Look for Less: Honor Warren’s Cowboy Chic

10/12/2010 at 10:00 AM ET

Honor Warren sure knows how to dress for a party.

On Sept. 26, the 2-year-old cutie rocked a Rasta-inspired print dress ($90) from 12th Street by Cynthia Vincent‘s limited-edition baby collection paired with Rocky Top Leather toddler cowboy boots ($40) to a pal’s birthday bash.

Love Honor’s outfit? You’re in luck. We’ve rounded up a similar look perfect for fall — with all items under $24!

Courtesy of Roxy


Roxy‘s bright Popstar Dress ($24) is fit for a pint-size diva! The fab frock features a sweet bow, cute buttons and stylish pleats.

Courtesy of Dillard’s


While Honor wore her dress alone to soak up the sun, we recommend adding a cozy topper as the weather gets cooler.

2 Hip by Wrapper‘s lightweight Cardigan Sweater ($20) comes in four different colors — gray, black, red, and white — and is perfect for fall.

Courtesy of Target


From the pretty floral applique to the sturdy fit, Circo‘s Delsie Cowboy Boots ($20) would look super cute on any mini wrangler.

— Anya Leon

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Hea on

Sorry but this looks like something the likes of adult r’n’b women would wear. Not a two year old.

Lauren on

I agree. With no jeans or leggings underneath, this outfit just looks creepy on a toddler.

Lilianne on

Hmm..well, I agree that it is super cute. I used to dress my daughters like this when they were little, minus the boots. I don’t know very many adult women who would wear a romper with cowboy boots? But let me think..Ok…Britney Spears might. 😀 And it IS a romper because you can see the matching bloomers in other pictures. Very appropriate for a 2 year old..in my humble opinion.

Lilianne on

I have to correct myself. What Honor is wearing here isn’t a romper. :/ A romper is a one piece outfit. Don’t know what I was thinking of? Sorry for the mistake. But it is still cute and appropriate for her age.

Becky on

Hea – im so glad im not the only one thinking this! I looked at the picture and must admit i was horrified at how short that dress is on the girl. I have a daughter the same age as her (infact i think they were born the same week) and i would never dream of putting a child of this age in a short dress and cowboy boots. Perhaps i am being too OTT, but i think kids are being sexualised through their clothing far too young these days.

B on

The dress has matching bloomers. She is a toddler. What are we going to see under there aside from a diaper or a pair of bloomers?

ELO on

While I don’t really care for the outfit I wasn’t at all surprised to it. This outfit looks to me like many others that we see her in every week.

Beautee on

She is too stinkin cute.

dee on

How is this outfit sexual or sexualizing in any way, shape, or form? Are diaper commercials only for primetime now b/c I think I missed that on the news.

Anna on

This outfit is super cute and very appropriate for her age. Children have been wearing this length dresses + bloomers for forever. I do not know any adult who would wear bloomers.

Lilianne on

I was wondering that myself, dee. Short dresses like this worn with bloomers have been worn for many, many years. A very famous little girl used to wear them, in fact. Anyone remember Shirley Temple? She wore dresses with a VERY short hemline with bloomers underneath. Was she dressing sexually back then? I don’t think any reasonable person would think that she was. So how is it different now? As I stated, my oldest daughter, who is now 21, wore things like this when she was a baby/toddler.

Bianca on

Looks a little bit short, that skirt.

erilynne on

I also agree, it’s a cute dress but to short! Need some leggings or something.

Alyssa on

I just find it sad how much people with money spend on children’s clothing. There’s starving kids all over this country and this girl is wearing a modified shirt that costs $90???

Alyssa on

Where’s her pants?

Tess on

It looks like a top, not a dress. It’s too short.

McK on

Ok the dress is something completely normal for a girl her age to be dressed in. I’ll admit I too felt something was off when I saw this picture, but I think if she were wearing that dress with more juvenile sandals or shoes it would look completely normal with regards to length and everything.. The boots are just giving off a weird adult/grown up vibe

Masha on

I really don’t see the issue in what Honor is wearing. Yes, it’s short but she’s two! As long as it was weather appropriate who cares? It certainly isn’t suggestive and anyone who thinks it is should probably be on some sort of government list.

acorr on

The dress is totally cute however my first reaction was…WOW that’s kinda short

kim on

Love the dress and it looks really cute on her. Just not liking the boots personally because they are too grown-up for my own taste.

Bethan on

I totally agree with you, McK. It’s not the dress that I don’t like, it’s the shoes with it. The outfit would look absolutely gorgeous with sandals or casual shoes.

Or, if Jessica/Honor was wanting to go with cowboy boots, the outfit would be awesome with skinny jeans or something. I just think cowboy boots with trousers, sandals with just the dress. JMO though 🙂

Crystal on

I think she looks freaking adorable! Jessica dresses Honor super cute! ♥ the whole outfit. Especially the cowboys boots.
@Alyssa-Get a life! There are always going to be starving children all over the world. Maybe Jessica gives to charity and *SHOCKER* still has money left over to dress her child how she sees fit!

Hea on

It’s not the dress + boots I’m talking about. It’s the short short dress on a child. It’s barely even reaching mid-thigh. Short and colorful dresses like this one works great on Christina Milian, but then again, she’s 27 years older than Honor or something..?


Hea on

Lilianne – I don’t “remember” Shirley, I’m 25, but I do know from what I’ve read and seen of her that she was supposed to act like a little lady. Like an annoyingly chipper little lady and we’ve come a long way since the 1940’s and 50’s. Weird psycho sexually deranged people have too. A picture such as this one of Honor can be considered child pornography if you’re to stretch it. Many of the pictures in pedophiles computers that cops find are of children dressed “suggestively” (if they’d been adult it would have been considered hot), bathing naked on the beach, lying naked on sheep skin posing for pictures to give grandma for Christmas… Well, that last example was at least quite common in my country a few years ago but magazines have since started to firmly deny parents to publish that kind of pictures. A bare baby bottom is cute to you and me and, well, something else entirely to sick idiots. It’s sad, really. It’s sad that I even reacted like I did but I think I have good reason and I won’t shut up about it.

Erin on

Hea, yesterday there was a photo of Gisele on the beach with a totally naked Benjamin. Pervs will surely print that one for their collection, but does that mean we can’t/shouldn’t hold a naked baby on the beach? In Honor’s case, she was going to a private birthday party, not The Ivy! Maybe she was going swimming and the dress was more of a coverup? Does it matter? If it worries you, don’t dress your daughter like her. Pretty simple.

JessicaC on

would you let your 8 year old wear something that short? How about a 15 year old? I dont carethat shes a toddler, it’s just too short…

jessicad on

I think the outfit is cute, and I thought the debate over it last week was kind of silly, but now I can see that MAYBE it’s a little short. I think all girls hit an age when they can’t wear just a onesie or have their little bloomers showing anymore, whether or not Honor is there yet is up to her mother! My daughter is almost 3 and I probably would’ve put leggings with this, but I never even noticed how short it was until the negative comments came in. Love those boots and I’m dying to get a pair for my daughter!

Terri on

Wow, I thought it was a cute outfit on Honor. Surprised at the comments.

mamabear on

The length is fine..she’s a toddler AND she’s wearing navy blue bloomers underneath. I think it’s the grown-up looking boots that give this look it’s creepiness.

If she had on a pair of shorts, they would come down to about the same length – unless you bought them a size larger to “make them last longer.”

In these times, I can understand wanting to protect little girls from pervs…but Honor is TWO!

Where do we begin to draw the line from protectiveness to outright prudishness?

Amanda on

My god some of you really are… I don’t know what!! Too short? Are you kidding me? To short for what? She’s a little girl, and is dressed like a little girl. Super cute!!

Get over yourselves you who think “perv” into EVERYTHING!!

Carrie Jo on

I think the whole outfit is absolutely adorable!

MiB on

Here we go again. for over 50 years the appropriate lenght of a girls skirt was considered 2″ above the knee (with matching bloomers for toddlers). I have worn this lenght of dress when I has were age, they were inherited from my mother, who got it from relatives who wore it in the early 30’s. They were even used as church clothes! And guess what, these dresses are way more comfortable to play in than the longer dresses many girls are seen with these days. Just put a pair of matching bloomers under the dress (black should be fine with either of them) and you won’t really notice them.

Anonymous on

I’m more horrified by the $90 price tag than the length of the dress since it’s obvious she’s wearing bloomers.

If she weren’t, I wouldn’t think she’s dressed too sexually, but I would think her parents are not being very protective of her. Sadly, we have to think about protecting our children against disturbed people.

As for the price, I know the family can more than afford it, obviously, and there are much more expensive items, but I still think it’s pretty unreasonable for a little summer dress.

Hea on

Erin – I would never let my children be naked in a public place such as the beach. It is not illegal in a lot of countries to take pictures of naked children on the beach and do whatever you want with your pictures. I do not have a problem with nakedness, that’s not an issue the way some of you probably think right now, but I work with little children. I have to think this way for everyone’s safety. I do not see a reason as to why five year olds (I know Benjamin’s not 5) to run naked on the beach unless it’s a nude beach. Stopping to pee and poop when it fits ’em too. 😉

The rest of you – I guess things differs from country to country. I have never seen a child wear “bloomers”. Tights, yes. Leggings, yes. Bloomers? I had to google it.

Georgina on

I think McK and Bethan have said it the best. Im not shocked by the dress at all, nor do I think its inappropriate or anything, I just think the boots make it look like a rather odd outfit for a 2 year old. Maybe because in England at the first sign of sunshine everyone has the sandles and flip-flops on so wearing such sturdy wintery type boots seems a bit perculiar with such a summery dress.

JM on

wow sad, that some people are so ashamed of nudity (not that this has anything to do with little Honour’s dress). i never thought i’d meet a parent that would say they wouldn’t let their young children be naked on a beach. are you serious? they are kids. my brother and i used to run around naked in summer and never gave it a second thought. i mean seriously, it’s adults who are creating this society of fear (and the media fuels it) that there is a child molester around every corner and we should therefore limit children’s freedom. just let them be kids for gods sake.

as for the dress, i have tried and tried to see what could be offensive about this, but seriously, she is two???? it worries me that there are adults who are so scared by this sort of thing.

Bancie1031 on

I personally think it’s a cute outfit. Honor is such a cutie!

Hea on

JM – Did you miss the part where I said that I have no problem with nudity on purpose? I just want to protect and keep kids from being exploited. Nudity is freedom but I know beaches are often predatory waters and I’m not talking sharks. Predators are not around every corner but they do tend to lurk at obvious and anonymous places. Swimwear on if strangers are around in my opinion.

Kinsey on

I’m really shocked and disgusted by some of the comments. I don’t understand how some people find a toddler suggestive. That is more disturbing than a two year old in a sundress. Also, I wonder if maybe Honor wanted to wear the boots or there was a reason for them at the private birthday party she was attending. Oh well. All I know is that I really don’t care what she wears, as she isn’t my daughter.

Molly on

Hea, I think you are overreacting. Pedophiles could care less what kids are wearing. It’s about power not sexual desire. I don’t believe you fully understand pedophiles. You are acting like an expert but yet you missed some important facts. Just be concerned about your kids.

Hea on

Molly – I haven’t missed facts. I haven’t mentioned all the facts. Difference. And no, it’s not all about power but you who fully understand pedophiles, please, do tell us all the facts?

FC on

I think she’s adorable in that outfit, end of story.

Kay on

Kinsey… totally agree with you. The fact that so many people jump right to how “sexual” the dress looks is scary. Makes me wonder what you all are thinking everytime you see a little girl in a dress. I have put this length of dress on my daughter more times than I can count and she is 3. Seriously get over yourselves.

Zoe Lavender on


mimi on

I can’t believe how crazy some people on here are…. this outfit is totally appropriate for a toddler…. and really cute! Get a life people!

Jennifer on

Last I checked…I do notthink that Jessica Alba asked anyone for their opinion on how she dresses her kid. I am the mother of an 8 year old…most times other 8 year olds with their off the shoulder tees from Justince or too old outfits from Abercrombie kids make me a bit nauseus….however, they are not my kids and I only can protect and cherish my own.

As fro teh price tag, her parents are rich….them spending $90 for a dress is similar to me spending $49 for one from crewcuts…it’s all realative to your socio economic status.