Lance Armstrong Welcomes Daughter Olivia Marie

10/18/2010 at 10:30 AM ET
Leigh Vogel/WireImage

He’s created his own cycling team! Lance Armstrong Tweets that he’s welcomed his fifth child, a daughter.

Olivia Marie Armstrong has arrived!” he wrote early Monday morning, keeping mum on the specifics.

“Thanks to you all for the support and well wishes. Momma and Olivia (@Cincoarmstrong!) are doing great. She’s a beauty!”

This is the Tour de France champ’s second child with Anna Hansen, with whom he also has son Maxwell Edward, 16 months. Additionally, Armstrong is dad to twin daughters Isabelle and Grace, 9 next month, and son Luke, 11, with ex-wife Kristin Armstrong.

Armstrong, 39, announced the pregnancy in April.

— Sarah Michaud

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Amelia on

That is a great message to all people who have the terrible disease that’s cancer !
Congrats to him. I LOVE the name !

Brooklyn on

I really like the name! Congrats to them!

Mia on

I love the name 🙂 -Olivia, def. a favorite.

Wow-5 kids! It seems like they just announced the pregnancy!

Lauren on

my cousin just had a baby girl named olivia marie in august. congrats!

Mina on

5 kids by 3 different women? I wonder how he finds time to spend with all them. The 2 new ones no doubt get the most of dads attention because they are young, and live with him full time. I feel sorry for the other ones who probably get a fraction of his time. He works and does tours and then comes home to his current wife and 2 babies. Sorry but I dont think this right. He has 2 preteen girls and a pre-pubescent son who no doubt needs his father now more than ever. Good luck trying to raise all those kids properly buddy! Keep it in your pants for once!

nella on

Had no idea they were even expecting, but great news! Like the name Olivia, very pretty, Congrats!

Sophie on

@ Mina: Luke, Isabelle and Grace share the same mom (Kristin) and Max and Olivia share the same mom too (Anna). And I’m pretty sure the older kids spend a lot of time with dad too… Don’t be too quick to judge ;-).

Sarah on

LOVE that name. He seems like such a nice guy and an inspiration to all cancer survivors.

Mina, please read carefully next time. It clearly states that he has 2 children with his current wife, and 3 children with his ex-wife. I’m sure he sees his children plenty

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations to Lance and Anna! I love the name Olivia Marie 😀

CB on

@Mina–Learn how to properly read before you make rude comments about someone who is such an inspiration to so many people. His first 3 children have the same mother, don’t know where you derived that he had a 3rd baby mama. Where is your proof that he doesn’t spend quality time with his older children that made you write such a rude comment? Are you their nanny? I really wish people wouldn’t comment on topics they have NO IDEA about. Get your facts straight before you open your mouth Mina! Congrats to them 🙂

JM on

aw congrats to them. i hope they are enjoying this lovely time and that the baby is happy and healthy.
the name olivia is not for me, i think it is one of those ava names that is just becoming too popular. but that’s just my opinion, i am aware that it matters not one iota 🙂

anyway, i wish them all a lifetime of happiness.

Mira on

Congrats to Lance and his girlfriend. He sure picks good names for his kids.

I think it’s quite funny how in the general People mag section, this announcement attracted a ton of “Lance is a man whore, who doesn’t care about overpopulation” comments, whereas here most seem to be in the “Lance is an inspiration” camp.

Anne on

Their last baby is 16 months – does that mean she conceived immediately after giving birth? That would make this baby only 7 months gestated. Is she full term? This doesn’t make sense!

etsy on

Anne, it does make sense. If the baby was only 7 months gestated, the first son would only be 7 months old! She got pregnant with Olivia when Max was around 8 months old.

Lacey on

Anne-They conceived when he was like 9-10 months. I think you got mixed up.

leanne on

Anne: wouldn’t it mean they conceived Olivia when their 16 month old was 7 months old?

Caitlin on

Yes, 5 kids is a lot but this isn’t like a Swizz Beatz with 4 kids by 4 mamas across the world… Congrats to Lance, all the kids, and Anna! Max is absolutely precious (I recommend following him on Twitter!) and the new one is sure to be as well 🙂

Manon on

Mira: I think the comments on People may have been harsh but I find the comments on here interesting….

By that I mean no one can DARE voice an opinion without being jumped on pretty aggressively.

I know what Mina means. It’s always a little sad for the children of a first marriage when other children arrive in the second marraige.

Espeically as Lance Armstrong must travel extensively and thus have quite limited time to start with. You can no way compare lving full time with children to seeing them on a visitation basis.

All in all, although Armstrong seems is admirable in a lot of ways, he is not someone who seems especially admirable in his private life. Cheryl Crow had a lucky escape, maybe?

Annie on

Giant walking cliche. Glad he beat cancer but I just don’t like this guy. He became a huge celeb and dumped his long-time wife (cause that never happens). Then he dumps Sheryl Crow just when she could use the support (her cancer diagnosis) because he doesn’t want more kids. Then he proceeds to have 2 kids with his “younger” girlfriend right out of the gate (think they were dating just months when she got preggers with the first). That’s like 4 cliches right there. He’s just a creep with a HUGE mid-life crisis and no one can touch him cause he beat cancer and won big races? IMO, it’s what a person does in their personal life that counts. And, yes, I’m being judgmental but this guy just gives me agita.

Anna on

Annie, Lance himself has said that the first pregnancy with this girlfriend was a huge surprise as the doctors had told him he was infertile because of the cancer treatments.

So when he did not want to have kids with Sheryl Crow that was completely different. As it would have meant a medical circus to conceive.

Congrats to them! Olivia is a cute name.

Crystal on

I agree with Annie! Lance Armstrong is a walking, taking hypocrite. I mean it’s one thing not to want more children. That’s perfectly fine and his prerogative. Max was an accidental baby because he didn’t think he could have children and that’s understandable as well. But, to continually have children with your girlfriend after you told your ex-girlfriend that you didn’t want to have any more children is super hypocritical and just wrong.

I do not like him and every time his girlfriend comes up pg it just makes me mad. 16 months apart? GMAFB. It’s ridiculous and now that they both know where babies come from and that he can in fact have children he needs to wrap it up or she needs to go on bc cause their current “method” isn’t working.

April on

It also could be that he just didn’t want child WITH SHERYL particularly. I didn’t want kids with anyone I dated prior to my husband. Doesn’t make it wrong.

Congrats to Lance and Anna.

meghan on

Crystal, I’m sure they know where babies come from. Maybe they wanted them close together. Did it occur to you that he didn’t want a family with Sheryl for other reasons? Like perhaps she was not the right person for him? It’s a bizzare concept, I know but it happens.

Alice on

Well if you don’t want the medical circus to conceive, say that’s what your problem is. If you don’t want kids with someone in particular don’t be a hypocrite and pretend that you don’t want kids at all.

Whatever his reasons (and no it’s not wrong to not want kids with one particular person), it’s no excuse to lie just because it’s the easy way out. I agree with Annie and Crystal.

Jenn on

So, Alice, you know exactly what the conversations were like between him and Sheryl Crow to know that he lied? Really? Hollywood Insider are you?

Annie, Sheryl was diagnosed after they had broken up. She has stated that although they had recently broken up, as soon as he found out about her diagnosis, he was a huge support to her throughout her treatment.

And whatever happened with him and Kristin Armstrong, what they have chosen to go public with is that the relationship wasn’t working…for either of them and that they continue to co-parent well together. I choose to trust them than pretend I am a staff writer for the Enquirer.

Congrats to them.

Mia on

I think it’s great-I think the only argument about the Sheryl Crow situation is he said in an interview that-“he didn’t want to have anymore kids-” Maybe-it just wasn’t the right relationship, but now he’s with his current partner + now they have 2 kids.

All in all-it worked out. Sheryl Crow has 2 kids herself 🙂

Brooke on

I’ve met him…..he is a egotistical jerk. Not because of my interaction either. I worked for a sports organization and he was the one sports celeb that no one wanted anything to do with because of his rude behavior. If that is any indication of how he acts in real life…he is a horse’s patooty.

CelebBabyLover on

Mia- Exactly! Sheryl wouldn’t have Wyatt and Levi in her life now if she and Lance hadn’t broken out! 🙂 And as for him saying he “didn’t want kids” when he was with Sheryl…..Did you really expect him to say “I don’t want anymore kids with Sheryl?” I mean, can you imagine the reaction that would have gotten! Not to mention how seeing that splashed across the media would have made poor Sheryl feel!

Of course you’re not going to tell the media the whole truth in a situation like that! As long as Lance was honest with Sheryl, I don’t have a problem with what he said to the media.

Anyway, congrats to Lance and Anna! I love the name Olivia!

lennie on

I think he’s creepy. He used his cancer medication to win all those races. I think that’s sick.

But it has nothing to do with his kids.

So congrats to him and his wife on the birth of Olivia. I’m sure she’s a cutie.

cara on

Whatever the guy is or isn’t, he certainly is a medical marvel !

The guy had testicular cancer which spread to his lungs and brain, he has survived and gone on to win one of the most gruelling cycling races in the world, more than once.

He was obviously left infertile, he banked sperm before his chemo and he and his first wife conceived via IVF using the banked sperm (as is the case for a lot of cancer surviors). Years later he and his partner then conceive naturally, 2 in a row ! That must be unheard of.

The man is blessed ! He must be totally ecstatic, I wish his well with his miracle kids, all 5 of them !

MiB on

@ Cara, no, it’s not unheard of. If you had read the pregnancy announcement for Maxwell, you would have seen plenty of stories from women telling how it happened to their husbands, fathers, boyfriends, brothers, uncles, neighbours, you name it. So it is not unheard of that men regain fertility after testicular cancer treatment, though you shouldn’t bank on it to happen.

@lennie, where on earth did you get that from? I have never encountered a cancer patient who would have the strenght or genergy to win a race of any kind during cancer treatment, many of them have troubles getting up a flight of stairs.

Emily on

@Brooke, you’re so right. I live in Austin, TX and he has a reputation for being a total douche around here. I had a marketing proof that work with one of the companies that represented him in Austin and she had very little to say about him that was nice. Regardless of that, you can’t take away all that he’s been through with cancer and the work he does with his foundation.

cara on

Hi MiB, I know it’s not unheard of, it happened to a friend of mine who had 1 miracle baby after her husband had chemo and a testicle removed, but two in a row must be very rare indeed !

Jill on

She is beautiful!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!

Ava on

COMPLETELY agree with Annie.

Victoria on

I am speaking as somebody who knows Lance, Anna, Grace, Isabelle and Luke and Max personally. I’m only commenting to let you guys know that 1. Lance has a great relationship with his three older children. 2. It is extremely rare for somebody in Lance’s position to have one healthy child – let alone two. I’m not sure why you are critiquing him for that. Be happy for him – he’s a great guy, and a great dad.