Spotted: Jennifer Garner and Violet Are on Pointe

10/13/2010 at 05:00 PM ET
Splash News Online

Guess what Mom?!

Jennifer Garner‘s little ballerina, 4½-year-old daughter Violet Anne, catches the actress up on class after leaving ballet in Santa Monica, Calif., Tuesday.

Garner, 38, and husband Ben Affleck are also parents to daughter Seraphina, 21 months.

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KG on

Those look like tap shoes to me. To be fair though, most classes for that age are a combo of tap and ballet.

Sky on

Jen and her mini-me are gorgeous. Looks like Violet is going to be tall like her parents.

Tracy on

Cute, cute, cute!

Manal on

Why are all celebrity children beautiful?!…!

Julie on

I really dont think you could call Violet ‘beautiful’. Shiloh Pitt and Samantha Harris’ daughter yes.

Jennifer on

Oh Julie… there’s always at least one…

Hayley on

Little Violet reminds me so much of Taylor Swift!!

Mel on

On the main site, there’s another angle of Jen and she looks like she’s sporting a bit of a baby bump. Maybe I’m seeing things!

And Julie: really? I find it hard to believe that between the time you wrote that and clicked to post it, nothing in your brain said, “Huh. Maybe I should remember that this is a nearly 5 year old girl who is beautiful and sweet and loved. Maybe I shouldn’t hit the “Post” button.”

Guess I’m wrong on that one.

Karen on

Jennifer does not look pregnant in the least, Mel! And KG, who cares if she’s not wearing ballet shoes. It was just a headline.

Georgie on

She’s so big! and BEAUTIFUL!

Beautee on

That was an uncessary thing to say. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there are plenty of people who consider Shiloh to be an average blonde haired – blue eyed little girl (I think she’s gorgeous). You may not think so but Violet is a beautiful little girl to me and therefore can be what I’d call beautiful.

CelebBabyLover on

Beautee- You said it, girl! And Julie, it’s Shiloh JOLIE-Pitt! 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Mel- Yup, Jennifer’s pregnant! She’s about, oh, 20 or so months by now! She must be an Elephnant! 😉

CelebBabyLover on

I also want to say….Why is Shiloh the only Jolie-Pitt child people talk about when they talk about beautiful celeb babies? The twins are adorable to, and Maddox, Pax, and Zahara are also beautiful (Zahara, in fact, looks like she’s going to be a stunner when she grows up, IMO)! 🙂

Bancie1031 on

I can’t believe how TALL Violet has gotten! Violet IS beautiful and so is Jenn ….. I always enjoy seeing this mother daughter duet 😀

JM on

🙂 if there was one phrase that i wish didn’t come up on any of these posts but ESPECIALLY jennifer garner posts it would be “baby bump”. if any of these incredibly observant women were right about spotting these baby bumps then jennifer would have been pregnant (and at the same stage of pregnancy) for a long long time now. it’s just so tedious and i actually think it’s really disrespectful. would you like if you weren’t pregnant but every time you went out people discussed that you looked like you were. i am always suprised it is discussed so casually. it’s not something you’d say about a friend of yours when looking at a photograph of her, so why say it about someone who has simply made the bright decision to not be stick thin?

Allison on

Can I just say, I am so glad that I am not a celebrity and my picture is’nt splashed all over the internet….I had a big lunch today, that was delicious, and people would probably think that I was nearing my second trimester.

Who can pass up enchilladas? Lord knows I can’t.

Poor Jen, I think she looks fantastic and very realistic. She clearly eats, but in no way does she look pregnant to me! Violet is so lovely, I wonder what they are talking about?

Jordan on

@ Mel
I thought that too when I saw it. Don’t bother with the rude posters here. The angle makes her look like she’s a few months along.

Violet is adorable!

Jill on

Violet is adorable and beautiful. No one should ever pick on a child. My guess is that Jennifer didn’t want her to wear her ballerina sows home so she put on other shoes.

Oh and Jennifer is about 14 months pregnant, right up there with Gwen Steffani.

Sarah K. on

Jill, I was thinking the same thing. When I did ballet as a child I never wore my ballet shoes outside. Everyone would change so we didn’t ruin the ballet shoes since they’re more delicate than walking/running shoes.

Julie, I don’t know why you would take the time to state your opinion that a little girl isn’t beautiful. Nice attempt at being controversial.

Lauren on

people can voice their own opinions if they want to. chill.

Lila on

Wow, she is going to be tall and leggy! My daughter is 4 and comes up to my belly button- and she is in the 95th percentile.

They seem like such a loving and happy family. It makes me smile when I see them.

ELO on

You know what the very first thing I thought was when I saw this photo? “What a sweet picture! There is nothing negative that people will be able to say about this one” I was shocked when I saw Julie’s post, especially since it stated something as unkind as a young child not being beautiful.

In regards to Jen being pregnant, I think its just wishful thinking. Maybe made even more so by the fact that Matt and Luciana Damon are expecting and Ben and Jen usually seem to be expecting at the same time they are.

Jill on

Although of course I don’t know Jennifer, she really seems like a great, hands-on Mom, and her kids always seem so happy and well-behaved! She also seems like she could care less about the paparazzi which is great (unless of course they are bombarding her kids).

JustMe on

Agree with Jill… Jennifer Garner is a breath of fresh air when it comes to Hollyweird; always dressed in practical and simple clothes when out and about doing her normal routine… which includes being with her children a lot.
Those children are fortunate! Oh and funny thing! I always thought Violet was one of the most beautiful children I ever saw (famous and non)… but what do I know, right? LOL

stephanie on

There is another picture of her on the same day on another website and its a full frontal pic and she does appear to have a little bump and in this pic she seems to be trying to cover it with her purse.

Romy on

JM–even though Jen Garneer is fit and thin I can see how people always think she’s pg. It’s just her shape. If people on a board like this speculate I say who cares. Celebs should know better than to come to a place like this and read comments about themselves. If they choose to read them then that’s their decision, but by now they know. I do think it’s annoying when magazines constantly put it on their cover. How many pregnancies has Jen Aniston had now according to the mags? And Violet is cute. Shiloh is too, though it’s hard to say ‘beautiful’ when she looks so much like a boy (not that that bothers me!). I doubt Shiloh wants to be called beautiful, but she obviously has nice features!

Jill on

Lauren, I agree that people can voice their opinions. IMO the way a child looks should never negatively be discussed.

CelebBabyLover on

JM- I agree! I feel so bad that, if a female celebrity of child-bearing age is not stick-thin, everyone is screaming that she’s pregnant. Really, no wonder eating disorders are so prevelant in Hollywood these days (granted, I realize it’s also largely due to the fact that, in Hollywood, “stick thin” is seen as the ideal. I’m just saying that people going “She must be pregnant!” every time you don’t have a flat stomach can’t help matters, either!).

Romy- I agree with you, too. Jennifer herself has even acknowledge that she always looks two months pregnant since having Violet. I also want to point that, between Violet’s birth and Jennifer getting pregnant with Sera, there were also constant pregnancy rumors….and a few of those times, Jennifer actually looked even more “pregnant” than she does here! 🙂

Point being, appearences can be very decieving! 🙂

MiB on

I can’t remember which young celebrity (who by the way didn’t have any children) it was who said “If I had been pregnant every time the tabloids reported I was I would have 19 kids already!”. I think the same would go for Jennifer Garner (or she’s just an elephant with a gestation period of 20 months and a child hidden away somewhere!)

guest on

Violet and seraphina are so beautiful/ Violet looks like mom and Sera looks like both

B on

She’s only four and a half? She looks pretty tall to me!