Spotted: Mario Lopez’ Sweet Smooch

10/15/2010 at 01:00 PM ET
Josiah True/WENN

Daddy’s little girl!

New dad Mario Lopez takes some time out while filming Extra on Thursday to show some love to 4-week-old daughter Gia Francesca.

“What an amazing, wonderful, and overwhelming experience to welcome our daughter into the world,” the proud papa said shortly after he and girlfriend Courtney Mazza welcomed their first child.

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LIZ on


CB on

Does she or doesn’t she have down syndrome? Her eyes and facial structure are leading me to think she does, especially in the pictures in OK magazine.

Yasminda on

He seems like such a proud daddy. This babe is probably the love of his life. How wonderful to watch Mario in this role of a lifetime, fatherhood. It suits him nicely.

momin florida on

he looks like he’s posing for the camera!

kelsey on

Thats exactly what I thought momin florida!

cris on

No kidding momin florida!! I think he does love his daughter, but he is definitely using her for attention.

CB on

Does this baby have down syndrome?

Amber on

I could be wrong, but it looks like she has Down Syndrome. She is a beautiful little baby and the light of their lives, I’m sure, but the features are there.

I am in no way implying that she is less than perfect. It’s just an observation.

Amber on

It took me awhile to warm up to Mr. Lopez after the Ali Landry drama. I think it’s funny when an alleged womanizer ends up with daughters, lol! Cute pic!

Jurnee on

You can tell he’s using her as a photo op because he’s not looking lovingly at his daughter – he’s looking around to see who might get this great shot of him! Ug. I can’t believe it took him this long knock someone up, since he’s been a big player/cheater forever. Hopefully he’ll settle down and be a good daddy to this sweet little girl.

Anonymous on

I’m not trying to be mean, but after seeing the pics in the magazine and now this one, I have to say she really looks like she has downs syndrome.

michellemeston on

Awe she is so tiny and sweet. I love when they are little and sleepy.

Anonymous on

My own daughter sometimes looked like she had downs syndrome as a newborn but she is completely normal and now that shes older there is no longer any resemblance.

Kristen on

Enough with the Downs Syndrome comments. What if she does? Does that make her any less beautiful? And if she does not are your questions regarding the condition a sign that you think that she is not beautiful enough and this may be the reason? I don’t know that I have ever come across anyone so crude to a child than another mother. What would you want people to say about your children?

Amanda on

Mario is kind of vain, so I highly doubt that he would be showing off his baby girl if she had Downs Syndrome.

Jennifer on

No one said she was not a beautiful baby. Some stated, and I agree, that she does seem to have some characteristics of a DS baby. Regardless she is a precious baby girl. ALL babies are.

Amanda on

Down Syndrome or not, she is an adorable baby. I hope if she is special needs they will be open & honest about it instead of hiding it. I am the parent of a child with special needs, and appreciate when celebrities are up front about the challenges & rewards of being a parent of a child with special needs.

Molly on

Adorable baby. I hope fatherhood makes him mature and having a daughter makes him start treating women with respect but I have serious doubts that will happen.

JMO on

I haven’t seen the OK mag. And from this pic she looks normal to me. Mario was a very chunky baby himself I think Gia just is fuller then most newborns. REgardless she’s a cutie. I would think if she had DS they would of already had a story about it.

JMO on

Just saw the pics in this video. Gia looks completely fine! I do admit the Ok pics seem a little off but in this video it’s clear this is not a baby with DS.

p on

just an observation….and i know i’m not the only one….but his daughter has dysmorphic features…down’s syndrome features…

Luna on

I don’t think anyone is saying she’s less beautiful or less anything if she has Down Syndrome, just that it looks as if she does. I can see it, but I’m thinking she probably doesn’t because it could just be her newborn face, and it could just be the position. She’s beautiful and I love her name!

Shelley on

This baby DOES NOT have downs….you people are awful,

jordan on

she is too cute and the baby doesn’t have DS. She doesn’t even look like she has it. Anyways the picture was taking from a side angel. You don’t know what he was looking at…to make him look like he was acting. He was probably paying attention to something in front of him as he was kissing his daughter.

Rachel on

You know… I’ll admit to thinking the same thing about the OK photos. But honestly I just don’t think they were good photos. They certainly did not capture a baby in any sort of good angle. I may not be popular for this one, but the simple truth is that many babies, just aren’t really all that ‘cute’ at this age. They’re thin and wrinkly and funny looking and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them, or with the fact that they’re funny looking, it’s just life. Give her a few more weeks and I bet she’ll look completely different.

CelebBabyLover on

JMO- You posted the wrong link. I found the correct one, though:

Gia looks just fine to me! There ARE a few shots where she looks as if she has DS, but, like Rachel, I think it’s just the pictures. For the most part, she doesn’t look like she has DS in the video. Anyway, Gia is adorable!

JMO on

thanks celebritybabylover. I didn’t realize I posted the wrong one.

linda on

Why would they hide she has DS? I think Mario’s eyes are little bit like DS eyes so her eyes just look like that..I have seen many babies that look like they could have DS but don’t…

linda on

they announced they had a healthy baby so I doubt she has down syndrome or they would have mentioned that

Romy on

I’m glad he kept his shirt on for this pic!!

MG on

I watched the link & I have to agree with the few who pointed out that the pics in the magazine were just not that flattering. When she’s awake, you can totally tell that she looks exactly like her daddy. I’m going to try to keep the emotional side of me under control now, but there are Down’s babies that are born completely “healthy”. My uncle was born with Down syndrome 42 years ago. He’s no different than anyone else except that he has the mental capacity of a 12 year old.

It’s a little upsetting that so many would think something is wrong with a baby over a few unflattering photos. Even if she were born with downs, doesn’t make her unhealthy & certainly doesn’t make her ugly. She’s a pretty baby. Leave it at that.

Elena on

hahahahaha Romy, I agree with you! He doesn’t seem very genuine to me, I dont know, but those pics in OK mag seemed like he was trying to show his hot bod off not his daughter and here he looks like he’s kissing her for the cameras. But what do I know lol

Bancie1031 on

CB – I doubt if we will know any time soon …. and frankly it’s none of our business but I have to admit I asked myself the same exact question.

CelebBabyLover – Thanks for posting the link 😀 and I think you might be right. It just might be the way the pictures turned out or when she gets a little bigger that might change …..

Romy – the pictures sell better if he has his shirt off NOT to mention he’s great eye candy that way 😀

Anyways Congratulations to Mario and Courtney 😀 Gia is precious 😀

Bancie1031 on

Oh and btw
momin florida, kelsey and cris – I do agree the picture DOES look stages BUT you have to take in to consideration it does say “Mario Lopez takes some time out while filming Extra”

CelebBabyLover on

All you have to do is watch that video link I posted to see how much he loves that baby girl. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and by the way, it looks like the posters who guessed on the birth announcement post that she was born via C-section may have been right. In that video I linked, there’s a shot of Mario coming into the hospital waiting room (at least I’m assuming it’s the hospital room) and happily announcing to his family “It’s a girl”……and he is wearing scrubs. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

MG- I agree, having DS would not make GIA ugly! In fact, I think people with DS are beautiful (I’ve known several!)! 🙂

Melissa on

Please stop talking about this……Gia does not have downs syndrome. Please stop.

Angela on

I have a little girl with Down’s and she is my world, my everything…If in fact baby Gia does have Down’s, her parents are very lucky to have such a wonderful baby brought into their lives…Children with Down’s are very happy little people!!

Melissa on

I am telling you people…GIA DOES NOT HAVE DOWNS!!! I know for a fact so please stop speculating. She looks just like mario when he was a baby.

MG on

Melissa, you can calm down, the last few posts are from those who DON’T believe that she has downs. But it was also pointed out that even if she did, it’s not that big of a deal. She’s a beautiful baby. You’re freaking out on the wrong people.

Kat on

She totally looks like she has DS. I thought so as soon as I saw the pictures. Every one of the OK mag pictures it looks like she does esp. the pic on page 44! What a horrible picture of her (or the baby is just really not cute) I couldn’t believe OK actually printed that picture!

Angela on

Down’s babies are cute! As a NICU nurse, I must say, she does appear to have the physical attributes of a DS baby. Some of you people are so intense about defending someone you don’t even personally know. It’s epic… btw there are tons of down’s resources on the inernet to compare pics of downs babies while blogging about celebs.

Melissa on

Hi everyone. I am a relative of Gia. Im here to tell you she DOES NOT have downs. She looks just like mario as a baby. If she did in fact have DS, Gia’s parents would proudly say so. So please stop picking Gia apart and simply wish them a congratulations or don’t comment at all. Oh-and I guarantee people could same for you and your children. Have a great day!

Susan on

That sweet baby is definately a Downs Syndrome Baby. She has every facial feature as well as has shown the protruding tongue and other common signs. I hope Mario admits to this and I am sure it will help many other babies.

Samantha on

I am a pediatric nurse, and without any judgement, I must add that I would be extremely surprised if baby Gia did not have Downs. I heard that they are saving this information for now, only to reveal it on their new television show. If they bring positive awareness to this chromosomal malady, then more power to them.

liz on

I hate to say it but the baby does seem as if she has Downs. I have looked at several angles,with differing pictures, but she definitely has the facial features. It can happen, even with younger parents. My former brother and sister in law, both in their 20’s at the time, had a daughter who was born with Downs.It was totally unexpected.

Mom on

I was 23 years old when I had my daughter, who happened to be born with Down syndrome. (they are NOT downs kids, or have down’s syndrome). They are kids with Down syndrome. This baby has all of the characteristics. I don’t know why ‘Melissa’ is so adamant that she does not have Down syndrome. So what if she does? And if she does, then just because Mario and his girlfriend haven’t announced it doesn’t mean they are in denial, or that she doesn’t have it. I don’t introduce my daughter with Down syndrome. Honestly, since I was so young, I will admit that I was in denial for about the first 6 months. It takes time to be educated and understand what exactly Down syndrome is. And the comment about ‘healthy’ baby made by ‘Linda’…my daughter was and still is healthy. Just because Gia may have Down syndrome doesn’t make her unhealthy. I am actually surprised more celebrities don’t have children with disabilities.

Mom on

Correction….I don’t introduce my daughter as “here’s my daughter, oh and by the way she has Down syndrome” The only thing that is different is she has 47 chromosomes and most people have 46.

Bu on

After seeing Courtney and Mario’s baby on Ellen it looked like the baby has Downs syndrome. But you never know from just looking at the child. For all the critical people that have posted…you NEVER love a child any less no matter what. They capture your heart healthy or not!. Gia just looks like a DS child…that is observation by many people it’s not anyone being mean.

Junior on

I can see why people are saying that Mario’s baby looks like she has down syndrome. If you take a close look at Mario, you’ll see that the baby has Mario’s features. Mario has a big chin and face, so does the baby. Mario has tight eyes, so does the baby. I think his baby just looks like an Asian baby with a chubby face. So what if Mario’s baby does have downs syndrome?

Our society encourages us to single out “differences” and “imperfections” and put them under a magnifying glass. I’m guilty of noticing celebrity babies born with a “difference”. I noticed Mario’s baby’s features too. If Mario’s baby or anyone’s baby is born with down syndrome then that just means gentle souls have been born into our society and we should embrace the new additions to humanity.

Ladyg on

I hate the fact that people see Mario as a player. There are a lot of women who use their bodies to be aligned with celebrities. End of story. This seems to be the case with his child’s mother as well-girlfriend (no legal/spiritual commitment), but having a baby. The latest gold digger move. She, more likely than not, knew going in that this child would be special needs, but wanted to keep Mario, money, etc. decided to have a child at all costs. As for Ali Landry, who heard from her very much before or since Mario? She wasn’t even a B lister, but a Z lister. This was the case with Mel Gibson and his daughter’s mother and so on, as the list goes. The only celebrity that had the sense to stop the madness was the executive of Rocafella Records who took custody of his child from the gold digger mother. That shut down her delusions of grandeur at her child’s expense. Now, for the rest of the world…

Stephanie on

Doesn’t matter if she has Down or not. My son is a vivacious, energetic, and beautiful little boy with down. His baby pictures didn’t show it, but now he is 2 1/2, you can see it slightly. Gia shows characteristics: the tongue out, the flattened nose, and the eyes, but if it is true, they need all the support they can get and not someone belittling them. And it is a different journey. I think Down Syndrome needs to be celebrated and it is not a curse. My son is the most loving person I’ve ever met. My daughter is a saint for always helping me and my husband. She is eight years old and loves her brother no matter what. Oh, and it is DOWN….NOT downs

Sydney on

Stephanie – both spellings are accepted, so people aren’t wrong for using Down’s.

Ladyg- I think it’s very hurtful to imply that Courtney only kept Gia to get money from Mario!

Tammy R on

Does it matter if the baby has Down Syndrome? Why do people want to know that so badly? If she is, she is. Its not going to change anything. Geez.

Kathy on

For all you saying Down’s, it is Down syndrome. For most of parents that have children with Ds it is very offensive. If she has it or not she is still his precious little girl. And it would not matter if he said she has Ds or not because she is a child, his daughter, first!