Rob McElhenney Says Son ‘Looks Like a Chooch’

10/06/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
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Coochie coochie … Chooch?

In a new interview with MLBlogs Network, Rob McElhenney suggests that son Axel Lee, 5 weeks, might someday have more in common with Phillies catcher Carlos ‘Chooch’ Ruiz than a fondness for the City of Brotherly Love.

“Axel … doesn’t necessarily lend itself to a nickname because his name is already as cool as [s—]. But we’re thinking Chooch,” the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, 33, star jokes.

“I mean, he just looks like a Chooch.”

Their devotion to the reigning National League champs is undeniable, but McElhenney says wife Kaitlin Olson‘s attendance at a Phillies away game in Los Angeles — while in active labor — was no accident. The couple was repeatedly warned that seeking medical help as soon as contractions began could lead to a long wait.

“Kaitlin said, ‘I’m not going to do that. Let’s just go about the day as much as we can. I’ll just stay at this baseball game until it’s no longer comfortable,'” he explains.

The game was close enough to keep Olson distracted for a time, but “as the contractions starting getting closer and closer together and getting more aggressive” McElhenney says the couple were conflicted.

With a swing of the bat — and a three-run homer in the books — Phillies slugger Ryan Howard made their decision easy, however.

“Yeah, it was like the fifth inning. Howard hit the home run and we were like, ‘Let’s just go. It looks like they have control of the game. It looks like they’re going to win,'” McElhenney explains. “And then we left and she had the baby two hours later.”

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Jen DC on

Nice one – both the waiting game and the nickname!

The kid I nanny’d for, I called him Chach. Long story.

kal on

I love these two! Baby Axel is a lucky kid. Hopefully he’ll grow up to be as hilarious as his parents. And I’m a huge Chooch fan. To see that headline gave me the biggest smile. Go Phils!

kmb on

I think this is the perfect name for their little one, especially the way Rob describes it as “cool as s**t.” I wouldn’t expect anything uncool or boring from these two.

Jen DC- that’s funny, we’ve called my brother “Chach” his entire life (another long story). Small world!

Sara Jane on

Thats a slang term for vagina

fuzibuni on

sarah jane,
Rob said they call him chooch… not cooch haha!
close, but totally different 😉

Nicole on

Yeah, those two words are very different, but Chooch actually IS slang Italian for A**hole, moron, idiot, so, I still wouldn’t really want it to be a nickname for a baby.

CelebBabyLover on

leslie- I agree! At first, I had the same reaction that Sara Jane did…but then I noticed that it was chooch, not cooch!

CelebBabyLover on

I also meant to say that when I first saw the post title, I thought “Oh my gosh! Why would anyone say their baby looks like a woman’s private parts?” Then, thank goodness, I came to my senses! 🙂

mirka on

i guess they don’t know that chooch means jackass in italian. not a cool name/nickname for your kid.

Kinsey on

I also misread the heading ROFLMAO

Carli on

As a Philly native I love this!!!

But when I first heard that Carlos Ruiz went by this, I automatically was like “Wait, WHAT??” and then I was corrected. And I’m sure there are a lot of names and nicknames out there that in other languages have bad meanings. Cute family…and GO PHILS!!!

ktep on

Too too funny…Love true diehard Phillies fans..Chooch is awesome so hopefully their son will play baseball as well as our Chooch does…and our Raaauuuulllll and Chase-YOU ARE THE MAN..and big man-Ryan…Werth-Jesus, Shane-the flyin Hawaiian, Placido–lightbulb head-(that’s my nickname for him–hey it looks like a lightbulb! LOL) and H2O…Doc, Roy O and Cole….J-roll…Charlie!! Damn those Fightin Phils are the best!! okay, what the hell am I commenting on..oh ya…baby CHOOOOOOCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Molly on

Love to see this! Huge Phils fan 🙂 Go Chooch (and baby Axel!)

Hea on

Chooch means what exactly?

Summer on

I love the show and Rob is super hot!!! Congrats to them.