Spotted: Jennifer Garner’s Pint-Size Painter – Violet!

10/15/2010 at 03:00 PM ET

She’s a dancer and an artist!

Actress Jennifer Garner led her pretty in pink daughter Violet Anne — and her bag of goodies! — back to the car after picking her up from art class in Santa Monica on Wednesday.

In addition to the 4½-year-old, Garner and husband Ben Affleck are also parents to daughter Seraphina, 21 months.

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Amber on

This little girl is too precious. The long golden pigtails, tiny gap and beaming smile. Too cute!

Brooklyn on

Adorable! I love this family.

ugh on

Does a day go by where Garner & her kids are not photographed? I think her daughters are the most photographed in Hollywood. She does nothing to avoid paps. Taking them to pap filled playgrounds & Farmers markets.

Lots of other celebs manage to live in LA & not be photographed daily. I mean the Jolie-Pitt kids are sought after by paps yet are hardly seen when in LA.

Lauren on

because she loves the attention.

amandamay on

how is taking her daughter to an art class (i’ve been to “scribble” – the place where she took violet to art class and it’s just a regular place… not in a paprazzi-rich part of town at all) searching out the paps? or taking her daughter to ballet class? or to school? shouldn’t she be able to take her daughter to those places? i’m not getting how that is “loving the attention”?

Megan on

How adorable is this family…man alive so cute! Violet is becoming quite a little lady =) And when did it become a crime to take your child out of the house…I mean just because she and Ben happen to be famous doesn’t mean they have to sequester themselves and their kids in the house…they have young kids who like to DO THINGS…lets arrest them shall we…she doesn’t LOVE that attention, she LOVES her daughters…some will always find something to complain about. ADORE the Garner/Afflecks

amandamay on

emily – i agree we see this family daily, but i’m failing to see how that’s jennifer garner’s fault? she’s not like denise richards calling the paps to her house… she’s just taking her daughter to school, ballet and art class. i’d agree with you if she was constantly shopping on robertson (a known “get seen” street in LA) or always dragging her daughters to premieres or inviting paps to violet and sera’s birthday parties (like so many of the “celeb” moms featured on this site) but she does none of those things. i’m not even really a jennifer garner fan, but to say she courts the paparazzi is just untrue.

Mari on

The reason why the Garner/Affleck’s are seen every day. Is because most people like to see them. That is why paps follow them around.

Sometime a hater appears then. Spews some stuff about Jennifer being an attention seeker and the drama starts.

ecl on

Other celeb parents probably don’t even DO things with their children daily. And we see them a lot because people want to see them. Therefore, they are sought out by paps.

Jill on

I have no problems seeing their photos but don’t understand why they don’t put other families in……there was a photo of Nicole and Sunday in people this week. Michael douglas and carys. Just to name some. I am a huge fan of Jen, but variety would be nice

Gabby on

Because she likes walking with her daughter to places, not stuffing them in cars with tinted windows for transportation. As long as the paps don’t invade their space and get too close, I don’t see a problem with Garner not thinking it’s a huge deal. She’s actually much more easy-going about the matter than most celebs (not that I can blame them).

steph on

ugh and lauren: Because Jennifer Garner actually chooses if she gets photographed or not! She asked CBB not to post pictures of her children and they agreed for about one year I think. She and Ben DO NOT parade their children around. They do not take them to any red carpet event nor do they release pics of birthday parties etc. Taking your child to school is not seeking attention and the fact that you think this is so stupid its not funny.

Kat on

I’m not a Jennifer Garner fan at ALL, but i’ve never thought of her as seeking out the paps. She seems to be just living her life with her girls and gets photographed along the way. she doesn’t stop and smile and pose like some hollywood mothers do.

nella on

I think one of the reasons we don’t see lot of pics of the Jolie-Pitts kids are because they’re never in a one place for a long time and plus they always seem to have security guards around them. Where the Garner-Affleck family resides in California mainly. Jennifer seems like a normal mom who simply likes to take her kids to dance classes, art school, the market etc.. and she has every right to do that. I don’t think Jen and Ben like the paparazzi, in fact a while back they asked this site I believe to not post so many pics of them. When that happend people complained about not seeing the girls enough anymore. Anyways, I don’t think this is Jennifer trying to seek attention, I simply think the media likes them as a family and takes more pictures of them than lot of other celeb families.

Alice on

So they should make her change schools every other month, stop ballet and art or go really far away from where they live for those activities, is that what you’re saying? It’s ridiculous.

Once the paps know your habits they will be where you go. She doesn’t take her daughters to pap-filled areas, the paps are there because they know Jen & daughters often go there! She just doesn’t want to stop her kids from doing stuff just because the paps will be following them.

So yes, we do see them a lot, that’s because the public loves these girls. The paps know Violet pics will bring them money so they go out of their way to know all the places where they will find her. It has nothing to do with loving the attention. The Jolie-Pitt kids are travelling a lot they don’t have any kind of routine like this family. When they were in their Venice hotel, we saw them daily too!

Robyn on

There comes a time in your life when you have to ask yourself if it’s worth it. Yes they have a $20 million dollar house, however would you be ok with having the paps know where soccer practice, your girls nursery school are? I think that is why Matt Damon lives in NY because LA is too much all the time. I would not after having a stalker at my daughter’s school continue to put myself at risk like this. They could still have careers and not live in Los Angeles, it would scare me to constantly have people following my children and I.

Lauren on

they are always hamming it up for the paps. sarah michelle only see her once in a while…there are ways to avoid paps. and garner chooses to embrace them.

Erin on

ugh and Lauren are either misinformed or haters. That’s it. Move on girls, we get where you’re going.

ummmmmmm on

It is because she makes NO attempt to go to pap free places. There are lots of places in LA w/o paps. She could change up her routine a little & go to a pap free street b/c I don’t think photos of her kids sell for very much.

I mean there must be other places to buy fruit & vegetable than pap filled farmer’s markets where Jen goes. She knows paps are there yet goes anyway. Cold water canyon creek park is the IVY of playgrounds yet there she goes.

Luna on

She has every right to go out. Here’s my take on this. The paparazzi are going to photograph celebrities and their children, especially ones as adorable as Violet. If Jen as the mother freaks out, it will only scare the children and encourage them to freak. If Jen just acts natural and remains calm, it’s better for the kids and her. The paparazzi know she won’t freak, so they choose to follow her more than others. That’s just a guess, but it sounds reasonable to me. CUTE PIC!!!

fuzibuni on

“Coldwater canyon creek park is the IVY of playgrounds yet there she goes.”

LOL that is SO true. I think the paparazzi have fights vying for who gets the good perch at that park due to the number of celebs in attendance on any given day.

I think Jen could make some simple changes that would give her family more privacy, mainly doing her shopping outside of the Brentwood farmers mart, but I wouldn’t put her in the same category of famewhore as Gwen stefani or Tori Spelling because Jen did move to Boston for awhile, dresses inconspicuously, and doesn’t take her kids to public events.

I noticed a big increase in Jen Garner and Violet pictures after this website was purchased by People magazine and they did some polls asking readers which families they enjoyed seeing most, and which celeb mom they most related to. Jen Garner came out on top of all the results and with that she was doomed.

She and Ben did ask that the press avoid violet’s school… but perhaps she should make some other changes as well. I would miss the pics, because then we would just be left with only reality tv stars and other b-listers who are willing to pimp their kids out for fame… but then at least these children would have more normal lives.

I often wonder how it impacts their growth and perception of the world to be observed all the time. If I were a celebrity parent I would do everything within my mortal power to protect my children from paparazzi.

fuzibuni on

also, maybe it’s just me… but it would be nice to have a bit more variety in the families we see on this site. personally, I don’t need to see a pic of Jen and Violet every day. Once a month or even less would be fine with me.

There is a whole world out there with lots of interesting people in it. Showing a more balanced mix might help to prevent certain celebrities from being hounded all the time.

I don’t know… it just seems like specific people have become a major focus, and not only am I bored of it, but it’s unbalanced and unfair to these children to have that much focus placed on their lives growing up.

Mix it up People magazine.

amandamay on

she doesn’t go to coldwater canyon park – that’s not in the area where she lives – she lives in brentwood near santa monica. coldwater canyon park is in north beverly hills (in the canyon). when you see photos of jennifer garner at the park it’s one of the many santa monica parks, not coldwater canyon park (where you see heidi klum, milla jovovich etc all the time) – i’m not some weird stalker, i just live in LA and know these areas well. the santa monica farmer’s market (where you often see jennifer photographed) is NOT a pap filled market. i shop there most weekends and never see paps around. the “farmer’s market” at The Grove is much more pap-filled.

what streets does she walk with her kids that are “pap-filled”? she’s always in santa monica or brentwood. as someone else said, the paps follow HER wherever she goes. no offense, but sarah michelle gellar is hardly an a-list star. of course the paps don’t follow her around.

CelebBabyLover on

fuzibuni- Exactly! Jen and Ben have actually asked the paps to not photograph them at Violet’s school (although I don’t know how well the paps are listening) and media sites not to post those types of pictures (PEOPLE is one such site has not only been asked that….but is respecting that as well. Awhile back, someone asked why they were suddenly posting photos of the Affleck girls again, and when PEOPLE explained it, one of the things they said is that they still don’t, and won’t, post pictures of them at Violet’s school).

If they were “courting” the paps, I highly doubt they would have done that!

Now, as far as the Jolie-Pitts are concerned…..When they are in LA, they are actually usually there for at least a few months, if not several. My theory as to why we don’t see a lot of pictures of them when they are in LA is this: When it comes to the paps, LA is naturally one of the “hotspots”. The Jolie-Pitts are perhaps the most sought-after celeb family by the paps and the media. So I think that, unfourtnately, they have actually had to limit their outings in LA because the paps are so bad there.

Jen and Ben, on the other hand, aren’t nearly as followed by the paps as the J-Ps, so they can go out more without having to worry about a mob scene (really, you ought to take a look at some of the pap videos of the J-Ps out there. “Mob scene” really is the only word to describe the situation in some of those…..and those videos were all in locations other than LA!).

Also, unlike Violet, the J-Ps don’t go to a public school. The school they attend in LA is, if I’m remembering correctly, sort of “off the beaten track”. That is, it’s an area that’s at least somewhat secluded, and hard for the paps to get to.

Another thing is that the J-Ps live in a gated community in LA (I assure you, I’m not some sort of creepy stalker! The J-Ps are just one of my favorite celeb families, so I read A LOT about them! :)). Odds are that gated community includes a park (I imagine most in LA, especially the more affluent ones that celebs live in, do), they don’t need to go to a public park.

So those are just some of my theories as to why the J-Ps don’t get photographed much in LA. 🙂

Molly on

Lauren, why do you hate their family so much. Don’t like it, stop coming on this blog and whining about it.

Anyway, adorable picture and really we don’t see many pictures of them. Just some anti-Jennifer Garners fans over reacting again

Shannon on

Violet is adorable and is always smiling. However Jennifer isn’t the most famous celeb yet the paps basically stalk her. Why is that?

Alice on

Shannon, it’s the kids’ pics they want. I bet they’re selling about as much as (if not more than) the “Jen only” pics.

MiB on

I think this shows that you can’t really win in this situation. The Jolie-Pitt posts have a lot of posts about how horrible it is that they don’t have routine and don’t get to do “normal” things, Suri Cruise posts have (amongst others) a lot of complaints that she doesn’t have any routine and that she isn’t socializing enough with kids her age, now people complain that Jennifer Garner has a routine for her children that make her easy to follow even though she lives and moves in an area which isn’t paparazzi infested (per amandamay).

To be honest, if anybody would have followed me when I was working as a nanny, they could easily have; it was Monday and Wednesday playgroup, Tuesday and Thursday play date in the park, Friday at the library, regular trips to the market, the super market and the park, occasional visits to the zoo, the pool, museums or other places. Jennifer Garner is just doing the same thing with her children, the only difference is that she is followed by paparazzo.

I have told about my experience as a nanny for an actress who was filming on location, where we did a lot to avoid the pap’s, and let me tell you, until we found some places where we could go regularly and relatively unnoticed (i.e. where no one else was interested in having pap’s around), the toddler was very upset with the arrangement. He would rather have gone to the same park every single afternoon, because he liked the routine, and because he made friends there, going to different parks every day, or at different times of the day just wasn’t his cup of tea, and you shouldn’t force a little child into that kind of existence!

Sarah M. on

Perfectly said, MiB! Also, why should Jen have to go out of her way (drive farther to the farmer’s market, dance class, school, art class, to shop, etc.) just to avoid the paps. She takes Violet to the activities in HER area, goes food shopping places in HER area. She shouldn’t have to go further JUST to avoid the paps! She’s not courting the paps (as others have said, Jen and Ben have both expressed great dislike for the paps and wish that they’d leave them alone), they are living their lives in the area in which they live. There’s a BIG difference!