Mayim Bialik on Her ‘Most Important Job’

10/17/2010 at 05:00 PM ET
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Move over Tori Spelling, and make room for Mayim Bialik!

The Big Bang Theory star, 34, is poised to join the ranks of celebrity mom authors, with “one more draft” to write in a book she’s penned for publisher Simon & Schuster.

The focus will come as no surprise to Bialik’s following. “[It’s] about this style of parenting that we do, which I think is a big part of what my life is really about,” she explains to

“I have a 5-year-old and a 2-year-old, and that is my most important job.”

Noting that she and husband Michael Stone “choose not to use nannies or babysitters” for sons Miles Roosevelt and Frederick Heschel, Bialik insists she passes no judgment on others.

“[It’s] not because we think we’re better than anyone else, but it’s just a personal decision that we want to be the caregivers for our kids,” she says. “So we’re making it work that way, because that’s what we feel is best for our children, and everything else fits in around that. To us, nothing is more important than being with our children at any given point of the day.”

To that end, Bialik admits her approach doesn’t lend itself to much “down time.”

“I don’t sleep as much as I should, I work at night when my boys are sleeping, I’m one of those people who are just always doing a lot of things,” she concedes. “We don’t go out socially, me and my husband. I’m not able to keep up a lot of my friendships the way I used to, but that also allows me more time to do the things I need to do at home, and to write and things like that.”

Simplifying their lives across all contexts remains one of the couple’s best-kept secrets, Bialik adds.

“We don’t spend a lot of money. We don’t go on extravagant vacations. We keep our life really simple, and that allows us to make the time to bake two loaves of bread, like this morning, at 6:00 a.m. With two children at my feet,” she laughs.

Bialik’s confidence shouldn’t be misconstrued as cockiness, however. “I’m very hard on myself,” she muses.

“It makes me sad when people say bad things about me on the Internet. I think people assume that I must have this super-strong concept of myself, but I don’t,” she reveals. “I’m a person like anyone else, and I have moments of really feeling like I don’t know what I’m doing with my kids when I can’t solve this tantrum, or whatever it is.”

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MDmomx5 on

I’m so excited to see her book. She is such a great example of following your heart & instincts in not just parenting but in all areas of life. Mayim has done a great job of navigating the different stages of life from child star to PhD to mom & working actress on her terms.

tink1217 on

i think she is being refreshingly honest! and its great they can do without babysitters or nannies…but reality for most working moms and dads is that they need those services…not that they really WANT to leave their children, but they have jobs! I am sure some parents enjoy their careers and love the time they spend at work. Most moms I know hate being away from their children though! I don’t think Mayim sounds cocky at all.

megan on

She sounds so down to earth & nice. Although I got exhausted just thinking of her idea of no babysitters at all, very little outside socializing,etc.

fuzibuni on

I know it’s been around awhile, but to be honest, I didn’t know much about attachment parenting until Mayim started talking publicly about her own experiences. I’m looking forward to reading her book because from what she has said, it sounds like something I would want to do when I have kids too. Thanks for the info Mayim! You seem like a very lovely person who I can relate to ๐Ÿ™‚

Jacqui on

I respect her choices completely, and I certainly don’t want to be one of those who says bad things about her on the internet, but starting a sentence with “not because we think we’re better than anyone else” usually means you do think that! ๐Ÿ™‚

Maureen on

Being in the spotlight she opens herself to being critized, and the internet has become such an ugly place for people to just outright attack!

Like she says she’s human as we all are and is entitled to respect as we all like to have.
Does anyone remember the saying If you don’t have anything nice to say?
People sadly hide behind the computer to just be downright mean!

momin florida on

I’m not bashing her, but why are so many celebrity parents writing books? really? I’m not doing a good enough job raising my kids that I need to buy YOUR book to see you are doing the same thing I am doing? Good for her that she wants to raise her kids ‘normal’. Well so do I.

Jaja on

She’s free to raise her children how she wants, but I personally don’t think it’s healthy for kids and parents to be together all the time. Kids need to learn how to be independent and comfortable with other people. Don’t get me started on her vaccine stance…

Charity on

Jacqui, I disagree! I never think that means someone actually thinks they are better than someone else, just different as in “this works for us”.

Michelle on

Jacqui – I think that perhaps that might be a reflection of the negative things that have been said about her rather than she believes it to be true. We judge each other so much when really we should all band together and support each other!

jessicad on

Aw, she made me tear up a bit in the last paragraph! Don’t we all have those moments of doubt and feel like we are doing everything wrong? The guilt never ends with me. She seems really down to earth and that was awesome of her to just let her guard down like that. I think she said they didn’t want to seem cocky because she read that about herself somewhere on the internet. I love how she always says this is what works for HER family and she never passes judgement on the way others do it, that’s how supportive we all should be with each other. I think she sounds like a great mother and woman!

Tess on

I’m wondering if they ever use a babysitter? Surely the grandparents or aunt/uncle or trusted friend could watch the kids while mom and dad are out occasionally? I understand if they don’t want to employ a nanny, but the babysitter comment is vague, IMO. Beyond that, I think it’s refreshing for a celebrity to be so anti-celebrity lifestyle. More people should follow her example.

CelebBabyLover on

momin florida- As someone who loves reading AND writing, I don’t think anyone should be denied the chance to write a book. If that’s something you really want to do, then I say go for it! In Mayim’s case, I also don’t think she’s writing the book to tell people how to raise their kids. I get the vibe that she’s writing it because she wants to put even more information out there about attachement parenting.

I imagine that some people who are considering practicing attachment parenting might find her book very helpful! ๐Ÿ™‚

Jane on

i could not care less about how anyone raises their children and would never judge a parenting style as long as it works for the family and keeps the children safe, happy, and healthy – unless there is a negative effect on the community. if her position on vaccines is pushed in this book, then that will be a huge disappointment.

Sat on

I dig her on The Big Bang Theory! Great job Mayim!

Valerie on

“….We keep our life really simple, and that allows us to make the time to bake two loaves of bread, like this morning, at 6:00 a.m. With two children at my feet,โ€

I love that image!!

Lauren on

I like that Mayim acknowledges the realities of how difficult her parenting style is instead of passing it off as something everyone should do just because it’s her decision.

Personally, I find her decisions very extreme and not to my liking at all. I agree with Jaja that the fact that Mayim and her husband are with their kids 24/7 and they refuse to allow anyone else to care for them isn’t the best idea, especially since Mayim has admitted before that their kids aren’t particularly outgoing and tend to be on the clingy side. And I really don’t think the fact that they’ve chosen to give up their social life and not see friends their own age is healthy at all.

I like Mayim as a person and don’t doubt at all that she adores her children, but her parenting seems so overbearing to me. Everyone seems so extreme these days, like you’ve got to do something all one way without any compromise. Whatever happened to balance??

Emily on

I think the reason people have such a negative reaction when Mayim talks about attachment parenting, etc. is because we all know people that DO think they are better than everyone else because that’s what they do. They do pass judgment on working moms or non-breastfeeding moms. And I’ve NEVER got that impression from anything Mayim has said but it automatically turns people off.

sbg on

ditto on the vaccine stance — she really should lose her Ph.D. if she pushes any of the pseudoscientific crap.

Sharon on

I agree with many of the posters. I think it can only be healthy for her and her husband to spend some time away from their children, together and separtely. Keeping your relationship strong with your signficant other and doing things for your self can ultimately make you a better parent, in my opinion.

JM on

agree with you sbg, but then a lot of people with PHDs believe all kinds of irrational things. hopefully she’ll come to her senses soon and realise what i healthy for her children and other children around her kids.

cuo on

sbg and JM – Since when is it “irrational” to believe that injecting babies with formaldehyde is a bad idea? Vaccines are not benign. They have formaldehyde and other toxins in them. There is nothing “pseudoscientific” about it. Facts are facts.

TC on

My parents didn’t use nannies or babysitters for my brother and I and they divorced after 20 years of marriage. I think there can be a happy medium between parents who allow nannies/daycares to raise their children and parents who refuse to let anyone near their child.

You have to make time for yourself, you can’t focus 100% on your kids or you will get burned out and your marriage will suffer…I grew up with that.

I like the fact that she isn’t judgmental unlike another celeb who apparently abhors nannies and families that employ them

I also think her comment about her not being judgmental means exactly what she said. We live in a uber PC world now and even I’ve learned to say things like that as to not offend people.

Kristen on

The article does not say that they never allow anyone else around their children. I got the impression that she was talking about any sort of paid help, not Grandma.

And really sbj and jm, she should “lose her PhD” because of her beliefs concerning vaccines? That is a pretty ignorant statement. Obviously you are under the impression that vaccines are the answer and she is not. What makes her wrong and you right? Maybe if more parents were informed instead of just following the “because I said so” that the medical community shoves down our throats then things might change. Until then don’t judge a parent who has done her homework and made an informed decision concerning HER children.

And the theory that the safety of other children is at risk is pretty irrational thinking isn’t it? Wouldn’t that imply that the vaccines that you chose to use didn’t work so well? If the choice is to either vaccine or not vaccine then isn’t it her children that you should be concerned about?

fuzibuni on

i’m sure mayim and her husband have family that help out with the kids sometimes… she just said they don’t use nannies, babysitters or daycare.

as someone who had a terrible experience with a babysitter growing up, I can very much relate to her desire to avoid leaving her children with strangers. my mom hired a local teenage girl to take care of us when we were young and she thought this girl was a sweet heart. Little did she realize that as soon as she left, the girl called her boyfriend over, and they tied us up with ropes and left us locked up in a closet.

You may think that you are leaving your kids with responsible people, but really, you never know. No one will ever love your kids as much as you do…

Eryka on

I’m not a fan. ‘Nuff said.

Sarah M. on

fuzibuni – I’m sorry that you had such a bad experience with your babysitter growing up. But PLEASE don’t judge ALL people who ever take care of other people’s children by the same experience. I’m a nanny and would never even contemplate or even fathom how someone could do that to a child. I know many different people who take care of children, also, either as a nanny, in a day care or just babysitting now and then. NONE of them would EVER even think of doing that either. So, while what happened to you was certainly awful, the vast majority of child care workers would never even think of doing ANYTHING to harm the children in their care!

Aside from that, nanny cams can be VERY small and hidden in almost anything. I go into every house that I work in with the assumption that they have a nanny cam up somewhere! Why do I do that? Because if I were to pay someone to come into my house and watch my children, whether it be a regular nanny or a babysitter every now and again, that is what I would do!!

I like agree with the other posters who don’t think she was actually saying that she thinks she’s better than everyone else, but she was saying that more to forestall others from trying to say that she did. She has never seemed to come off as judgmental about her choices in regards to the choices that other parents make. She simply says that that is what works best for HER family and that others should do what is best for theirs.

While I don’t have any children of my own yet, I have a feeling that I’ll use some aspects of the attachment parenting and some aspects of the more common parenting style. That may change once I actually have my own kids, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see!!

Jacqui on

I actually like Mayim, but it is becoming increasingly common (and increasingly annoying) for actors to become authors. If you want to write your autobiography, fine. If you want to write a book on acting, great. Or in the case of Mayim, science AND acting. But suddenly actors are THE experts at cooking, parenting, politics, and children’s literature. It’s too dominant. I love celebrities because I love movies and TV and music, but there are plenty of qualified pediatricians, child psychologists, etc. who have written books on parenting.

fuzibuni on

sarah M,

no need to be defensive… I didn’t say ALL babysitters were bad. I’m just saying you never know, and it’s a good idea to consider that some babysitters may put up false appearances. I think it is rare to find someone who cares about the kids they are babysitting on the same level a parent does.

And yes, I think hidden cameras are a good back up for parents who need to leave their kids with others, but how many of us can afford to hide them in every room of a house? Plus, why would you even need to tell yourself to assume there is a camera hidden in the house? You shouldn’t act any different if there is one or not.

Sarah M. on

fuzibuni – I didn’t say that I act any different because I think a camera is hidden somewhere, I just said that I assume some are placed throughout the house. I act the same regardless of whether I think there’s a camera or not. That wasn’t my point.

I meant maybe using them more for teens, or older people, who may see it as an easy way to make some extra money but don’t really like doing it. Rather than using them for career nannies who have made caring for children their career choice. And I would tell myself to assume the cameras are there because if I’ve seen the horror stories where a care giver is in trouble for harming a child in their care (as they should be), then I can pretty much bet that the parents I am working with have probably seen them, also.

I’m a nanny, and nannies are typically paid more than in-home day cares, off site day cares or babysitters. Therefore, those families are usually more able to afford to buy a few cameras and place them in the rooms of the house where the nanny and child/ren usually happen to be. From what I understand, you can actually find some of the cameras fairly cheap in some places, too. Also, in one of the families I nannied for, the dad was an electrician. I have no doubt he know how to wire and hide a camera without it being seen!! And you are right, there are babysitters who do put up a false front and their true colors shine through later. But that’s not typically the case.

ecl on

Of course babysitters don’t care as much about the kids as parents do, but that doesn’t mean they can’t do a great job of taking care of your children. Anyway, when kids get harmed by an adult, it’s most likely that one of their parents did it.

H on

In response to Kristen on October 18th, 2010 :
“…And the theory that the safety of other children is at risk is pretty irrational thinking isnโ€™t it? Wouldnโ€™t that imply that the vaccines that you chose to use didnโ€™t work so well? If the choice is to either vaccine or not vaccine then isnโ€™t it her children that you should be concerned about?”

People who choose not to vaccinate DO put others at risk for disease. When vaccination rates fall below a threshold that has long been established, there can be a resurgrnce of infectious disease. It is called immunity. This is not because the vaccine is ineffective. It is because those who are not vaccinated that aquire a disease put the part of the population at risk who cannot be vaccinated eg. infants, those with other chonic illnesses or conditions etc. Even if that individual is healthy enough to fight the disease, they could and often do expose others who are not.

Each family has the right to make the decision for themselves, but they should do so with appropriate and accurate information. Your comment signifies that you do not have either.

There was a wonderful radio program, “This American Life,” that touches on this issue can be a jumping off point for more individual research. You can listen online for free.

miche on

To Kristen:
H is correct. I do choose to vaccinate my children, but until they are old enough to receive the vaccines, they are at risk. And the more parents that decide to not vaccinate their children, the greater the risk to my babies until they are old enough to be protected.

These are NOT irrational worries at all!

Erika on

Oh I agree SBJ (and JM). My parents have PHDs and are both very pro vaccine, especially after all of the science classes they had to take. They know that the benefits of vaccinating outweigh the risks by so much. I don’t really understand how someone who had to go through so much education would believe that avoiding vaccines is a valid option and it scares me that people listen to them. I don’t even have kids but I am going through schooling in a scientific/medical field and will be vaccinating my future children.

Without trying to offend, I find it to be pretty significant that most doctors and scientists are most often in favor of vaccines. These are people who went through years and years of schooling, studying science and medicine intensively. And yet a woman in my town, who didn’t even complete high school, had a son, vaccinated him and ‘he went autistic within 24 hours’. She now tells people not to vaccinate their children. Umm no offense, but I think I’ll trust the doctors and scientists over you.

All that said, Mayim seems nice enough but she seems way too overbearing with her kids. If she hasn’t been away from her 2 year old ever, it’s not really a good thing. Being a stay at home mother is great and respectable, but most stay at home mothers do go out. How are these kids going to go to school and be away from her if she NEVER leaves them?

Kristen on

Thank you H for assuming that I was not educated at all about vaccinations. I said that a parent needs to be informed and not just follow a doctors orders. I did not say that I did not vaccinate my child. I did vaccinate her but with every new round of shots came questions that deserved answers from my doctor. There was no way I was going to allow her to just shove shot after shot into my kid’s body without asking questions first.

Parents need to stop doing things for or to their children without educating themselves first. Stop reacting out of fear. Unless your child has a weakended immune system or is spending a lot of time with someone who has a weakened immune system then there is little to fear about most illnesses. We are not living in a Third World country and unless you are spending quality time in some germ filled cesspool then waiting until your questions and concerns are answered by your doctor is not that great a risk.

I did not say “don’t vaccinate.” I said educate yourself and become informed. Parents who choose not to vaccinate are doing what they feel is best for their children. I will assume that a grown woman who took the time to obtain her PhD may have taken a few minutes to read some information that helped with her decision.

Daniella on

I completely agree with H, especially since this very issue came up a few years ago in my family. A mother at my little cousin’s daycare chose not to vaccinate her children because she did not want them to become “autistic”. Well, a few months into their stay, there was suddenly an outbreak of measles. Her older son was the origin. Two unvaccinated infants, a toddler who had a medical condition that prevented her from being vaccinated & two others who were currently being vaccinated in a reduced series contracted measles. The only children who got measles were the unvaccinated ones. My cousin was fine because he was vaccinated; thus, immune, to the disease.

Just take a look at northern Nigeria, they slowed down vaccinating a few years ago due to somewhat similar reasonings as those above & measles rates skyrocketed, killing hundreds of children. If I told my Ph.D advisor that I wasn’t going to vaccinate my children, he would look at me like I was absolutely insane. The benefits of vaccinating are far greater than not vaccinating. Perhaps these parents need to take a look at some pictures of smallpox patients or unvaccinated children in Africa. Vaccines are the only thing keeping that utterly terrible & crippling disease from resurging. Not vaccinating DOES endanger others & their children.

JM on

Daniella thank you, i rest my case. and thanks to others to here who are the voice of reason.

really it astounds me that people think that to vaccinate or to not vaccinate your child is just a matter of personal choice, as if you are choosing clothes for you kids. it is really worrying that people don’t do their homework about this stuff. the benefits far far far far outweigh any risks with vaccines and i would go so far as to say that parents who don’t vaccinate their children are being neglectful. it’s just common sense, not a matter of opinion.

it’s like i’ve said time and time again, to me the to vaccinate or to not vaccinate debate is as if you were debating to wear a seatbelt or to not wear a seatbelt. common sense people…

shannon on

I love Mayim Bialik! Can’t wait for the book to come out.

Kat on

This post actually made me sad. Moms need friends, and they need fun time with their husbands, and she sounds like she’s not allowing herself any of either.

Shawna on

In regards to vaccines – make the decisions you want to make for your children and I’ll make the ones I want to make for mine. I do not vaccinate my children and never will. I am not uneducated about the benefits and risk of vaccinating or not vaccinating. And no, my research did not consist of anti-vax websites. After careful research we made the decision that the risks outweighed the benefits. I’m sorry if you feel that puts others at risk but I make decisions for MY children which is my job as their mother.

CelebBabyLover on

Jacqui- I want you to know that I really appreicate the fact that you took the time to explain WHY you dislike celebs being authors. Because you did so, I now have an insight as to why some people dislike celebs being authors, and now I understand it a bit more. ๐Ÿ™‚

H and Daniella- I agree with you two 100 percent! In addition to what you two have already stated, I can’t understand why so many parents are willing to put their childrens’ lives at risk by not vaccinating them. It’s like people have forgotten just how deadly some of those dieases can be! And even when people survive those dieases, they can be left with lasting damage from them. For example, I once knew a lady who had Polio as a child. She survived it (but barely!)…..but was left crippled for life as the polio damaged her spine and left it mis-shapen.

I also know a little girl who had such a severe case of Whooping Cough that she ended up in the hospital because of it…..and was lucky she survived! Really, when the choice is between risking your child coming down with a diesease that could kill her or vaccinating her so she won’t get that diesease, I would think the answer would be obvious!

Having said all that, I also want to add this: I am someone who is pro-vaccine AND has a mild ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)! I am a firm believer that ASDs are genetic. One of my parents shows “Autistic Traits” (that’s a term that’s used to describe someone who displays some of the charecterisics of one or more ASDs, but isn’t on the spectrum), so it’s pretty obvious to me where my ASD came from! ๐Ÿ™‚

Sherri on

I can’t wait to read her book! I don’t necessarily read books written by celebrity authors looking for their “advice” but rather to read either another perspective on something or for encouragement/inspiration from someone with similar perspectives as mine.

In this case, Mayim’s life sounds nearly identical to mine… except I’m not an actress! LOL!

My husband & I aren’t into the “social scene” either & therefore don’t have the need for sitters/nannies. But trust us, we get PLENTY of time together! (We do have FOUR children, ahem…) ๐Ÿ˜‰ We enjoy our children all of the time… part of the reason we homeschool, also… Not just when it’s convenient for us.

And I have to say that my heart breaks at her comment about ugly things people say on the Internet… I always hate coming here to read interesting stories & scrolling down only to read hate-filled, judgmental comments. It almost seems like some people get a kick out of the anonymity that the Internet provides for them to be able to spew hateful things that they wouldn’t have the guts to say in real life. So sad…

K on

i have read several things about Mayim and her husband and from what I have read in statements (not sure where i was at) they literally mean NO BABYSITTERS as In no family, trusted friends, etc. Only she or her husband are with their children. This may have changed as this was a few months after the birth of her second child, but I remember commenting to my husband that her and her husband have a somewhat unhealthy relationship as they are never alone.

As far as doing things with her friends, I see nothing wrong with going to a movie or doing some shopping with a girlfriend. I have four kids and sometimes I bring one or two along and sometimes they stay with Daddy or with grandparents. My husband and I also make time for each other without any kiddos. They do not seem to be harmed from my lack of attachment parenting and quite frankly, attachment parenting has never sounded responsible, sane, or reasonable to me. I love Mayim on Big Bang Theory, but I am sorry to say i will not be supporting her book on parenting.

E on

“Unless your child has a weakended immune system or is spending a lot of time with someone who has a weakened immune system then there is little to fear about most illnesses. We are not living in a Third World country and unless you are spending quality time in some germ filled cesspool then waiting until your questions and concerns are answered by your doctor is not that great a risk.”

Sorry Kristen, but you just need to look at the recent outbreaks of whooping cough both in the US and in the UK to know that this isn’t true. Most of the things that kids are vaccinated against are highly contagious and can have absolutely devastating consequences. It is not just “third world” countries that have these issues – it is becoming increasingly common because people think that they can rely on herd immunity.

Ellen Smith on

What I find amusing is that she is accorded “celebrity” status. She has not been in the limelight in years. She is a very earthy, crunchy mother (we call them “granola moms” where I live) who has decided to follow the principles of attachment parenting. I know I would go “off my rocker” if I had to spend 24/7 with ANYONE. A little down time — time for oneself, time to reflect, time to reconnect to the outside world — that for me is the healthiest approach for parents (and it immeasurably benefits kids as well).

Eileen on

While I may not follow the same school of thought as Mayim on lifestyle or parenting, I do respect what she has to say. Considering in recent years we have had a supermodel bash women who do not breastfeed (regardless of the reason), a Playboy Centerfold advise parents NOT to vaccinate, etc., I personally open my ears a little more to someone who is educated, like Mayim.

At least she has the ability to present her opinion, back up her beliefs yet still has respect for those who disagree or choose other paths, instead of those other uneducated women who present their opinions as black and white, right and wrong, bottom line.

Christie on

I had a woman in my daughter’s swim class with her own daughter. She would tell us about her attachment parenting. Her daughter was about 18 months old and had never spent a night sleeping in her own bed. And one of her parents was with her at all times — no Grandma, no family members. My guess is that that’s what attachment parenting truly is. You give up your own independence to be the only influence in your child’s life.

For the people who commented asking what happens when these kids go to school…. I would gather that most families who follow attachment parenting are also going to participate in home schooling (another controversial issue). Most schools require vaccinations before kids can be admitted anyway, so if the parents don’t believe in daycare or vaccinations, I would imagine that regular schooling is not high on the list, as well.

I was raised without babysitters and that suited me just fine. We had Grandma watch us on the few occasions when the parents went out for an anniversary or something, but for the most part, all of my memories are of doing things together as a family — vacations, shopping, going out for dinner, all special occasions. My daughter is 19 months old and has only had her daily daycare provider, my sister and my dad as her secondary caregivers. I am approaching possibly needing after-hours care for her soon and have no idea what I am going to do. I simply do not want to entrust just “anyone” to care for my child.

Erika on

JM- I like the seatbelt analogy, it makes a lot of sense. Seeing as this women doesn’t want to jeapordize her kids’ safety by leaving them with someone else, I find it very unusual that she is willing to jeapordize their health by not giving them vaccines.

I find it odd when people start spouting facts about how vaccines ‘don’t work’. Umm did you ever have polio? small pox? german measles? diphtheria? rubella? typhoid fever? Likely not, and you can thank vaccines for that. Sure there are chemicals in them, as there are in household cleaners, certain hand soaps, medicines and processed foods. If people seriously think that their kids are not being exposed to any of the preservatives or chemicals that are proven by the FDA to be safe in vaccines, they are wrong.

Sobe on

Nine babies just died in California due to whooping cough. They were not vaccinated and the origin of the disease was a child(ren) who were not vaccinated. To say your decision not to vaccinate is a personal choice is accurate…to say that your decision not to vaccinate doesn’t affect anyone but your own child is irresponsible, egocentric and inaccurate.

Cynic on

And two years later, divorce.

Connie on

I think I see a problem just from her description of her life. I think she is allowing her parenting style to strangle her marriage. I have been married 27 yrs and have 3 kids but I’m no expert. I stayed home with my kids as well but I didn’t try to work too. When she says they never go out or go off alone that has me thinking there was too much baby in between the couple 24/7. He probably got stressed by that. It is not unusual.

Gordon on

I think “Connie” has it right. No matter how devoted to the children parents may be, they still must preserve a measurable portion of their lives for themselves. If not, the marriage is likely to atrophy and die. How good for the children can that be?