Tiffani Thiessen ‘Overwhelmed for All the Right Reasons’ with Daughter, Children’s Nursery Line

10/08/2010 at 10:00 AM ET
Randall Slavin

As a new mom to 4-month-old daughter Harper Renn, Tiffani Thiessen has started to adjust to the sleepless nights and never-ending feeding schedule — sort of.

“I’m overwhelmed, but for all the right reasons,” she says. Now if only she could get her baby girl to slow down a little.

“She rolled over really quickly, which kind of scared the crap out of me,” says Thiessen, 36. “She’s already been scooting for a couple of weeks now! I think she’s going to be an early walker, which frightens me.”

Then again, Harper has to keep up with her busy mom: In addition to her role on USA’s White Collar, Thiessen is also launching a new children’s collection, PetitNest, which includes furniture, bedding and wall art.

Randall Slavin


The actress partnered with HGTV Design Star finalist Lonni Paul to create the collection, which shies away from the traditional baby blue and pink color palettes.

“We wanted our fabrics to be a little more sophisticated and less child-like,” says Paul, herself a mom to 4-year-old twins Jett and Sophie.

Adds Thiessen: “We didn’t want the typical, cliché baby furniture. It was important to us to have a style that appeals to people who are very much into the design world.”

Randall Slavin


Meanwhile, Harper’s already showing she has clear opinions of her own. “She does not take a bottle,” says the star. “She’s full-on breastfed. She’s all Mommy. It’s challenging for sure, but it’s what’s best for her.”

As for regaining her pre-baby shape, “I was working out with a trainer in New York and trying to do all that, but I’m giving myself a break and not going crazy — because I can’t. I can’t do that,” says Thiessen.

“My priority is her right now — and PetitNest! I’ve lost a lot of weight and I’ve still got a little bit more to go, but I’ll get there. And I’m okay with that.”

— Michelle Tauber

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Jacqui on

Of course I like celebrities and find them interesting, but sometimes I wish they would just stick to the one thing they do best, be it singing, acting, or what have you.

Renee on

I love what I have seen so far of the collection! I have always thought Tiffani had great taste. If I had a baby I would so buy this. I love that it isn’t so babyish so a kid can grow into it and you don’t have to change it. I love the wall art. Will be buying it for myself. lol It is very classy and I think would look great even in a room for a young adult like mine. Funny enough my walls a lavender just like her baby Harper’s. so it will match beautifully! Great job Tiffani and Lonni!

Anonymous on

jacqui, i am with you, except that most celebrities don’t have anything to do with what they’re “designing”. what usually happens is the real designer designs 5 things and they celebrity picks what he/she likes and they tack their name onto it and BAM, they’re “designers”. i think it sounds like tiffani is quite involved in this line of baby gear so i won’t complain. this stuff is classy and timeless.

JChicago on

Jacqui, I aggree too. Celebrities need to stop “branding” themselves. That being said, I do like the furniture they show above. However, what is the pricing? Is this going to be affordable for working parents or is this just a celebrity line for celebrities?

JChicago on

Oh, I went on the website and answered my own question. All the furniture is over $1,200 and the bedding is over $500. So it’s a line for people with some money to burn. I’m an adult with a good paying job and I don’t even have a bed that costs $1,000 or sheets that costs hundreds more. Overpriced children’s furniture kills me even if you can afford it. A child who has a room without a design budget in the tens of thousands of dollars grows up just as well-adjusted (maybe even moreso) as children who do.

Lola on

Hey, if any of you were celebrities, I’d bet you’d be quick to “brand” yourselves too — if an opportunity arises for a person, why wouldn’t they take it? I sure would — in today’s economy, a celebrity who doesn’t sell out would be a fool. That being said, love Tiffani – she’s awesome.

Katie on

Sounds like Tiffani may have a very intelligent little girl on her hands! Early motor skills are often a sign of a high IQ. I took my first steps between 7 and 8 months and graduated high school just before my 14th birthday.

2424 on

The crib looks like a cage.

shellibean on

I get that they want to design timeless pieces for the nursery, and I love the colors/patterns…would be nice though if someone would take the initiative to design beautiful things that parents who don’t rake in actor’s salary can afford…. just sayin’. and the crib does remind me of a cage too, but I love the bedding and the chairs….

Happy Mom on

Where was this stuff when I had my girls? Looks cute!

Kate on

All cribs look like cages…

I think the line looks great. We’re currently trying for our second, so I can’t wait to see the bedding in person.

Miche on

The only problem with “celebrity designed” lines is that it always jacks up the price because of the “name” attached to it.

Stephanie on

Way to go Tiffani! Breastfeeding over bottle feeding is the way to go, if you are able. Better for baby, better for you. The designs are great too. Something slightly more price friendly would be sure to catch the eye of even more people though. Love the concept.

Renee on

I have a feeling they will add other things to the line and probably a less expensive version in the future. This is just to start with. That’s the impression I got from Lonni Paul.

Mel on

Show me a crib that doesn’t look like a cage! I think the furniture is beautiful.

CelebBabyLover on

Kate and Mel- I agree! I’ve yet to see a crib that DOESN’T look like cage!

JG on

I hope those sheets are woven with solid gold for that price. I wouldn’t even spend $500 on sheets for my own bed, let alone the bed of a baby that will spit up, poop and pee all over them. I wouldn’t pay that much for baby bedding under any circumstances, no matter how pretty the pattern is. Ridiculous, if you ask me. I mean, the baby isn’t going to be impressed by how the sheets look or care who designed them, so why bother spending the money?

Molly on

A question to most of you, why are you here? Some of you only bash celebrity parents, never comment on kids or share your own stories of your kids. Why log onto a celebrity baby blog if all you are going to do is whine and throw tantrums about celebrates having various careers. I had no idea that so many women think being ambitious is such a bad thing.

CelebBabyLover on

Lydia- Who says that crib can be used for only about two years? Sure, a child only needs a crib for about two years….but who’s to say that after they outgrow it, it won’t be used for a younger sibling, or a cousin or friend?

It just irks me when people seem to forget that there is a little thing called hand-me-downs!

Lis on

Oh I loved Lonni on Design Star! How cool! I think she even made over one of Tiffani’s rooms on Design Star… Interesting 🙂

Chris Jannuzzi on

Saw this stuff at the trade show this week. It’s beautiful furniture and looks to be very well made. And of course, Tiffani looks great!

mom to 3 on

“a little more sophisticated and less childlike…didn’t want cliche baby furniture…design world” – she is not the first, with the celebrity baby trend comes more baby crap, everyone is an expert…sophisticated or not in the end the only thing that matters to the baby is quality time w/mum and dad, not all the material things.

daniela on

Too modern for my tastes, but Tiffany is looking great tho!

Rebecca on

If I pay that much for a crib, there’s no frenching way I’m loaning it out to someone! It would be an heirloom, put into storage and passed down, but I wouldn’t be giving it to someone that could ruin a few thousand dollar investment.