BumpWatch: Penélope Cruz Shows Off Baby Belly in London

10/05/2010 at 11:00 AM ET

Pregnant and very much on the go.

Penélope Cruz was photographed Monday making her way through London’s Heathrow Airport, with a very visible baby bump growing beneath her sheer black-lace maternity shirt.

Cruz, 36, is expecting her first child with husband Javier Bardem this winter. The couple confirmed the pregnancy last month.

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– Tim Nudd

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Shannon on

She is so pretty. I wonder if that top is meant to look that sheer or if that’s just the way it photographed.

L.A. on

I can’t wait to see what their baby is going to look like. My guess…gorgeous!

Lis on

Love Penelope, but see-through and maternity should not be mixed. What was she thinking?

kuniomi on

so pretty penelope

Romy on

I’m hoping the flash from bright cameras is why the shirt looks so sheer!

kai on

I bet it wasn’t see-through in person.

Agree, she’s very pretty!

Taylor on

Lis, of course we don’t want a repeat of Emily’s Procter’s Palmer’s Cocoa Butter ad! Obviously uncovered, pregnant stomach’s are absolutely hideous. It’s practically a form of pornography.

cris on

Taylor: you are a troll looking for attention…I guess I just gave it to you, but whatever.

I would also bet that in person this top was not sheer, but the lights tend to make it appear so. This is a common sight at award shows.

Mariel on



Kate on

I agree with Taylor. No one wants to see that, ‘cept maybe your partner!

Taylor on

Wow. Sarcasm sure reads well over the internet! I’m more suprised and saddened that people actually took that seriously.

So, Cris, no fictious troll with bright, fluffy hair, here.

J.E. on

Heeeere we go with the see thru top comments! She looks FINE! Theres nothing wrong with a pregnant belly. I was at my sexiest when preggers. Don’t hate! EMBRACE!

SadieA on

Taylor, sarcasm and humor doesn’t work when such a large percentage of the readers are just waiting to pounce and criticize and the rest are just waiting to counterattack!

Meghan on

Yeah, I’m not saying a pregnant belly isn’t beautiful and perhaps it is the lights but the top does look a little weird.
Anyways, I was very excitied to hear about this pregnancy!

Ari on

Pregnant bellies are beautiful and sexy and life is a miracle (so why not be in awe of it?!!) It has been over 10 years since I had a baby belly, and I must say that I miss it!!!

Heather on

Pregnant bellies ARE sexy and I’m all for belly baring photos, pregnant women wearing bikinis etc… but I dunno, the whole sheer shirt while pregnant thing just reads as trashy to me.

Jill on

I would think the top was ugly even if she wasn’t pregnant. Being pregnant has nothing to do with my dislike for the shirt.

Lilianne on

Taylor, I got the sarcasm. 🙂

Mrs Darcy on

What a beautiful woman Penelope is in that shirt or not!
Ladies are just jealous!

Georgia on

She looks gorgeous….

I was really surprised to see pics of Pene and Javier walking around Santa Monica (I think) a few weeks ago and he was chain smoking whilst walking hand in hand with her. I know they are European and a lot of Europeans smoke but I had heard she was possibly pregnant and thought that was a bit off!

Bugs on

When i saw 20+ comments on this picture i wondered what the talk was mainly about. Couldn’t see anything wrong, and then i’m reading is about the shirt?? Honestly i still don’t see anything wrong! Wth people?

CelebBabyLover on

I’m going with the theory that the lighting made the shirt look more sheer than it really is!

Bella on

she looks much further along than four or five months….thinking we are getting duped..of course she is very tiny….tiny and a preganancy belly and I have had three of them are gorgeous. Do I flaunt them in public no. I wore a breastfeeding cape until we discovered our latest son..we have three was allergic to me. I am a Christian so I wonder what they did instead if they had no money for cows or goats???

Tee on

I think a pregnant woman is absolutely beautiful and have been blessed to work with them, both as a midwife and as an informal photographer. However, I also believe in modesty. I don’t have a problem taking photographys of a beautiful baby belly but I would prefer for woman to cover themselves up more appropriately while they are out in public.

This is another one of those subjects where my ultra-modest backgroud could be clouding my judgement though.

JM on

lol, Georgia you have no idea how funny it is to hear comments like “i know they are European and a lot of Europeans smoke”. it just always sounds so weird to someone who is from a European country – big difference between the countries. some have more smokers, some have fewer. you really cannot generalise about anything when it comes to european countries, and it just sounds so strange to hear it all thrown in one pot, especially over something like this….

CelebBabyLover on

Bella- She may just be like Naomi Watts, Isla Fischer, Jenna Elfman, and a few other celebs that get very big very fast. All three ladies I mentioned looked farther enough along than they really were that a lot of people were convinced they were having twins (both times in Naomi’s and Jenna’s cases. Isla managed to duck off the rader once she was just a few months in, hence why nobody ever speculated that she was having twins the second time around!). I remember someone even speculating that Naomi was actually expecting TRIPLETS while she was pregnant with Sasha!

Also, Emily Procter said a month or two ago that she looks a lot farther along than she is (so much so that she even got a little concerned and asked her doctor about it…..and the doctor assured her that it was nothing to be concerned about!).

So it’s very possible that Penelope is just carrying big. That’s not to say that I don’t believe that they might have fudged the due date a little. I believe they may have. What I DON’T believe is that they fudged it by more than a month, mostly since I don’t think they could pull that off. I mean, if she were to give birth in a month or two, what are they supposed to do? Claim the baby was born three months early?!

Hea on

Georgia – “A lot of Europeans smoke”? Oh my, I laughed so hard at that comment. What a thing to say.

Why do so many Americans keep referring to Europe as if it’s a country?

Tina on

It appears to me that she just forgot to change of her of pajamams. lol What is with the fashions some of the stars are wearing?? I mean leave something that is just for your husband.

CelebBabyLover on

Tina- Give the girl a break! As other posters have said, the shirt probably isn’t that sheer in person. She probably didn’t mean to show us that much!🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Hea- Sometimes people DO generalize a bit, but I think the person who made the smoking comment literally meant that Europeans as a whole do smoke a lot. Now whether that’s true or not, I don’t know, but I don’t think that person was trying to generalize!

Hea on

Well, I do. Or at least I hope so because it sounded absolutely ridiculous.

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