Inside Ali Larter’s Baby Shower!

10/08/2010 at 03:00 PM ET
Ali Larter – John Shearer/WireImage

Ali Larter celebrated her baby shower for her upcoming baby boy last weekend — and we’ve got the photos and additional details.

Designed by David Stark and presented by Target and Baby Buggy, the party focused on the less fortunate. The actress, 34, will continue to donate through her Ali Larter for Baby Buggy registry on, where the public can purchase items to be sent to mothers in need.

Additionally, a financial donation has been made to Project Peanut Butter, an organization which helps malnourished children in Africa.

The invitations – John Shearer/WireImage


The feel of the party: “I didn’t want anything too stuffy,” Larter tells PEOPLE of the garden shower. “The roses were blooming, it was one of those moments you just want to capture and never forget. There was a great energy and this incredible harmonious feel to the day.”

Picking a theme: “We kind of modeled it after my nursery which is very modern but also very earthy. I grew up in a yellow nursery so I love the color yellow for kids,” she explains. “We wanted a very worldy and natural feel. And there were bongos playing which was really fun.”

The food: Guests like shower co-host Amy Smart and Hollywood pals Busy Philipps and Nicole Sullivan noshed on organic fare and sipped rose champagne.

Why she chose to focus on charity: “It’s very expensive to be a mother and there are a lot of people who are unable to afford that,” she acknowledges. “I just feel lucky to be able to help out.”

Preparing for delivery: “I’m excited to experience [it]. To be able to have this child growing inside of me and to then see him come into this world, I know it’s going to be the most incredible thing that’s ever happened to us,” Larter shares. “I’m a little nervous for the labor. Moms that have been through it laugh at me. They’re like, ‘Just wait!'”

Amy Smart, Ali Larter, Busy Philipps and Nicole Sullivan – John Shearer/WireImage


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Nicole on

I really like her maternity style. I loved that lilac dress she wore to a RE premier.

jessicad on

What an awesome example she sets with the charity, good for her and I know she’ll make a great Mommy! I love her dress and the friend touching her belly, very sweet and reminds me of my group of girl friends!

Labor is extremely scary but definitely a very surreal and amazing experience:)

weu on

So the baby’s name is Mac?

steph on

i had my shower last weekend, too…but no media outlets called to cover it. hmmmm. oh well. it was so exciting with the party city decorations, costco fare and target registered baby items. 😉

it’s nice to hear a celebrity is using a fun time to help others. she’s a nice woman…and way too cute while prego.

kendrajoi on

Dad’s name is Hayes MacArthur. I think it’s just a play on that.

Bree on

They have not released his name yet, Baby Mac is their nickname for him, Ali’s husband’s last name is MacArthur.

She looks so beautiful, can’t wait to see pictures of this little one, he is going to be a cutie!!

guest on

Ali and Hayes are such a beautiful couple-Im so glad shes having a boy-shell be a cute boy mom with her bball hat on at his lil leagues!!

Kelsa on

No weu, her husband’s last name is MacArthur, so as a nickname they’ve been referring to the baby as ‘baby Mac’.

FC on

Ali looks great, and I love that she’s donating all gifts to charity. 🙂

charity girl on

What a great idea to help moms in need through a baby shower! I hope this becomes a trend! You can celebrate your new arrival & help children in need at the same time.

dreaB on

It is so refreshing to read about a celebrity who is using her status to help others in need! I get very tired of seeing pictures of lavish baby showers (and celebrity children’s birthday parties) with corporate sponsors who provide free gifts for the mommy-to-be and her celebrity friends. I think it’s awesome that her focus was on helping people less fortunate–what a great legacy for her son! She is such a classy lady!

Traxie on

Ali is stunning and it’s nice to see a celebrity giving back in such a concrete, positive way – and getting the corporate world on-board rather than just using their child as a walking product placement.

CelebBabyLover on

I hope that Ali either didn’t have any of that champagne or it was non-alcoholic! That being said, I love the way she’s helping those in need! 🙂

Meg on

I really can’t stand the hands-under-belly, “I’m not fat, I’m pregnant” pose. It always looks so awkward and unnatural.

Michelle on

Ha ha Meg – I used to say the same thing. But for some reason, it seems to be a natural place for hands to go. I don’t think most women even realize they do it.

Jess on

Um could it be because she was trying to show off her prego belly? Her dress is obviously flowly, so she was just trying to emphasize her tummy. I think she looks gorgeous!

Julianna on

Is Amy Smart pregnant too?

Claire on

While Ali Larter’s baby shower was better than most showers featured on in that it focused on charity, I still fail to understand why baby showers have become such major events! Every shower has to be “hosted” by someone, catered by someone, and have a theme. Yes, having a baby is a special time but it makes me sad that so many celeb baby showers focus on such material posessions, half of which will never be used, or only used a couple times. What babies need most is a clean diaper, a full belly, and a warm place to sleep!

Having ranted, I will say that Ali looks beautiful, will probably be an awesome mother, and has always been classy. I really do think it’s great that her shower focused on giving less fortunate moms the supplies that they need 🙂

Beware on

Don’t believe everything you read -Target is not so nice a company.Google them and you will find out the EEOC is suing them for firing a disabled person in California, and they have been charged with this a few times.I like Ali Larter but she should be more careful who she does business with – Target is a wolf in sheep’s clothing-trying to look great by donating to the poor.Good luck to Ali Larter.

Monica on

She is definitely loving having the pregnancy cleavage right now! It’s funny how you can tell the girls that normally have small boobs and the minute they get pregnant start showing “the girls” off. Every pix I have seen of her since she announced she was pregnant she has a low cut top on. Not knocking it, just commenting- I’m also small chested so I notice these things. 🙂

Lisa on

I think it’s great that she focused on a charity.

Impressed on

Thank you Ali — what a great example for those who are fortunate in life to share with those who are not fortunate. That is truly admirable and inspiring on your part.

Congratulations on your decision and on your upcoming birth.

Ezann on

Are they ALL pregnant??? Except Nicole?

Lori on

I absolutely love this!!! To see a celebrity doing great things for charity and acknowledging the fact that being a parent is expensive and that there are less fortunate right here in our own country as well as others…(Please note she has a charity for her home country and abroad) I think it is amazing. She is a very giving person who is aware of herself and the position she is in. She has chosen to use it for good!!!! Thank you Ali for being a great Role Model!!!

Karen on

Meg, it is actually Smart that is holding her belly. My friends did that too in pictures when I first started to show – it was like ‘yea baby!’ for them.

Karen on

And I just realized I miss the first picture… Blame my preggo brain, I’m eight months myself, haha.

Lisa on

What a great example! I love her. It’s so awesome that she’s helping out anywhere she can. She’s such a cute pregnant gal!

CelebBabyLover on

Ezann- None of them except Ali look pregnant to me. 🙂 Just curious…what makes you think all of them except Nicole are pregnant?

katherine snider on

Baby Buggy is so grateful to Ali Larter for her generosity, and to People for letting the public know about this wonderful event to benefit families in need. Many thanks!

lolly on

Does anyone know the brand of the dress that Ali is wearing? I love it.

Maddie on

OMG, my birthday was on October 8!

Liz on

Ali’s dress is by Missoni.

Lana on

Hats off to Ali for being such a kind and considerate person. It is always great to see celebrities give to those in need.

Love her shoes…Does anyone know the brand? They look like YSL’s,but confirmation would be great!