Neil Patrick Harris Welcomes Twins Gideon Scott and Harper Grace

10/15/2010 at 04:15 PM ET
Stefanie Keenan/WireImage

It’s a boy and a girl!

Neil Patrick Harris and partner David Burtka are officially fathers. The actors welcomed twins — a son, Gideon Scott, and a daughter, Harper Grace — on Tuesday, Oct. 12, the How I Met Your Mother star announced on Twitter Friday.

“All of us are happy, healthy, tired, and a little pukey,” he wrote.

Harris, 37, announced that he and Burtka, 35, were becoming parents in August. “We’re super excited/nervous/thrilled. Hoping the press can respect our privacy,” he wrote on Twitter at the time.

According to reports, the babies were born with the help of a surrogate.

At the Emmy Awards that month, Harris said he was getting excited about his new role — and doing research. “I’m trying to read as much as I can, and prep as much as I can,” he said at the time. “But there’s only so much you can do because each baby is super individual and totally their own person.”

— Brian Orloff

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Eva on

Congrats! 🙂

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to Neil and David! I’m so happy for them! I actually can’t stop squealing!

And I love the names.

Crystal on

Harper is becoming quite the popular Hollywood name! CONGRATULATIONS! I don’t remember the announcement that they were expecting but this is such a blessing. I can’t wait to see them! 🙂

Beaky on

I have been waiting to hear this news! So happy for them, they’re going to be amazing parents. 🙂

Brooke on

So awesome! I am so incoredibly happy for them……Great names for twinkies too!

Kristen on

Neil Patrick Harris has been one of my favorites for a long, long time so I am so happy for both him and David! I can’t wait to see pictures of the family if they choose to share. Congratulations!

Kat on

A new family is born…CONGRATULATIONS! You will make wonderful fathers, advice to all new parents: sleep when you can and take advantage of the help of others if needed. Congrats again.

Lacey on

Congratulations!!!! Love the names. I had Gideon on my list.

Laura on

Yay! I love it when my favorite celebrities have babies around the same time as me, especially when they’re my age. It makes me feel less weird. They are going to be amazing parents. You can tell. I’m so happy for them!

Ella on

What happy news! Congratulations! 🙂

Zoey on

Aww i love him on how i met your mother. Congratulations!! Awesome Names! so Cute! and one of each so cool!!

Brooklyn on

Love the name Harper Grace, not so much Gideon…Anyways, congrats to them.

janine on

so happy! love the names too!

Jen Baker on

Congrats to the lucky new dads! Can’t wait to see the pics!

Mickie on

YAY! so happy for them! (and what sweet names)

Masha on

Ugh another Harper! It’s getting far too popular, now when I have my daughter everyone will think I’m just coping the trend 😦

Congrats though…

Alice on

YAY! So happy for NPH and David, congratulations!!! Wonder which last name they’ll have?

Meg on

@Masha, ain’t that the truth. I’m not planning on naming my kid “Harper,” but I have been planning on using a name that another celebrity recently named her daughter. Every time a new celeb baby is born I’m like, “Please don’t name it X or Y. Please not X or Y. Just two more months.”

lelee on

Congrats to Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka! Sweet names, too… I wonder what kind of last name they will get? Burtka Harris / Harris Burtka oder only Burtka or Harris?! I’m just wondering though…

Minami86 on

I love the names personally! Harper & Grace are classic & I love Gideon because I watch Criminal Minds! haha! And Scott is just cute!

I’m glad they’re healthy & that they got one of each! They can experience the joys of parenting a boy & a girl. I know they’re a private couple but hopefully they will show a pic sometime in the future!

Sarah S. on

Not a fan of the name Harper at all, would have liked Grace better as a first name. Anyway, congrats to the couple–that’s wonderful news!! 🙂

Erica on

Is it true that David already had a set of twins from a previous relationship?

selene on

I cant believe how happy I am for these two, I have the biggest smile on my face. I cant imagine how happy they are right now.

I love the names, Harper is such a beautiful name. I am certain she will live up to it.

Gideon has grown on me lately, such a strong name thats not heard too often.

B.J. on

Erica – I just heard the same! Anyone know??

Congrats to NPH and his partner!!!

Jess from Ohio on

I am thrilled for them and I love both names.

Erika on

Congratulations to them! A boy and girl is so perfect, they will get to experience both. And I love the name Harper, don’t like Gideon much but it’s not terrible. Hopefully both babies are healthy and will be coming home to their parents soon.

Bree on

So happy for them both!! They are going to make such amazing parents!!
Not a huge fan of the names but don’t hate them either. Can’t wait to see pictures!!

Sarah on

My daughter’s name is Harper Grace!

Amber on

Congratulations to them! I really like the names they picked out as well.

Erika on

Apparently David has another set of B/G twins, Javin (B) and Flynn (G) who are about 10. They live with their other father. That’s what I heard anyway and then I looked it up. Not sure if it’s true or not, but if it is, thats pretty cool! Especially since both sets are boy/girl.

JMO on

So happy for a healthy boy and girl.

But wow Harper is like the new Lola of this generation!! Becoming overly popular among celebrities!!

Congrats to the happy couple!

JM on

aw congrats to them. they will be so happy together.

have to say though, really don’t like the names. why do people like the name Harper? sounds like she’s harping on about something 🙂

plus i tihnk it’s the new Ava, will be reeeeaaally trendy for 3 years then everyone will groan when they hear it. just my opinion though and i know they don’t care, and why should they? totally up to them. but this is a blog for opinions….

Sara on

Congratulations! So happy for them. 🙂

Luna on

OMG I AM SO HAPPY FOR THEM!!!!!! I love the name Harper Grace, not huge on Gideon but it’s growing on me. I’m really curious as to the last name. I like Burtka-Harris better (my own strange, meaningless opinion). Anyway, I’m thrilled they were able to have two healthy babies who will undoubtedly grow up in a loving household. Congrats Neil and David on babies Gideon and Harper!

Charity on

Congratulations Neil & David! I love the names. They are unique but not Hollywood weird.

I’m pretty sure Neil has mentioned David’s twins before…likely either on a commentary for How I Met Your Mother or in an interview with Kristin Dos Santos (E!’s “Watch With Kristin”).

Luna on

Just saw the Tweet announcing the birth and they NPH referred to it as the ‘Burtka-Harris fold” so I think it’s Burtka-Harris.

Marla on

Congrats to them!!

I actually love the name Gideon. Harper is beautiful too, although popular. Can’t wait to see pics.

D on

Congrats to them both. But, I don’t agree or condone their lifestyle!

A. on

Congrats to them!!

haha…I was going to name my future daughter Harper Grace (I put it in one of those online name savers about 2 years ago and about 3 moths ago looked it up to see what I had chosen then). I can’t believe how popular it’s become since!

kara on


meghan on

OK Kara, what’s weird? Committed, long-term relationships? Names that aren’t inanimate objects or countries? Hiding behind the anonimity of your computer keyboard to spew hatred and bigotry? Can you elaborate?

Ashleigh on

I am proud to have Grace as a middle name. The name has been in several generations of STRONG women in my family. I love being named after my grandmother and we had a very special bond because of it. While it is a common name (and yes, you are entitled to your opinion), it’s nice to see celebs going with a more traditional name at times. Better than Apple right?

Hannah on

David does “have” other children. Its not a secret. Neil mentioned them in several interviews. ( From what I understand David started dating a guy while the guy was already in the process of having kids. They are not technically David’s kids. I suppose its like dating a woman who is already pregnant. You build a strong bond with the children, but they are not technically your kids.

Michelle on

YAY!!!! NPH (hometown boy) and David are adorable and I bet their kids are too. Cant wait to see. LOVE the names. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

D- No one’s asking you to. 🙂

Anyway, congrats to them! 🙂

lauren on

No, David hasn’t already have twins. He helped raise his former partner Lane kids. Neil Patrick Harris has said multiple times they see them all the time but they’re not David’s kids per se.

nella on

Congrats! So happy for them, I’m so glad they had twins, double the joy! Plus they get to experience raising both genders, so that’s great. I like the names, plus it’s their children so their choice. Harper is a pretty name, it’s becoming popular among celebrities, but it won’t be too popular like Emma, Ava, Grace etc… those just seem to be the classics that will be around for a long time and nothing wrong with that.

Hea on

Wonderful news! Yaay!

Luna on

Go Meghan!

lynsey on

congrat’s to them both, it’s fantastic!!! but wow another harper, it’s so common now

aurora mia on

I am so in love with both of those names. I was thinking of Harper Grace if we had a girl. We had a boy. I feel like I need a little stamper that says, “Approved”. Congratulations to the happy family!

tink1217 on

Congrats to them!!!! I love Neil! I also love the names they chose!!!!

lee isenberg on

Odd…All the comments left were from females…Don’t any guys care about the twin babes?

Kristin on

Congrats! That’s awesome. I love the name Gideon. After all I am a huge Criminal Minds fan. I even named my dog that. As for Harper… celebs are going crazy over this name. All I can think of is Charlie Harper, Charlie Sheen’s character on Two And A Half Men. Cute though.

Romy on

cute names, even though I really don’t like Gideon and only somewhat like Harper! They sound cute and normal enough together though. What is their last name? do they use both?

Shannon on

Cute names! I actually laughed when the article said “According to reports, the babies were born with the help of a surrogate.” No kidding, unless one of these guys sprouted a uterus recently!

FC on

I’m so happy for Neil and David on their twin son and daughter. The names are cute. I like that they chose Gideon for the boy. Haven’t seen it used very much, and I think it’s a cool name. 🙂

Bancie1031 on

CONGRATULATIONS to Neil and David!!! I love the names Gideon Scott and Harper Grace, and I can’t wait to meet them!

jenny on

Popular names are popular for a reason! While I understand that it’s nice to see some variety (I’m a Jennifer, after all), there are only sooo many names to go around for the thousands of babies born every day. Dig out those old high school US History textbooks when we were all John, George, David, Mary, Elizabeth… Power to the parents to find the name that is perfect to them!

Brenda G on

I can’t imagine how happy David and Neil are! What a blessing to have a boy and a girl! I know they will be wonderful parents. This is the time for celebration and lots of love. Congratulations.

Lizz on

Congrats! I love NPH!!

And Harper is our girl name! I have loved it for years

Lauren on

This is GREAT NEWS! I am so excited for the new fathers! 😀

Rosie on

Congrats! I love the middle names!

Jessie H on

I LOVE the names! Congrats!! Enjoy every minute!!

Elle on

Hey Meghan…simmer down!

Congrats on healthy babies!

a on

congrats ! I only wish NPH wasn’t gay cause he is soooo cute : ) but i wish him and his partner the best of luck, and I really like the names they chose !

CelebBabyLover on

Hannah- “You build a strong bond with the children, but they are not technically your kids.” I have a feeling Seal would strongly disagree with you! As we all know, Heidi was pregnant with Leni when he met her. She may have not been Seal’s bioloically, but Seal has treated that little girl like his own from day one….and, of course, has now adopted her. 🙂

So it’s not always true that children your partner is already “working on” when you meet, aren’t really yours. 🙂

Angela on


People are entitled to their opinion, whether you agree with it or not. Myself and a whole lot of other people feel the same way that Kara does. Yes there are gay people in the world who adopt children, and not everyone thinks it’s wonderful and natural. This is an open comment board, and you may just encounter an opinion you don’t agree with. So what?! That’s the way it is in the real world. Your snide remarks were uncalled for and immature. The majority of the comments on this board were positive toward the situation, and although I don’t agree with them, it’s their right to feel that way about it.

tomfool on

Harper Grace is such a pretty girl’s name. They did good. ^-^ I’m warming to Gideon. It sounds like the name of a magician, which NPH is all about. 😛 I’m so happy for their new family! There’s gonna be so much love… ❤

yay for Barney/Scooter! ^^

tomfool on

and David helped -raise- twins from a previous relationship. They aren’t his. NPH addressed it in an interview right after he announced they were expecting. They’re still an important part of their lives. :):):)

meredith on

wonderful! congrats to the happy parents!

i love how i met your mother AND i’ve got a boy/girl twin set with the girl named harper grace 🙂 why couldn’t they name the boy lucas? 😀 jk

gdfg on

“The name has been in several generations of STRONG women in my family.”

So Ashleigh, it’s a family name in your family. Whether or not the women in your family are strong or weak is pretty irrelevant to the point you are trying to make. Why didn’t you just say “The name has been in several generations of women in my family”?

Molly on

Angela, Bigots don’t deserve respect. If you have a problem with gay parents you are a bigot and you will get negative responses back. If you can’t handle that then don’t make an ignorant homophobic remark.

Sophia on

Congrats to Neil and David! Very cute names those babies have; I like it that they didn’t team Harper with something else too “trendy”. Gideon is very underrated I think. What lovely news!

Amanda on

Grrreeeeaaaat. The dissemination of the family continues. Stories like these just make me sad. Two innocent babies will grow up without a mother and everyone thinks it’s normal. Sigh…

Hea on

Amanda – Kids need parents, first and foremost. The gender of said parents is really not that important as you seem to think.

Aubrey on

Amanda – do you have any idea how many children are raised by only one parent? Either mother or father? Or how many children are mistreated by parents who don’t want them? These precious babies are going to be raised by loving parents and that’s all that matters. How about focusing on the kids and what they need instead of on the sex of their parents.

Congrats to NPH and David! As a mom of twins, I feel obligated to warn them that they will most likely have no memory of the next 12 months as it will be just a sleepless blur. But worth every weary moment!

BTW, I love the names! So much better than some other wacky celebrity picks. LOL!

stu on

they make such a cute couple!

meghan on

Angela, What is immature and uncalled for is writing ‘so weird’ and ducking for cover. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but Kara needs to grow a big girl spine and voice her opinion like an adult and not come across little girl who is finding out what ‘gay’ is for the first time ever in her life. I am sorry for being confrontational, but I am sick to death of people passing judgement on gays like it impacts their life in any way. What Neil Patrick Harris and David Burkta do with their lives has NOTHING to do with the quality of YOUR life. So let them live their lives!

Gabriella on

Amanda, the concept of family is not simply black or white. To think so is quite ignorant and I feel incredibly sorry for you that you do not know better.

There is no requirement that states a child must have a mother in order to grow into a happy and prosperous adult. Being female is not an advantage in raising children. These twins are going to have two parents who love and care for them above all. Please save your saddness for children who are abused and neglected. Your focus would welcome in such an outlet.

Oh, and also, the stereotype of “family” was blown apart long before gay couples were ever allowed to parent children.

Rye on

Congratulations to the couple! Very exciting to have both a boy and a girl! 🙂 Love the name choices too! 🙂

To all the people leaving snide comments about gay parents raising these kids….you have no idea what it is like to be in their situation and you need to understand that love is what it is. Do you think gay people WANT to be gay? I hate it that people seem to think that gay people are “choosing” the lifestyle. There is NO choice in being gay. The choice is whether or not to live a LIE.

I have met and known TWO different families that were destroyed by a man and a woman living a lifestyle that they weren’t being true to and because of fear of being hated or hurt or outcast by society…they did the societal norm and had families and couldn’t handle it as they aged and came out of the closet. These families were destroyed. Shattered. Not because the parent was being selfish but because the parent was being untrue to themselves their entire life and afraid of what could possibly happen to them from closed-minded, bigoted, hateful people who have brains the size of peas and whose hearts are about as Christian as the Devil.

You know there was a time when women had no rights? Do you know there was a time when Americans owned and condoned slavery? A time when African Americans and White people couldn’t marry each other? Do you think these things were good for the country? If so, you have no hope in your closed minded, blackened heart. Let people LOVE who they want to love. Love is love. These kids are going to grow up with parents that find them beautiful and accept them for who they are. That is what is important. All a child needs in life is someone who loves and supports them.

As for those people upset that there is a lack of a female in the lives of the kids that will hinder them….are you serious? Have you ever MET a gay couple???? Those kids are going to be surrounded by women who love and adore them and there will NEVER be a lack of femininity around them.

God, some people are just idiots. I can’t stand people who HATE. And YES, that is EXACTLY what you are doing when you are saying, “I don’t condone this type of lifestyle.” You are judging and hating. You are being prejudiced.

It’s friggin 2010….grow a pair and start being tolerant of others. Look at all these suicides and all of the mass bullying that is going around in schools. It’s because of parents LIKE YOU who teach your kids that anything “different” is a target punching bag. YOU are the ones that aren’t normal. You are the ones that need to learn what love really means.

Erika on

Children should grow up in a home with a mother and a father. And this is true for ALL cases except for one’s involving gay parents. This is why there aren’t any divorces or deaths of spouses in this world. Ever. If Gay people didn’t get married and adopt children, EVERY child would live in a household with a mother and a father.

Of course that was sarcasm. I mean about half of all couples who get married divorce anyway and a very small percentage of women who get pregnant out of wedlock stay with the child’s father. I’m not saying it’s a good thing. But it happens and the reality is, not EVERY child will grow up with one mother and one father. I would much rather see a loving and stable same sex couple raise a child than a 16 year old single mother who has no life experience and no job. I definately believe that children need male and female role models, but I’m sure that gay men will be sure to have women and gay women will include men in their children’s lives. I’m not even debating gay marriage, because my opinions on that are irrelevent. This is about a loving couple raising children.

Molly on

I agree Rye and Erika. Then again we still have people against interracial relationships and bi-racial children. I worry at times that we are going backwards and not forwards.

Terri on

I guess Harper is one of the new baby naming trends! Gideon sounds very librarian to me. That’s what keeps coming to mind with that names. But it’s different.

MiB on

Congratulations to Neil and David. I can tell from my own experience, having friends who are gay with children or have been raised by gay parents, tell you that children with gay parents fare very well, most have been happy, well rounded and successful, and most of all, very much wanted and loved. The only ones who have been faring ill are the ones who’s parents either came out when the children were in their teens or whose partners took very badly too it (I know one whose mother badmouthed the father and prevented the children from seeing him after he came out, but I think all children would fare ill from that). Point is, your children will be doing beautifully!

mdmor on

I’m so happy for them! I would also LOVE to read that Baby Blog. NPH is so funny, I think that would be a great addition

Michelle on

I was adopted at age 7 by my two fathers. Before that, I’d lived in 5 foster homes.

It makes me very, very sad to hear people say that gay people shouldn’t be allowed to adopt. What I wanted, at age 7, was a HOME. A permanent home, where I could unpack and know that I’d never have to leave. I didn’t care if it was one mom, or one dad or a mom and a dad or two dads or two moms. I just wanted someone to say “yes, we (I) love you and want you to be our (my) daughter and we’ll take care of you and help you grow up.”

I suppose some of you think I should have remained in foster care until I aged out, waiting for a “perfect” family, never living in one house for more than a year, never having any stability or permanence in my life? Newsflash: not many older kids are adopted by those perfect families that consist of a mom and a dad and a picket fence.

I have the BEST parents in the world. You will never understand the change they made in my life, and you will also never understand the pain I feel when people suggest that they had no right to be my Dads.

I didn’t miss out on ANYTHING by not having a mom and to suggest otherwise is a disservice to the wonderful job my Dads did raising me. I had many aunts and two grandmoms I could have turned to if I needed “feminine” advice, but you know what? I never did. Because I had two fathers who were honest and caring and never made me feel like they were embarrassed or uncomfortable with my questions or needs.

I know it’s been said before, but people don’t seem to understand it: gay people are just like the rest of “you”. Many of them want to meet a nice person, fall in love, get married, make a home and have a family. Those experiences shouldn’t be exclusive to straight people.

Congratulations to NPH and his partner. And an even bigger congratulations to Gideon and Harper, for being born into a loving family.

DJB on

@ Michelle Thanks for sharing such a great story about your life!!

miameows on

Michelle, you made me tear up a little, thank you so much for sharing your story!! *hugs*

ll65 on

OH Yay! Congrats to NPH & David, they’ll be great dads.

marge on

that is so cool………..good luck and enjoy.

Chloe. on

Rye – all I have to say to you is that you’re amazing!
if I could, I’d give you a massive hug =)

My friend recently annouced that he was gay.
I was so happy for him. The fact he was brave enough to come out and say it, rather than living a lie.

He, like a lot of other men, wants to be a father. I just know that if he ever has children, they are going to be endlessly loved and treated like little princesses/princes.

Everyone has the right to be happy.

I can’t wait for the day that gay men and women can marry and have children without recieving all the bullshit they have to live through each and everyday.

Peace and love to all

Chloe xoxox

Hea on

I wonder what some of you think of the cultures where only women raise the kids and the men are nearly completely absent? Where your grandma, aunt and cousin have the same importance and role as your birth mother and so on?

Krissy on

@ Michelle thank you so much for sharing that story. People need to know, that no matter what your living situation (mom/dad, dad/dad, mom/mom, just mom, or just dad) we all face issues. As long as the parenting unit loves you and supports you than color and/or gender should not matter…

Congrats to the new dad’s, may your journey be filled with love and happiness….

emily on

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE NEW FATHERS!!! they will be great parents!
seriously people it is an open post but if you don’t agree in their same sex relationship you don’t have to leave a comment. this is mainly for their fans to say congrats and best of luck. not for rude ignorant people to say that their relationship is wrong, or that they shouldn’t have kids because their gay, or that kids should be raised by a mother and a father. the twins aren’t your kids so it’s not your choice how or by who they are raised.

Molly on

Michelle, your dads sound like great men. Lucky woman 🙂

Shiya on

Congrats to NPH and David! Gideon is an adorable name!

For all of the people saying that gay marriage is wrong, in the states that they have allowed gay marriage, it shows a drastic difference in the divorce rates. Half of the straight marriages end in divorce, on the contrary, there have been very FEW gay marriages ending in divorce.

Also, kids raised by gay couples are more open, and accepting, which the world could really use because of imbeciles like you who think it is “unnatural” to have a family that doesn’t consist of a man and a woman. Again, what about single women and men? There have been a number of children from single parents who have become imensely successful, our President comes to mind. If gay relationships are so “unnatural” and condoned by your God, then why would your God put homosexuals on this earth to begin with? Really makes you think. For the record, i’m 16 and have way more acceptance for others and love for anyone, regardless of gender, race, or sexuality than you do.

E on

Rye – fantastic post
Michelle – your story is wonderful. I’m so glad that you found happiness with what sounds like 2 amazing parents

shannon on

Is it wrong that I’m kind of bummed that they used Gideon, haha. That is what we named our 9 month old, and we liked that it wasn’t a common name. It’s such a wonderful strong name, I just hope that it doesn’t become as common as Harper is becoming. Never thought that our son could possibly be Gideon #4 in the classroom 0.o.

Dave on

I think this magazine should do a story on Michelle :o)

Myranda on

I am so happy for Neil and David! Thank you Michelle for your beautiful post. I teared up while reading it and it really touched me.

suzie on

I have mixed feelings..of course it’s a happy occasion to adopt twins…but isn’t this david’s second set? Must be nice to be rich enough to adopt two sets of twins in one lifetime. Hopefully David is committed enough to this relationship to raise them in a stable family past the age of ten. (i have no idea how long his other relationship lasted) My family has gone through different adoption avenues and has had to wait years and years to get one baby…here’s a rich guy that gets two, leaves the first relationship..then gets two more…must be NICE. I’ll never get used to the hollywood rich and famous lifestyle.

Kim on

Congrats to both of them on the birth of their babies 😀 I don’t mind the name Harper but wouldnt necessarily name my daughter that, not a fan of the name Gideon, havent liked it for a long time cant recall why?? lol As for the common middle name ‘Grace’ I would have loved to have called my daughter Maddison, Maddison Grace, but she got my middle name of Anne which is very common too, yes but her brothers middle name is the same as his father’s so had to keep the trend up. Grace is such a beautiful, peaceful, pretty name why complain? Now the 80s trend of using ‘Lee’ and ‘Maree’ in every girls middle name is one I wasnt a fan of but Grace stands the test of time. Just wondering who is the biological father of the twins? Or do they have one each ?

Tee on

A daughter and a son! They must be over the moon with happiness. I love the names that they have chosen.

I, too, don’t condone their lifestyle but that is simply my belief. It’s not something I force on others but it’s also not something I hide. No matter my feeling about their lifestyle, I’m so glad that they have the family they want!

Chris on


CelebBabyLover on

suzie- As other posters have said, David’s “other” twins are actually his former partner’s. That former partner was in the process of having children when David met him. So David naturally helped raise those kids, and he’s still involved with them to an extent, but they are not techincally his, nor was he involved in the process of obtaining them (I say that because we don’t know what method his former partner used. He may have adopted them…or he may have used a surrogate).

Also, David and Neil didn’t adopt Gideon and Harper. It says right in the post that they used a surrogate. Most likely, the twins are the biological children of at least one of the men (and possible one is one man’s biological child, and the other one is the other man’s biological child).

Lia on

For experience watch the movie “Three men and a little baby” and then call your mom if you have to.

Holly on

aaaaaaaaaaah! they had the babies!! im sooo happy for him. words can’t even explain. I wish all the luck to neil, david, harper grace, and gideon scott! They’re verrrrry lucky children 🙂 ❤

Rina on

So much ignorance and intolerance from people leaving comments, it’s really heart breaking 😦

Just because they don’t have a mother doesn’t mean they won’t have female role models in their lives. Also yeah people don’t choose to have feelings for others of the same sex. I have a feeling most of the gay lesbian transgender people if they could, would want to choose a lifestyle away from all the hatred and scrutiny. For all I know some of you hopped on the “let’s hate gays” bandwagon because it seems like everyone and their brother is doing it. God forbid you have a different opinion than everyone else!! How would you feel if it was “weird” and “not normal” to be straight and hetero and you and your partner of a different sex wanted to raise children? Living with being ostracized everyday because of something you want to do like the rest of society?? Not very good right?

Shame on all of you.

I wish these two and every other same sex couple who want to have or are raising children the best and lots of love!!

Demetria on

Congrats to them! But……the names suck jmo!

Doogie on

KIDS deserve a MOTHER too! Wow, how selfish. Feel sorry for the twins who will never know what it’s like to have a mom, but only 2 gay dads. Enjoy your future family counseling sessions!