Jay DeMarcus Expecting a Girl – Madeline Leigh

10/01/2010 at 03:00 PM ET
Rick Diamond/WireImage

Looks like Joe Don Rooney‘s daughter Raquel Rooney won’t be the only baby girl in the Rascal Flatts crew!

After a June announcement revealing that he and his wife Allison were expecting their first child, bassist Jay DeMarcus now tells Country Weekly the couple are thinking pink: Madeline Leigh will make her big debut in January.

“Leigh is Ally’s middle name and we finally settled on a [first] name that we both liked together,” DeMarcus shares, adding that she will go by Maddy.

And while fatherhood is coming a bit later in life than DeMarcus, 39, had hoped, he admits the best things are worth waiting for.

“This is a part of my life I’ve wanted for some time and just had to wait a little longer to get there,” he explains. “I’m really excited and can’t wait to kiss [her] face off.”

— Anya Leon

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Erika on

Love the name!! Madelne is soo sweet and feminine! It’s ‘my’ girls name for when I (well if- but I’d better) have a daughter. I’m soo happy that they are choosing it, though I REALLY hope that it doesn’t become more popular because I have loved it since I was 9. Congrats to them on a sweet baby girl, Joey seems like he will be an excellent father, and there is no relationship like a father-daughter relationship.

Anna on

Love the name Madeline! It’s my neice’s name, Madalen. But I don’t like when people shorten it to Maddy cause it’s too pretty of a name.

Emily on

Love the name! My sweet baby girl is “Madalynn”

Lori on

WOW! Madeline Leigh! That is my niece’s name, although her first name is spelled with an extra e… Madeleine. It is a beautiful name! 🙂

Bella on

If you took the husband out of the picture doesn’t his wife look JUST LIKE Elizabeth Hasselbeck(sp) I love the name Madeleline. So femenine! Shelly

Jenny on

Pretty name. His wife looks like Nancy O’Dell in that picture.

Amy on

I loooove that name! It’s on my list- pronounced “Mad-uh-lyn”

Maddie on

I’m a Madeline, but pronounced Mad-e-LINE as in the books about the little girl in Paris. But I get called Mad-e-lyn alot of the time anyways. When I was little I used to think Madalyn was prettier sounding. As an adult I go by Madeline, unless someone is familiar with me (friends, workmates etc) then its either Maddie or some other variation of my name…I have alot of nicknames, lol.

Mira on

Madalen, Madalynn?

Really? Redneck spelling / bastardization of traditional names are appalling trends. It’s classless.

Kimber Christian on

I bet they’re so excited, especially since her sister just had a little girl and their daughters will be growing up together. I think the name Madeline is beautiful but there are SO MANY “Maddys” these days I think I would pick something a little less common but that’s just me.

Lauren on

Mira- Personal attacks are also appalling. You’re as entitled to your opinions as others are to decide the spelling of their children/relative’s names. The difference is, the opinions of the people who decide to change the spelling of names from the traditional are not doing so with malicious intent. Please think about how others will feel after reading your comments before clicking post.

Kara on

That’s a beautiful name! I love the spelling.

Mira-Everyone is allowed to name their child what they want and spell it how they want. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

MaryAnne on

Awww… I hope it is the MadeLINE way. That is how we pronounce our daughter who is 8. She was named after the books too. They were my favorite series growing up.

Becky on

Love the name..Happy for them…

@Mira..How do you pronounce your name? Like a mirror?? Who cares how they spell it, as long as they like it..Or did you not notice that it’s their baby?