Kristin Chenoweth Could ‘Easily’ See Herself Adopting

10/07/2010 at 09:00 AM ET
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Having been lucky enough to be adopted by a loving family as a baby, Kristin Chenoweth is now thinking about continuing the cycle — and adopting a child herself.

“When I see other single parents, I think, ‘Maybe I can do it too,'” the Tony-winning actress and singer, 42, said Wednesday in accepting an Angels in Adoption award from the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute, a group with which she works.

“I was shuffled around and got into the right home,” she told PEOPLE. “I was lucky.”

Chenoweth recently paid for 14 foster children to see her on Broadway in the musical revival of Promises, Promises. Asked if she would take in a foster child herself, Chenoweth told PEOPLE: “I could very easily be that person.”

Chenoweth was adopted by two chemical engineers, and says it was funny to see how much their talents and hers diverged.

“They couldn’t understand why I never understood math or science,” she says. On the flip side, “They should never sing aloud,” she jokes. “I tell them to keep that inner voice.”

But Chenoweth, who is bringing her April Rhodes character back to Glee this season, has found a new talent lately: shoe design. A shoe that she created will go on sale at in November — National Adoption Month — with proceeds going to benefit foster kids.

“I’m not a scientist,” laughs Chenoweth, “but I’m really good at shoes.”

— Wendy Grossman

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CTBmom on

I just LOVE her! She is so funny and talented. What she said about her parents “They couldn’t understand why I never understood math or science,” she says. On the flip side, “They should never sing aloud,” she jokes. “I tell them to keep that inner voice.”….cracked me up!

My 13 year-old son, who also happens to be adopted, is totally outgoing and loves singing and acting, while his father and I are both shy, reserved and have no gift for music of any kind. When my son is performing in front of a crowd, my husband and I are like “how does he get up there and do that?” I do love singing in the car though, but whenever I sing around my son….he’s like “yeah, um…Mom, please don’t!” LOL

Tristan on

Kristin would be a fabulous mother! There is/will be a very lucky child out there someday to have a beautiful, talented, funny, loving mom like Kristin.

mary on

Love your story. Keep encouraging your sons talents.

I do agree, Kristin would make an awesome mom. She is very talented.

Kat_momof3 on

Kristin is right… she was very lucky to have two loving parents who loved her for who she is and what her strengths really were, not what they might have wanted an ideal to be. All parents should aim for such objectivity and unconditional love for their children.

She would make an amazing mother and I think she should definitely adopt.

jessicad on

Damn she’s 42?? Gorgeous! I don’t really know who she is, but she sounds like she’d be a great Mom:)

nella on

Wow, I would never think she’s 42, she looks amazing! Anyways,I love reading this , and I do hope she also adopts. She seems like a lovely person.

Odette on

I’ve always been a big fan of hers and I think she’d be a great mom! 🙂 She always seems to be such a sweet, down-to-earth, caring person and any child would be lucky to have her for a mom. I recently saw her in Promises, Promises and she was amazing.

Lauren on

Absolutely love this woman. Beyond being incredibly talented, she is hysterical with such a genuinely kind heart. She has been extremely vocal in support of gay rights, especially in the wake of the recent suicides, and is the perfect role model for what a Christian should be, proving that those who truly adhere to the teachings of Christ are often not who they say they are. Any child would be lucky to have her as a mom.

Nic on

I love her so much and I believe she would be a great mother. She says she thinks she could be a single mom. It would be easy for anyone to be a single parent if they had money and could hire a nanny. Seems like all the celebrities find this single parent lifestyle easy and “the thing to do”, but it is not realistic. It is easy to let someone else raise you child.

EG on

CTBmom you are too cute…lol

Kim on

LOL..she’s 42 not 80. This is a flattering picture. She’s pretty, but she does look her age..which is still young! More power to her if she wants to adopt as a single parent. I personally don’t know how one person with a career like hers manages it. Oh and nannies.

Keketso on

CTB Mom, real nice to see an “ordanary” mom share such a LOVELY story…

Kristin ROCKS she’s about as “big” as i am and i’m a HUGE fan… since her self titled sitcom…

Janice Pielert on

I love Kristin Chenoweth. She is so pretty, so sweet and incredibly talented. Her singing voice is beautiful! I am surprised that some lucky guy hasn’t swept her off her feet by now. She would make a fantastic mother, and I hope all her dreams come true.

Janie on

Oh, good, the world needs another fatherless child.

khrystyne on

Kristin is a sorority sister of mine — she is super sweet!

Tally on

I love Kristin Chenoweth and loved reading this. I hope to someday meet her and get her autograph.

Bec on

I love Kristin! I would recommend her book to any fans out there!

Anni on

Janie — The Child is already fatherless… it’s motherless too…

Cathy in NH on

@Janie who said “Oh, good, the world needs another fatherless child.”

Seriously? You think that the biggest problem a child waiting to be adopted faces is whether or not their new family will have a mother, a father, a golden retriever, a split-level ranch and a minivan? While a single parent is not ideal (I think the ideal would be for them not to be in the situation they’re in in the first place), anyone who is willing to take a child into their home and give them a loving and safe environment should be encouraged by those of us who prefer to sit idly by, making judgmental comments on a celebrity magazine site. Phew! I feel much better now 🙂

Cristina Diaz de Leon on

She thinks, maybe she can do it? Umm…you don’t just become a single mother and think “maybe” you can do it. That’s just selfish. She needs to KNOW that she can do it and provide it with the best love and care possible. As a child therapist, I’ve seen too many parents who just don’t give enough love and time to their children. This is a human being we are talking about….

Lori on

She should adopt… she’d be a great mother and could understand the problems an adopted child has wondering how they fit into their new family. GO FOR IT KRISTIN!

Jordan on


The child is already fatherless, and motherless. But if Kristen adopts a child, then that child will be shown as much if not more love because Kristen specifically wanted that child over any other available.

CJ on

Adopt me please?? 🙂

Marissa on

Oh, good, the world needs another fatherless child.

– Janie on October 8th, 2010

As opposed to the child growing up moving from foster home to foster home? Get over yourself.

I say good for you, Kristin!!! Glad there are still people out there that have a heart 🙂

Tired of Negativity on

To all posters worldwide – It’s obviously too late for October so let’s make November “Say No to Negative Posts” month. I get so tired of seeing such overtly negative posts from people where it’s not warranted. Kristin, I’m sure, would be an excellent mother with or without her bankroll and I am happy for her that her life has become what she wanted it to be!

KayR on

I love Kristin! She is so cute and she seems so fun and genuine. I think she’d be a great mom. And I can’t wait to see what her shoe looks like for I love that site.

ella on

Good for her! If this is the path that she will to take to motherhood I wish her all the best. Some people on here are so bitter, she is famous, she has money, get over it. Since when is that a crime? And where did SHE mention having a nanny?

CTBmom on

Thanks Mary, EG & Keksetso =)

To Jane….
Of course the ideal situation would be a mother AND a father….but there are so many kids out there who need a home, and one loving parent is better than none.

I say best wishes on whatever Kristin decides to do. I have a feeling that she and any child she were to adopt would be blessed to have each other.

jaci p on

i wish adoption was mandatory for every family….its such a blessing! its great that she wants to give a child a home/chance just like God gave her. amen, sister 🙂

Debbie on

Kristin was a blast to watch on Ellen. Funny lady with many talents. Why not share that with a family-to-be! She has a youthful loving spirit to her…something we could all use these days in this world of negativity. Happy Parenting Miss C!

Emily on

That would be awesome! I love her! She is just a really good person, which is hard to find in celebrities. I hope whether she does or doesn’t she is very happy and blessed!

Holiday on

Wow I had no idea she was so old! She looks amazing for the age of 42.

CelebBabyLover on

Marissa- Exactly! I also want to add to what you said that, if a a child could choose, they’d chose to grow up without a father over moving from one foster home to another or spending their days in an orphanage (that would be the situation a child Kristin adopted internationally would be in….and she never said whether she plans to adopt domestically or internationally, hence why I mentioned both the foster home issue and the orphanage issue)!

Sarah M. on

jaci p – Many people adopt, or are adopted, and have wonderful experiences. I would LOVE to adopt a child one day. It sounds like you have had a truly wonderful experience. But, that doesn’t mean that adoption is for everyone. Many people can’t ever see themselves, and would NEVER even consider, raising a child that is not 100% their flesh and blood. In which case, they should never wind up with a child unless that was the case. It would take that child from one bad situation to another bad situation. I understand what you mean, though. 🙂

Kat on

Cristina Diaz de Leon, I was a social worker who worked with kids in the foster care system for many years, so I get how stressful the environment is. But honestly, if you have gotten to the point where you can’t handle parents or potential parents expressing doubts in your presence, it might be time to take some time off.

Jill on

42 is not old at all. Are you 12 or something? She looks great because 42 looks great!

Look at all the women in their early to mid 40s out there like Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis etc. All have been on major magazine covers this fall and look fabulous.

Women are still fairly young in their 40s. Some people really need to update their thoughts about age. With people living longer, healthier lives midlife does not even start now until around 50. So 40 really is the new 30!

CJ on

@ Holiday – Holiday! Kristin isn’t “so old” she is just beginning to finely age like a fine wine! I honestly think she is more beautiful today than 10-15 years ago. She has that inner beauty that out shines a slight wrinkle and if you don’t believe me check out her eyes! Absolutely gorgeous inside & out.