Melissa Rycroft: We Know the Sex of Our Baby

10/01/2010 at 11:00 AM ET
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While celebrating World Smile Day in Orlando on Friday, the person with the biggest smile was definitely Bachelor Pad host Melissa Rycroft.

“We know the sex of our baby,” she says happily, although she and her husband Tye Strickland are keeping it a secret. “We can now narrow down the names to just one gender.”

With that question answered, Rycroft, who’s due in February, is enjoying a very easy pregnancy.

“Pregnant cravings are the one thing that I really want to experience,” she says, “and I’m not. My doctor says sometimes people don’t get to experience it. I have no cravings, no aversions, smells don’t bother me, no morning sickness, none of that. I’ve really gotten lucky. Not even heartburn.”

In fact, the only thing Rycroft, 27, has that proves she’s pregnant is a growing midsection.

“All I’ve got is the belly,” she laughs, pulling her T-shirt tight across her baby bump. “I like it. I was nervous about what my body was going to do, but I try to eat healthy and maintain somewhat of a workout schedule so that the weight I put on is a healthy weight. So far, it seems to be working for me.”

And what about the name? Will she give us a hint? “Tye and I have definitely been doing the name game, but we haven’t definitely picked one out,” she says. “We’re down to two possible names, so now it’s time to make a decision.”

And when they do choose the name, will they tell anyone? Rycroft just laughs. “I’m not telling,” she says with a cagey smile. “It’s a secret.”

— Steve Helling

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Anne on

I’m sure it will be Jason if it’s a boy or Molly if it’s a girl.

Mom*of*boys on

I think it is going to be a girl!

Kelly on

LOL Anne! I am sure those were the first two names she thought of!

Piggy on

Boo … she talked it up so much before only to say they are keeping it a secret now that they know?!?

Emily on

I don’t mean to be one of those people that reads a story and then says “who cares”, because obviously I was interested or I wouldn’t have clicked on it, but I’m not getting how it’s news that someone knows the sex of her baby and isn’t going to share it. And I really don’t understand how that could possibly be the top story on People. Slow news day, I guess…

adrienne on

HAHAHA at anne! that would be great. I bet those are the names.

Samantha on

I’m excited to see what the name is!

Lisa on

No morning sickness? Then it is a boy! You always get morning sickness with a girl because of the extra female hormones.

Elle on

@Lisa – well then my body must have thought my SON was a girl because I threw up all 9 months with him! LOL!

Jan on

Why post this article when there is absolutely no information in it?

G on

Lisa – not always true! I’m 6 months pregnant with a girl and have been blessed to not have had a single day of sickness 🙂

2little on

Lisa: That’s not always the case. I have 2 boys & with the 2nd, I had morning sickness all 9 months.

I don’t get why she’s shared EVERY SINGLE DETAIL about her pregnancy but now is keeping the sex a secret????!!! Mmmmkayyyy, whatev.

karen on

I think it will be a Girl.

heather on

I think she is having a boy… Her pregnancy sounds much like mine was. And I have the most beautiful boy in the world… What else is a mother going to say…. 🙂

Nicole on

I agree, how is this news if they aren’t sharing? It’s not necessarily a girl, I am currently carrying a boy, I’m A LOT sicker with him than I was with my daughter. Anyway, I wish them all the best, but again, why is this chick famous and topping the news with “no news”? LOL

dianne on

Why doesn’t she get a real job? She’s not an actress and her 15 minutes are up – go home and raise your baby!

Crystal S. on

I think Melissa may have already leaked her baby’s gender/sex. In one of this week’s magazines Melissa says, “We were told it’s a boy then they called us back and said, “Oh no, it’s a girl.”

So unless she’s trying to throw us all off I will take her quote as being legit. She’s expecting a girl.

Kristen on

I personally really like Melissa! I’m excited for her and Tye. I like to read the updates on her and how she’s doing. It’s not our business to know the sex of the baby. I think they posted this story because there was conflicting information about the baby’s gender. So happy she is having a smooth pregnancy! Blessings Melissa, Tye and Baby~

cam on

seriously, to all the people who are complaining about her 15 min being up, she does have a real job as a host of bachelor pad. I’m not a fan of bachelor or any of those shows, but she has that job, whether you thinks its “real” or not. I dont get all the hate…if you dont like her, fine, but why put her down when she is working to get ahead like the rest of us. I would rather hear about her than Lindsey Lohan who is in the news because she gets high….atleast this girl is doing good things.

Caddison on

I had horrible morning sickness for the 1st trimester and it was a boy. I think it really just depends on the person’s body.

Anonymous on

Lisa- don’t talk when yhou dont know. I doubt you’re an OB. My only child is a girl and i had the perfect pregnancy- not one day of morning sickness or anything.

Steph on

I had no morning sickness at all and I had a girl. And she shouldn’t count her chickens, isn’t she only in her 2nd trimester? Of course you don’t have heartburn yet, ding dong.

I like Melissa, and wish her the best, but I’m getting so sick of the over-hyped celebrity pregnancies… yes… women get pregnant.. they have babies.. every single article talks about it like it’s a secret that only celebrities are in on… lame. I bet when she has the baby she’ll talk to the media about how “amazing” and “magical” it is. I wish just one celebrity would say, “I’m freaking exhausted, overly-emotional and stressed, I have stretch marks, my uterus feels like it is about to fall out, somebody please take this baby so I can take a nap”…. just sayin’…

Karen on

I’m so over people who say they’re keeping the sex of their baby a “secret” as if we’re breathlessly wondering and have nothing going on in our lives!

canada girl on

I like Melissa and while she is entitled to deciding if she shares the news or not she has been open to talking about the pregnancy since it happened and for her now to not let her fans know is stupid…

Ellea on


Anonymous on

I think people who know the sex and don’t reveal it are way too self-important. Why find out then?

Rachel on

I’m going to predict that it’ll be a boy! 🙂

CZY on

I think it’s a girl for sure and I hope she eats a lot more she making us prego ladies look bad……. I eat right and everything and workout and I am a lot bigger than Melissa at this moment…. But what ever the case is I know that I have never been as tired as I am and the only thing I totally crave which is crazy and it’s not pickles is beer. I have never drank a beer in my life maybe a few but nothing like you would have a craving for. So I get the beer that does not have alcohic drinks in it and put a spanish olive in it and I am happy as ever

Debra on

While it’s nice to hear that she knows the gender of her unborn child, I have to agree that it’s not breaking news.

I’d rather see People do an indepth interview with the captains of Deadliest Catch and the fact that the three most popular captains have left the show because of a lawsuit that Discovery channel has filed against two of them. The lawsuit which may end a fishing dynasty and force the brothers to sell their boat and put family men out of work.

To me, that’s more pressing entertainment news than the gender of Melissa Rycroft’s baby

Liz on

If you are going to keep it a secret, why talk about it so much to begin with?!? The last story was how they weren’t sure because they got misleading info so they went to check again. If you aren’t going to announce it, stop running to the press with every detail. She probably just got pregnant for the publicity.

fuzibuni on

i’m with Anne…

Veronica on

Why find out to only keep it a secret? Who is she really trying to keep it a secret from…me? Another article with no information. Yawn. “I know something you don’t know” is so childish!

Rye on

Wow, we had that whole PEOPLE MAGAZINE update last week about them finding out soon and I feel like it was misleading that she was going to be sharing it with everyone. Can’t believe she isn’t letting everyone know after People did that whole story on that…what was the point? Now WE still don’t know. Not cool.

Lynn on

I had morning sickness with both of my boys, so it’s really hard to guess.

Veronica on

I bet Peoples next article about this “secret baby” will be a peek into the neutral color baby shower and the neutral color nursery.

D on

@Lisa-Your comment about it being a boy, because she never had morning sickness, I’ll have to disagree with you. I have 5 kids, and two those are boys, and I was sick with ALL of my kids.

D on

She’s not sharing the sex of the baby, but she got us to read the article. As for the gender, her last US was inconclusive.

ss on

I had a much worse pregnancy with my son. I was natious the whole pregnancy. It never stopped. I couldnt even walk into a grocery store. I missed so much work. Smells were so bad. I could smell the littlest thing that was so far away and it would make me start gagging! and he is now 3 years old and that never went away. I am not natious, but my sense of smell is so sensative since i have had him. Its rediculous. My husband says I have a superwiffer! LOL. My pregnancy was much easier and I wasnt as sick with my daughter. I think it just depends on the person and their level of hormones that determine how sick you get. It doesnt determine the sex of the baby. But the myth that you crave sweets with a girl and salty foods with a boy was true for me. Congrats Melissa & Ty with whatever you are having!!! 🙂

Jill on

I’m sorry but she dragged that Jason thing out too long to try and make him look like a jerk. I think all the while, her whole intention was to make her then boyfriend (now husband) jealous….and as soon as it worked to her favor – she detached herself from Jason. Wow – to what lengths someone will take it to land the guy.

There are hundreds of thousands of more qualified host that have attended college and grad school to get the position that just fell in her lap.

She is not a celebrit….and never was.

madison on

If the first ultrasound said it was a boy, my money goes on it being a boy. Yes, I know they can be wrong both ways – but its way more common for a technician or doctor to say its a girl and it ends up being a boy than the other way around. If a penis is there, its there. If its not there, it may be hiding or out of view. I know the umbilical cord can be mistaken for a penis but I bet most experienced technicians can tell the difference.

kayleene on

Well ultrasounds arent accurate…so if i was her I wouldnt go out and buy a bunch of one gender clothes or other things, my doctor told me I was going to have a boy yes they thought they saw his penis but it infact was her finger..her hand was on her belly and her finger looked liked a penis and i had to return all the boy stuff i got because i had no girl stuff. just sayin

kelly on

I was actually really excited to find out but I’m disappointed that they let us down. Especially putting it on top news. Whatever. This even put it in perspective for me that she wanted to do a reality show (she was talking about doing one) about her marriage and pregnancy but she wasn’t sure how much she wanted to tell everyone. Well then you shouldn’t do a show!!


Wonder if she thinks everyone is holding their breath until she decides to share gender of child–I think not. Who cares what she is carrying..She should just get over herself and her one minute of fame.

JMO on

My cousin was pregnant w/ a girl and never got sick once! Usually the myth is that girls suck the life out of their mama’s so they say if you look tired and run down you must be preggo with a girl. lol
So sad that little girls get a bad reputation even before birth!

Kelly on

Good god, first they alert the press that there is a conflicting report to the sex of their baby (breaking news!!) and now that they know, they alert the press that they are keeping it a secret. Moving on…

L on

Why do peoplw get such satisfaction in keeping the sex of their child a secret????? I think it is funny that most celebs. do that. Is she now a celeb. for being dumped on national TV? If I were to guess I would say it is a boy.

suzi on

IT’S A GIRL! 100% sure, it’s a girl!

Carrie on

“Chris” (in honor of Chris Harrison) works for either gender and seems appropriate 🙂

Stephanie on

I had 2 boys and had morning sickness with both of them. I had it a lot worse with the 2nd pregnancy. My sister had a baby girl and didn’t have morning sickness at all. it all depends on the person.


Geez she’s been talking about this pregnancy forever now and she’s due in February? That’s 4 months away! Did she announce it to the media the minute the pee hit the stick?! I don’t know why but, she annoys me.

tess on

Melissa, my suggestion is keep both names, and when you see the baby, you will know which one is right. We had two names picked out for our daughter, and when we saw her, one name just fit her so well. It was a no-brainer! Best wishes to you and Tye and the little one! 🙂

Lindalou on

Who really gives a shit about this and why is she “so-called” famous again.

M on

I’d say a boy. They got a different answer after the second sonogram so I’m guessing they didn’t see a penis the first time and did the second.

Kristen on

Why don’t you keep the rest of your pregnancy a secret too and stop talking about it until the baby is born..Can’t do that..fame hungry?

Theresa on

That’s great, now keep it to yourself, because nobody cares.

rathnawjoe on

TO MY DEAR LISA — I had been “hugging the toilet” for the first five months with my first BOY and with my second BOY I one-upped the first one by adding gestational diabetes and complete bed rest when I wasn’t fawning over the toilet or at the ob/gyn office…

brannon on

Fun reading about everyones pregnancies – trying to predict my own baby gender and seems everyone is truly different! Thought ultrasounds used more than “parts” now…my friend was told she was having a girl because of ovaries and an apparent 3 lines or something on the ultrasound?? My first was a boy and not much differnet now so thinking boy again…??

Melissa the NY'er on

She’s what…5 months pregnant? haha hahaha hahahaahaha I’m sure she’ll be eating her words during the last trimester. Especially that last 4-6 weeks. They don’t call the 2nd trimester the honeymoon period for nothing! And not for nothing, I didn’t get very bad morning sickness & I didn’t really have cravings & I had a girl. I also had HORRIBLE heartburn in the last few months which is “supposed” to mean your baby will have lots of hair. My daughter was born with barely any! Just goes to show that these things are nothing more than old wives tales.

Dawn on

I love all of the predictions of what a baby will be because of “didn’t have this, had that” – every baby is unique – every body is unique – we all have different chemistry. My first pregnancy was 3 months of morning sickness and then perfect = boy. 2nd not one day of problems at all, perfect pregnancy = girl. 3rd was sick every single day of my pregnancy, hospitalized you name it = boy. People also say that different fathers cause different pregnancy issues. C’mon… really? I could care LESS about Melissa – I’m just a normal mom that finds this funny. BTW – my kids all share the same father and I had 3 completely different pregnancies and my best friend has 3 children with 3 separate fathers and not one day of sickness each time. I will say, it is a great baby shower game!

Lisa on

It’s got to be a boy. Usually when someone is told two different genders at sonos, it’s a boy. My sister was told boy at her first US, at the 2nd and 3rd, she was told girl, and so she decorated the nursery pink. Well, it was definitely a boy!

Actually, over 98% of the time when the gender is wrong, someone was told the baby was a girl and the baby ends up being a boy. You can miss ‘something’ but you can’t tell someone ‘something’ is there if it’s not!

Tina on

I only had one day of morning sickness with my son, and it wasn’t really morning sickness. I had dry heaves for like 5 minutes and it was over. I did get nauseous with some smells but never got sick.

I wish Melissa, Tye, and the new baby (whatever it is) best wishes, and Melissa a happy and healthy pregnancy.

CelebBabyLover on

Personally, I’m glad they’re keeping the sex a secret! I think it’s fun trying to guess what celebs are having! 🙂

Kim on

Good grief people, it’s her baby and she isn’t obligated to share it’s sex with us if she doesn’t want to. ‘People’ obviously interviewd her, which is why there’s an article, so stop blaming her for this not being news.

Kathy on

Are her 15 mins of fame not up yet? Go back to Texas, stay in Texas, be a wife and a mother in Texas. This is a marriage that will not last because she can’t get the stars out of her eyes. There must be something constructive she can do in Texas.

Joss on

LOL Their first choise is defently MOlly because she is her BFF! Whos fionce doesn’t dump his fucure wife on live TV to go with a diffrent women?LOL

Joss on

Kathy … thats not nice

carolyn on

She is making a living on people liking her; the Bachelor breakup, husband Tye, wedding, now baby……….she is making money on all this drivel and more to come when the baby comes !! She is a nice girl but frankly Bachelor Pad isn’t a “good thing”.

Karen on

Let’s see how much she pimps out her kid now. Anything to stay in front of a camera.

Moore on

Kathy, I agree with Joss. That’s not nice. Stop trying to send her to Texas!

I prefer she stay where she is but stop trying for the spotlight. It’s not surprising that she’ll keep trying to get people to hang on her words. First it was about being pregnant and wanting a show or whatever that blurb was about, then about a gender mix up and now about knowing and not telling. Is anyone really so interested in her that we need such frequent updates? Let me guess, the next one will be about the chosen name but oh no hints!

Anonymous on

Melissa whenever YOU and Tye decide to let us know, then we will find out. It is your business not ours.I wish you truely happiness and best wishes.

Btw the ppl that keep harping and say just go away don’t click and read the flippin article if you do not care,grr

Brooke on

She is keeping it a “secret” (Whatever)., so she can get a cover on People magazine, because no one cares….

Elena on

Oh my goodness, ““Pregnant cravings are the one thing that I really want to experience,” she says, “and I’m not. My doctor says sometimes people don’t get to experience it. I have no cravings, no aversions, smells don’t bother me, no morning sickness, none of that. I’ve really gotten lucky. Not even heartburn.” Isn’t she like at the beginning of her pregnancy???!!!?!? Cravings and heartburn and stuff like that come later!!!! And I never had morning sickness or aversions or stuff like that either, so you’re not the only one “gotten lucky”! Those “stars” love to brag huh?

I know... on

I realize, in the grand scheme of things, spelling errors shouldn’t matter, but they does. Therefore, I have to say something.

To ‘SS’, it’s spelled nauseous NOT natious. Please, for your little boy’s sake, learn how to spell words properly. With modern technology, there’s no excuse for such stupidity.

JG on

To: ‘I know’…so what’s your excuse for your stupidity with your grammar? You say “I realize, in the grand scheme of things, spelling errors shouldn’t matter, but they does.” It should be “but they DO”! Maybe you should check yourself before criticizing others.

Lola on

why did you waste our time by not saying what the sex is?

April on

@ Lisa, me too…my pregnancy with my daughter was so easy..however with my boys…a whole different story!!!

So very happy for Melissa!!

tara on

oh my god. everyone is so negative! Do yous really have nothing better to do than to bich and put someone you don’t even know down?
Pregnancy is an exciting and new experience for everyone, and usually even if its not your first.. It can be just as new and exciting! and a lot of yous sound like mothers, yous should know this and understand it!
If she wants to talk about everything else but the sex than that is her choice.. DONT READ ABOUT HER ..
And who cares why shes famous? Do yous think most famous people really deserve to be talked about like royalty? They are just making a living like the rest of us, they just earn more!

Joss on

moore thanks