Larry Birkhead: Dannielynn Even ‘Scowls Like Anna Nicole’

10/12/2010 at 11:00 AM ET
Denise Truscello/WireImage

Anna Nicole Smith‘s memory lives on in Larry Birkhead‘s house – whether it’s the multitude of pictures or the 4-year-old girl running around with the same mannerisms as her famous mother.

“When she’s mad she scowls like her mom,” Birkhead says of their daughter Dannielynn Hope.

“There isn’t a day that goes by where you don’t see some similarity to her mom.”

On Monday, though, the peppy little girl was anything but scowling. The energetic blonde was spotted scarfing down cupcakes and French fries and making her dad chase her through Las Vegas’s Beso during the Itzy Ritzy and Yum! Brands’ World Hunger Relief benefit.

Her smile is also a carbon copy of her mother’s, Birkhead said. Perhaps, though, she learned that smile from actually seeing Smith.

“She can identity her mom,” Birkhead said. “She knows when she sees her on television or features. I always make sure that there are plenty of pictures around and I tell her the kid-friendly stories. She’ll always remember her mom, but she’ll always remember [her brother] Daniel, as well.”

The pair share Smith’s former residence in Los Angeles — where a jury on Tuesday started deliberating felony charges in the two-month trial of two doctors and Smith’s boyfriend. The three are charged with multiple felony charges of conspiring to furnish prescription drugs to an addict.

Now in preschool, Dannielynn spends her time dreaming of new SpongeBob SquarePants toys, play dates with friends and desserts.

“I had to get a separate calendar to keep up with her social schedule,” Birkhead said. “Once you start school, it’s a whole new world. She’s having fun and doing great.”

— Mark Gray

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sarawara on

So grateful that this story has a happy ending. Kudos to Larry for not capitalizing on an innocent child, but instead rearing Dannielynn outside of Hollywood– away from the pressures that haunted her mom. Dannie obviously adores her Daddy.

Kelpy on

While she does resemble her Dad in many ways there’s a lot to remind us of Anna Nicole in Dannielyn.
I’m so pleased to see this little girl so happy and enjoying life and it’s easy to see that this father and daughter simply adore each other. You can’t fake Love like that.

Sarah S. on

Just out of curiosity: didn’t Dannielyn have eye surgery a few years ago to correct her right eye turning inward?

Mina on

This guy seems wonderful….which makes me question Anna Nicole. Why would she want that drug encouraging money hungry lusty lawyer to be her daughters father when she KNEW the father was Larry. Does anyone ever feel that Anna’s death might have been best for Dannielynn? Anna never got help. Her son was into drugs as was she. If she had lived, who knows how Dannielynn might turn out. Larry is certainly taking the high road in educating Dannielynn on her mom in a loving way, when all Anna did for Dannielynn was lie about her father and do drugs. Bless this kind hearted man…I certainly hope he finds a wonderful woman he deserves, and has all the happiness in the world!

Anonymous on

Sarah S – I wondered the same thing when I read this. I am not saying this to find fault – I have had similar concerns with a child, who thankfully did not need surgery.

Jess from Ohio on

My heart melts when I see these two together. They seem so close and share such a loving bond. I know Larry is very happy to be a daddy and has focused so much on her, and I hope one day, he will find the time and the desire to date (assuming he hasn’t already. He deserves a very special partner who will love him and Dannielynn both. I also respect very much that he stays out of the limelight enough to give her a normal life. I wish him and his child the very best.

B on

Surgery to correct strabismus isn’t always successful.

Mari Mari Quite Contrary on

I am so very glad that this special little girl as Larry as a father.

SE on

In an article awhile back Larry stated that Dannielynn wore a patch for some time to correct her problem. By wearing a patch on her good eye, her bad one was able to get stronger. He also said that he wore one too so she didn’t feel left out or out of place.

cris on

My child had surgery at 2 yrs for Strabismus in one eye after a year of ‘patching.’ It took a little while to notice a huge difference and 12 yrs later we still notice one eye moves inward when she is tired.

Dannie is an absolutely stunning child…so happy things worked out so well for her!

CelebBabyLover on

Sarah S.- She did indeed have surgery for strabismus (her right eye turning inward). If I’m remembering correctly, though, Larry DID say that it was possible she might end up needing another surgery. Her eyes look fine to me, though. 🙂 Anyway, Dannielynn is beautiful, and she DOES look a lot like Anna Nicole! 🙂

Rae on

Larry is doing the right thing, taking care of his daughter. what a great daddy he is to Dannylynn. A great story.

M926 on

Dannielynn is such a beautiful little girl. They both seem so happy together 🙂

Beautee on

I am so glad that Dannielynn has Larry for a father. She’s so pretty and is a great mixture of her mother and her father.

I definitely get what you are saying in your comment. No matter what the reasons were for Anna lying and saying Larry was not her daughter’s father, her drug addictions and what may have happened to Dannie had she lived, the fact remains that Anna is no longer here so none of those things matter.

M on

@Mina: I can relate to what you say. But it’s a little the as Heidi Klum and Seal obviously decided for Leni: to pretend Flavio Briatore did something really great by giving Seal the chance to raise her, while everyone knows he was a cheap asswhole.
I think what Larry does is really great, since children don’t need to know everything bad before they’re like at least 12 years old, probably older. She’s gonna know how her mother was eventually, just like Leni is going to know about her dad. Just not now.

shapri on

To Mina…..In my mind. I think Anna stayed with Howard because he he was telling her to. If the drugs he gave her made her hazy and weird,those drugs probably had an affect on her that made her do whatever Howard told her to do. I cannot stand the man personally and I do think he drugged her and her son. I saw the video of her when he made her up like a clown and she was so out of it and did not know what was going on round her,you can hear Howard laughing at her in the back ground, it is so sad what that man put her through. I hope he does go to prison,for taking two lives. I think he introduced Anna’s son Daniel to drugs too. Anna was probably on drugs that Howard gave her most of the time. I felt really bad for her and her son. Yes, Larry is an awesome dad,one of the best I have ever seen or read about. I am so happy for him and his daughter!!

Mira on

Btw, am I the only one to whom Larry looks 100% gay? Does he every show up to events with a girlfriend or a female date, at least?

Good for him for being a good father. That’s wonderful!

Hea on

How do one LOOK gay?

Larry is one of my favorite fathers to read about and Dannielynn is so darn cute.

Dalla on

God love you, Larry. Please just be sure to keep that girl away from drugs when she gets into her pre-teens and teens. I’m sure addiction runs in her genes, and with her positive growing up time with you, perhaps, she’ll be strong enough not to let that stuff into her life.

J on

I had strabismus as baby, as well. I was three when it was fixed. My right eye still wanders out when its tired, however, my left eye is now following suit and wandering when its tired twenty years later.

Saralee on

So often the posts on these articles get really snarky and mean spirited. I don’t want to go there, but I do have to mention one thing…

I think it’s wonderful that this little girl has a responsible, attentive parent who appears to be raising her in a positive, loving environment. But let’s not hero worship Larry Birkhead too much. There are single mothers out there every day doing the same thing for their children, and rarely do they receive the type of media attention and general admiration that single dads do. Again, I don’t disagree that this is a lovely story, but I want to also make mention of the mothers who do this type of thing every day, and our society just seems to “expect” it of them. If you choose to have a child, by giving birth to him/her or by providing the fertilization that created them, you SHOULD be responsible for the rearing of that child. So I am happy for Dannielynn’s outcome, but not necessarily overly impressed by Larry Birkhead choosing to raise his own child after her mother’s death.

nicole on

Btw, am I the only one to whom Larry looks 100% gay? Does he every show up to events with a girlfriend or a female date, at least?

Good for him for being a good father. That’s wonderful!

– Mira on October 13th, 2010
Seriously Mira? It’s called raising a young child and putting their needs before your own. He’s focusing all his attention on his daughter who has no mother, no brother because they are DEAD. Getting a girlfriend or laid is probably not a priority right now and wouldn’t be for any decent individual. Obviously you are not one of them.

nicole on

saralee: If you dont want to read a story like this, dont go to a “celebrity” website. DUH.

Mina on

Saralee…its more that he is choosing to raise her OUT of the spotlight. He can pimp her out for money like Kate Gosselin does to her kids. He is giving her a normal childhood, even tho she is the daughter of a late celebrity. Its not JUST because he is a single dad. He is making the RIGHT decisions even tho he was thrust into fatherhood. That is a wonderful thing. Things are hard for him. The childs mother is dead as is her brother. They were into drugs, so he has to shelter her from that. She is a little girl…he will have to teach her all the sex and period talks when its a mother who should be doing that and it will no doubt be hard for him. He had to literally fight just to get her…and spend lots of money (he didnt have) in doing so.

Single moms do alot too, yes…nobody is taking anything away from them. But Larry hasnt had it easy and he deserves respect.

Hea on

Saralee – So just because single mothers don’t get all the credit they deserve – Larry should go without? Who wins with that situation?

Beautee on

I get the jest of what you are saying but there was not one poster that seemed to praise him solely based on the fact that he is a single father. I think people were saying he is good father because he seems to be, it’s his actions not his marital status. This is no different than saying Hugh J., Seal, Brad P., Will S. etc.. are good fathers.

Niko on

Mira, your homophobic comment is very disappointing, and it really shows your age. What kind of ignorance is this? First of all, there’s no such thing as “looking gay”. Only someone with a 12 year old mindset says something like “this guy looks 100% gay”.

Its impossible to tell someone’s sexual orientation just by looking at him/her. Its like saying “this girl looks HIV positive!” Ridiculous. So what if he has no woman in his life? Larry is a wonderful father to Danielynn, that’s the only thing that matters. Larry’s personal/love life is really nobody’s business.

hall on

He needs to get her eyes checked. If he doesn’t, she can go blind.

Vicki on

Hall — You cannot go blind from strabismus.
Mira — Not at all from how he looks (cause I don’t know what “gay” looks like), but I thought he had come out as gay. Not that it matters, since he seems like an amazing parent who is really taking the time to raise this little girl the right way. God bless them. After reading stories about some parents these days hurting their children, it certainly is heartwarming to see someone who is actually loving and caring for a child.

msbemidji on

Bravo, Larry Birkhead! There is hope for the male species after all. lol She looks very happy in this photo, I applaud you for a job well done!


Anna nicole lived most of her life in a drug induced haze…. it’s a miracle she gave birth to a healthy child…. what ever will that child think when she grows up and possibly views some of the episodes from her mother’s reality series… and sees her mothers incessant slurring and talking with her eyes at half-mast from taking too many pills/God knows what… or the award show podium scene…. i’m certain there was a sweet sober side to A/N but she lived a life of indulgence and gross immaturity….. very sad….. the good news is she struck gold with what appears to be a loving, grounded daddy….



Beware on

To saralee who wrote about single moms – I am so tired of hearing about how great single moms are raising their children themselves – many of them purposely make it difficult for the fathers to be with their children – even though they pay their child support. While in most states child custody is not supposed to be governed by the payment of child support it definitely is.However, on the opposite side – even if a dad pays their child support it does not guarantee visitation or anything else – even if the dad is deemed a good dad. I really am sick of these moms trying to sanctify their actions and try to taint their child’s view on their own dad.

Dannielynn looks very happy to be in the capable hands of a man -not a woman – kids don’t need a mom anymore than they need a dad as so many of you single moms think.

anna on

He seems like a really great dad to his little girl. God bless him

Ronda on

Larry and Dannie look great! She is a sweetie. Anna Nicole had addiction problems and no emotional stability to see her through life. Those around her were greedy, self-destructive, and manipulative. Larry fought a difficult fight to win his daughter back in court. He does an excellent job parenting Dannielynn. She is one lucky little girl! I am sure if opportunity arises, Larry would date a great lady to possibly enter marriage–his daughter is priority now, rightfully so.

Mina on

Beware I agree. I was a young single mom and I never ever wanted praise for my hard work and sacrifice. I made the decision to open my legs and I had to deal with the result…even if dad didnt want to. I know TONS of single moms who are not raising their children properly. Their kids are brats. They should NOT be praised. Larry is doing what a GOOD parent should do…that is why he is being praised.

Adoption is always an option for a single mom who finds the job of single motherhood overbearing. I was fortunate to have help from both the father and my family so I didnt have to do that, but if I didnt have that help, I would have givin my baby over to a loving family in a heartbeat.

Diana on

I wrote a beautiful post about the pair and it disappeared before I could post it. I think Dannilyn has the best daddy in the whole world and I believe Larry loves her enough to die for her if necessary. God Bless them both. She seems sincerely happy and only time will tell if Larry can keep her away from the kind of life her mother had…I believe he will do whatever it takes to make it happen. She does get to interact with children her own age, such as Tori’s children and Denise Richard’s girls…both are good mom’s who would help Larry with advice if he needed it….Congrat’s Larry on being a great dad!!

CelebBabyLover on

DEEBEE- I agree! I’m sure Larry knows how to care for his daughter, and when to seek medical attention for her. I’m sure that, after her surgery, Dannielynn’s doctors also told him what to watch out for post-op….including any signs that more treatment is needed. 🙂

shapri- I don’t like Howard myself, and I definitely think he had some involvement in Anna’s drug use. I’m not going to go into anymore details, since I don’t think this is the right time or place to do that, but I will say this much: I don’t think Howard delibritely murdered Anna or Daniel.

Mira- I agree with everyone else who said that you can’t tell someone is gay just by the way they look. And so what if Larry’s gay? Nothing wrong with that!

denise on

They are always together. Always seem happy and loving. My hats go off to him, he is doing a great job at parenting alone. I wish them nothing but joy and love.

SHar on

I love reading stories like this one. I watched the hell that Larry went through just to prove he was her dad and he was relentless in his quest to get her. I never doubted it for a minute. You dont see him doing many interviews but I saw one not so long ago and he talked about his daughter’s eye and I do believe she had the surgery but I thought he said there may be more to come. But he is definitely on top of everything with regards to her. He said he was so worried when he first got her cause of knowing Anna’s was using drugs during her pregnancy that he was always in the doctor’s office checking and double checking to make sure there were no residual effects from the drug use. He said he was amazed that there werent any problems from the drug use but he didnt stop investigating it until he felt sure she was totally okay. Anytime you see these two together she looks so happy and well adjusted and that is thanks to him and I think he deserves all the praise one can give him because he followed through on what he said he would do with Dannilynn when there were more doubters than believers. Great work Larry – I have always been a believer!!!

Sam on

Great story. I’m glad to see that dad and his little girl are doing well. They are blessed. God blesses good people and He is doing that now. Any snarky comments are laughable. There is NOTHING negative to say about this man and his child. This article was a delight to read. I also remember what he went to so he could get his daughter. I also remember that her mother and brother passed away within months of each other. To see this little girl and Larry thriving despite this makes me feel like true love and strength has no limits. God bless both of you! 🙂

Alyssa on

I don’t get why Larry is still in the spot-light. He needs to stop milking it and go away. Let his daughter grow up like a normal kid and not with cameras in her face.

Niko on

“I don’t get why Larry is still in the spot-light. He needs to stop milking it and go away.”

Please. This types of criticism is annoying and undeserved. How often is Larry in the spotlight exactly? Its not like he’s a Kardashian. He rarely gets covered/reported on on this site. He stays out of the spotlight, as far as I can tell. Its NOT his fault that a paparazzo spots him and takes pics of him and his daughter.

Mina on

I do not believe to Larry, absolutely, it’s just money

paulette on

what an adorable little girl she is!!! such a blessing to see her doing so well. very happy for her and her special daddy.

jojo jung on

I always love to read anything about Dannielyn.

jojo jung on

I always love to read about Dannielyn and her father Larry.
I think he is the best person to get into Dannielyn’s life.

CelebBabyLover on

Niko- To be fair, this wasn’t just some paparazzi snapping pictures of Larry and Dannielynn. They were at an event (a World Hunger Relief Benefit according to this post), and Larry obviously knew they would get photographed.

That being said, I agree with you. We rarely see Larry and Dannielynn. Not only that, but it’s also rare that Larry gives any interviews…..and he seems to be giving them even less than he used to. He also seems to be doing photoshoots with Dannielynn less and less. For example, this is the first year that there hasn’t been a photoshoot of Dannielynn, accompanied by an article with an interview from Larry, in one of the tabloids for Dannielynn’s birthday.

So really, Larry IS pretty much raising Dannielynn out of the spotlight. I also want to add that, like it or not, Larry will always be in the spotlight to some extent, both because of his relationship with Anna Nicole, and the fact that his daughter is a celebrity baby. The media is naturally going to be interested. 🙂

Anonymous on

I’m with you Mira. He ‘looks’ gay to me in a Clay Aiken, Lance Bass kind of way.

Anonymous on

nico— have you heard of “gaydar” All of my gay friends have it— they are the first ones to tell me ” so and so is gay” I wouldn’t have a clue=== but they are always right=== so, YES you can look gay “not that there’s anything wrong with that”

D on

Well, there is absolutely NO doubt whatsoever, that this baby is NOT Howard K. Sterns. ABSOLULTEY no resemblance at all.

Traci on

I love the way Larry has raised Dannielynn (out of the spotlight). She looks absolutely happy and content with her daddy and you can definitely tell she’s loved very much.

As for the eye surgery, she did have this and obviously it worked because you don’t see a lazy eye anymore so why would you ask that stupid question. She’s beautiful with or without a lazy eye dumbo.

Crystal on

I had Strabismus up until I was 6 years old when I had successful surgery for it, so that was 35 years ago and I’ve never had any issues since.

Traci on

Anyone who thinks Larry’s in it for the money needs to get a life.

All he’s trying to do is give Dannielynn the best life possible so “SHUT YOUR FACE”!

Mira on

Did anyone actually read the article carefully? How about this part? “The pair share Smith’s former residence in Los Angeles” I though he was raising her in Kentucky.

Also, how are you all so sure that Larry raises her and not nannies and that he could care less for the millions that this girl is potentially worth?

Maybe he is a great father and a totally selfless person, but you sure as hell cannot be as certain as you all are just from reading a few self-selected interviews.

CelebBabyLover on

Mira- Well, if Larry was letting nannies raise Dannielynn, I doubt she’d look as happy and at ease with him as she does. Also, he was fighting for that little girl way BEFORE Anna’s death, before the inheritance issue ever came up (unlike all the other men who suddenly came out of the woodwork AFTER Anna’s death and claimed to be Dannielynn’s father!). That tells me that truly does love Dannielynn, and has her best interests at heart. 🙂

Also, just as we can’t know for certain that he’s not just in it for the money, you can’t be 100 percent certain that he is.

Traci- I agree with what you’re saying, but you’re being no better than the negative posters by calling names (dumbo)!

CelebBabyLover on

As far as living in Kentucky…..I get the impression that they split their time between Kentucky and LA. I imagine they’re in LA right now because of the trial against Howard and the doctors. If I’m remembering correctly, I think Larry has and/or will be testifying against Howard.

Niko on

To Anonymous: I don’t like the word “gaydar”. I personally find it tacky. Anyway, some people are very intuitive and recognize gay people instantaneously, and I’m one of those people. I knew Clay Aiken and Lance Bass were gay long before they publicly acknowledged it. I has much more to do with intuition/ gut-feeling than appearance. It makes more sense to say “I think he’s gay” than “he looks gay”. Its just silly to say that, IMO. What does that even mean? How do you explain looking gay exactly?

p.s., I think we can count Larry out as being gay for obvious reasons: dated and bore a child with Anna Nicole.

TJ on

Thank God this little girl has this man to be her daddy. Just think of what her life would have been like with Anna Nicole as her mother. I’m sure it would have been very unstable.

Now, she has a great chance of a very nice life. I just hope that the drug addictions of her mom and brother were not passed down to her.

Bless her.