Alana de la Garza Welcomes Son Kieran Thomas

10/06/2010 at 04:30 PM ET
George Napolitano/Getty

It’s a boy for Alana de la Garza!

The former Law & Order star welcomed son Kieran Thomas Roberts on Tuesday, Sept. 28, she tells He weighed in at 9 lbs., 3 oz.

“He is here! Iā€™m in looooove!” de la Garza, 34, wrote in an email to the Web site. See a photo of Kieran here.

Baby Kieran is the first child for the actress and husband Michael Roberts. They announced the pregnancy in April — her due date had been Oct. 11.

— Sarah Michaud

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Crystal on

♥ the name! Congrats! šŸ™‚

Demetria on

Not a fan of Kiernan but I’m okay with Thomas. Congrats on the baby! šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

Karen on

Wow, big healthy baby! Congrats!

Anonymous on

soooooo much better than “axel”! axel is a car part lol ew

Denise on

Congratulations on your new arrival. Enjoy him!!!

mommyof2 on

wow that is one big boy!! love it!!!! congrats to the new mommy and daddy!!!

Deirdre on

Congratulations! I love the name, however I am completely biased – Kieran is a family name for me. It is a lovely Irish name, and I think that Kieran Roberts sounds beautiful.

Congratulations to the family!

meghan on

Nice name. Congrats!

Shelby on

She is so pretty, and she was wonderful on Law and Order. I like the name they chose, also. Congratulations to the new parents!

Bree on

Not to sure about the first name just because I had Brownie (Girl Scouts) with the same name last year and I prefer gender specific names, but love the sound of it all together!!

Congrats to the happy family, can’t wait to see pictures!!

Rafferty on

It’s an Irish male name in origin, after St. Kieran. šŸ™‚

niman, israel on

Mazal tov!! congrats!!

mg on

Yikes! First baby and over nine pounds! Glad they are doing well!

Beaky on

Keiran is pretty gender-specific, at least here in Ireland. Nice name!

Kristin on

Well he was also two weeks early and that big, so there may be gestational diabetes or something going on that we just don’t know about.

That was exactly my situation with my second child – we knew she was measuring at over 9 lbs. and I really, really didn’t want a c-section which my ob/gyn was seriously considering scheduling as the baby was on track to be over 10 lbs. by 40 weeks. I ended up being induced at a little over 38 weeks and she was delivered vaginally at 9 lbs., 9 oz.

I love the name!

Bree on

I always thought of Keiran of gender specific until we had Keiran join brownies last year!! I know that the East Indian version, Kiran, is non-gender specific.

Either way nice name, and bet he is a total cutie!!

Daniella on

I agree with Beaky, Kieran is usually always a male name, at least in Ireland or in Irish-American families. I have two great-uncles (Kieran & Ciaran) & a male cousin with the name, love it!

Sarah S. on

Big bouncing baby boy!! Love his name–sounds Celtic. Congrats to the family.

jill on

You can’t actually go to and see a picture of the baby. Cutie patootie. Congrats.

Rafferty on

Not diabetes. The husband is a big guy as I understand and she’s tall for a woman.

CelebBabyLover on

I love the name, and congrats to them!

Kristin- I’m glad you were able to have the vaginal birth you wanted, and were able to convince your doctor not to go with the C-section. I think doctors are WAY too quick to schedule C-sections when babies are measuring big.

First of all, measurements can be off (as far as celebrities are concerned, I remember Anna Nicole Smith saying shortly after Danielynn’s birth that she had a C-section because Dannielynn had been measuring big and the doctors thought she was “gonna bust my womb”….but Dannielynn turned out to be only just a little over 6lbs!).

And second of all, women have succesfully delivered babies weighing 10lbs or more vaginally. If the mother’s pelvis is really small or something, then I understand why a doctor would want to schedule a C-section. But if there’s no real indicator that a vaginal birth of a large baby would be unsuccesful, or too risky for the mother and baby, then I don’t think a doctor has any business scheduling a C-section!

Allie-Rose on has a picture of Kieran and he’s gorgeous! Congrats to Alana and Michael!

Luna on

LOVE the name. Love Irish names. If it were up to me, all of my kids would have those beautiful Irish-Celtic names. Congrats Alana and Michael on baby Kieran Thomas.

Amanda on

Kieran is a wonderful, masculine name. And one I’m a huge fan of!

And it’s hard for a lot of names to remain gender specific when parents of girls choose to give them boys’ names.

Bridget on

Gotta love Irish names! Isn’t Julianna Margulies’ son also a Kieran? It’s one of my favs…

lifeasahouse on

he is adorable! Congrats to the family.

Ellea on

I like how the name looks but not how its pronounced. I actually feel that way about a lot of Irish names. There spelling is so interesting take (saiorese and siobhan) but actually sound kinda dull. I also wonder why they didn’t go with any latin names? I think Tomas sounds great. The baby is so handsome, i love a baby with a full head of hair!

MiB on

Bree, the indian name Kiran (which is unisex) and that irish name Kieran (which is male) actually have oposite meaning as Kiran means “Ray of light” in sanskrit while Kieran means “Dark one” in gaelic! Anyways, Little Kieran Thomas is beautiful, and definitely lives up to his name šŸ™‚

Beaky on

Ellea I’m not a fan of Keiran either. Hate how it sounds. I prefer Ciaran which is pronounced ‘keerawn’ – I think it’s much nicer sounding.

There are four girls in my family, and we all have Irish names. Niamh (Neeve, my name), Aisling (Ashling), Sinead (Shinade) and Sorcha (Soraka).

Rafferty on

They’re pronounced exactly the same way.

Bridget on

@Beaky- I LOVE the names you and your sisters have!

Isabelle on

I love both the names, but I don’t think Kieran Roberts flows well. It just sounds odd/off to me when the first letter of the last name and the last syllable of the first name run together. Other than that, I really like that they chose a name that was uncommon (but not ridiculous) and paired it with something traditional to balance it all out. It’s a great combo, and he is such a cutie šŸ™‚ Congrats!

Tee on

Kristin, I agree with CelebBabyLover. I am so glad that you did your research and chose to have your baby vaginally. So many doctors are c-section happy and so many Mommys, especially first time Mommys, don’t really explore ALL of their options.

For example, my first niece was born via c-section for “failure to progress.” She was only 6 lb 12 oz. Babies 2-6, one of which was stillborn, were all born at home. The youngest, Vivi, was born in a birthing pool at home, 11 pounds, sunny side up… with NO tearing. My sister and Vivi are living proof that it can be done! (Oh yeah, and she was six weeks late!)

CelebBabyLover on

Amanda- Look at it this way: Ashley and Emma were both once “boys'” names…but now you rarely hear of a boy with those names, and they are certainly not called “boys’ names” anymore. So I look at it more as that some names that were traditionally used for boys are now starting to become unisex names, rather than girls being given “boys'” names. šŸ™‚

Allie-Rose on

@Ellea – it’s funny, I actually like Irish names because the pronounciation is so different from the spelling

Tara on

Beaky, any name can be pronounced any way people like because all languages have different accents and intonations which may be used. People don’t have to belong to that culture or speak the language; it’s up to anyone to decide. Your examples of Keiran and Ciaran prove the point.

On the other hand, the girls in your family have weird names. Talk about unpleasantly sounding names.

mel on

Tara- Geez, rude much?

Deirdre on

Wow, Tara. Just an example of why I don’t enjoy commenting on this site anymore – there are so many rude comments here and none of them are removed. I have never been ignorant enough to impose my own pronounciation of a cultural name on someone, but to each their own, I guess. I find it polite to learn the real pronounciations of names from different cultures, as well as interesting.

Beaky – I love all of the names in your family. I’m American-Irish (I’ve lived half of my life in the USA, the other half in Ireland) and the name Sinead has always been a favourite of mine. And I was almost named Aisling!

CelebBabyLover on

Deidre- I wouldn’t say NONE of the comments on here get deleted. I’m sure there are some that get deleted before any of us ever see them, and more than once I have seen people on a particular post referencing a comment by another commentor on that post….but when I search for the comment in question, I can’t find it. To me, that indicates that the comment in question was deleted before I had the chance to see it. šŸ™‚

I have also, upon coming back to a post, discovered on a few occasion a few comments that have gone missing in action since my last visit, again, suggesting they were deleted.

Sites like X17 and Just Jared have WAY worse comments than this one, which is what has me convinced that Moms & Babies DOES still moderate their comments. I do agree, though, that they aren’t as strict about it as they used to be. šŸ™‚ My thinking is this: As we all know, this blog is now a part of PEOPLE, and that means that it is now PEOPLE staff that are running this blog.

Those same people also have several other sites/blogs to run (the various sections of the main PEOPLE site, PEOPLE pets, etc.), not to mention their magazine, so they are probably INCREDIBLY busy. Therefore, the type of strict comment moderating that the old CBB staffers did is probably simply not possible for them (because, most likely, they simply don’t have the time!). šŸ˜¦

Deirdre on

Hey CelebBabyLover! I understand what you mean completely, but I’m sure you know (I often read your comments, they’re always lovely) how frustrating it can be to have someone make a nasty comment about your own well-meaning post and really dampen your spirits. I get the reference to JustJared and X17, because I read JJ frequently and know of X17, but the difference is that those sites are not comment-led, if you get what I mean.

Why I loved this site in the first place – well before the People buyout – was the chatting about names, how cute the kids are, how the celebs have changed into great parents. In just a few short months the comments have gone from a comradery of sorts to any comment being up for analysis, scrutiny and all-around insults. I mean, the names are “weird” and “unpleasant sounding”? I chose to comment on this particular insult because I was picked on in the last Nameberry-hosted column for my Irish name. I’m sure you can agree that there are many other instances of this happening.

I’m sure that People magazine are busy, I read their news daily. It’s just not enjoyable to scroll through the comments and see someone else being scrutinized or someone saying a nasty thing just for the fun of it. For me, that’s the long and short of it. Anyway, I hope that you have a great day, CelebBabyLover. The name you chose is why many of us came here in the first place.

Marsha on

Congratulations Alana on the baby boy. He is adorable. Enjoy him and love every minute you can. They grow up so fast.

Kristen – Just because a baby is big does not mean the mother has gestational diabetes. I was tested twice during both of my pregnancies and was fine, but both of my boys were big. One weighted 9lbs. 10 oz. and my second was 10 lbs. 12 oz. I had both of them vaginally with no complications at all. My doctor did not even consider a c-section and they knew both of my babies were going to be big. I think you also have to take into consideration the build of the parents. I have 5’4″ and petite, but my husband is 6’4″ and big. On the other hand my sister had 4 smaller babies with the largest being a little over 8 lbs. and all of hers had to be delivered c-section, because she just would not progress and the last one was in distress and it was an emergency c-section a week before her scheduled one. Everyone is different and every doctor approaches c-ssections differently.

Jenna on

Congrats alana on your son
many blessings to you