Gavin Rossdale ‘Slides Away’ from Diaper Duty

10/14/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
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From park playdates to family outings, Gavin Rossdale is a hands-on dad to Kingston James McGregor, 4, and Zuma Nesta Rock, 2 — except when it comes to diaper duty.

“We have good people around us. If there’s no one there, I can do it, but otherwise I sort of slide away — I get very interested in my Blackberry at that point,” the Bush frontman, 44, shares in the November issue of Details.

“A friend once told me, ‘By the way, they never thank you for changing their diapers when they grow up, so don’t sweat it.’ I thought it was good advice.”

And while Rossdale has become an expert in dodging a dirty diaper, he admits escaping the prying eyes of the paparazzi has only gotten harder since having children. “I’ll want to take my kid to the beach, and there’s six grown men chasing us,” he explains.

“He’s running around in his underwear as every child should, and I have to go up to them and say, ‘Can you not photograph my son running around in his underwear?’ The pictures show up anyway.”

Aware of his surroundings — and protective of his mom Gwen Stefani — Kingston has no qualms about expressing his frustration when the photographers get too close for comfort.

“He went through a really angry stage. He’d scream at them, ‘Get away! Don’t take a picture of my mom!'” Rossdale recalls. “They’d say, ‘Wow, Kingston’s really moody!’ You’re a f—ing grown man running after a 4-year-old! What do you want him to do?”

As he continues to “nurture” the father-son relationship with his boys, Rossdale admits he’s had to take a different approach when it comes to Daisy Lowe, 21, the daughter he learned of in 2004.

“With the boys it’s traditional; I’m all they know and I’m with them all the time. With Daisy, I don’t know her in that context,” he says.

“I love my connection with her, but I don’t have any say in who she is. With the boys it’s my job to correct them and shape them. With Daisy, I just have to be respectful. I suppose it’s more like a friendship.”

— Anya Leon

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CMS on

I love this family. It amazes me that Gavin and Gwen find it in them to remain so composed and respectful around the paparazzi. How awful as that he actually has to ask (beg?) them to not photograph and sell pictures of their young kid! And even more infuriating that Kingston would get a little protective of his mom, and the paps would then mock or criticize the kid. I would absolutely lose it if grown men treated my little kid that way.

Good for Gavin, for rising above all the craziness!

SadieA on

I can’t remember, did he not know he had a daughter until a few years ago or did he just establish a relationship with her a few years ago? I think I remember hearing Gwen found out about Daisy after they married.

Anyways, their kids are so adorable! Really unfortunate they have to deal with paparazzi at such a young age, Gavin & Gwen must feel so helpless sometimes. I guess they could always move to Montana or something if it got too bad, lol.

April on

He found out in 2004 when a paternity test was done. They’ve always had a relationship, but he was her godfather beforehand. The mom was less than honest, from what I’ve gathered.

I wish I had someone else to hand diaper duty off too! I hate changing them, thought I’d be used to it three kids in but I still can’t stand it. Oh well, it’s gotta be done.

Mari Mari Quite Contrary on

Good for him for keeping it real.

He sounds like a great Dad and a stand up guy too. πŸ˜€

Parents on

I do think highly of Gavin’s parenting and recognizing good advice, taking steps to give his kids a life that children need to grow up and that Gavin is able to public express his feelings on the relationship of he and his daughter. He sounds wishful, yet accepting responsibility for not having the father daughter relationship.

Tess on

β€œA friend once told me, β€˜By the way, they never thank you for changing their diapers when they grow up, so don’t sweat it.’ I thought it was good advice.”

They don’t need to thank you for doing your job as a parent.

Molly on

Tess, he was joking.Why so serious?

Anyway, I loved reading this although the thought of grown men chasing after children in their underwear for pictures is creepy.

Mina on

Tess I agree…was thinking the exact same thing.

Also, if your son is running around in public in his underwear for the public to see, then why does he have to whine when someone takes a pic? If he is so concerned about it, then put some shorts on your kid…or else quit your job as a celeb because paparazzi are part of the job. Everyone knows that. Its crappy…but its not going to stop because you want it too. Cant have your cake and eat it too. I am sure everyone wants to be a famous millionare who gets privacy. However that is a fantasy. Just sayin…

anonymous on

I see some people can’t recognize a joke when they see one.Must not be much jokes in their lives. and why should he be accepectable about grown men chasing his children whether their wearing clothes or not? No adult should be chasing a small child with a camera that isn’t their parent, family member, or friend.That’s just weird.I don’t care who you are,you deserve your privacy.

just sayin…

Tess on

Molly – there’s no indication to me that he’s joking.

urbanadventurertales on

What a douche. He’s acting like a spoiled brat saying that he’d rather have the hired help change diapers than do it himself. Grow up Gavin.

JMO on

I don’t think I have ever really heard him mention Daisy in an interview. I wonder what their relationship is now. I know beforehand it was nice until she found out he was actually her father (from my understanding the mother was less the truthful but Gavin had always suspected but never did anything about it). Anyways, hopefully someday they can have a good relationship.

Bancie1031 on

Kingston is adorable as always!
I didn’t know that Gavin found out he had a daughter !! Somehow I missed that! Any pictures of her?

Molly on

Actu8ally Tess you sound like someone that has no sense of humor and I find that sad. Maybe you wouldn’t be such a negative person in posts and I’m going to assume in real life if you enjoyed a laugh every now and then.

Molly on

urbanadventurertales , calling people names is being mature? Maybe you need to grow up first before accusing anyone of needing to be mature

Laurie on

I am also bothered with his comments about avoiding diaper changing by being more interested in his Blackberry and allowing the help to do it. I will say that I am a career nanny of 19 years and have worked with a lot of different types of parents. The ones like him are ridiculous. I love my job and don’t mind doing those things as that is my job, but I have worked for families where they are more than happy to step in and be parents to their children, even when I’m around. I think he’s appearing as lazy and as some parents I’ve worked for, may sometimes treat his children as “fun accessories” and will participate in the “fun and cool” things, and maybe not bother with the actual work of being a hands on parent.

Ryo on

From my understanding, Pearl Lowe told Gavin that Daisy wasn’t his kid and Pearl put her husband’s name on the birth certificate and just let everyone involved assume that he was Daisy’s father. The only reason Daisy even knew that Pearl’s ex wasn’t her father was because her blood type was different than both of theirs, and it made her want to know who WAS her father.

And frankly, I think celebrities are in between a rock and a hard place. Gavin specifically mentioned the beach when he told that paparazzi story, and I’ve seen scores of children running around the beach in their underwear or just plain naked. The only difference is that there aren’t full-grown men looking to take pictures of those children; it IS gross to have a stranger taking pictures of your children who is mostly naked. Just because someone is a celebrity doesn’t mean their children should have to sacrifice the normal things that other kids can do – like go to the beach and enjoy themselves. Their children didn’t sign up for anything and the attitude of “well celebrities give up their privacy” shouldn’t apply to a child who hasn’t consented to anything of the sort and can’t help who they were born to.

I hope he changes the diapers at least sometimes, cause that’s a little messed up to make the nannies or your wife do it ALL the time.

Rosy on

Your children might not thank you for changing your child/ren’s diapers but your wife/partner certainly will!

fuzibuni on

while I love her, gwen courts the paparazzi all the time. She goes out in public dressed in flashy designer outfits and full makeup along with her family. She makes herself easily recognizable and dresses her children in fashion forward outfits that promote her own clothing line.

If Gavin really wanted to be undercover, there are plenty of things he could do to be more unnoticeable… mainly asking his wife to tone down the drama and look a bit more “normal.” They dress their children like budding fashionistas that that make them stand out from the crowd.

If Gavin really hates the attention so much, then why live in Hollywood and do interviews talking about your children? If Kingston is so upset that he is yelling at paparazzi to leave his mom alone, as a parent I would seriously consider changing my environment for the benefit of my family life.

steph on

just want to point out to mina: gavin (and any other celebrity for that matter) can’t “quit his job as a celeb” because in case you hadn’t noticed, that’s not his job! He is a musician, therefore no, the paps are NOT part of the job. The only people who ‘deserve’ to have their privacy invaded are people like Bethanny Frankel and other such ‘reality’ stars who’s jobs ARE about their personal lives..actors and musicians jobs entail film/TV and music; we have zero rights to their personal lives and especially of their childrens’…

CelebBabyLover on

Where does Gavin ever say he relies on the nannies to change the diapers? He might mean that he delegates the diaper duty to Gwen. πŸ™‚ In any case, he also mentions that, “if there’s no one there, I can do it”. That makes me think it’s a pretty safe bet that he probably HAS changed a diaper or two. πŸ™‚

Laurie- I think it’s a bit of a stretch to assume that, just because Gavin doesn’t change diapers, he’s not hands-on with his boys. He might participate in all of the other “non-fun” aspects of parenting, for all we know!

Anyway, as for Gavin’s relationship with Daisy….I wonder if Daisy has met her half-brothers?

SpencerHopeful on

God Bless you Steph!…Lovely article Gavin. Love the kids. Love the pics of the family out together having a good time. Know a lot of non-celibrity dads that don’t like changing diapers, never thought to call them names for it though…but that’s just me.

Kate on

Wow, all the people who have left negative comments,it seems you are a little jealous! If there was someone else there to change my daughter I would happily let them! Gavin did say he only does this if there is an opportunity there, not that he NEVER changes one!!!

Anna on

If you don’t want paps to take photos of celeb kids, why are you on this website? By visiting this site you are paying the paps.

I do sort of understand his frustration but there are plenty of celebs that manage to not run into the paps.

JM on

guys don’t worry this is one of those families that can do no wrong here. was it will ferrell who recently said the same thing about changing diapers and that thread was bombarded with messages of how any father SHOULD change diapers (they should btw).

tess, i agree with you. if my husband was not willing to change diapers as much as i am then i’m sorry, that’s a no deal. but people won’t recognise that here because there are double standard all the time on this blog. i’ve realised that it doesn’t matter what someone says it’s who says it.

as for the paparazzi, i’m being fair, i actually agree with gavin on this one. kids should be allowed to run around in their underwear if they want to. his kids didn’t choose to have famous parents they should have the same freedom as everyone else. but i guess this can’t come as a surprise to them. they are always followed by the paps, so at the beach too….

mabsat on

@celebbabylover – there were some pictures earlier this year or late last year of daisy out with kingston when the family were over in london, but i don’t know how much she actually sees of them.

lila on

I’m pretty shocked with the reactions to this post. Gavin says he shies away from changing diapers and instead focus on his Blackberry at that point and everyone applauds him from being such a great dad. Wow, really? If this was a celeb dad like, say, Tom Cruise everyone would be up in arms. Hypocritical much?

collete on

i agree with lila about the nappy changing – but i’m not going to get into it. my main issue is his paparazzi complaints. why then is he sitting so happily for a posed photo with his baby son clamped to his side in the opening of this post. people like this make me a little angry i must admit – complaining about something they would most certainly miss if it disappeared tomorrow. most celebrities love the attention – otherwise they wouldn’t be in the job, living in LA – complaining about it, only makes it more intense. so why bother?! unless of course more intense is what you’re after!!!

Jane on

I was put off by his comment. Parenting in general in the early years is thankless- the rewards are the love you receive, the joy of seeing your investments pay off as children get older (good character, a close relationship with you) and also the appreciation you receive when children are older- that is when they say thank you. And yes, those investments *include* changing their diapers and not expressing to them that this is a job for β€œhired help” (nice values he is passing on!)

Also, diaper changing, in my opinion, is such a personal thing. As unglamorous as it is, I would rather limit the amount of people who change my child’s diaper- for her sake and dignity.

Jane on

Lila- I strongly agree with you! Thanks for the insight.

noneya on

Uh hello………….he’s sitting with his osn for a photo shoot! NOT paps chasing them around trying to STEAL a photo op! And he doesn’t say he NEVER changes diapers – just that he prefers not to! My ex NEVER changed my daughters’ diapers – NEVER! Grow up and pay frickin’ attention before you go hating!

lil on

I know quite a few men myself that try to shy away from diaper duty. Heck, who does like it. I know my husband certainly tries to get out of it every chance he can. Does it make him a terrible father, no! He doesn’t like it (who does) but he will do it. Can’t blame them for trying to get out of it.LOL

MamaB on

Such a shame to “slide away” from diaper duty. While it is not glamorous, time spent at the changing table with my two kids have brought about more smiles, jokes, and good times than just about any other time of day. Face time with kids is hugely important and a big missed opportunity for this dad. Glad my husband doesn’t feel this way.

Diane on

I really think it should be illegal to follow celebrities and photograph them with their children present. I think that it will be shown in years to come that these kid’s are going to be scarred by today’s stacker celebrity experience!

Ms M on

How would you newspaper, papprazzi like for someone to follow you and your family around 24/7 and take pictures and make up stories about you and yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JM on

noneya i didn’t just “go hating” (really don’t like that term, but your words). just because other people refuse to change diapers doesn’t make it ok. your ex didn’t, didn’t that bother you? hell it would certainly bother me. you’re man enough to make a baby then you’re man enough to take care of it….

and i do agree that it is weird that they are happy to pose for photos and do photo shoots. and no it is not impossible to be a celebrity and keep your kids out of the spotlight. ewan macgregor and johnny depp are two celebrities who spring to mind who are far more famous than gavin rossdale and they have managed to keep the kids away from the media, as have others.

dannysmom98 on

Wish I had hired help to change my son’s nappies when he was that age!

Mary on

I wonder what people would say if a mother said she tried to avoid diaper duty. Why does the father get a pass from so many. Fun, no, necessary, yes and for both parents.

Sydney on

An interview with Daisy shortly after discovering that Gavin was her father, for those who are interested.

Daisy is quite high profile in the UK, she does a lot of modelling (catwalk and campaigns).

Mina on

If someone does not like diaper duty, then they should NOT have kids. Easy as that.

Gavin is a successful musician who wanted fame and money and now he must deal with the consequences. If he wanted a private lifestyle, he would be making music at a local cafe or nightclub…that way he is doing what he loves (making music) while still maintaining privacy. But no, he chose celebrity life and that life comes with consequences, sorry. He CAN quit his JOB. Stop making mainstream music for a billion dollar industry and fade away to raise your kids.

Veronica on

I agree, grown men chasing a little boy in his underwear (to get a photo) is VERY creepy. No celebrity “signs up” for that. People should be more respectful. I wonder, if you let your kid run around naked (like mine do) and someone takes a photo or prints such a photo, can they go to jail?

Veronica on

@Laurie: If you are a “career Nanny”, then you are PAID to change the diapers, not complain about the dad who won’t do it. I know lots of men (mine included) who pay their Nannies to change diapers, It doesn’t mean they don’t love their kids or are lazy.

Sydney on

Apologies, the link I posted wasn’t an interview with Daisy, but with Pearl, Daisy’s mother.

Jordan on

Gavin and his mini-me. Cute bunch.

I think there should be an automatic off-limits for celebs kids. And if you (the paparazzi) don’t follow that rule, the parent has the right to beat the tar out of you if he/she so chooses.

Shar on

Tess- Im with you 100%… Its all about parenting! Which, INCLUDES diaper changes!

Molly-You clearly are NOT a parent. Because, for him to say that agitates me! You clearly dont have any self respect. If I dodged out of diaper duty, that would make me a lazy parent! In which, he is! I dont allow my child to sit in dirty diapers! Tess, was correct! Diaper duty is a huge chunk in parenting!

jmk on

If I had someone I was paying to help with the kids, diaper changing would be something that I’d let them do. I don’t think that makes him a bad parent. Actually, he seems to be a great hands-on dad with his kids. Do you think the awful Brangelina change diapers? Not with 6 nannies around….

Tess on

Molly – actually, I laugh quite a bit at the posts that I read on this site.

Sheri on

When my oldest was born my husband told me if he changed a poopy diaper he would throw up…so I put the changing table in the bathroom. Problem solved!

Shannon on

What a jerk! lol

Megan on

Your a very judgmental group aren’t you?!

Firstly I don’t think you should take all comments so seriously. I doubt Gavin gets away without changing diapers all the time, but probably no more then someone who puts their kids in childcare. Are YOU going to run to the daycare center every time your child needs a change? Didn’t think so.

I know plenty of mothers and fathers who delegate diaper duty to the other parent in exchange for other no so pleasant duties when they arise. He is privileged that’s for sure but I am sure that has come with lots of hard work and endless hounding from record labels. Being a celebrity is hard work on its own and though they get paid kindly for the jobs they do it comes with a steep price of paid privacy. This however does not give paparazzi the green light to take private pictures of his young children when they are running near naked on the beach of California. I would consider that close to pedophile behavior.

Shame on you though for being so judgmental to people you don’t know. If you were in the same position as Mr. Rossdale then maybe your decisions might be the same. Or then maybe not being the saints you are.

MammaDucky on

Yes, celebrities DO sign up for it! My twins were approached for movie work (offered a principle role in a major movie) and we declined for the simple reason that I would not wish the kind of attention the Olsen twins got (or any other celeb). Not saying they would have, but the mere thought of it turned us off immediately. You want the fame and fortune, you have to accept that there are downsides to it as well. Celebs can also choose to live in areas where there aren’t photogs at every turn.

Perhaps Gavin was half joking with his comments, but they do come off as rather hoity-toity.

urbanadventurertales on

Molly- thanks for the advice. Clearly you are so mature to defend a father from not changing his children’s diapers. Gavin is a douche for saying that. It’s not immature for me to point out that fact. To say he’s going to use the “help” and pretend he’s on his phone when a diaper needs to be changed, is just plain lazy and ridiculous.

D on

I have to say this. BOTH the husband and wife bring a life into the world together, so the husband SHOULD help with diaper changing and just get over it! My husband did, and many others I know. It’s not that big of a deal, just grow up and deal with it!

Tess on

A lot of celebrities live in LA and aren’t photographed with their kids. I can’t tell you what any of Steven Spielberg’s or Tom Hanks’ children look like (except for Jessica Capshaw and Colin Hanks who are adults in the business), and they live in LA. I think there’s a reason we keep seeing the same celebrities and their kids on this site.

hayley w on

Mina – so if gavin stopped being famous we wouldn’t take pictures of his kids……i guess gwen doesn’t count as famous then….

oh and another point while im on my soap box no matter your job your wealth , it is never ok for grown up men to chase other peoples kids down to take their picture so you can sit behind your computer and judge it. gavin may have wanted this life for himself as many young people do but they do not want it for their children and we as parents should respect that not say ‘well tough luck i wanna see pics of your kids , you wanted to be famous so there’ not really fair on the children is it, any one with children would agree. only some one with out would think the way the press behaves around small children and babies and pregnant women is ok,.

Feminist mom on

Gavin absolutely, as any responsible parent would be, is concerned about pedophiles looking at images of his children playing on the beach. Pedophiles download images such as these– trade them, disseminate them all across the world. Whether you are a celebrity or not, we need to protect our children. His children should be allowed to play on the beach without the risk of being photographed and having these images circulated among pedophiles.

Moore on

You guys have got to be kidding me. It’s a diaper. It’s not even half of the responsibilities of a parent and yet you’re harping on the guy, any guy, any woman, not wanting to change a diaper as if that makes them a bad parent. Give me a break. It’s simply there to make sure your child doesn’t poop and pee everywhere. Let’s not make a diaper all about how much a parent loves and does for their child. There is way more to parenting than that.

I agree Veronica. Laurie, you’re paid to change diapers as am I. If you’re there and it needs to be done, chances are you’re going to be the one who does it. You sound like really judge parents based on how many diapers they change in your presence though.

Mom of 4 on

Geez, so much for a celebrity giving an honest interview without being criticized. Really people, you’re giving him crap because he doesn’t do diapers and lets his little boy run around the beach in his undies?? I know a TON of “regular dads” that don’t do diapers, WITHOUT having a nanny to help. And I’ve let my little boys run at the beach in their undies on occasion if we stopped by unexpectedly or for other reasons.

Kudos to Gavin for giving an honest interview and kudos to Kingston for being a protective son. His protective nature just shows that he’s being raised by fantastic parents; diapers or not. Those of you who are being ugly are just arrogant, judgmental or jealous. None of which is a quality people of high character possesses.

Bancie1031 on

mabsat – Thanks for the link πŸ˜€ She’s pretty and I can see Gavin in her definitely

MiB on

As a former nanny and day care provider I can say that while I don’t always enjoy some of the stinky diapers, I’d definitely volonteer for stinky diaper duty if hubby took the vomit duty (the smell of sick sets off my gag reflexes badly enough to make me throw ut myself)!

Traci on

I love the Rossdales. I think they’re awesome parents and very well rounded.

Their children are just precious and seem so well behaved.

Rachel on

I agree with fuzibunni!

It’s all about promoting the ‘brand’ all celebs do it!

BTW Gwen is a complete cow bag. A friend of mine was on his honeymoon at the same hotel she was in and she was moody and dreadful, very demanding. Fame goes to all their heads, don’t be fooled. The good exterior helps with the brand promoting, but it doesn’t mean they’re nice in REAL life!

Aundria on

I gotta say, I don’t think its a “fame” thing, it’s a guy thing…my husband has OFTEN attempted to get out of diaper duty! Which is fine by me, if that’s our biggest problem, then we have it pretty good! Besides, I’m better at it anyway:)

Rae on

So you think they are going to listen to you and not take a picture of your child in his underwear? WOW, and somehow it still gets out. shame on you for letting that happen. there is a perv jerking off right now to his picture. Shame on you for not putting clothes on him. Stupid people protect your children. that is just gross to read.

tbag on

someone said it up thread, people will always make excuses for gwen and gavin’s comments and actions. gavin’s complaints about the paparazzi intrusion seem ridiculous. they sold pictures of kingston to OK! magazine – a tabloid. they invited the intrusion into their lives. it was their greediness & need for attention that stripped kingston and now his little brother of privacy. they should have tried to protect their son not throw him to the wolves.

Crystal on

So he’s one of these little boys who believes that dirty diapers are beneath him. Gwen should be laying down the law and telling him change diapers or get out! My husband changed diapers when our kids were babies. Gwen needs to stop catering to her husband.

Mina on

Gwen can quit too.

I dont see much of a difference if someone is letting perfect strangers wipe their kids’ buttholes and penis’ and vagina’s and letting them run around outside naked or in underwear for the general public to see, and then whine when someone snaps a pic of it. If the general public are seeing your kid like that, then that includes grown me, woman, and children. Is it about numbers? Some 100 people at a beach can see it, but once its in a tabloid for millions to see it, its not ok? There can be pedo’s at the beach or anywhere…go to the Megan’s Law website and you can see their adresses….I have some in my neighborhood. Its as simple as putting clothes on your kid. If they want to run around nude, they can do so indoors where NOBODY can see. Its sucks cuz kids are innocent and deserve to be au natural, but we live in a sick world and its up to the parent to decide how much skin they want their kid showing.

Anonymous on

Why are people getting upset about diaper duty perhaps being relagated to a nanny? Isn’t that what the nanny is getting paid for?

Allison on

don’t live Gavin or Gwen much at all.

ammy on

Daisy Lowe is a 21 year old model who’s really big in the Uk especially. I don’t think she looks like Gavin, more like her mum pearl Lowe – what do others think?

Mel B on

There was a little blonde boy that jumped out of a car while his mom was attending another child that as he ran up to the restaurant door that I was aiming for too kept shouting (at me perhaps) “Stupid head! Stupid head! Stupid head!” I was amused since he was so little. He had trouble pulling that door open so I did it for him and ushered him inside where his father was waiting for a table.

I had to do a double take since for a few minutes I thought it was one really good Gavin doppelganger. He knew that I had figured out who they were and let me confirm he’s very aware of his surroundings. True LA residents leave these people alone. They need private time just as much as regular folks. I said nothing about them to my table mates until they left since I knew I’d get the “Omg!” reaction. πŸ™‚

CC on

Wow, Gwen really married a prize catch. Sorry ladies, I’m a fan of Gwen’s (fellow OC girl), but I’m not feeling the love for her husband. Gwen really puts up with a lot from this guy, from all of his revelations (including the TMI from earlier this week) and now this. And in no way am I jealous. I’ve got my own lovely Brit at home, and he’s more than happy to share in the diaper duties.

ecl on

Are people really saying that men should change fewer diapers than women because they are men? Those who think so are suckers.

hayley w on

mine- do the public follow you aound screaming your name and shoving you taking your pictures, all the time…no didn’t think so, you can’t have any idea whats thats like so who ae you to say they shouldn’t complain. every one has horrid parts of their job they don’t like ae you saying every one should just quit? because its just that simple, all so you get your fix of their children

back to the real world. when a child ask a grown up to stop taking pictures they should, however the law needs to change so that it doesn’t even to get to that point. I love seeing pics of happy healthy kids growing up as a mother it warms me, but as a parent i understand how they feel. paps are p0art of the real world but as protective parents do we no see his point.

fuzibuni on

Q: How often do we see Hazel and Phin Moder (Julia Robert’s kids)?
A: Never.

Julia lives in Los Angeles, not far from the Stefani-Rossdales, however she doesn’t pander to the tabloids. She never puts her babies in the spotlight, doesn’t take them to premiers, and never dresses them like mini-celebrities. She clearly wants a normal life for them and makes a huge effort to keep the paparazzi away. I consider that to be responsible parenting.

So, clearly it IS possible to live in Hollywood and not be “stalked” by the paparazzi. Gavin’s statement about being concerned with Kingston’s privacy rings false because if he truly cared he would make changes in his lifestyle to protect his children from it. But the truth is, he and gwen crave attention and are using their children to garner more press. They take them to fashion shows, public events, and show them off wherever they go. They know that we like seeing pictures of their kids and that gives them more fame and visibility.

Personally, I never had a problem with Gwen and Gavin pimping out their kids out because I enjoy seeing the pictures and it’s their choice to live a life like that. But when I read that Kingston is upset by the press, and Gavin is acting helpless about it, I find it a bit unnerving.

Gavin, if your child is disturbed by paparazzi and wants privacy, then you need to work harder and protect your children. This might require that you and Gwen fade out a bit… maybe that is too much to ask?

Lisa on

This sounds ridiculous to me! Seriously, you won’t change your kids’ diapers???

Molly on

urbanadventurertales, you still refuse to grow up., Why should anyone listen to you if you are acting like a spoiled teenager. Grow up instead of responding back to me.

I can’t say I’m shocked to see you once again bashing another celebrity parent Lisa. For real, why do you bother coming on this blog?

Feminist mom on

I think Mina poses a very interesting question- what is the difference between having 100 people on the beach looking at your children in underwear versus pics that may be disseminated to an even wider audience over the internet? Unfortunately, pedophiles are everywhere preying on unsuspecting parents and children (which does include beaches). However, parents have seemingly more control over their physical surroundings and if perceptive, will notice if people are looking inappropriately at their children– or paying too much attention to their children. Once photographed, the control is completely removed — their is a vile market for these type of images where they will photoshop and manipulate them to sell, trade, and disseminate worldwide.

Yes, one answer is to avoid having your children swim nude/in underwear at the beach but how sad that we live in a world with such predators that the innocent play of children is compromised. Another answer is to ban photographers/papparazi from taking these type of pics of celebrity children. Whichever answer– we need to fiercely protect our children and not provide the tools to predators to perpetuate their crimes.

ecl on

Molly, I just read through the entire post and it was actually you who brought all the negative energy. The others just reacted to the post and you attacked them waaay out of proportion. Plus, your attacks are all personal. React to what the person is saying since you actually have no idea who they are or what they are like.

Mina on

hayley w…no they do not because I am not famous and would never want to be even if I had the option. I know the price they pay. I would rather be a nobody, penniless and living in shack, changing poopy diapers, and enjoying my privacy. Then again, goals and ambitions are different for everyone. I hope their children do not come to resent them for choosing to make others happy over their own childrens happiness. Just saying..

Tess on

fuzibuni – excellent post.

jaci p on

i agree w/tess also. if you’re a parent, it part of the territory, its your job, plain and simple. there’s not alot of thanking going on. lucky him, having “good people around” to replace him at that point… hope they’re around for the potty training time when your kids needing help on the toilet! its equally as fun!

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Daisy is a quite well known model. I remember not too long ago that there was a good bit of discussion in British press, and Daisy even saying, that Gwen isn’t exactley overjoyed with her being too much a part of the family. A strange situation I suppose.

I neither admire nor dislike this family but they do seem to be very down to earth. However I love the double standards here, Gavin doesn’t change the diapers and it’s funny. If it was anyone else there would be outrage.

urbanadventurertales on

Thank you, ecl. I’m not worried about Molly’s attacks. I think the majority of people reading this agree with my statements that Gavin needs to grow up and start changing some diapers! Pointing that fact out does not make me immature. And I seriously can’t understand why anyone would be defending him on here!

Tracie on

You help create a life, you help take care of it. My partner is the exact same. Has rarely changed either of our children since they were born and I cannot help but feel so resentful about it. Parental responsibility between a couple is a 50/50 split.

hayley w on

yes mina, curse them for having a dream and following it, they should have thought 20 years advance of what their children would want and got 9-5 jobs and then wheb they had children stopped working stright away and lived in a shack up a mountin so they could be left alone.

justify it all you want,grown men chasing round other people kids and taking their picture, shouting at them, scarying them all becuase their PARENTS are famous not them their PARENTS to make money from, wrong. end of.

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Laurie on

I am quite well aware what I am paid to do. I have also worked for very busy families that still relish in the little bits of time they can spend with their kids, even if it means changing a diaper. I have employers who may be around when I’m on duty and will gladly take their child up for a diaper change or what have you, just to have that moment if they are especially busy that day. I don’t complain if they do or don’t, but I see it as them recognizing that they want to grab those moments. I suspect that Gavin & Gwen are quite busy, more so than my employers, and I would think any moments they could grab with their kids, they would (if the opportunity or time allowed). To say he’d rather play on his Blackberry, rubs me the wrong way. Sorry.

I agree that maybe he does participate as much as he can. It’s just the comment combined with that ridiculous advice his friend gave him, rubbed me the wrong way. Children will grow up NOT thanking their parents for many things, while thanking them for others. That doesn’t mean to blow it off or try to avoid it because it may not come back to you in a positive way. They are his children & he is the parent: that’s part of the process. I’m not saying he needs to change EVERY diaper–my employers don’t do that. But to come out and say it’s avoided whenever possible, comes off in not a good light.

Mina on

hayley w…that is a decision they made and now they have to deal with the consequences….just like everyone else deals with the consequences of their actions. There is no exception for famous people. No, its not right for the paparazzi to things like that….but ALOT of things are not right, and they are not going to go away just because you want it to. They KNEW from pre-fame to fame that paparazzi come with the job of being famous. There are some people who quit acting because of that. They wanted money and infamy….they got it and now they want privacy…gee sounds like they want it ALL. Dont we all lol. Sorry folks…ain’t happening. Either fade away or deal with it. Cant have your cake and eat it too.

Anonymous on

As a fellow Brit and a parent, I’d like to point out that was a joke, it’s our dry sense of humour. And even if it wasn’t who cares? He wouldn’t be the first person to shy away from it and wouldn’t be the last. My boy’s a nightmare for changing and always has been, if i could avoid the bruises by passing it to someone else, i would, leaving me more time to enjoy playing games and making things with him. πŸ™‚

Gina Marie on

My my my, all of these clucking HENS on here!!! so much judgment! Im sure all of you are perfect. He had every right to say he doesn’t want men who are strangers chasing his child down the beach taking photographs. that is VERY different from a planned professional photo shoot to introduce your children to the world.

As far as judging their parenting skills or how much love they have for their children, if you don’t know them personally, you have no clue, so shut up. I got the impression he was half-joking, saying he really didn’t care for that aspect of parenting and he did it if he had to because he is their father, but if a nanny was around, he’d be glad to let her take it. Big Deal! Not unusual at all for people with busy schedules and of financial means to hire help with their children, because ALL of us could use help; it’s a tough job, but most of us can’t afford it.

I detect a LOT of little green-eyed monsters on this forum! If you are so anticelebrity, then why are you on PEOPLE’s Site???!!! *shakes head in disbelief and disgust* 😦 peace, out, Molly. most of the lot of you, Blleeehhhchh!

meladee on

We all have to remember that it isn’t the children that signed on to be celebrities, their parents did. There is absolutely no reason why people should be photographing those children without the consent of their parents.

We have all been around children at the beach that have just diapers or underwear on, or have changed them into their suits on the beach. There is no question I would be upset if strangers were snapping pictures of that. I think it’s horrible that they can’t even do fun activities with their children without people invading their space.

I love this family, and any pictures I have ever seen is of Gwen and Gavin being very hands-on with their kids. I love that they try to keep things normal.