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10/20/2010 at 12:00 PM ET

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Rachel on

I own one of the Graco strollers listed in the recall and I will definitely not be returning or discontinuing use. I simply do not understand the need to recall a product due to ignorance. STRAP your child IN! Simple as that. A child cannot possible slip out from underneath the bar if they are properly harnessed!

Jacqui on

I think it’s pretty obvious that working moms’ kids turn out “fine”. Fine is. . . . Fine. But what about the 50 to 60 percent divorce rate in this country? Think there’s a connection? I wonder.

Alice on

Jacqui, what kind of connection are you thinking about, working moms because they’re divorced, or divorces because they work, or the kids divorcing because their mother worked…? (I’m genuinely curious, the connection is just not obvious to me!)

This article is nothing new though I think we’ve oticed by now that having a working or SAHM mother doesn’t determine too much for your future. The last paragraph is funny though, like taking your sick kid to daycare is an offense. We don’t stop everything for a cold…

Karen on

Alice, it is also interesting that in the article MOM is a monster for taking the sick kid to daycare. I guess dad not attending to the ill child is fine, but if mom doesn’t stop everything she is a horror.

Jacqui on

Alice, that may have come out wrong, I was kind of free-associating and wondering what others may think.

Let me say that I am FOR working mothers as much as I am for staying at home. Whatever works. Also, I am not against divorce. It may sound odd to say that I’m “for” divorce, I can’t say that, but I’m certainly not for staying in a marriage that doesn’t work regardless of the reason.

So, where was I going with the question about working moms and the divorce rate? I don’t know. Just questions. Like: are mothers with careers less likely to stay in bad marriages? Probably. And are kids of divorce more likely to get a divorce? I think so. Do most affairs occur in the workplace? I think I’ve heard statistics to support that. Anyway, I’m just interested in knowing if there’s some kind of connection. And I mean this from the perspective of being interested in human relationships and dynamics — no moral judgments.

Alice on

No worries I was just wondering about what kind of associations there could be, it’s a bit clearer now. I think in general the divorce rate did rise as women became more independent in society. Because they can afford to be on their own. And then it fed itself because people are more likely to jump into marriage since divorce is so easy and acceptable.

Not sure about kids of a divorce though. It depends how it affected them, if they lived it well or not. My parents are divorced and though I know it was for the best, I plan to be very picky and sure before I get married, hoping not to repeat their mistake.

Many people get married while they already have issues thinking that it’s just a detail, or it will get better in time and/or they’ll get used to it. I know at least 3 couples in this case and they’re all divorced now. Celeb example: Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. Couldn’t they discuss their baby expectations before tying the knot?