Jane Kaczmarek: ‘My Kids Have a Great Dad’

10/16/2010 at 05:00 PM ET
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In recent years life has changed dramatically for Jane Kaczmarek, and the actress is taking those changes in stride.

When asked whether she would ever remarry, Kaczmarek — who split from actor Bradley Whitford in 2009 — appears conflicted.

Having “just” signed divorce papers and calling Whitford the love of her life, she says any decision would be guided by the couple’s three children Frances Genevieve, 13, George Edward, 10, and Mary Louisa, 7½.

“My kids have a great dad,” she continues. “I don’t really want them to have a stepfather and I don’t think they do either. It’s so new.”

Recalling happier times, Kaczmarek reflected on when she and Whitford juggled two hit television shows and a growing family.

“I was trying to have another baby, going through all sorts of fertility stuff, and one day Warner Bros. called and West Wing had gotten picked up,” she explains. “The next day Fox called and [Malcolm in the Middle] had gotten picked up. The next day the doctor called and said I was pregnant. I remember saying to Brad, ‘I wonder if our lives are going to change?'”

Kaczmarek would later become pregnant again while filming Malcolm, as Whitford worked “constantly” on West Wing. “It was glorious, that seven years,” she insists.

“You knew exactly where you were going to be. You knew when you could take vacation. You knew what you could spend on renovating our house. I remember thinking if I got the part, it would pay for a new bathroom.”

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all the best on

Like her acting, and I wish her future happiness. Her comments seem somewhat sad. I hope her kids understand what she means and remembers that she deserves to have someone special in her life that would not be their father. I hope her ex gives her the support and be the father she says he is.

Kristen on

I really like this couple, even now that they are divorced. Hope they find a way to maintain a healthy relationship as parents. Also good to hear that she isn’t already shopping for a new man, wish more adults would act that adult.

amit on

Sad that they broke up, always seemed like such a grounded couple… Of course nobody knows what really happens behind closed doors, for any couple, not just celebs… Hope they both find new loves.

Michelle on

Aww that is sad, she called him the love of her life. I wonder what happened? Atleast she can see that there were good times and reflect on them.

kai on

that was a lovely interview, she seems really cool. I saw her in some talk show recently, she looks INCREDIBLE. for any age.

Shannon on

He’s the love of her life? She doesn’t want to remarry? Why divorce then? Maybe HE found someone else.

I know a lot of people who have step parents. It’s not a big deal. She deserves happiness with someone else.

meghan on

I’m sure she will find love again someday. Her divorce JUST happened. She feels like it’s too soon for her to think of remarrying. I think that’s a normal reaction. Of course Bradley is the love of her life. She spent most of her adult life with him. Sadly, not everyone ends up with the love of their life forever. Life works that way sometimes. Just because she is expressing sadness doesn’t mean Bradley was running around. People do grow apart.

Kat on

She talked about the divorce on Bonnie Hunt’s talk show (it’s probably still on YouTube). While he may have been the “love of her life”, her comments during that interview made it clear she wasn’t happy in the marriage.

Stella Bella on

Our society doesn’t much acknowledge a broken marriage as a big deal anymore, but it CAN be a big deal. Especially with three children involved… She seems like a really sensitive, understanding mother.

Elise on

Shannon- people change and grow and not always together. He could be the love of her life but that doesn’t mean the marriage was healthy or working for them both anymore. Sad but true. I am still best friends with my eldest child’s father. I love him and always will and things were never terrible between us but we realized we’d be better for our daughter and for each other if we weren’t together romantically anymore. We’re both happily married to other people now and our families go on holidays together and all.

I love this interview- it is so raw and it really resonated with me.

Holly on

So sad..wish them both well.

fuzibuni on

Kat, do you mean on the recent Wendy Williams show?

The bonnie hunt interview from ’09 doesn’t mention her husband from what I saw.

Jane seems very real and honest. I wish her the best… staying positive and hopeful through a divorce is tough, especially with 3 young children involved. She seems to be doing a great job though.

CelebBabyLover on

Elise- Exactly! Some couples just end up realizing that they’re better off as friends rather than husband and wife. 🙂

iteezy on

who knows whats the truth

Jeanne on

I read the whole interview from the original source, and I got the sense that both of them working so much when they were both on hit shows led them to grow apart. It happens. I’m glad to see the split appears to be amicable.

Jen DC on

I met him once when Jane Kaczmarek was pregnant with one of their children – sometime in 2000, I think it was or 2004. Anyway, he was really a kind, thoughtful guy, pausing to take her call while we were campaigning out in Missouri and tell us volunteers how much he missed her and their other child… I do wonder what happened, but I’m glad they seem to be keeping the kids in the forefront of their minds and not bashing each other. Although maybe like others have said it never got “bad,” just… not right. Oh, well. I hope her recovery from the divorce goes well and that when she’s ready, she finds another love. It’d be important for the kids to see that she can go on.

Kelli on

Maybe she just means she doesn’t want them to have a step dad right now. Maybe down the road when they are older. My father passed away and it took my mom years to start dating again and she still has not remarried. She says my dad was the love of her life too. Even with my son, I did not jump into another relationship after me and his father broke up. He’s 4 now and I’m dating but I don’t have to have a husband today. He has a good father too. Some people choose to be single for a while and that’s ok.

Jamie on

Things don’t always work out with the love of your life. Just because that’s what happened here between Jane and Bradley, it doesn’t mean he was running around on her. I’m glad she’s thinking of her kids first and what’s best for them rather than just herself and not rushing into finding another love soon. What’s wrong with that? When she’s ready, she’ll know it. I mean, what’s the rush?