Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz Welcome Son Egypt Daoud

10/15/2010 at 06:15 PM ET
Stephen Lovekin/Getty

These days, Alicia Keys is in a motherhood state of mind.

The singer and her husband, Kaseem ‘Swizz Beatz’ Dean, “joyfully welcomed their first child, a son Egypt Daoud Dean on Thursday, Oct. 14 in New York City,” the couple’s rep confirms in a statement to PEOPLE.

This is the couple’s first child together, though Egypt “is welcomed by Beatz’s three other children,” the statement adds.

Keys, 29, and Beatz, 32, are also newlyweds. The singer and the rapper-producer got married in a private ceremony overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in July. At the time, the two didn’t know the gender of their child, but Swizz Beatz said they were excited to start a family together.

“Whatever we’re blessed with, that baby is being born to blessed parents,” he told PEOPLE at the time. “Alicia is definitely one of those great parents-to-be. She’s super ready. Super glowing. Super happy.”

On Thursday night, he seemed to be in a reflective mood, Tweeting, “I’m so thankful for everything I been blessed with in my life.”

— Carlos Greer


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Erika on

Terrible name. Egypt? Seriously? Well hopefully this child will grow up in a loving environment with two parents who stick together.

I’m sorry but I have no respect for a man who cheated on his wife with whom he has 3 kids. I just hope that for this baby’s sake, he doesn’t do the same to Alicia.

Cheyane on

Congrats 2 them!!! Alicia will an awesome mother!! I’m not familiar w/ Swizz Beatz but he looks really happy…best of luck 2 them!!

Brooke on

Second Egypt by a celebrity…American Idol contestant, Paris Bennett has a little girl named Egypt too…..

It works for them….

Crystal on

This was not a name I was expecting. CONGRATULATIONS! So happy for them. I’ll bet he is a cutie!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

nelly on

aww congrats to alicia and swizz on this new bundle of joy ….and i love the name Egypt its beautiful and has lots history behind it….its the name of a country people whats so bad about that …sheessh u people

Callie on

Aww congrats too them.. I’m sure he’s beautiful. I love the name especially knowing about Alicia’s love for Egypt. She went there a few years ago after almost having a break down… Anyway Alicia is going to be a great mom and I’m so happy for her.

Amber on

Yes, it’s the name of a country, not a name of a person. Enough said.

Shaunie on

@ Erika, Swiss and his previous wife do not have 3 kids together. His 3 previous children all have different mothers.

He did cheat on his previous wife though…with at least 2 different women. With Alicia and with another woman with whom he just recently admitted he had a two year old daughter with.

Yes Erika, that situation played out way worse than what you thought it was! LOL

mandii on

Egypt?! Really? Ugh!

Lacey on

I usually like city/country names, but I don’t like Egypt. Congratulations!

Jennifer on

I’m thinking it might be something to do with his heritage? He looks kind of Egyptian. It’s no worse than Milan, Paris, London or Brooklyn.

Hannah on

Great name! I believe Swizz is arab in some way. Daoud is arabic for David.

Brittany on

First off Congrats on a healthy baby boy, Egypt is a wonderful name. And those that want to rude comments need not say anything at all!!! And as far as judging people for their mistakes I DO BELIEVE THE BIBLE SAYS “LET THE ONE WITHOUT SIN,CAST THE FIRST STONE”

Erika on

lol thanks for clearing that up Shaunie! I knew he cheated and I knew he had 3 other kids so I just assumed they were all with one woman. Guess he’s even worse than I thought! I wonder why more women continue to be with him…is he really *that* great?

Molly on

Congrats to the family. I had a feeling she would have a boy. I’m surprised at the reactions to the name. I have run across a few Egypts. It’s not that unusual of a name

JMO on

wow the dude sounds like a winner!

Egypt, terrible name. But her baby. Not mine.

Brooke on

Congrats to them!! ๐Ÿ™‚

jordan on

wooohoooo she finally had the baby. I had a feeling it was a boy

Marilyn on

Egypt sounds like it would be more like a girl’s name than a boy’s, but I don’t like it as a first name for either, personally. My friend’s maiden name is Daoud and she’s Arabic. Congrats to Alicia (I was thinking she was due in November).

Shannon on

Wasn’t expecting that.

Karla on

Congrats to the happy couple! May not be a name of choice for many of us (myself included) but like with anything it’ll be a name you get used to hearing. I can’t wait to see photos : )

Lola on


meghan on

People who quote the bible make me laugh.

KatharinesMum on

Congrats to the couple! Egpyt is an interesting name. It’s my niece’s middle name and she’s 17.

Ellea on

I don’t mind the middle name. The first name is just silly. For the most part when people name their kids after countries it just sounds juvenile.

Cecilia on

Egypt? I guess I could see where they were going with that but it doesn’t sound right. Celebrities are interesting, naming their children these outlandish names and actually thinking they sound good. I would love to meet the person that actually told them Egypt was a good name (they were probably lying!) I agree with emily whatever happened to good old fashioned names? I guess eccentricity wins in Hollywood yet again!

kate on

wow i’m happy for the couple. And just too bad for you haters lol you really make fools out of yourselves hahaha i’m sure AK and her husband dont give a damn about you.

CelebBabyLover on

Congrats to them! I don’t see what’s so terrible about the name Egypt. Yes, it’s the name of a country….but so is America (well, okay, techincally America is PART of the name of a country: The United States of America, but you get my point!), and you don’t see anyone complaining when that’s used as a name (for example, when Rachel Griffiths was pregnant with Clementine, she mentioned that she was considering America for the baby’s name….and nobody batted an eye!).

Israel is also the name of a country…..but I’ve heard of more than a few men with that name. ๐Ÿ™‚ That aside, I’ll bet Egypt is a cutie!

tobeornottobe on

meghan on October 15th, 2010: People who post ignorant comments make me laugh. You made me roll on the floor with laughter!!!

martina on

The father sounds like a real gem. Good luck, Alicia. As far as the name goes – I would never name my child Egypt, but it may hold a special meaning to the parents.

Hea on

We Swedes rarely name our kids after countries or cities so to me, that phenomena is quite weird. Daoud is a nice arabic name, though.

lynsey on

what’s wrong with the name??? i hate names that a billion other people have, hence why my daughter has a different name…. and no one said anything about other country names esp “paris” so lay off and congrats to them i say!!!!

okijfemroi on

This is ridiculously over the top ! Poor kid.

J.E. on

God Forbid, a parent names THEIR OWN CHILD a name they CHOSE! Maybe the name had a special meaning for them. Maybe they just liked it, maybe they were just trying to be different. Whatever the reason, Egypt is Alicia & Kasseem’s son! And at the end of the day, people get divorced left and right so get over yourselves ladies. What’s behind closed doors is only fully known by those on the other side…

Ruby on

Hahahah we are bashing people once again? Go be positive for ONCE please. Alicia keys is great and what does it matter what she names her son? And Emily names like ”ryan” ohno. Typical American names. I do not like Ryan at all but do as you please.

& I bet lil man is gorgeous.

Anna on

Egypt is not a nice name and there is no good flow with his other names either. On top of that he has a cheater for a father. I hope he won’t cheat again and they can be a family.

aurora mia on

well….I like Daoud.

Paris on

Egypt sounds to feminine to me, it would be okay for a girl, not a boy.

Daisy! on

Egypt isn’t that odd a name. People just don’t like her husband so are quick to criticise. Alabama, Dakota, Paris, London, America, Ireland…the list of country/place themed names goes on but people don’t go on so much.

Congratulations to them and welcome little Egypt.

allison on

I don’t think Egypt is a strange name, diffrent but not off the wall. Alicia has talked about travling to Egypt a few years ago when she was on the verge of an emotional and physical a breakdown. So Egypt is a special place for her.

Romy on

Egypt, don’t like it all, but I am guessing it will fit right in with their environment and group of people. I mean his dad goes by Swizz. At least Egypt is spelled correctly, and not creatively, and I guess everyone will pronounce it correctly ๐Ÿ˜‰

Yasminda on

Unlike some grown ups that do not know Egypt is in Africa little Egypt will probably never make that mistake. Congrats on the birth of your son. Best wishes to the family.

Jacqui on

CelebBabyLover, Daisy, et al: Not all names are equal! Sure, logically, you could say, “Well, if you like the name Jordan you should like the name Egypt” but that’s not how it works. Some countries, cities, months, states, etc. just lend themselves to names more than others based on trends, social norms, and how they sound to the human ear.

April is a very common name, but March doesn’t quite have the same likable quality. Austin is a cool name, fairly common, but Burbank doesn’t have the same appeal, obviously, based on naming trends.

I don’t think it’s prejudice against Alicia or Swizz necessarily. Also, CelebBabyLover, when you try to make the point that “nobody batted an eye” when Rachel Griffiths almost named her child America. . . That comparison only makes sense if she was going to name her kid Egypt and you knew for a fact that all the same people were commenting on the post. You can’t assume all the same people are reading and commenting regularly (like you and I do!);)

Macy on

Paris, just cos you have a BOYish name, doesn’t mean Egypt is feminine. It’s a country darling! Just like there are boys named Israel, Jordan, Zaire, Dakota, Montana, or cities like Paris, London, Dallas, Phoenix, etc…

Nicole on

Sure, the Bible does say that, but I’m pretty sure it also says “Thou shalt not commit adultery,” so. . .

Don’t like the name at all (not a fan of any location names for babies), but glad to hear he’s a healthy baby!

Josh on

The Name “Egypt” is great, unique and Different, the oldest country in the World with 1/4 of the World’s heritage and monuments, she went there and whoever goes there gets captivated (Including me) and I really find it rude that some people judge a name, get a life. Congrats Aliciaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ๐Ÿ™‚

diablaroja on

Baby Egypt’s name just opens so many new doors for any child I might have: Bulgaria, Hoboken, Central African Republic, Minsk.

I’m glad he’s healthy; he’ll need to be to fight off the butt kickings he’ll get over that unfortunate name once he is in school.

ashley on

ummm congrads on the cute baby but how is his middle name pronounced i love the name egypt its new and cute!

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations to Alicia and Swizz …. not a big fan of the name but guess it will grow on me

Kaz on

Arghh! Another crazy name! To those who come on here and say ‘why do you critise people’s baby name choices?’ it’s cos this is a comment board and we can say what we want! Alicia Keyes will never read this!! I wouldn’t say it to her face! And if you think Egypt is an appropriate name for a child, well, you need your head testin’! LOL

Molly on

I love how people here LOVE to criticize people for naming THEIR OWN kids. It’s NONE of our business. They have every right to name their child what they want. I guess people should name their kids “Ryan,” “Laurie,” or “Britney.”

Egypt is a unique name and I like it.

People who don’t have anything nice to say shouldn’t say anything at all.

SJY on

Why do people get criticized for giving an opinion on the name on here? If you personally never give any kind of negative opinion on anything whatsoever in the media, good for you ๐Ÿ™‚ I dont like it much, so feel free to start quoting the bible on me if you want.

annabelle on

errm what happend to names like zachary? or landon? or carter? or daniel?

Hea on

CelebBabyLover – Isn’t America a bit more than just the US of A, though? ๐Ÿ™‚

Lauren on

Egypt is a beautiful name! So happy for them! ๐Ÿ˜€

Molly on

I agree Molly the first ๐Ÿ™‚

soph on

Emily, let me guess, you also like the names Brittany and Megan, right? So very vanilla. I’m sure you all care a lot about what others think of your children’s names, but guess what, Alicia and her husband don’t. Oh, and celebrities name their children after places ALL THE TIME. Ireland Baldwin, Brooklyn Beckham, Kingston Rossdale. Get used to it. Egypt is a heck of a lot better than Bronx Wentz.

ang on


Niko on

Hahaha, so typical. A celeb baby arrives, half of posters love name of baby , half criticize it no matter how traditional or wierd, lol!.

Martha on

Egypt, to thosee of you that do not like the name, how many diapers and bottles are you going to fix and change? Got to define the little man, we share the same birthday and that is special.

CJ on

I don’t see a problem with people saying they dislike a certain name, to me the problem comes when someone insults the parent for naming them that. Egypt is a nice name IMO, but I see it for a girl, not a boy.

Annabelle, I personally hate the names Landon, Carter, and Zachary.

fay on

nah, swizz is regular old black… he’s “Muslim” though, so all of his kids have Arabic names… Egypt is a girls name, she could have named him Kemet if she wanted him to have something in tribute to Egypt, but… ugh… whatever, congrats on the baby, but i’m SO over both of them… babies are a blessing no matter what the circumstances, but cheating on ur wife and leaving ur son to woo another chick, and covorting w/ a man u KNOW is married and has a roving eye, hand and penis… they deserve eachother… and i hope they reap the benefits of this union…

CelebBabyLover on

fay- Are you saying you hope they break up? I understand disliking Swizz and Alica….but why would you wish the break-up of his parents’ marriage on an innocent little baby?

Kaz- How do you know Alicia will never read this? Other celebrities have mentioned that they read this site, and some have even commented here (Melissa Joan Hart, Soliel Moon Frye, Carnie Wilson, and Ryan Sutter-Trista’s husband, are just a few examples I can think of!). So who’s to say Alicia isn’t among the celebs that read this site?

Lisa on

Wow such prejudices regarding naming babies. Lots of talk about “regular” names and such, can someone tell me that name of that baby name book so I make sure I follow what everyone else is doing and I’m not to be bashed for naming my baby outside of the box??!! Thanks much appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

Kaz on

@celebbabylover…because Alicia has a life! as do most new parents, i’m sure she doesn’t give a c**p what anyone else thinks anyway. if you think this message board is a way of personally congratulating these celebs you’re deluded. and Molly…oh grow up!

Hea on

Kaz – I’m sorry you don’t have a life.

Jacqui on

Tell it like it is fay! ๐Ÿ™‚

Ana on

Congratulations to Alicia & her hubby. I love her songs so much! Must say the name has grown on me but when i say “Egypt” I always sway towards a girl, and then think about “Gypsy” as a nickname..thats just me though!
Nevertheless wishing them lots of health and happiness now they have a wonderful son in their lives!

what of it? on

Ashley – Daoud is pronounced Daw-ood or Da-wud (best approximation I can think of). The name is the arabic form of David. It is hard to spell phonetically in english. I believe Swizz is Muslim. King David (as in Judaism and Christianity) is considered a prophet in Islam.

Rosie on

Egypt is such a cute name! Congrats Alicia!

meghan on

soph, Thanks for calling my name vanilla. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Amani on

Well, the milk has already been spilled. This woman decided to steal another woman’s man. I am NOT GOING TO SAY ANYTHING BAD because my mother taught me not to say anything at all if i have nothing good to say about a person~!!!!~

There you have it.

martina on

Dear Celebbabylover – if will break up, it will have nothing to do with Fay…or anyone else. Your concern for the innocent baby is commandable, but misdirected. Fay was just stating the obvious. It’s like responding to a comment that Elin Woods should kick Tiger to the curb with “oh, so you wish that two innocent children should be left fatherless?”

ebony on

who are u guys to judge anyones child’s name! you dont know why they choose that tham for there so it could have been any reason why! mabey after a family member who passed or because ak LOVES EYGPT to me Eygpt is a beautiful name! there are plenty of other celebs who names there kid less then diserable names like Blanket, or Sky, Pilot,Heavenly,Audio,Jermajesty,Zuma,Apple,Bluebell and believe me there are plenty more go and look them up! so for u people who think its okay to bash people and there kids name STEP YOUE LIFE”S UP and GROW UP!! EYGPT is a wonderful name and congrats to the happy couple!

Brooklyn on

Don’t like the name, but congrats to them both!

Lola Marie on

Love the name!!!! Congrats to the Dean family, cant wait to see pics of the lil guy!!

Sarah S. on

Congratulations to the new parents!!

CelebBabyLover on

martina- I actually don’t like the “oh, so you wish that child would be left fatherless/motherless” comments that tend to abound when celebs are heading for divorce either. After all, in most cases, the child still spends some time with each of his/her parents (rather than just one)….and thus is not being left fatherless or motherless!

When I make comments like the one I did last night, I’m thinking more along the lines of, “Why would you wish that an innocent child’s family get torn apart?” That being said, I see your point. ๐Ÿ™‚

Amani- Swizz is just as much to blame as Alicia is. And yes, I’d be saying that no matter who it was we were talking about. I have never understood why the “other woman” always gets all the blame. Also, when the situation is such that a wife cheats on her husband, and thus it’s a case of “the other man” the “other man” rarely gets all the critcism that “other women” do. It’s always the woman that gets cricized, and I will never understand that!

CelebBabyLover on

ebony- I think it’s just a matter of personal preference. Some people like the name Eygpt, some don’t. I disagree with the people that have practically attacked Alicia and Swizz’s choice of name, but there’s nothing wrong with simply saying a name is not your cup of tea.

Similarly, you obviously don’t like the names Apple and Bluebell….but I think they’re beautiful! ๐Ÿ™‚

Terri on

Don’t know how I feel about Egypt. Daoud is kinda cool. Dean is just too much. Not liking the three names trend, just too many names, too long.

Terri on

Oh never mind, didn’t realize that Dean was the last name!

Lauren on

“I have never understood why the โ€œother womanโ€ always gets all the blame. Also, when the situation is such that a wife cheats on her husband, and thus itโ€™s a case of โ€œthe other manโ€ the โ€œother manโ€ rarely gets all the critcism that โ€œother womenโ€ do. Itโ€™s always the woman that gets cricized, and I will never understand that!”

If you really think that’s true, then you don’t read these comments half as closely as you claim to. Every single post about Alicia and Swizz has severeal readers slamming Swizz for his behavior, and rightfully so. Both parties get equal blame here, so for you to act like Alicia is all put upon while Swizz gets a free pass is completely misguided. I for one would appreciate it if you would stop attempting to correct everyone’s personal opinions in every post. Refraining from trying to turn every other post into a novel about the Jolie-Pitts would be nice as well.

Don’t like the name or the circumstances surrounding how the baby came to be. Happy that he is healthy, but his parents get no congratulations from me.

Michelle on

@Emily, how exactly is Ryan a better name than Egypt? Sorry, that the name they picked is not white enough for you. I didn’t hear any complaints when Debrah Messing named her son Roman. No one is dissatisfied about geographically significant names like Dakota (Fanning) or Paris (Hilton). They get to pick whatever name they like just as you get to pick whatever name you like for your kids. Congrats to Alicia for bringing an HEALTHY new LIFE into this world!

Hea on

Amani – And yet you spoke volumes.



Jocelyne on

@ Fay, Swizz Beatz is not just “regular old black” although if he was there would be nothing wrong with it. Being of black heritage is something to be proud of not ashamed. But as it turns out, Swizz Beatz is actually of African American and Puerto Rican descent. Look it up!

sweetie on

well I do agree with everyone else thats says let them name THEIR own child what they want to name he or she. so what if someone wants to name their child April,May,June,Blanket,seven,America and even egypt. We live in a crazy world people jus try to stay somewhat sane here. Lets jus pray that he dont drop ms .keys and then on to the next one! But then again she already knew his wrap sheet when she got in the sheets.any how good luck with this new baby. Hey does anyone know if he even bothers to see about the other KIDS?

Dee on

Wow! what a nasty blog (comments), congrats to the Keys-Beatz family!

Dee on

Sweetie, you should have stop with your first sentence, the rest was uncalled for!

Krissy on

Come on ppl…there are celebrities with WORSE names for their children than Egypt….Levi, Apple, Lourdes, Shiloh sounds like a dog…. um Poppyseed, or Bristol…lol hate that name, so let them do the name thing. Congrats A.Keys and Kaseem “Swizz Beat it up even if i am married” Dean…..hahaha

2little on

“I for one would appreciate it if you would stop attempting to correct everyoneโ€™s personal opinions in every post. Refraining from trying to turn every other post into a novel about the Jolie-Pitts would be nice as well.”

Lauren….bless you. ;D

keke on

What is so bad about the name Egypt? I’ve heard of parents naming their children Ireland, Dallas, London, Paris, Houston etc. What is so wrong with being different? I happen to really love the name because it’s so different. Wouldn’t it be a very boring world if everyone was named John & Jane!

Nicole on

Once again, we need to remember that this isn’t our child and therefore our opinions have no bearing on the name chosen. Who cares if Egypt is a country? Paris and Brooklyn are cities and people choose those as names. Why must people make rude comments about the names OTHER people are choosing for their kids? If you don’t like it, keep it to yourself because it doesn’t make any difference to the parents of said child.

I actually really like his name. I think it’s strong and it flows well. It definitely fits with Alicia and Swizz Beatz’s personalities.

Denoche.... on

Wow @ the sheer nerve and audacity of some of you women commenting in here! This is why half of you get left, because you are all up in someone else’s bedroom and relationship instead of getting a life and minding your damn own and keeping these nasty rude habits of gossiping and criticizing people and prejudging them for their life choices! You are the types of women who breed an entire generation of low self esteem bullies who have no idea that this is WRONG! Like other HUMANS who have been featured on this website they love to show off their new stage in life and be mentioned on this website… it’s like the birth announcements of the future ( imo) I love the entire name and I’m sure it Egypt holds a special place in her heart to name her first born child this name! Congrats Alicia. even if she never reads this I want her to know not all women are callous tongued/ minded hatin azz haters!

kc on

I think the name Egypt totally fits. Alicia is known for having a strong connection with the African continent(which Egypt is on).

regina on

Congrats Alicia to her beautiful baby, its her choice to name herchild whatever her want. Am happy for her.

Tieg on

My cograts to the happy couple! The name don’t make the persons, the person makes the name. I have heard of names like Sam, Charles, Freddie, Chuckie I hope u understand where I’m going with the names. Those men and I used that word men in a nice way. They all kill some one, so what does there name really mean? I would like to know. Because if we worry about what our child name is going to be and what that child is going to be when they grow up. How about just naming hourf child A, B, C, D, E F, ETC, ETC, ETC. Like I said before the person makes the name the name don’t make the person. As for Swizz Beatz and Alicia may the joy in your heart start with the joy of your love, as one. The comment of Swizz Beatz and his other children, no matter who there Mother is I know Swizz Beatz will take care and love them the same as his new Born Seed! Peace to the family!

Molly on

Lauren, grow up. You just come on this blog to hate , hate and even more hate. Go back to Perez

aziza on

i believe that egypt is a very beautiful, unique name. who would wanna name there child ryan, bob, billy, ashley, etc. those names is such commom and have no meaning. just because your mind can’t expand big like swiss and keys you guys hate on it… come again i think thats a wonderful name and also i think he we’ll be as beautiful as egypt….

Diamond Girl on

What’s the difference? Neither parent uses his/her original birth name, so this kid may not either when he grows up.

I wouldn’t wish any unhappiness to them, but it seems like there’s a few children already left behind in this situation. Not a big stretch to think it will happen again – this guy doesn’t seem like a prize.

Donna on

Whats with the bride of frankenstein hair? Parents, your kid has to go through life with their name well after your gone….

Chantel Jinx on

I was a little shocked to hear the name as well, however it’s their child not mine. Obviously they are free to name their kids whatever they and truthfully I have heard worse. Secondly, Although I personally wouldn’t have picked HER husband for her, I do think they are both happy which at the end of the day is the only thing that matters. Not to concerned about him still being “legally” married if the married was truly doesn’t take a piece of paper to figure that out. I am a firm believer in not staying with someone for the sake of the kids…that a bunch of C-R-A-P.

Ashley on

Congrats Alicia! I’m sure he is going to be just like his mom ๐Ÿ™‚

Dianne on

I remember years ago other celebrities like David Carradine named his son ‘Free’. Later I heard the kid called himself Tom. Susan St. James named her first two kids Sunshine and Harmony. If little Egypt wants to be called ‘E’ or by his middle name, he will. I hope that all is well with this marriage, perhaps Swizz at last found the right mate in Alicia.

myhfd on

OMG YALL JUST HATING got any thing else better to do GUESS NOT

Tiffany on

CONGRATULATIONS Alicia and Swiss and I am so happy for u I love the name it’s different, I LOVE it! I wish u the best of luck God Bless! We ALL are waiting for pics!

jaci p on

omg…..egypt?? maybe he’ll be in class w/apple. or sparrow. or bronx mowgli……geeeeeeeez….how fun would it be to say all THOSE names at graduation!!

Liv4Luv on

Cheating is one thing, but cheating without using protection is another issue that Swizz needs to work on asap. Alicia seems like a decent girl, so I’m not sure how she got mixed up with this loser. There are so many decent rich men that she could have, so I just don’t get why she ended up with a cheater and having a baby with this loser is terrible.

Liv4Luv on

Salt of Salt and Pepa named her daughter Egypt.

NKR on

It’s funny, everyone seems to be labeling Beats as the only bad guy in this whole situation when Keys was dating a “married man” when his new baby was only months old. I’m glad they’re both happy (for now), but they both get no respect from me period. Karma is real and I feel for that child and pray that they are mature enough to put the child first in everything going forward. I also feel for his other kids because we KNOW the international community is gonna treat them like the unwanted step kids; Egypt is the ‘golden child’ of two entertainment big wigs and we all know Suri… What can I say, this birth is somewhat bittersweet.


CONGRATULATIONS!!I”M happy for the both of them.Alicia,is such a beautiful,person she deserves to be happy.I pray she dont stop making BEAUTIFUL MUSIC.I think she’s going to be a WONDERFUL MOTHER.Enjoy being a mother theres nothing like it in the WORLD,especially when you haave someone by your side willing to do it with you!It really doesnt matter how many kids you have by different people. When you find your SOUL MATE, “YOU’LL DO THE UNTHINKABLE” they both were ready!

JO on

This is not a very nice blog. Alicia is a gem. If she loves Swizz I’m sure he’s a great guy. And as for Egypt, it holds a special place in Alicia’s heart. I’m very happy for her, her man and her little man.

Kaz on

Lauren I am with you on your comments. It’s annoying to feel like other posters are trying to “convince” others to change their opinions. It’s not like we’re right or wrong, it’s an OPINION. I for one will never like unusual baby names, no matter how “cool” and “unique” they are. IMO naming your child something way out there is more about the parent and how they want to appear to other people than what the child will go through having such a weird name. I’ve come to realise that I’m in the minority with my opinion on baby names today as most people on this site and even the majority of people I know in life all think that I am the strange one for wanting to name my future son John or David. But I don’t care, I’ll stick to my guns. And if I want to express this on this site I will!!

Rebecca on

MZ Foster,
I would not “do the unthinkable” if I met my “soul mate.” If he wasn’t willing to end his marriage with his wife before stepping up to me, then he’s not my soul mate.

melissa on

as celebs they live in the public eye & even so too many people are fast to put their business online for ALL to see so my comment is that if/when you put yourself out there then one should expect to see a mix of comments we are all human & entitled to our opinion so if I want to say I dont like the name Egypt for a child I have every right to & no I dont like it! but as so many have said it is not my child … & as far as the father goes he is NOT “that” great of a person obvioulsy & i hope Alicia & her baby boy do not get hurt in the end – again i can state an opinion because the story has been out there about Beatz being a 2 timing low life regardless of what kind of “sin” i live in!

Ryan T on

C’mon people…how many TRUE leaders of corporations, doctors, attornies have unusual names? Answer hardly any. Hince why my children are named Isabella and Elijah. Not Egypt, Nigeria, Quanmontavious, Sha’breeta (dig the apostrophe), or any of those other whack names my cousins never cease to name their children!

colitampa on

Most of you who speak on cheating, must have been cheated on i have but i dont wish no bad on anyones marriage or family you people need to learn to forgive and let go. he has something that alicia loves and so does she you cannot decide when someone should be together you dont one what was going on in his home behind close doors, he could of been married but doesnt mean his wife and him felt the same way. Its always to sides to a story dont judge them. Judge yourself before u comment on another persons relationship or should I say do you even have one. I love me some Alicia and is very happy for them both no matter how there relationship started point blank period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!