Family Photo: The Parker-Brodericks Sunday Stroll

10/12/2010 at 05:00 PM ET

What a cute bunch! Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker enjoy a day out with their daughters — Marion Loretta (l) and Tabitha Hodge (r) — on Sunday in New York City. The 15-month-old twins’ big brother James Wilkie, 8 this month, sat this stroll out.

Jackson Lee/Splash News Online

Jackson Lee/Splash News Online
Jackson Lee/Splash News Online


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Jess from Ohio on

Wow, those little girls are beautiful! They look a lot alike, especially in the eyes. And I never thought I’d say it, but their names have grown on me a lot- epsecially Tabitha.

Bree on

I love the look on Mathew and Marion’s faces in the last picture, so adorable!!

Lisa on

Anyone know if the kids are 100% biologically theirs. Did they use both Sarah’s egg and Matthew’s sperm? Or just Matthews sperm?

tink1217 on

oh I love the one of Matthew swinging her!!!! That funny face!! Love daddies and their babies!

Terri on

Oh, they’re so cute!

Kat_momof3 on

who knows.. Sarah Jessica could have frozen eggs… or maybe they used an egg donor… who cares? Regardless, they are THEIR kids… and they obviously love their parents and vice versa.

jordan on

happy to see them all out and together(well minus James)but they almost had it.:) But they are too cute

Catherine on

I think Loretta looks just like Sarah J. and Tabitha looks like Matthew.

Romy on

Sarah is probably so happy to photographed with him–and he’s actually somewhat smiling and happy! Cute girls!

natasha on

I think they’re both of their biological children. I don’t think it’s an irrelevant question.

Trish on

So adorable!!! The babies look like both their parents, Tabitha favors Matthew, Marion favors SJP, and their son a perfect mix of them!! Beautiful Family!!

Lacey on

I think they’re biological. The girls, look a lot like their brother. Cute pictures!

Sarah M. on

Kat_momof3 – There’s not malice or harm meant in the question. It was asked in regards to the twins features and looks. Trying to figure out which baby has what features from mom and what features from dad, if you will. 🙂

I also like that they aren’t always dressed EXACTLY the same. Sometimes they are dressed totally different and sometimes it’s the same style or shirt/pants but in different colors. I have 2 families that I sit for who dress their kids almost exactly alike, and they aren’t even twins. One has 2 girls, 1 and 3, and the other has 2 boys, 3 and 4. The boys look alike, too, even without factoring in what they are wearing!

Kathryn on

what adorable babies! i agree that their names have grown on me, they seemed weird at first but at least they’re weird in a classy way and not in a trashy way!

happy to see matthew and sarah jessica out together! i hope they never split up – like. every. body. else.

Julie on

I honestly don’t know why a person would say Who Cares? When asked if they used an egg donor or not. It would mean a lot to the actual person born of sperm or egg donation to know their medical history and roots.

sophie on

Beautiful girls, love these pictures! Really though is it any of our business as to the egg donor or not issue???? I think not. As to the who cares comment someone else made, I don’t think that was meant to imply that it wouldn’t matter to the girls but that why the heck does it matter to anyone else.

CelebBabyLover on

Julie- I’m pretty sure all that person meant is why do WE care if the girls are biologically Sarah and Matthew’s? Whether or not they are doesn’t affect us any, so it’s nothing we need to be concerned with. 🙂

Anyway, the girls are adorable!

Sophia on

Could those girls be any sweeter?! My goodness, what adorable little things!

MiB on

Well Julie, you said it ” It would mean a lot to the actual person born of sperm or egg donation to know their medical history and roots.”. It could mean a lot for the children and their doctors, but is seriously of no importance at all to the rest of the world!

Beautee on

Look at those two pretty girls. Matthew and Sarah look really happy.

Anonymous on

I think it’s pretty normal to be curious about whether they are biologically both of theirs. Of course, they are their children no matter what. But the fact that they used the surrogate means people wonder just like they would wonder if a relative or neighbor did it. It’s just human nature to want to know, it does not mean there’s a judgment attached to it. The girls are very cute. I see a little Matthew in them, but not much Jessica. Having said that, my son looks like his father and my father, but me? nope…) so that’s not much of a clue!

Brooklyn on

Cute. Cute. Cute!

cara on

OMG, they are absolutely adorable little girls.

Lady on

Adoooooorableeeee!!!!! I love the way Sarah dresses them, so classic!!

janie on

Those babies are absolutely adorable!

Pam on

Wow – they are each holding their “mini me’s”

Brooke on

I love the pic of Matthew pushing Loretta and the way she is looking back. SO cute!!!

Veronica on

You cannot freeze eggs. They have to be fertilized first and when they are embryos, they can be frozen.

stu on

I read that they used a surrogate and the surrogate was being harassed by the paparazzi. I wanna think they are 100% theirs.