Josh Duhamel: Fergie and I Will Make Great Parents

10/02/2010 at 12:00 PM ET

Playing a dad in Life As We Know It was no tough task for Josh Duhamel.

In fact, the actor says getting to play a father is what “initially drew me to” the role.

“For whatever reason — I don’t know if it is my mom or my dad, but I’ve always had a real fondness for kids,” Duhamel, 37, admitted on the red carpet at the film’s premiere in New York Thursday, adding that he knew playing a dad “would come naturally.”

To get comfortable with the triplets playing the baby in the movie, Duhamel “came in a week early, and would get on the floor with all three of them,” says the movie’s producer Barry Josephson.

Obviously, Duhamel wouldn’t be taking on parenting responsibilities alone. He says his wife Fergie would be equally doting on a child. “She’ll be a great mom,” he tells PEOPLE. “She got to meet [costar Katherine Heigl‘s daughter] Naleigh on set. It was great.”

Duhamel has also found a fan in Heigl’s husband Josh Kelley. “Josh is going to be an amazing dad … are you kidding me?” Kelley says. “That guy is going to be an awesome dad. He’s one of the coolest guys I’ve ever met. I love him.”

— Dahvi Shira and Jeffrey Slonim

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debbie on

I’ve always had a real fondness for Josh… lucky is Fergie!?!?!

jj on

I want his baby! KIDDING! Go for it Fergie! You will have great looking kids.

Jen K on

I agree with him, Josh Kelley is the coolest 🙂

Julie on

Theyl’ll make great parents.

Kim on

LOL to!!

Julie on

I’d have his baby!

Ash on

I have had the pleasure of seeing Josh around kids and he is absolutely phenomenal. JJ is you saw the interaction you really would want his baby too!!!

Sharon on

Well what in the heck are you waiting for Josh?? You are 37 years old! Get going! When do you plan on having your first child, when you are 45 years old! Come on, we are all waiting to hear the news of a pregnancy. LOL.

SusiQ on

You poor sweet dumb man. . .NOBODY knows what kind of parent they will be till they try. This IS the ultimate on-the-job training position!!! I wish you both the very best but PLEASE don’t be lulled into thinking that holding someone else’s baby which you can give back is the same as having your own 24/7.

Patti on

I am desperately in love with Josh. Fergie is one lucky lady. I would be having as many babies as he wanted. :0

Karen on

I agree that they’d make great parents, but time’s a wastin’ and Fergie’s no spring chicken.

Lauren on

Josh cheated on his ex-fiance of 10 years with fergie and no one says a thing?? That alicia keys thread is blowing up with angry women on home-wrecking keys, when she wasn’t even the one married.. her husband was!!!

Loretta on

SusiQ, I so much agree with you. Until you have your own baby, you will never understand what is like to love and cherish your own little one! It definitely is not the same thing. The feelings are different and everything is different. There are people that love little children and hold them and play with them, but it doesn’t mean they want any kids. When they are not your own you can give them back and go on with your life. When they are yours, they are part of you 24/7.

meghan on

Yes Kate, because if a stripper sells her story to a tabloid, it MUST be true! Whatever did or did not happen is a matter for Josh and his wife, no one else.

Erin on

Lauren, any woman (or man) engaged for ten years might want to ask themselves what the hell they’re waiting for. Perhaps Josh didn’t want to marry his ex? Doesn’t excuse his behavior (if true) but it might help explain it. And about the current cheating stories, if Fergie wanted to she’d leave him.

The problem with Alicia and her groom is that he and his ex have kids, which changes the cheating equation entirely in my eyes. When you have a relationship with a dad who hasn’t managed to find the time to get off his butt and file for divorce, you’re insane. Knowingly having a relationship with a married man/woman (no matter how unhappy the marriage) really says more about you than the married party. It says you’re so desperate you can’t wait. There are a lot of fish in the sea. True story!

LoveCrazyBeautifulLife on

Fergie is soooooooo lucky! He’s hot! Ever since I heard he and fergie were engaged, I felt a little jealous!

P.S. I can’t believe I’m saying this but, I wanna have his baby!

MM on

Give the man a baby already Fergie!

MD on

I would have his baby in a heartbeat;P
Besides if he cheated, who cares 90% of married couple (either gender) have extramarital affairs. And look at the source of the info, a stripper, Hello she promotes impropriety.

Karen on

MD, 90%? Where are you getting your stats and who do you hang out with 😛

juliet on

i’m confused…if Fergie and Josh aren’t even expecting a baby, why is this article here? Reading about an actor playing on the floor with triplets he’s working with on a movie set and then bragging that he’ll be a great dad does not a celebrity-baby story make. Sorry.

CelebBabyLover on

juliet- It’s on here because he’s talking about having kids someday….and this site is about everything celebrity baby!

M on

anyone ever stop to think perhaps they ARE trying for a baby? you never know if there are fertility issues. a lot of celebs are probably aware of their age, but it can take awhile to find the right person, and then “older” or not, fertility problems can happen.

Hea on

What are you guys on about? Has he cheated on Fergie or what?

cee on

@hea, yes he has, according to the media. With a stripper, before he& fergie had been married even a year.

Hea on

Did he admit it? If not, who gives a beep? If he has admitted it, who still gives? It’s their life and it may not even be the least bit true.

Tee on

MD- I echo Karen. Who in the world do you hang out with? Besides, even if your statistic was accurate, that doesn’t make it right.

I’m not saying this in regards to this particular couple because I don’t know anything about either one of them. I’m just speaking in general terms.

CelebBabyLover on

Hea- No, he did not admit to to it. In fact, he and Fergie denied it! 🙂 I’m going to believe Josh and Fergie over some stripper and the tabloids!

M- Exactly! It could very well that they are, in fact, TTC right now….but, very understandably, would rather not broadcast that fact to the entire world (especially if they’re having fertility issues!)! 🙂

Traxie on

i agree with Sharon – why is that Josh along with dozens of other celebrities somehow thinks he’s immune to the effects of ageing on fertility?! male fertility declines with age, just like female fertility. And he and Fergie might look young and stay in shape but he is 37, she is 35, and the two of them would have what is technically classified as a “geriatric pregnancy”.

It’s funny how many celebrities over the age of 35 talk about having a baby “one day”, as if they have another couple of decades to getting around to it!!

Meagan on

I live in Josh’s hometown & have been to the restaurant he owns. Still haven’t seen him yet though! But I am on the lookout!

Keyanna on

You all are a bunch of know-it-alls posting about 2 people that you will never know. Just because they are not procreating like rabbits (as you all are) doesn’t mean anything.

Hea on

CBL – Then I really don’t understand what all this hoopla is about. haha

CelebBabyLover on

Traxie- As M pointed out, Josh and Fergie could be in the process of trying for a baby right now! Just because they don’t have kids and she’s not pregnant doesn’t mean that they’re just sitting back and thinking they have all the time in the world to have kids!

Also, just because you are getting older in terms of having kids doesn’t mean you should have one if you aren’t ready for it! If Josh and Fergie aren’t ready for kids, then I applaud them for doing the right thing. If they had a kid now and weren’t ready for it, that wouldn’t be fair to the kid!

Sarah M. on

I seem to remember an interview that Fergie had done not long ago where she said that she didn’t think she’d ever have kids. I don’t know if she was just trying to get on to the next question, was being serious or maybe they’re trying and nothing has happened yet. Or maybe it was another celebrity, altogether.

I would hate to be a celebrity and always asked this question. When Nia Vardalos and her husband were trying, she had to do the hormone shots. So she once said that she’d take breaks and go to her trailer and give herself the shots, but then her co-workers would start talking about how she got more breaks than they did. She was trying to keep quiet that they wanted a baby, and were trying for one, but that they weren’t having any luck. In the end she wound up having to say something when she didn’t want to. I bet many other celebs have this problem and would rather not have to say anything regarding the whole issue, but are forced to say something eventually just to stop the questions. When, in reality, it’s really no one’s business but theirs.

And, yes, I realize I’m on a celebrity baby site. But with this intensely private issue, everyone-celeb or not-should be able to say something when they’re ready and not have to be constantly forced to discuss the issue. If they want to discuss it, then I would love to read it. If they don’t, then I don’t feel somehow entitled to the information. Similar to the fact that I like seeing pictures of celebs with their kids, I’d rather not see them if that child or any other children are being put in danger just to get the picture!