Ali Larter Celebrates Her Baby Shower

10/04/2010 at 12:30 PM ET
Jill Johnson/JPI

With a couple of months to go, Ali Larter got an early start on prepping for motherhood by celebrating her baby shower Saturday at a pal’s house in Los Angeles.

“It was an incredible day and I just felt so lucky to be surrounded by so many dear friends and family,” the Resident Evil: Afterlife actress – who’s expecting a boy – tells PEOPLE. “It was a very special day!”

Along with friends Amy Smart (who co-hosted the shower), Busy Philipps and Nicole Sullivan, Larter enjoyed the afternoon shower designed by David Stark and presented by Target and Baby Buggy.

“We wanted a very worldly and natural feel,” explains Larter, 34. “It was very earthy.” Her actor/writer husband, Hayes MacArthur, even made a post-golf stop at the all-ladies shower. “Everyone was excited to see him,” adds Larter.

In honor of “Baby Mac,” Larter and MacArthur’s affectionate name for their baby-on-the-way, Target will donate strollers, diapers and select pieces from the upcoming Petit Trésor for Target collection to benefit Baby Buggy’s mission of supporting families in need.

“As a mother-to-be, I quickly realized how expensive it is to prepare for my new addition,” notes Larter. “Unfortunately, there are many mothers who cannot afford the necessities such as cribs, clothing and diapers so I’m honored to be able to help mothers through my shower.”

Larter will continue to donate through her Ali Larter for Baby Buggy registry on, where the public can purchase items to be sent to mothers in need. In addition, a financial donation has been made in honor of Larter, to Project Peanut Butter, an organization which helps malnourished children in Africa.

“To feel this life growing inside of me grounds me every day and really puts things into perspective about what’s important in life. It really is your health and your family.”

— Jennifer Garcia

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tink1217 on

at first I saw “sponsored by target” and cringed…but reading forward I love the donation idea!! Sponsoring a celeb shower like that gets the word out about their charities! I enjoy seeing that…and hopefully the donations will go to those really in need!!

Can’t wait to see “Baby Mac”!!

Kate on

“Unfortunately, there are many mothers who cannot afford the necessities such as cribs, clothing and diapers so I’m honored to be able to help mothers through my shower.”

If you cannot afford necessities such as clothing and diapers than you should not be getting pregnant, PERIOD. I am so sick of people enabling individuals that have no right having a kid they cannot afford..and this kind of charity just perpetuates it. haters hate on on…but you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Momof3girls on

I like the donation idea!!

re: Kate…there are people out there whose financial situations have changed DURING the pregnancy, should they give their child up for adoption because of a financial setback?? I think everyone has the right to have a child even if they need a little help in the beginning.

Sandra on

Kate-I agree with you! But the baby product industry is very expensive, people should be encouraged to donate their gently used baby items if they don’t need them and as long as they still meet safety standards.

I hope she has also contributed to the organization. It sounds like the general public and Target makes donations on behalf of Ali Larter.

“Larter will continue to donate through her Ali Larter for Baby Buggy registry on, where the public can purchase items to be sent to mothers in need. In addition, a financial donation has been made in honor of Larter, to Project Peanut Butter, an organization which helps malnourished children in Africa.”

ecl on

Kate, What an excellent idea! Only people with money should have babies! That would make the world a so much better place because those are the only people who have the right values and know how to love their families. It also will ensure that we end up with more white babies! I LOVE your values. Ok, in all seriousness, people don’t have babies for the “handouts” they can get. These babies are coming into the world with or without these items so why not make sure those kids don’t suffer. We’re all human beings here, but I think that lots of us forget our common humanity sometimes.

Kate on

Yes, you should only have spawn if you can afford to give them the essentials and more…because if you can’t, you can bet your (or actually MY) bottom dollar that I will be funding their “welfare” in some way through tax dollars, because you wanted to have a genetic equivalent…spare me. It is very interesting that the most wealthy, educated individuals (and you said it, not me, WHITE) are the ones making the smart reproductive decisions…just sayin’!

Brookie on

WOW- I’m with you ecl! We will now initiate new laws that require a credit app prior to conception- just for you Kate! I also agree with momof3girls. What happens if the unimaginable occurs during someone’s pregnancy? The loss of a job, or worse- the loss of a spouse? I guess they will have to hand that baby over at birth since thier finances aren’t what they were when they conceived. Look- I know there are people out there who are in bad financial shape because of thier own bad decisions, but it’s not everyone so don’t throw these blanket comments out there as if no one is “worthy” or deserves a little help from time to time. It’s people like Kate that you almost hope to see in a bad spot one day so you can look at her and say “hmmmm, do I find you worthy of assistance? Nope. Good luck to you”.

mommyof2 on

Kate, I can not believe that you can be so ignorant. Being a mother of two, my first at 19, people that are fortunte to give should. When I had my son I was not in the finacial means to raise him, but with help from my family and working my butt off i did. And now 6 years later and one more child we are well enough to help other women that happen to be in the same situation as i was. I am so glad that i didnt have an abortion or give up my son because of finaces. He is happy and healthyand has all that he could need. So before posting ignorant things maybe you so try to be and adult and think before you speak!!!

tink1217 on

I agree with momof3girls…that happened to me during my 2nd pregnancy…my husband walked out…my circumstances completely changed!!! Luckily I had my family to help me..I did not take any charity or welfare or anything. But there are people who have spouses who pass away or lose jobs unexpectedly…it happens..

Bree on

Kate, has it occured to you that some pregnancies are unplanned? Should a woman have to give up her child, or have an abortion, because she is not in the best place financially?

I also agree with momof3girls. My mom was married when she got pregnant, she and my dad planned to have me and then things changed, a. she got pregnant sooner than expected (she was told it would take a year after going off the pill, it took 2 months) so my dad was still in college at the time of my birth and b. When she found out she was pregnant she looked at things differently, even more soon when I was born and left my dad (BEST decision of her life!!) and was left a single mother with a 1 year old, not how she planned things but turned out amazing.

You need to grow up and realize that it takes more than money to raise a child. We were never rich, at times we were below the poverty line, as was my husband, but we never felt it because we always had love and parents that would do anything for us.

melissa on

if only people with money had children, the world would be full of Paris Hilton’s!

Not everyone has alot of money but that should not mean that they should not be able to have children.

Mrs. R. on

Kate – go drink your tea elsewhere.

Erin on

Kate, your white hood started to show in your second post. And if you’re concerned about social welfare, I’m assuming you’re against social security, disability, Medicare, etc. and that you plan on never accepting it? If you’re so worried about your tax dollars being wasted, research the wasteful Pentagon budget and get behind the (Republican) Defense Department Secretary’s plan to cut it. Significantly. Because that expenditure makes welfare seem like a drop in the bucket. Ignorant fool.

Kate on

If the person was somewhat intelligent, they would have life insurance, should the other spouse “pass away.” This doesn’t seem to be the case of the posters though. More like..”I got into the wrong situation with a bad person who up and left me and I did not have a back up plan/career to fall back on.” Please..And no, there is nothing wrong with abortions, birth control, and/or waiting until you have a suitable income to have a child.

Kate on

Hey Erin-
FYI, No, I am not totally against social welfare programs. This is a matter of social responsibility and not getting knocked up if you can’t fiscally support it. And I’m proud of my strong white roots (GASP!). Nothing wrong with that. FYI, I’ve worked in the health-care industry for a large metro hospital that was totally funded by Medicare/Medicaid. I’ve seen the waste and irresponsibility and am highly aware of political terminology, so don’t try to get all wise-ass on me with your politico-jargon! LOL nice try.

Bree on

You really don’t know when to stop do you kate?

Are you suggesting that women who don’t belive in abortion should have one anyway? Birth control fails!! the only garenteed form of bc is absitinence and don’t think for one second that married couples and never going to have sex!! As a newlywed myself I can tell you that it is not going to happen!!

As for life insurance, it does not cover everything, these people who, after going through the trauma of loosing a spouse and parent of their child, have to support themselves and child (possibly children) and if it is woman who just gave birth, may be unable to work.

What about women like my mom who was told she had about 1% chance of getting pregnant for AT LEAST 9 months, but is was probably going to be closer to one too two years?? She wanted me, as much as my timing was off, the fact that she was pregnant was no accident. Should she have given me up or had an abortion?? Esspecially since after having me she was unable to have any more kids. Should she have given up her dream of being a parent because her bank account wasn’t as full as it should have been?? I had an amazing childhood, I had food on the table, clothes on my back and a roof over my head. My mom tries to spoil me now that she is better off financially because “I had to sacrifice to much growing up” but I won’t let her because I never felt it, I never felt like I was missing anything growing up. She worked herself to the bone because she had a reason too, yes we were on income support for a couple months, but we have more than given back, we both vollunteer and my mom put herself through school as a single parent and is now a social worker.

Jessica on

Good for Ali….

Kate your are an ignorant, sad, hateful person. Have fun in you perfect little world. May your bubble soon burst!! 😉

Karen on

Kate, you honestly need to get over yourself. Sadly the world isn’t as perfect as in your little bubble. If this economy has taught us anything, you can be smart and careful and still end in the poor house. Not every woman has the choice of when she gets pregnant either, but unlike the father – the mother can’t just walk away.

Having children is insanely expensive even under the best conditions. And making it a racial thing is just embarrassing, financial downfall can hit a mother or any race.

Anonymous on

Kate, you are not ignorant…you are spot on. I worked in the health care industry as well and the amount of abuse of the welfare system was astronomical. With all of the free birth control and the OTC morning after pill, there shouldn’t be half of the “mistakes” that people claim. Not to mention the ridiculous amounts of planned babies on assistance. Unfortunately, the people who collect off of these services have entitlement issues and are either completely ignorant to the fact that the tax payers are paying for their choices, or they don’t care. But why not encourage the ignorant to breed more ignorance? That sounds like a really good way to garner votes…

Anonymous on

My goodness people. I don’t think Kate is saying that welfare isn’t alright sometimes. I think she’s saying that there is far too much abuse. And she’s right. I guess you can all ride out your lame excuses for bad behavior though. Your bubbles are already bursting with the economy. Here in Michigan, 7 out of every 10 births were Medicaid, and that was a year BEFORE the fall of the economy. When you have more people sucking off the system than there are people putting in, you have a problem.

jessicad on

Wow Kate, what a lovely way to take a story about a woman who does a great thing and gives to those aren’t as fortunate and turn it around into something selfish and absolutely disgusting. I’m glad there are such giving people in this world like Ali, I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.

tink1217 on

mm..anonymous..I think rather than focusing on the people “sucking off the system”…how about the fact that the government spends hundreds on a simple hammer? Or thousands on a toilet seat?? I think that is a pretty bad example honestly…

It amazes me people can always find something negative to say even with such a positive situation as was described in this story about Ali’s baby shower!!

jessicad on

The system no doubt needs change, but to say everyone who uses it abuses it and has an entitled attitude is not accurate.

mommyof2 on

Kate its time to wake up!!! you are so closed minded and ignorant!! i can not believe that there are people like you in the world. If you ask me, people like you should never have kids!!!

CMS on

The one thing I’d like to say is that it’s so nice to see that voices like Kate’s are in the minority, and that reasonable and intelligent people seem to have no problem recognizing what a lunatic she is.

Erin is exactly right. If you are really concerned with waste, look at military spending, and all the no-bid contracts that Republican politicians used to divert billions of dollars into the pockets of friends at Haliburton and Blackwater. Or, just look at private industry! Does any reasonable individual really believe that a CEO’s corporate spending account is a fair use of money and resources? At least government spending is somewhat transparent.

Oh, and Ali is beautiful!!

Allison on

Kate, I’m sorry that you are getting bashed by these out of touch liberals! You are so right on. Thank the Lord there are still a few of us left, this country will go to hell in a handbasket otherwise!!

Molly on

Allison and Kate thank you for reminding me to go vote in Nov. I will be sick if ignorant republicans like you two get back in power. We all get it, you hate minorities and poor people but yet can’t understand why most people dislike you. Grow up and try reading a book that doesn’t involve fox news

Allison on

Please stop calling Kate, myself and other likeminded people ignornat. I am not ignorant, I just don’t believe in the same politcis as you. Just because someone disagrees with you does not mean that you should call them names. As adults, sometimes we have to agree to disagree.

And for the record, according to statistics (on Fox news and CNN), the majority of people that voted for Obama are not pleased with him since he has taken office. So Kate and I are actually not the minority. Hopefully Molly, when you, me and others vote in November it will speak for itself.

Molly on

Stop it Allison. I still think you are ignorant , a liar and racist. Deal with it. I will never respect most republicans. Deal with it. Do you understand now. You can’t handle me pointing out facts which is typical of Republicans.

Molly on

Also, don’t respond back to me because I don’t care what you think or say. My mind is set. Have nice ignorant life.

JM on

well said Molly. all i can say is i know i would rather the people in society who have babies, are people who are not so well off but who teach their children to be generous, to not judge others and to value what they are given by understanding that you are not always responsible for your circumstances so you should help the less fortunate. instead of people like kate who would presumably teach their children that if one of their friends is poor “well tough, it’s their own fault, don’t even consider helping them”.

my kids give to charity, they understand why some people are rich and others poor even though they both work equally as hard, and that this means that if they are more fortunate the right thing to do is to help other people.

i don’t live in america so elections there have little (but some effect on me). but i know so many decent, kind, caring generous americans that i hope for their sake you guys don’t end up with a republican any time soon. i dread to think what would happen to the less fortunate.

Taylor on

Allison, I believe you called people who disagreed with your politics “out of touch liberals” so you’re being incredibly hypocritical.

For the record, I’ll side eye the fact that you attempted to use Fox as an example of a credible news source.

Evangeline on

Allison- So anyone who thinks Ali Larter’s charity effort is a good thing is an “out of touch liberal?” What a bizarre assumption. I tend to think the world is already “going to hell in a handbasket” when people are taking issue with someone else’s efforts to help the less fortunate.

Also, what’s it to you? No one’s forcing you to donate so why does it bother you so much what other people do with their money?

Tee on

Oh, this got ugly quick!

Kate, in a way I see your point, although I don’t think you worded it very well. Yes, there are people that “abuse” the system and yes, there are people that have babies for the free “handouts.” I agree with you on that. It drags down the medical state of our country which strongly affects people like me. I’m terminal (and yes, I’m white) and yet I don’t qualify for disability. My parents have to shoulder the complete burden of my health and that’s not fair to them.

On the other hand, I absolutely think that abortion is 100 percent wrong, no matter the circumstances. Period. A life is a life and human beings should not choose to play God.

As for the politics, I’m so not going there! I will say that I think there are people that honestly need a hand at some point in their lives and I have no problem with them recieving help. My family has been there and there is no shame in it.

Melissa- Your comment about Paris Hilton? BEST COMMENT EVER!!!

Evangeline on

Alison, it’s people like you who give all Republicans a bad name. I’m a Republican and a Christian and I think Larter is doing a wonderful thing. If you want to get into a political discussion, perhaps a celebrity baby blog isn’t the right place for you.

Erin on

Allison, I spoke directly to Kate because she implicitly said that white people are the only ones who manage to procreate responsibly. I might agree with her that the welfare system needs tweaking, but when she brought race into it it showed her for who she is. I generally think people who fall for the let’s stop “waste, fraud and abuse” mantra she was trumpeting are people who are ignorant of statistics, math and general common sense. While it may be frustrating that some take advantage of the social safety net it must be pointed out that crying over split milk when your house is flooding is so ridiculous that it calls out for ridicule. (Thus the Pentagon comment) It’s becoming something of a pattern lately to hear people crying about taking our country back, embracing Constitutional values, etc.

That’s fine, but decency begs that I call a spade a spade. Kate is a racist. And the only thing worse than a racist is someone who agrees with them by saying “Thank the Lord there are a few of us left, the country will go to hell in a handbasket (sp) otherwise”. When you hide behind another’s racism you reveal yourself not only to be the same pathetic bigot, but a coward to boot. So put on your big girl pants and fly your freak flag proudly. It makes it easier for the rest of us to steer clear.

Evangeline on

Hang on, some of you have your panties in a twist because some people are donating to needy parents? …really?!

H on


I have to say that, to a very small extent, I agree with your initial statement. In an ideal world, those who work hard would make enough money to support themselves and their families, and would have access to the resources they need to plan their families accordingly.

Unfortunately, the United States functions in a way that makes this relatively simple goal into an astronomically difficult feat for most people. Previous postings allude to several avenues of wasteful government spending, making legitimate comparative points regarding the funding of social programs. Isn’t it also relevant that minimum wage is not a living wage? A parent or pair of parents working full time earning minimum wage would have a considerably difficult time supporting a child’s needs. Many parents/couples have to work full time, overtime, and/or multiple jobs for minimum wage (if they can even find a job) and still paycheck to paycheck. This is not an issue of laziness.

When you then consider the state of health care in this country as well as the deplorable programs of sex education, it is no surprise that we compare statistically in many ways to third world countries.

Personally, I was lucky enough to be raised in a family with two parents who were fully able to work and provide for their four children (though, to show that accidents REALLY do happen, I must mention that my mother had an IUD in place when she became pregnant with me). During my childhood, we would not have been considered even remotely well off. With a combination of hard work, intelligence, and some luck, my parents were able to significantly increase their income over the past couple of decades. I attended a very prestigious college and have a partner who was able to do the same. I do not pretend, though, that this is normal or universal. People have no control over the circumstance they are born into, and even with hard work and persistence, many of these privileges I was lucky enough to have are not attainable for many people. For this reason, I do not judge or blame others less fortunate.

After all of these considerations, it does not come down to disagreements on political policy, being liberal vs. conservative or republican vs. democrat. The difference between myself and you, and I think between you and many of the other posters, seems to be that you lack the will or ability to think abstractly enough to realistically imagine yourself in a different circumstance than the one you are in and consequently empathize with the concerns of those who are in such a reality. This is unfortunate because you come off to others as cold and ignorant. If, god forbid, something drastic happened to change the financial, emotional, or health situations in your life, I have no doubt that you and people similar to you would be quick to accept assistance even for the most temporary of conditions.

It is considerate of Ali Larter and Target to use her celebrity to help those in need rather than ignorantly condemn their actions and lifestyle.

Crystal on

Why does a celebrity doing good for others have to turn into a nasty, name-calling debate? I think what Ali Larter did was not only selfless but amazing. It’s always good to help others less fortunate and for someone to think otherwise is crazy. Why does every post have to be liberal/Democratic vs. Republican? Congratulations Ali on your baby boy and the wonderful things you are doing to help others. PERIOD!

Molly on

Well said Crystal. I apologize but Allison’s and Kate’s comments bothered me so much. I can’t believe we still have people talking like this in 2010. I wish we could just help people who need it. Life is unpredictable. You never know if one day you may need a hand, you know

Crystal on

@Molly-I completely understand. Some posters on this site can be so rude and condescending it’s unreal. Good for you for standing up for what you believe in. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

I think what Ali is doing is wonderful!

ab on

round of applause for H! brilliant comment.

1 on

I never said that there were other avenues in government spending that are not abused, and I never said that all people on assistance are abusing it. The problem is that a HUGE chunk of the people on assistance are, in fact, abusing it or not being entirely responsible for their own actions. But they always manage to find some bleeding heart to feel badly for them…I think it’s great that there are kind hearted people in this country that want to do good for others. I just happen to have seen enough to be cautious of who I give to. The reality is that not every one is good, and not everyone deserves it and those people need to be cut off. And if you really want to talk politics, do we really need to get into the wasteful and shady spending from BOTH parties? It’s not just the Republicans. Point being, I think we’ve lost sight in this country from some of the original values that made this country great. Hardwork being one of them. I think people feel much more entitled these days, and rely on big-brother government for far too much.

fay on


I have a master’s degree, i have worked since i was 16 yrs old, i have NEVER gotten a tax refund. i got pregnant for the 1st time when i was 27 yrs old. my company could not afford to keep me because of the economic bubble burst, but let me stay until i gave birth and offered me a decent severence package. i spent wisely, i even moved back home to make the money stretch even further. with a new baby paying for daycare while trying to find a job, i would eat up my unemployment check in JUST child care, gas and cellphone/ internet bills… its been 18 months and i FINALLY got a job, so i won’t be on benefits much longer, but HOW DARE YOU… i did EVERYTHING right, and FINALLY, much to my chagrin, had to humble myself to use benefits i’ve paid into for YEARS… so for u to say that I should have what, given up my baby (i didnt find out i’d be laid off until well into my 2nd trimester) AND, i’m going to ASSUME ur a republican (which isn’t really a problem for me, as i’m a REALLY right leaning liberal) but what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, ppl who think like u, often have an idea of what welfare looks like, and it’s TOTALLY wrong… most ppl on welfare are WHITE, most of them are in corporate america, and that welfare is called SUBSIDIES… so PLEASE get the eff outta here… .

brannon on

Wow. Some scary comments on here. Personally, really glad there are generous people in the world. Co-worker recently pregnant found out she was having twins. Due to some severe complications, she ended up on bed rest for 6 months (hospitalized) and they went through most of their savings because her husband lost his job due to absences (taking care of their 3 year old daughter) and the hospital bills and cost of his traveling to see her and what not. The first few months with the boys were rough but now they are back on their feet and he is back to work. Thank goodness there were people willing to help.

J.E. on

Nothing that anyone says will change “Kate’s” mind. Ignorant is a combination of stubborn and an attitude of “everything I say is right.” Sadly people like her live amongst us! Sadly, people like her will conceive children “when everythings perfectly dandy in their lives”, they have a house and ‘stable’ careers. Then they will go on to raise their own spawn with the same ignorant and ARROGANT pov. The cycle will continue. So ladies, as disgusting and IGNORANT as all the “Kate’s” in this world are, sadly they live amongst us. The “Kate’s” walk around with a black whole where a heart should be, thinking they’re better than anyone and will never need, emotional support or anyone for that matter. But the “Kate’s” forget one thing; that GOD isn’t looking at money matters, he’s looking at matters of the heart. How good you are here while you’re in this IMPERFECT WORLD. So judge, judge, judge & hate Kate. Because while you’re busy judging others he’s watching and judging YOU. Oh, and in the words of Molly… “don’t respond back to me because I don’t care what you think or say. My mind is set. Have a nice ignorant life.”

Jessica on

Allison…. FTR, I’m one who was very offended by what Kate said and >>gasp<<, I'm a VERY VERY CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN!!!!!! Not a Liberal bone in my body. Even as a Republican I can understand what a mean and greater than thou attitude is when I read it!!

Jessica on

Molly…Not all republicans are ignorent. I myself am not. It’s certian ones who give us a bad rap.

tink1217 on

H…very well said!

Tee on

Fay- I’m so sorry to hear about all you’ve been through over the past few years but I wanted to tell you that I really appreciate you sharing your story in the middle of this debate. It’s a great example of exactly what I was trying to say! It sounds like you’ve worked hard to provide a good life for you and your child. Your son or daughter is very blessed to have a Momma that cares enough about him/her to make sacrifices. It’s great that you were able to move back home but I’m sure it wasn’t easy. I know I had a hard time moving back home after I became disabled and I didn’t have the additional stress of having a new baby! I hope that your new job goes well!

Molly on

Thank You Jessica 🙂 I do have a few Republican friends and we sometimes all shake our heads at what’s going on with some Americans. It seems too many have forgotten being diverse is what makes America great. Really, both parties have sane people but we only hear about the ones that make everyone involved look bad.

DJB on

Three cheers for H!! Very insightful for comments….