Spotted: Jessica Alba and Honor’s Sweet Smiles

10/07/2010 at 03:00 PM ET

So stylish!

Honor Marie Warren accessorizes her cowboy boots with a floral headband and jaunty scarf while out and about with mom Jessica Alba and her nanny on Tuesday in West Hollywood, Calif.

The trio stopped for a coffee fix at Starbucks before heading to Best Buy, where they reportedly picked up some DVDs.

Honor, 2, is the only child for the Machete actress and husband Cash Warren.

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mommyof2 on

Honor is soooo cute!! i really loved the second picture!!!! still find it weird with the nanny, but to each is own!

nella on

Honor is adorable, I love her little outfit! She looks so happy in the second picture, little cutie.

Heather on

Nice that Jessica gets the cute little purse to carry while the nanny totes the diaper bag 🙂 I have worked as a nanny for 9 years and also have 3 young children of my own. Going to get coffee with just 1 child isnt that hard

Sher on

Question to mommyof2 and your quote “still find it weird with the nanny, but to each is own!” Why??? To me Honor seems to be quite content with her Mommy (Jessica) and her nanny. Wouldn’t that be the desired feeling one would want from their child?? I don’t see anything “WEIRD” about the picture at all……I think it’s a very sweet picture of a happy toddler, her mommy and her nanny!

Jae on

Honor looks so happy.

can’t imagine her parents are busy enough to warrent a nanny… but that’s just me.

FC on

One of my fave girls! I love her in these photos. She’s always dressed so darn cute! 🙂

Isabelle on

I’ve finally figured out who Honor reminds me of: Farrah Abraham’s (of Teen Mom fame) daughter Sophia. They both seem like adorable, serious babies, and they even look somewhat alike. Anyway, I love the way Jessica dresses her, those cowgirl boots are too cute. I wonder where they’re from?

Sarah on

I don’t find it weird with the nanny. My nanny (I work part time) is a good friend. On days that I don’t work even though they are days where I usually work, she is still scheduled to come and we might have a fun outing like that. You know what, my husband is away on business sometimes, and it’s just nice to have someone around … Maybe Jessica feels the same way.

CelebBabyLover on

I love that second picture! I’ll bet the nanny maybe came along as a friend. 🙂

mommyof2 on

Sher…I am not saying that honor is at harm or that it is bad that she has a nanny. i just think that it is weird to have a nanny come for coffee. i have two kids and personally would find having a nanny a little weird. but that is just me, i am not saying that having a nanny is a bad thing!!!

h on

isabelle, you are right:

Shelby on

I find this picture very endearing and Honor looks to be a sweetheart as always. I have been a nanny for 5 years now and the 2nd picture seems more than normal to me. We often spend time together or go to the mall together even when I’m not working; I am seen as a big sister type to the girls so it allows for one happy family.

Often having a nanny isn’t just someone coming in when the mom isn’t around, a large percentage of nannies today are a part of the family. I’m glad to be one of the latter and have plenty of pictures like the above with my charges and their mother.

Jennifer on

Or what if she was coming from or going to an appointment? Jessica gets to spend time with Honor but still is able to see doctor/dentist/accountant… Sounds like a great solution.

The women that comment on this site are some of the most judgmental, catty women. Being a mom is hard enough should we really tear each other down. You do what’s right for YOU and I’ll do the same.

Jill on

We see so many nanny’s and this is the first time I recall seeing the nanny with them. And we see a LOT of pictures of Jessica and Honor. Maybe they are really good friends. What is the big deal…really? I guess because there is nothing else to complain about people pick on this?!?

Jessica on

Not sure 1 child would require having a nanny, but Jessica seems like a great mom, always out with her child and Honor seems so verry happy. That’s all that matters! 🙂

Jill on

Why would one child not require a nanny? One child requires someone to care for them when mom and dad need someone to help. Shouldn’t matter if it is a babysitter, grandparent, friend or family, daycare or nanny.

MiB on

Having worked as a nanny, I have to say that I too used to go on outings with parents at times, sometimes because they were going somewhere afterwards, sometimes because we had things to discuss, sometimes because we were going the same way anyways, and sometimes (gasp!) just for a coffee and a chat. I try to visit one of the families I nannied for once a year, and then I stay with them for a couple of days (they live in another part of the country now) and do things with them. I came to them as a stranger, and left them 8 months later as a friend.

Heck, I’ve even been to the movies with the father in one of the families when the mother last minute decided she’d rather stay at home with the kids than go see that movie (which they knew I wanted to see since I had mentioned it when they asked me to work that evening). I also just had dinner with another family I used to nanny for, we met at a playgroup where I went with a previous charge, and are now on very friendly terms.

I think many people get their idea of nannies from movies and books rather than real experiences, but the truth is that the nanny often becomes a part of the family to some extent. Sure, there are nannies who don’t care about the children, parents who leave their children to be raised by the nannies and parents who treat their nannies as inferior beings, I have seen it, but it is not the norm in most places, because if you love your children, you need to build a trusting relationship with the person who cares for your child. Besides, I think I read somewhere that Jessica said that Honor was watched by a family member or friend, but I can be wrong. Anyways, I don’t see anything wrong or strange with them being out together.

CelebBabyLover on

Jill- Exactly! I mean, do people really expect Jessica and Cash to leave Honor alone while they’re at work (for that reason, the comment of them not being “busy” enough to require a nanny also baffles me!)?

CelebBabyLover on

MiB- You’re right about Honor being watched by a family member. I remember now that Jessica once said that Honor’s nanny is actually her (Honor’s) aunt. 🙂

Sarah M. on

There was a post some time back with Marcia Cross at the beach with her kids and their nanny. One of the pictures posted was pretty much identical to the second one here with Jessica, Honor and her nanny. It got much of the same negativity as this post is now. One poster commented simply with ‘Well, if the nanny wasn’t there then they couldn’t have done that!’ (regarding swinging one of the twins between them).

I think many people have a distorted view of nannies. Not all are live in, the majority are actually live out. Not all nannies work 50-60 hours a week, some work 10 hours a week. Not all nannies take care of every little thing related to the child/ren, they are there as a HELP to the parents when they are needed and the parents actually wind up taking care of most things. Not all nannies are treated like hired help, in fact the vast majority are treated more like family. I’m a nanny and EVERY time I’ve interviewed with a parents when looking for a new family, the parents say ‘You aren’t just hired help, we want someone that can become part of the family. And be treated as such!’.

I also went many different places with the child that mom or dad also was there the whole time. I went with her to the doctor when the baby had a doctor’s appointment. She wanted to be there for the appointment and talked to the baby in the car while driving, did some work alternated with play with the baby while we waited for the doctor, talked to the doctor, we drove home (in 1 car), mom went back to work and the baby and I were on our own again. The same with the grocery story to get lunch and a few necesities (Mom carried the baby the whole time), Michael’s to get supplies for a work party, a plant nursery to get pumpkins (Mom carried the baby the whole time). I met them at a clinic (the baby fell and cut her forehead) one morning. After the doctor saw her and let her go, mom left for the office and I took the baby in my car to a play date. I understood that Mom wanted ANY extra time with B that she could get, so on those outings unless Mom specifically asked me to take the baby, I figured Mom would have her. Also, Mom didn’t want to take the baby and leave me sitting at their house watching the clock waiting by myself until they returned and I took charge of the baby again and Mom went back to work. So she figured, why didn’t I just go with them. So I did.

Sorry for the rant! It just irks me that as soon as the word ‘nanny’ is mentioned in ANY post, people commenting act like nannies are awful and terrible. It is getting beyond old at this point!!

MiB on

Well said Sarah M.! This is what I wanted to say, except I got a bit riled up about it.

Sarah M. on

Thanks, MiB. I get riled up, too, which is why I waited a few days to post. I want to get the wording right without sounding too awful! You got your point across well. I don’t think it was bad, either.