Alicia Keys Plans to Teach Her Baby About Charity

10/01/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
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Pregnancy isn’t slowing Alicia Keys down.

The singer, who is due to give birth to her first child with husband Swizz Beatz later this fall, planned, hosted and performed at the seventh annual Black Ball for her Keep a Child Alive foundation in New York on Thursday night.

A glowing Keys, who co-founded the organization to raise money and provide treatment to families affected by HIV/AIDS, says it’s important to her that she teach her child about the impact of charity.

“The baby is going to see everything we do and I think that we are giving individuals,” she said. “[Even] something small like reaching out to one person in the world can change that one person. That’s a big deal. I plan to show that [to my child].

Helping her along the way is husband Swizz Beatz, who serves as an ambassador to the charity. He told PEOPLE: “Having a partnership with my wife with this organization is so amazing because it’s one thing to donate to something else, but it’s different when you donate to something when you see the blueprints. You see the force behind it. You see how hard people are working to save the kids and you see the results.”

As for how Keys remained calm planning the star-studded event as she’s also preparing for motherhood, she reveals her secret in one word: “Zen,” she says.

At the event, Keys, Sade, Janelle Monae and Jay-Z all performed for an audience, which included Usher, Whitney Houston, Uma Thurman, and Jane Krakowski. The ball raised $2.4 million for AIDS care in Africa and India and launched the new “Buy Life” campaign.

— Carlos Greer

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J on

He is as shifty-eyed as anything, but she looks great. Pregnancy agrees with her.

J on

Like a sheister? lol!

Bb on

Alicia looks fantastic!

S on

Hope she doesn’t teach how to share ones husband.

JB on

Does she plan to teach her baby about home-wrecking or mistressing?

hannah on

Maybe she can teach the baby how to cheat also.

Holly on

Will she show her child how to sleep with another woman’s husband and get knocked up by him?

I do hope the charity work helps a lot of children.

starbbycat on

if she is lucky her husband wont cheat on her with someone else like she did with him – will she be teaching her child respect, as well as in respecting another woman’s marriage?

Megan on

“[Even] something small like reaching out to one person in the world can change that one person. That’s a big deal.”

*snort* More like “reach out and touch someone else’s husband”

CD on

She looks gorgeous. I love her.

She didn’t wreck anyone’s home. You can’t break what’s already broken.

A on

What comes around goes around watch out girl…

Mel on

LMFAO…this post made this site almost as gossipy (is that a word) and dirty as reading Perez Hilton! And I mean that in a damn good way!

tiffany on

its so funny that everyone has something to say about things that they know nothing about…swiss beats and his wife had been separated for two years before he and alicia even got together, even so its noones business anyway, before you talk about someone else make sure you know the facts, oh better yet make sure its your business in this case its noones business….

Patrick on

Lord, I wish you people please get a life, and get over it. I mean I can bet you are the most unhappiest people in the world to hold on to something this much. Pay attention to your own relationships, and stay out of theirs.


Steph on

Wow , its amazing how ppl are so negative . It takes two to tango . You cant blame anyone for the failure of marriage between two ppl . You can’t steal a husband , a husband isn’t an object . If your spouse cheats on you it can be that he/she felt an emotional or sexual disconnection . the spouse may feel the relationship is failing or that they can’t dedicate themselves to it or that their no longer in love .

Other then that I hope that are able to raise their child to see the importance of charity and the feeling of being loved . Many times it is better for the child to be raised in a home where the parents are in love with each other and are both happy . Instead of the child being raised in a marriage that is of obligation or where one or both aren’t happy , yet stay married only because of the child . This can lead to resentment .

Shannon on

Hmm wonder what indiscretions I would find if I look into each and everyone of the haters closets. You people are simply ignorant, this is a story about charity, something that she can certainly speak on, she has been deeply involved for the pspast 7 years not just a check but hands on , when is the last time that any of you judge and jury lurkers do anything to advance the life of anyone? oh and by the way that little so called homewrecking that you like to latch on to, shares the same judgement as the lie you told yesterday or today, the disdain that you feel in your heart for your neighbor or fellow man, the gluteny that you partake in daily, the fornication that you partake in daily, hmmmm less we not forget that no one sin is greater than the other, so that would make you all a bunch of lying, obese,jealous people if she is a homewreker.

nella on

Alicia is gorgeous! As far as how her and her husband’s relationship developed I honestly can’t comment on it because I don’t know anything about it. Reading from some of the comments here it seems like he was married at the time they got together which we don’t really know the full story. If that’s the case, I don’t agree with that even if the marriage was broken it’s still not right to do that until they are separated. Anyone with a conscience won’t do that! However, other celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Tori Spelling have done just that and their cases were even more publicized, but it seems that people have forgotten that about them. Point is don’t just blame or judge one celebrity for taking someone’s husband when so many other ones have done just the same thing, but for some reason certain celebrities that have done that don’t get criticized for doing that.

Megan on

“the gluteny that you partake in daily”

The correct word is “gluttony.” Although yes, I do partake in gluteny goodness like homemade bread.

Becca on

Hey Tiffany I wonder how they were separated for two years when his first wife was still pregnant when he got with Alicia….

CelebBabyLover on

nella- To be fair, we don’t know the whole story about how Angie and Brad got together, either (nor will we ever, as it’s none of our business!). Since none of us were flies on the wall, none of us can know for absolute certain when Angie and Brad first slept together.

I agree that in Tori Spelling’s chase there was definitly cheating involved, as she has admitted it herself! That being said, I think all of us also need to remember that we all have slightly different views on: A. What constitutes cheating, when one’s marriage can be considered “over”, and when it’s okay for someone to move on after their marriage falls apart (for example, some people think it’s perfectly okay for someone to move on if they’ve been seperated from their spouse for a year or more, while others feel that it’s only okay for someone to move on after the ink is dry on the divorce papers).

So because of that, we are never going to agree about situations like Alica and Swizz’s, or Angie and Brad’s (Tori’s is a little different, obviously, since she’s said outright that she slept with Dean while still married to Charlie- and while Dean was still married to Mary Jo Eustace-. So in her case, there’s no debate over whether or not she and Dean cheated!).

Also, why is it always the women that get all the blame? The men are just as much to blame as the women are!

All of that said, I think it’s wonderful Alicia’s planning to teach her baby about charity! πŸ™‚

Erica on

Charity starts at home–so don’t help wreck someone else’s.

P.S. Once her husband’s ex-wife said that Alicia was actively trying to get Swizz Beat’s son to call her “mom”, I lost all respect for her. Talk about repeatedly overstepping boundaries.

Jimi Rogers on

Im sorry but I no longer have respect for these two. I think its a mess how the media was so quick to jump on Fantasia when she attempted suicide because of a married man and nobody has said anything about Alicia Keys and how she basically took Siwzz Beatz away from his wife. Then, she had the nerve to ask their little boy to call her mommy. Like, how disrespectful is that? Just a mess

tiffany on

It sad how people like to judge other people none of you know what happen in his first marriage..he who no sin cast the first stone….

Alice on

CBLover – Angelina talked about showing her kids Mr. and Mrs. Smith saying it would be sweet for them to see “the movie where mommy and daddy fell in love”. Says it all πŸ™‚

That said I don’t get the backlash Alicia is getting. She hasn’t cheated on anyone, he did. You’ve got some nerve blaming it on her… when you get married *you* take vows and commit. It’s not anyone else’s job to make you stick to these vows!

I don’t understand how she can be with “that kind of man” after what he did to his ex-wife, she’s taking the risk that he’ll do it to her too. But all the “homewrecker comments” make you look insecure that some girl will lure your husband away from you or something.

Nia on

Do any of you people have a life. His ex-wife said? Is hlshe God? She is and was the only one talking. I don’t know the truth and never will, and I will not judge someone based on what someone else said, as a matter of fact I refuse to judge period. I am assuming that all of you are perfect and that you love everyone, follow the commandments to the tee, help your neighbor when needed etc., because if not you are no better than Alicia or Swizz. Alicia has a heart of goal and what she does for these kids is amazing, she doesn’t just write a check but she is invovled, she and her child will continue to be blessed, as for you folks its easy to sit behind the computer and spew crap how about you go outside and do something worthwhile for someone today? When is the last time you did that? And it doesn’t take money, its not about beingh rich. Alicia was doing this before she bec.e this really famous person, its about heart, so how will you be judged?

Kellie on

They are both cheaters in my eyes. You can’t take someone’s husband away but it’s still pretty shitty to insert yourself into another person’s MARRIAGE. It does constitiute as cheating because in the eyes of the law they are still married. I don’t care if one spouse felt out of love blah blah have BALLS and end it with your partner, not Disrespect them by getting with someone elese. It’s Disgusting when people try to justify cheating.

bevvie on

You look good Alicia. Have a healthy, beautiful baby. That is what is important.

Sydney on

Since when was feeling an emotional or sexual disconnection with your spouse a carte blanche to cheat? I can’t believe people actually think like this.

Finish your current relationship before moving on to the next.

melissa on

she is gorgeous cant wait to see the baby!!!! and what an angel heart of gold shes gonna be an awsome mommy love ya alicia!!

Angie on

I have to wonder about the dress! She’s never been a particularly busty woman. The dress looks like it’s for someone with a huge chest! ????

Nona on

I would just like to know is charity the new self-inflicted punishment for all things unsavory and does it really work?

Cause it seems to be getting mixed reviews.

Terri on

What’s this bs about you can’t break something that isn’t already broken or steal someone who didn’t want to be stolen? Is that what people tell themselves to feel better about what they do?

CelebBabyLover on

Alice- If you read that full quote of Angie’s (a lot of the media outlets left part of it out), it’s pretty clear she was referring to the fact that she and Brad’s CHARACTERS fall in love in the film (she ended the comment about the kids getting to see MMS by saying that it’s going to be weird for the kids to see their mom and dad fall in love and then try to kill each other. She and Brad play assasins in the movie, hence that comment. :).

I also want to point out that falling in love does not neccesarily equal cheating….and that is exactly what I was referring to last night when I said we all have different views of cheating. For some people, falling in love with someone while you’re still married IS cheating, emotinal cheating. But others don’t see simply falling in love as cheating.

That’s also what I meant by comment that we don’t know, and never will know, the whole story of how Angie and Brad got together. Did they fall in love while filming MMS? Yes. Everyone and their dog knows that, and Angie and Brad have never denied that part. But did they act on those feelings before Brad and Jen had seperated? That’s the part that we don’t know for 100 percent sure, and never will. It’s also something that depends on our individual views of cheating.

To those that think even falling in love qualifies as cheating, yes, they did. But to those of us who DON’T think that, then the answer is no, they didn’t neccesarily. πŸ™‚

All of that being said, I completely agree with the second paragraph of your comment. As I said last night, I don’t get why only the woman gets ripped apart. In Alica and Swizz’s case, for example, Swizz is just as much to blame for what happened as Alicia is. So why is Alicia the one getting all the cricisim? Also, in the case of Tori and Dean, they were BOTH married when they hooked up…..Yet only Tori is accused of being a “homewrecker” and “stealing” someone’s husband.

Why isn’t Dean ever accused of wrecking Charlie Shanian’s marriage to Tori, and/or of “stealing” Charlie’s wife? Or, for that matter, of being responsible for causing Charlie so much heart ache? Instead, all we hear is what Tori did to “poor” Mary Jo.

Terri- Allow me to try to explain. If two people are in a marriage that is happy and solid, no one can break it up. That being said, I don’t think anyone is saying that it’s okay to cheat if you’re unhappy in the marriage, just that it’s a bit unrealistic to think that Swizz and his ex-wife had this perfectly happy marriage that Alicia just came in and wrecked. Hence the comments about how you can’t wreck something that’s already broken.

As for being “stolen”….You can’t “steal” a person. If they leave their spouse for someone else, it’s because they made a decision to. In otherwords, Alicia didn’t force Swizz to leave his ex-wife. He left his ex-wife of his own free will, after making the choice to be with Alicia.

That doesn’t making cheating right, either, of course…But again, I don’t think anyone’s trying to say that. I think all anyone is trying to say is that saying that Alicia “stole” Swizz is nonsense!

Nia- Girl, you are spot on! I don’t get why, just because Swizz’s ex-wife has said that Alicia tried to get their (Swizz and his ex-wife’s) little boy to call her “mommy”, that means it’s automatically true. Or, for that matter, why Swizz’s ex-wife’s version of when Swizz and Alicia hooked up is taken as gospal.

I’m NOT saying that Swizz’s ex-wife is neccesarly out-right lying, nor am I saying that Swizz and Alicia are telling the absolute truth. All I’m saying is that we have no idea how truthful ANY of them are being. So we really don’t know the whole story!

Hea on

I find it so unbelievably stupid when people jump on the mistress. She was not married, she was not in any way legally bound to do anything and she’s being held responsible for promises HE CHOSE TO BREAK HIMSELF. It is never ever the mistress’ fault when a husband cheats. That is between the married couple.

Lola Marie on

You people are really RUDE & miserable…get over it already!!! You only listen to ONE side of the story…Mashonda’s…whose to say his side of the story is anything but false?! I hate people who judge others, can’t we just remain POSITIVE!!! Sheeshhh!!! Anyways, Alicia looks absolutely stunning, so happy for her!!!

stacy on

Mashonda (Swizz Beatz ex) has said that she had already put him out and he was living in the guest house. He had cheated with another woman before Alicia. By the way, Mashonda was not pregnant when he started seeing Alicia. When Mashonda was pregnant with their first child he had another woman pregnant (not Alicia). He has said they were separated for 2 years prior to Alicia which Mashonda has said is correct. In Swizz eyes they were separated and had been for 2 years, but in Mashonda eyes they were still married and it didn’t matter they had been separated for 2 years.

With that being said, “Go Alicia and Swizzy” you look cute together and I wish them the best.

Alice on

CelebBabyLover – ooh I did not know all the details, thanks for correcting me! And I agree with your whole post, I think the double standard is because men don’t bother judging like this as much as women do. And women will identify with the wife and see the mistress as the slut who seduced their poor nice husband away from them.

That said I also agree that marital problems are no excuse to cheat – you could just end it.

Hea – my thoughts exactly.

Hea on

Alice – Don’t you agree that it’s quite funny (but sad) that the women doing the identifying are completely calling men stupid? “Oh, he didn’t know better, he’s a MAN!” Like it’s the greatest mental retardation known to man (no pun) to be a man.

Tristan on

I’d be glad to jump in here and say that Swiss Cheese is just as much at fault as Alicia. She seemed like a classy, intelligent woman before she got involved with him. She knew what she was getting into, though. He has been a womanizing thug for a long time and impregnating women left and right. It doesn’t affect my life, though, so I don’t really care. I also won’t feel sorry for either one of them when history repeats itself. Their life, their decision, their problem.

crazystuff on

Alicia is adorable. I never believe what I read in these gossip columns. Just wondering how others can? Also don’t believe everything Mashonda says. I’m glad the event was a huge success and Alicia had so many supporters. I hope she has a beautiful, healthy baby and it grows up to be as caring and wonderful as it’s mother.

crazystuff on

This is for charity people. Enough about things that don’t even matter. It is so old. If someone is doing something good for others, why knock it by bringing up silly stuff? I’m sure Alicia knew all these comments would come out AGAIN. Glad she continued with important problems and didn’t let it stop her. She is a real superwoman. I think we all know you can’t believe everything you hear but seems like some people just want to believe the worst. SAD

Mariel on

God bless yoor baby and your marriage Alicia πŸ™‚

Patrice on

Ugh. Whenever I see pictures of these two together, it makes me cringe instead of smile (like all the others on this site do). True I don’t know either of them or walk in their shoes, but any man that abandons his children for ANY reason whasoever, and any woman who would then have a child with such a person knowing full well the situation are just despicable in my book. It really pains me to say that about a pregnant woman, but hey, if the shoe fits…

Raul on

The only one who knows the absolute truth here is Swizz Beats. Think about it: he could’ve been talking all nice to Alicia then when she showed interest in him he could’ve ran home to his wife and started causing issues. Then he could’ve ran back to Alicia and told her that “things aint workin’ out at home.” Next thing you he dumps wifey for wifey 2.0. Slick move but guys can be shady like that.


i think they look adorable and they will make a beutiful BABY

aliciafan on

I feel sorry for Alicia. She obviously has some man issues if she thinks this is the best she can do. I would have made a bet that she would be able to turn a man who made 1 mistake, but this guy leaves a trail of women. She don’t know what she has gotten herself into. She probably thinks (as we all do) she can change him — especially since she has more to offer him, but men like that don’t even care about what you have. When they’re done with you they simply move on. I hate to say it (cause am a fan and love her talent) but in the end you reap what you sow.

sweetness on

agrees to all