Seal Says Four Kids Are a ‘Handful’

10/07/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
Arnold Turner/WireImage

Calling his four children with wife Heidi Klum “fantastic,” singer-songwriter Seal nonetheless says the couple won’t be expanding their brood.

“No more,” he tells Reuters. “It’s a handful.”

The effect of fatherhood can be felt on his new album 6: Commitment.

“There’s a chapter in [the song ‘Secrets’] that is directly related to our first child, [6-year-old] Leni,” he reveals.

“If you listen to it, you’ll know which one it is. But I try not to be too specific because it takes away the ability for people to relate and make it their own.”

His approach to making music has been changed as well. Seal, 47, says that inspiration can strike at any time — even while dining on sushi with Leni — but he has learned to delay his writing.

“In the old days, literally if I was out at dinner, I’d get up and go home,” he recalls. “[But with the kids], you can’t do that anymore. It’s not even an option.”

As for whether or not the Grammy Award-winner will someday lend his voice to a children’s album, Seal says it is possible.

“I’d love to do something like that with Heidi. We’ve talked about it,” he admits. “We’ve actually written one or two things — silly things. But it would be nice.”

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Tristan on

I adore this family. Heidi and Seal seem so in love and completely dedicted to their children.

jessicad on

I have a few tears! I say this on every post with this family, but he gives me so much hope that a man will love my daughter like his own, he’s so sweet and they have a gorgeous family!

brooke on

Seal is the perfect man, I am convinced….Love this family.

JMO on

Leni is one very lucky little girl to have a papa that stepped in to be her daddy!

nella on

Seal seems like a great father and husband, Love this family!! Their kids are adorable, for some reason I figured after Lou they wouldn’t have anymore kids. I’m glad he looks at Leni as if she is his biological child, that’s admirable because not everyone would be able to do that.

mommyof2 on

what a wonderfully fantastic man!1 men need to look to seal as what to do!!! amazing husband, father, and all around person!!! amazing family!!

mary on

I agree with everyone thus far. Nothing is more sexier than a man in love with his wife and kids.

Holly on

How can four be a handful when you have at least 2 nannies?

Luna on

Aside from Holly, I agree with everyone. Nothing is more attractive than when a man loves a child who is his wife’s with another man as his own. Leni is so incredibly lucky that Seal stepped in to be her father, because most girls who don’t have their biological fathers around don’t get that. He adopted her, wrote her a song, and treats her as his own. What a beautiful family.

Romy on

Holly, they are still very hands-on even with nannies. they have help, and supposedly treat them VERY well, but they still do a lot with their kids. A lot of people have nannies or full time daycare plus part time sitter etc and still feel the weight of the ‘handful.’

Lessie on

This family just oozes love!!!! The nannies aren’t with them 24/7 Holly, and handling four young children is a handful. I WOULD know I’m a preschool teacher!

Jacqui on

Beautiful family!

Tee on

Holly, I’d imagine that two nannies certainly make it easier but do we know if they are live in nannies? My assumption would be that they only use them as baby-sitters when both parents are working or perhaps while out and about. I have to admit, if I had four little ones and I was followed with that many people with cameras, I would want all the extra sets of eyes and hands too! I’ve never read that they have live in help. Did you read that somewhere?

Sam on

I was wondering the same thing ‘Holly’! I think having two (or three) nannies (and the ever present grandparents) to help them is ‘normal’. For them that’s busy!!

In all the pictures I’ve seen Seal and Heidi are very hands on with all four children, even with the nannies there. All the visits to the playgrounds is just so, well, normal!

CelebBabyLover on

Holly- They may have nannies, but that doesn’t mean that the nannies do all, or even most of, the work! Heidi and Seal just seem like the type of parents to me who are very hands-on and do most of the work themselves. 🙂

Sandra on

(1st of all sorry for my English…) Where I from (a country in Asia) its very common to have housemaid and/or nanny. Growing up my parents very busy, I was taken care by housemaids. I lived in US, I’m not lazy but I wished a hand to help. Day care so expensive. Now back in my own country I have a nanny. Am I a bad mother? I don’t think so. Besides, it provide money for others. I love my child and work because of my child. BUT I know some people have housemaids/nannies because they don’t want to bother taking care their kids.

Having four kids and working, I think its appropriate for Seal & Heidi to have nannies. Also, they show great love to their children in honesty.

Michelle on

Why is there this need to do it all on your own? Raising children is such a huge responsibility and why not have help?

h on

“There’s a chapter in [the song ‘Secrets’] that is directly related to our first child, [6-year-old] Leni,” he reveals.

“If you listen to it, you’ll know which one it is. But I try not to be too specific because it takes away the ability for people to relate and make it their own.”

well i found it, and i must say, it wasn’t that hard! i honestly don’t know how he coudn’t be ‘too specific….”:

“Look at me
I’m your heart’s keeper
Met for 3:21 AM
She will be here
Oh yes she will”

Leni was born on may 4th 2004 at 3:21am and she’s been with seal and heidi since then.

valeskas on

They are a beautiful family, Heidis mother is there to help with the grandchildren sometimes. I for one, think he is a great father and a loving person. All the children are loved and that is so wonderful.

Kris T on

This family is lovely. As to the nanny issue,let’s face it, they are a multi-million dollar couple. A singer/musician and a model. If they choose to have eleventy-billion nannies and can afford them, why is it our business??? Are you all telling me that if you became staggering rich tomorrow (and were on the road touring/doing appearances), you wouldn’t at least consider hiring help??? I would, in a heartbeat…

JM on

they truly are a lovely family i agree. so much love between them. but yeah i have to agree i’m sorry to say that it’s difficult to imagine how it can be SO hectic with nannies and who knows what other kind of help. i mean they’re hardly the average family are they? i have five kids under the age of 8 and yeah it’s busy but we make it work….

LP on

When I lived in NYC, I often took my son to the same playground that Seal and Heidi’s children play. My son as played with all their kids and I can say that they are very hands on despite the nanny. I would have a nanny too if I had four kids out and about in NYC with people constantly trying to take their picture. I had to ask a guy to not take take pictures while my son was playing with Leni and he got pissed. The nanny thanked me. The two nannies are very nice and it is hard to keep up with four kids running in different directions in a city playground with tons of kids. Sometimes when it is crowded, I have a hard time keeping up with one child!

Holly on

Well I have 4 kids and no nannies. We (just me and my kids) have visited NY, driven across country, and many other things. I also don’t have family or babysitters to pick up the slack. Plus my husband works in the film industry and is gone months at a time working on set. So while their work situation might be unusual so is there child care situation. That’s all I’m saying. I’m not saying that they aren’t hands on. They just have nannies to help with their handful.

Sarah on

Holly while you may have four kids and an absentee husband, you don’t have tons of photographers chasing you around. You know how difficult it is for you to leave the house with four kids, now imagine what it is like for Heidi and Seal who are surrounded by photographers and fans. Stop attempting to put them down for having help and quit acting like you are so superior to them when you are in two completely situations.

h on

@LP: you are so lucky! i wish i could meet them, not to bother them or anyting but just to see this beautiful family, i bet they are very nice too

Holly on

My husband has seen many celebrities with nannies..they don’t have them for the photographers…they have them for convenience. I don’t know why so many people see these nannies as a necessity when it really is a luxury.

Sam on

‘Sarah’, ‘Holly’ never said her husband was ‘absentee’. You’ve made it sound like her husband has abandoned his family. He is away working, which is quite common in families and is defitely not even close to being the same as an ‘absentee’ parent. I understand what Holly is saying – – that there is nothing wrong with having nannies, people are just lucky if they do have them.

I DISLIKE when posters try to change the meaning of a post. Sigh.

Sydney on

Sam, absentee just means not present. It isn’t pejorative. YOU interpreted it that way.

Jacqui on

People keep talking about the photographers like they are out to hurt children. Having lived in NYC and LA and seen lots of celebrities surrounded by paps, they’re not rustling or shoving children. If anything, there is a little bit of protection for the kids when they are around. The chances of a child getting snatched up by a kidnapper are zero, they are less likely to get hit by a bus, etc. Sure, it may be annoying for the celebrity parents, but dangerous? No.

Also, if you have such a moral issue with paparazzi you really should not support this site.

LP on

Holly, yes, I would agree that having a nanny is not a necessity. However, having a nanny to help keep track of your children when they are out in very busy (and potentially) dangerous situations or take care of them when you are traveling, attending work events is helpful. It’s not just the photographers, visiting NYC doesn’t count. Living here day to day is different. Heidi and Seal’s work requires that they attend events during the day, night in different parts of the world. Having a nanny helps create stability for her children. If Heidi or Seal stayed at home or had normal 9-5 jobs I could see your argument. Do you live a similar life? Do you work outside the home, abnormal hours? My husband travels a lot too, but I’m not traveling also, going to work events in the evening.

And if you think 4 children in itself is not demanding, then I am jealous of you!! You must be great (no sarcasm intended). I am overwhelmed when there is more than 2 kids at a play date!

Holly on

Thanks Sam..that is exactly what I’m saying. FYI security/ bodyguards are for photographers not nannies.

Tristan on

Seriously, Sam, you are the one that put an ugly spin on the word ‘absentee’. Holly stated that her husband is gone for months at a time. When he is gone, he is ‘absentee’. I’m not sure what Holly’s problem is with Seal saying that four children are a handful. Surely with four of her own, she knows that is a fact. I guess Holly never uses a babysitter?

I also don’t think the celebrities her husband encounters, who he believes use nannies so they don’t have to take care of their own children, have any correlation to Heidi and Seal. They both seem very present in their children’s lives. We see photos of them together all of the time with their children. Whenever they’re on a talk show they speak of them very lovingly and talk about all of the things they do together. Family is obviously their first priority.

It is totally uncecessary to put them down for having a nanny. Just like Holly’s children have to go without their father for months at a time, Seal and Holly both work and need childcare. Who is to say who’s childen are doing without enough hands-on parental love and attention?

T on

Holly, jealous much?
I don’t think a nanny is all that different from sending a child to daycare. For people with varying schedules, hiring a nanny makes perfect sense.

Leigh on

Having a couple nannies on hand is the same thing as someone putting their kids in daycare or having family members watch them during the day. And let’s face it, if you were rich and could afford the much-needed help, you would too.

Sam on

“Sydney’, it was meant to be a jab at ‘Holly’, quite easily to see. Obviously you picked up on it as well or you wouldn’t have taken the time to comment to me. Thankyou for the linguistic lesson, but this time the word used, ‘absentee’, was used in a negative sense, as intended. 🙂

Sam on

‘Tristan’, I didn’t put an ‘ugly’ spin on the word ‘absentee’. I read it for what it was. YOU are taking other parts of my posts and of “Holly’s” posts to a negative and ‘ugly’ place. Nothing either one of us said insulted Seal and his family. You went on and on with three long paragraphs of your opinion, on our opinions. What?

Tristan on

A bit defensive, aren’t we? In case you didn’t know, the comments section is a place to post our opinions. They may come across as one way to you, and differently to someone else. Obviously I’m not the only one who read it the way it seems to have been intended. Take a chill pill.

MiB on

I have told it here once before, but I once nannied for an actress (who by the way is nowhere near as famous as many of the actresses you see on this page) who was on location and whose husband was engaged elsewhere. There were two children, an infant and a toddler, and the first day on location we went out with her more famous co-star (just the five of us), just to check out the area, and were basically besieged by friendly fans and curious onlookers who wanted autographs and pictures. She handed the baby to me so that she could give them some autographs, and in the moment it took for me to adjust the baby in my arms, I lost hold of the toddler, who dissapeared in the crowd. I have hardly ever been so scared as I was that moment when my charge was suddenly gone! Thankfully I spotted him just seconds later, he was OK but a bit scared of the crowd, but not as afraid as I had been. The mother didn’t get a chance to notice it right then since it only took a couple of seconds, but afterwards we sat down and devised a strategy for those situations.

After this event she never ventured outside with the children unless she had at least one person to help her with them in case she was surronded by fans and paparazzi again (which she was). Some of you may say she only thought of her career when signing autographs when she had her children with her, but she was new to the sitaution and had to handle it somehow and make a quick decision. If she refused to sign autographs she would have been considered a diva, when she did and handed her children over to the nanny in order to do so she was a disengaged mother, she really couldn’t win. The thing is, I have gone out on my own with five or six children, and not had a problem with it, but going to the park with her and the children could be downright scary due to all the attention (which by the way wasn’t ill meant, but scary non the less).

The point of my rant is, that you can’t compare going out with any number of children alone if you are anonymous (which I was to a larger extent when I went out alone with the children) with going out with any number of children when you are recognized and surrounded by strangers who demand your attention and maybe either don’t care that there are kids around, or care a bit to much (once someone came up and photographed the baby who was crawling in the grass within arms reach of me, and there were several fans who wanted to touch the children when we were surrounded, non of them were meaning any harm, but if they had stopped for a moment to think about what they were doing, they would have known that they would not have liked it if it had been their children).

To end my rant, if I were Heidi Klum, I too would never leave the house two or more children unless I had at least one person per every two children (one for each hand) who’s sole job it was to make sure they didn’t come to any harm in case we were swarmed by fans and paparazzi.

Romy on

I don’t see anything wrong with having a nanny or sitter for luxury rather than for necessity. If you can afford it, and it helps you then who cares. It’s not like Heidi and Seal are never with the kids. Help can make life a lot more fun.

Sam on

“Tristin”, you are so right. Thankyou. This IS a place for leaving our opinions, on pictures we see. That’s what I did. You don’t have to like it, you don’t have to comment on it, but you chose to do both. So did I. “Chill pill”. lol lol Good Lord!

Sam on

Just wait till they are all teenagers! Handfull………indeed!

Schae on

So what’s the problem with having nannies and saying 4 kids are a handful? Why should anyone be a matyr if they can get help with the kids? Really Holly, what was the point of your original comment? Are you serious in that you cannot understand how four kids can be a handful because they have two people helping them with the kids? lol. You’re silly.

Seal and Heidi seem really happy and in love. Lovely family!

Tristan on

I really don’t see what you are so riled up about. You said, “This IS a place for leaving our opinions, on pictures we see. That’s what I did. You don’t have to like it, you don’t have to comment on it, but you chose to do both.”
Sam, You commented on the story, AND you’ve commented repeatedly on other comments. So, what exactly is it that you don’t like others to do? I think you need a hobby.

Sam on

Oh Tristan, my little Tristan,I have several hobbies. One is coming online to look at Celebrity Baby Blog, et al! I’m so happy we have agreed on a couple of points, (for further information re-read above). It’s nice when posters can concur, don’t you think. 🙂

P.S. Chill pill? hahaha

Jill on

Tristan, You are saying what I am thinking. Some people will try and spin anything they can around. Not worth wasting your time.

Jennifer on

I also get teary eyed reading about these two. I am jealous, they get to have amazing careers, they can afford to have all the kids they want, they can afford to have the best quality childcare, and best of all, the love between these two is just out of this world.

Natz on

Sorry but Sam is beginning to sound a little immature…

lorelei51h on

Now it comes together. I just realized which line he is referring to. It’s “3:21AM she will be here”. I believe that is the time Leni was born. Could be wrong, but I don’t think so