Look for Less: Mason Disick’s Cozy Chic

10/19/2010 at 10:00 AM ET
Jackson Lee / Splash News Online

It’s all about comfort for Mason Disick!

Out in New York City with parents Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick on Oct. 9, the 10-month-old looked oh-so cozy in Right Bank Babies Fisherman Pants ($62.50) and a brown long sleeve tee.

He even kept his tiny toes warm in UGG Baby Crochet Sheepskin Boots in Chestnut ($50).

Love Mason’s comfy look? You’re in luck. We’ve rounded up a similar style — with items all under $18!


Courtesy of Dillard’s


Class Club Heathered Crewneck Tee ($10) is so versatile, it works well with just about any Fall look. Get it in every color — olive, brown, charcoal and oatmeal.


Courtesy of Old Navy


We’re big fans of preppy plaid for little tykes. Old Navy‘s Jersey-Lined Pants for Baby ($8) features all the cool details of real pants — a faux fly and front pockets — but the easy slip-on design and tie-waist makes dressing baby a breeze.


Courtesy of Hyena Cart


In addition to looking really cute, Amazing Baby CreationsBaby Crochet Booties ($18) are great for cold weather. Got another color in mind? Contact the company for custom-made orders!

— Anya Leon

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Lisa on

OMG, so precious, so adorable! I love him and just want to nuzzle in his neck. His shoes are so cute. He is such a sweet little man. They are so blessed. Thank God she didn’t have an abortion.

Kimber Christian on

He is so cute! I can’t imagine spending $62 on a pair of pants for myself…let alone for a baby! 🙂

Lala on

why anyone would spend so much money on baby clothes is beyond me! 1 they grow out their clothes so fast that they really only wear everything once, 2 they are going to poop, drool, and throw up on everything, 3 once they start eating food its a whole new ball game for stains! maybe i am crazy but for me target clothes do just fine for the lil ones. even when i had the money to buy better i just couldn’t do it! i wanted to get my son some lil weeboks, nikes, timbo’s and when i saw the price i just couldn’t! why spend so much on shoes that will never be walked in or touch the ground?? and here’s the kicker! your kids don’t care what brand they are wearing at all! and most people with money wear clothes that don’t show off their brand.

kai on

for these people, $50 is more like $0,50. I bet her handbag costs more than my monthly rent. It’s kind of a senseless discussion.

sky on

i guess they get clothes from their childrens store in CA. she seems a bit over the top with the wardrobe for a little boy though…

Jill on

He is soooo adorable and has the best smile. I don’t think spending that much for an outfit here and there is too much and on top of it, there income is way much more than mine. It all balances out. He doesn’t dress like this all the time.

lia on

while she has a lot of overpriced items for a baby, a lot of his clothes also come from H&M

Lady on

What a doll, he is absolutely adorable!!

h on

gosh, i want the same baby. He looks like his dad now

denise on

the shirt looks exactly like an organic cotton one by h&m (hennes & mauritz) but I guess that would be too cheap for her. we’ve spent about 60euros for pants, too, good quality has it’s price sometimes. and I’m sure she can afford it.

Bancie1031 on

I can’t get over how cute Mason is!!!!!

dee on


What? He’s a boy, so she should put less effort into his appearance?

Anyway, I’d personally rather spend more on quality products that will last longer, and can be passed down, than cheap stuff that will end up in the trash bin.

alice jane on

denise, there have been tons of pictures of Mason wearing clothes from H&M. I doubt Kourtney’s living beyond her means, why shouldn’t she buy $60 pants for her son? It’s her money.

I really do love the way Kourtney dresses him. He’s a beautiful baby though, regardless of the clothes he wears.

Obvious on

IF you go on her website, she identifies every garment they wear… WHICH would mean, she is getting these items for free… She wouldn’t be doing shameless promoting for items for free. I love this family, but that is what the do- hock products! SO, trust me, she isn’t spending $60 on a pair of baby pants. Left Bank babies sends them to her, in hopes that she puts Mason in them and takes him out in public.

Lisa on

Ohh, he is adorable! He looks cute in anything he wears. I like Kourtneys shirt though 🙂

Rosy on

Wow Mason is absolutely beautiful!! He really is starting to look like his daddy now, he never really did before. He’s a sweetie pie

J on

i can’t stand this family, but Mason is adorable.

Renee on

I seriously doubt she buys these cloths for her son. I agree with Obvious. They are sent to her for free so we will see her son in them and say wow, I need that for my baby and then we are the ones to buy it.

Gabrielle on

I do believe Mason is one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen. I love him!

Molly on

Why does it matter how she got his clothes or how much she spent on them? He’s HER child, not yours. I wish people like Obvious would spend this much effort towards children that are in need instead of whining about how much a celebrity spends or if they get free clothes.

tam on

I think he looks nothing like his dad. In-fact I think he looks more like his uncle, Rob

lynsey on

Yeah guys think about it, if you had her money you would spend it on your children too? look at suri cruise they spend a tone more on her!!! and yep they would get free stuff, who cares anyway??? he’s a cutie…

Jen on

He is a adorable baby. It just kind of sucks though that companies give her free clothes for him because she has a reality show. I mean she can afford clothes and doesn’t need them for free. How about these companies donate to little babies that cant get nice clothes instead?

Jennifer on

Who cares what she spends…her bag and shoe wardrobe is probally worth more than my house:-)
He is a cute baby!!! Agree with Kai….$50 is like $.50 for her….she can spend what she likes!!!
Have fun Kourtney!!

Lisa on

This baby has to be the most adorable thing ever! He’s sooo cute, and why are we talking about how much she spends. God! You all make it sound like she’s the only celebrity that does this. They all do! and yes someone mentioned above that he wears a lot of H&M, and he does! She’s stated that quite a bit.

denise on

okay, then it’s definitely the same h&m shirt our son has as well, I loved the color, too. so it’s even cheaper than CBB’s “cheaper” suggestion. we love the organic cotton series by h&m