelebBabyLover – Nicole is a celebrity baby herself, and I think there is also a lot of good will towards her as she seems to have cleaned up her act since she had kids. That being said, I think she’s in the same category as Melissa Rycroft – famous for being famous.

kelly on

Moore – sorry about that. I thought at first you were being rude or something for when she made a comment to someone else. Also, you made a valid point about celebs. I think there a variety of types of celebs.

If you really think about it most celebs today are famous for being famous. I just wish there were better role models out there. Some are really good and nice to others but some I’m not too sure about. I was ahuge fan of Melissa cause I thought she was very nice and pretty. Then I heard some things she did prior to being on the show and it slowly changed my mind. She really just wanted to be famous. I’m starting to get annoyed seeing her everywhere on TV and magazines. But I wish her and Ty the best of luck. Just my opinion.

Justme on

Lauren honestly what does it matter if she has done good for anyone. People watch this show and shows like it to get their mind of all of the crap going on all over the world. Do you only associate and discuss people who have done something? I highly doubt it. It amazes me that people come on and post comments like this. If you want to hear about the news go to CNN and keep that on.