Jamie Oliver Says Wife Jools Is ‘In Charge’ of Baby Names

10/02/2010 at 08:00 AM ET

Jamie Oliver has explained who comes up with the unusual names for his kids — his wife, Jools.

Speaking to guest host Sharon Osbourne on ITV 1’s Lorraine, Oliver was asked who dreamt up the name Buddy Bear Maurice for his 2-week-old son.

“That would be my wife,” the chef, 35, replied. “Jools is definitely in charge of the names and we’re probably quite lucky it was a boy really, because we were out of names [for] girls.”

Already dad to daughters Poppy Honey Rosie, 8Β½, Daisy Boo Pamela, 7, Petal Blossom Rainbow, 18 months, having a boy has taken some getting used to, Oliver admits.

“I’ve only just started calling him ‘him’. For the last two weeks I’ve been saying, ‘Can you pass her to me?’, because it hasn’t quite processed.”

And he appears to rule out having more kids. “I think that’s it, I really do …Β  I’ve already gone from a car to a bus — I’ve got a minibus now, it looks like the A-Team or the O-Team has arrived. So if we have one more, we’d have to get a proper minibus.”

As for Jools, she’s “doing amazing” — if not a bit exhausted. “She’s knackered, absolutely knackered,” Oliver admits. “I think it’s juggling the four kids.”

— Simon Perry

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Abi on

Did they seriously name their son Buddy Bear? That is just cruel!!

Maddie on

Maybe when he’s older he can go by Maurice or Reese for short? I seriously can’t see a 35 year old lawyer being called Buddy. Beautiful family – I do actually like the names Poppy and Daisy…

brannon on

Wow…that is a lot of names!! We are going a bit out of the way but not sure I have the guts to take it full force. Good for them?!

Tess on

If my spouse came to me and said “I’m naming our kid Buddy Bear,” I would say no you’re not. So he’s obviously involved in the naming of the kids.

amandamay on

maddie – in england they pronounce maurice as “morris” not “more-eece” like they do in the states, so the nickname wouldn’t be “reese” πŸ™‚

robin on

Once again, as with the sweet girl names….LOVE IT!!! YAY for original names and good for them!! Congratulations to the Olivers:) ❀

M on

i dunno about that, tess. i know guys who say, “my wife carried the baby for 9 months and birthed him, she gets the only say in the name.”

not my style, but as maddie said, perhaps he’ll go by maurice or reese when he’s older.

Hea on

“I seriously can’t see a 35 year old lawyer being called Buddy.”

And I seriously can’t see why he has to be limited because of his name and that he has to become a lawyer. He can be a poolkeeper for all I care as long as he is happy.

JM on

aw i like Jamie Oliver and the name Buddy has actually grown on me. reminds me of Buddy Holly. Jamie seems like a great dad and a good guy.

Mira on

I love the names they chose. They sound so innocent and life-affirming, as opposed to the austere, serious trend that dominates these days. I hate the trend of giving last names as first names (Jackson, Harper, Taylor, etc.) and I’m happy they’re bucking it. Good for them!

D on

Although, Buddy Bear Maurice is unusual, the name Buddy has stopped the Cake Boss from rising to fame!

JM on

i TOTALLY agree with you Mira. i’d prefer a Buddy, Poppy or Daisy, over a Harper, Harlow, Preston, Taylor etc any day.

Jacqui on

For some reason I enjoy the name Buddy Bear even more imagining it being said with the Olivers’ British accent.

charlotte on

amandamay- we (the english) pronounce it moore-eece, not morris πŸ™‚

Luna on

Buddy I like because it can be for a little boy and yet I can see an adult with it. Maurice was a family name so I like that. But Bear? I’m not so sure I like that one. I like their girls’ names, but Bear isn’t all that. If the shoe was on the other foot and I was the man, and my wife told me ‘I want to name him xyz’ I don’t think I’d be as cool with it as Jamie is. More power to him. πŸ™‚

Rachael on

People can name their kids whatever they want, but I’ll always go back to the fact that one day kids get into school, grow up and become adults… The amount of teasing that has to go on with certain names has to be common?!

At least give kids a middle name they can go by?

CelebBabyLover on

Rachael- And they DID give him a middle name he can go by if he so choses….Maurice! πŸ™‚

CelebBabyLover on

Rachel- “At least give kids a middle name they can go by?” And the Olivers have done just that, by using Maurice as one of Buddy’s two middle names! πŸ™‚

annie on

I think that everyone has the right to name their children/child whatever the feel. I persoanlly love all the names that jools and Jaimes have chosen but also understand its not for everyone. I am a big believer of “keep your opions to yourself” or if you cant say something nice dont say it at all! Congrats to the Oliver family! x

jen on

I’ve got an English friend named Maurice and it’s “Morris” (emphasis on the first syllable MOR-iss)

jen on

maybe it’s a regional thing in England, but I have an English friend named Maurice and he said it’s said “Morris” (emphasis on the first syllabus MOR-iss). He said that’s the common way to say it in England.

Tess on

Just because people CAN give their children stupid names doesn’t mean they SHOULD. That’s the point.

Elisabeth on

I wonder how many more are going to tell us how the english pronounce Maurice. No I’m not saying that in a mean way.

I have to agree if you can’t say anything nice the nice thing and adult thing to do would be not to say anything at all.

Back when we were naming the twins we were in the process of adopting there were a few that said mean things about how one of the girls’ name was spelled as if we made it up (we didn’t we got it out of a baby name book).

B on

Maybe it’s because I’m from the southern US but I know a couple of lawyers named Buddy. Also, using last names as first is not a new thing here either.

amandamay on

charlotte – i’m english πŸ™‚ and we (the english i know) pronounce it “morris” – but perhaps like someone else said that it’s a regional thing.

Molly on

Tess, the point is stop whining about what other people name their kids. Understand?

hannah on

I like his name.. I think it fits the flower theme of all the kids names πŸ™‚

CelebBabyLover on

I didn’t mean to post basically the same comment twice, by the other way. Things went a little wonky when I was trying to post my first one, so I thought it hadn’t sent…..so I re-posted it.

Tess on

Molly – I’m not whining at all. I’m saying it’s a stupid name. If you disagree then that’s fine. You’re allowed to express that and you won’t be whining either.

TM on

I think that Jamie’s son was named (in part) after a relative. I named my daughter after my favorite author (Harper Lee), not expecting it to become “trendy”. My point is that sometimes people have really tender and loving reasons for choosing the names of their children.

Stephanie on

D- How has the name Buddy stopped Buddy Valastro from rising to fame? “Buddy Valastro is one of the most successful and renowned cake artists in the United States. Master baker of Carlo’s City Hall Bake Shop in Hoboken, New Jersey” -TLC.com

Now D I would say that this quote proves you wrong. Where on Earth do you get your info from? The name Buddy never stopped Buddy Holly from rising to fame and Cake Boss is a really popular show. So you are definatly mistaken, big time. Sorry.

Molly on

The reason I say it’s whining is because he has the name already. Think about that old saying it’s no use crying over spilled milk. It’s done and everyone should accept it instead of going over again 20 million times about how much they hate the name.

Trish on

Jamie seems like a good guy and although I don’t doubt they adore their children, I wonder if they gave much thought to how the children are going to feel with those names later in life.

i don’t believe you should live for what the world things..but we do have to live IN the world.

I find his son’s name ridiculous. It is just my humble opinion…he has the right to name his kid Buddy Bear if he wants, I suppose. Cheers.

Stef on

I love their kid’s names! Poppy and Daisy really aren’t that unusual for girls. Petal is a little out there but she can always go by one of her middle names if she hates it when she’s older. Buddy is usually a nickname for a boy but I don’t see a problem with it being a first name. Kids these days all have such unique names that it’s doubtful that people are to going to get made fun of.

Eileen on

Again with the posters on here not liking a name and finding every possible alternative name the child can be called. Once again, news flash – not your kid – not your problem. Your suggestions, speculations, and opinions don’t matter – so why do we have the same people, over and over and over again posting their two cents on here? Don’t you have something to occupy your time besides “I hate that name – maybe they’ll call him (insert far fetched variation of middle name)?”.

Mia on

Buddy Bear Maurice?! That is just cruel. He can’t use any of those names at school without being bullied for them. Let’s face it, Maurice is a normal name but it isn’t exactly modern.

People can name their children whatever they want, and this is clear evidence of this, but that name just isn’t good. Petal Blossom Rainbow is just as bad. These are people who will have real lives! How will they be taken seriosuly with these unfortunate names?

Just my opinion.

mike on

He is good at what he does …I guess she is a house wife with no education…and it shows. No education, no career, only ugly trousers, kids and very stupid names. It takes no brain at all to name your kid Bear, Poppy, Petal…With that names they can only be hippies, treehuggers, surfers…pretty much nothing important. We cannot see a president or a doctor named Bear or Rainbow …Mrs Oliver…read a book, get smarter.