Marisol Nichols’ Blog: Party Planning and Preparing!

09/30/2010 at 09:00 AM ET
Happy birthday Rain! – Courtesy Marisol Nichols

We hope you’ve enjoyed Marisol Nichols‘ blogs this past month!

She’s back in Los Angeles after a spring and summer based in Shreveport, Louisiana as she filmed her latest project, ABC’s The Gates.

Although filming has wrapped, the actress is still working hard — preparing a party for daughter Rain India, who turns 2 today!

In her final blog, Nichols discusses choosing a fairy theme for the birthday bash — and how things have taken off since working with a party planning pal.

Hi mamas! My beautiful daughter Rain turns 2 today — I can’t believe it. Time really does fly!

As all you moms know, the second you have a kid it’s all about them. As soon as I became a mom, my birthday stopped having any meaning whatsoever. Now it’s all about her, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

My family is flying into town to help us celebrate so I really want to make this a special day for her and super fun. Being preschool-age she has lots of friends so we’re going for a big celebration.

I was just going to have a ‘party’ (cake, balloons and some streamers) until my friends were asking what the theme was. Who knew birthday parties had themes?! Themes, really? Okay, themes — here we go! Sesame Street? Fairies? Princesses? Elmo? How do you pick? Fortunately, Rain has this fairy mural above her bed which she loves, so voilà, fairy theme, here we come!

I feel like I’ve taken Rain to enough kids’ birthday parties to recognize what the kids enjoy most at each of them. So I decided to do my own version, gathering all the greatest things about all the parties and bringing them together.

Incredibly lucky for me, one of my dearest friends, Melinda, who has a little boy slightly older than Rain, also conveniently happens to be a party planner. I confess, I kinda called her immediately for some advice. When I told her my idea, she opened the floodgates. I guess in her mind the idea of putting a bunch of balloons out was not gonna fly. So she’s taken over and now we’re working on it together. Yay! Two heads are so much better than one, especially when one happens to do party planning for a living.

So I’ve embraced the theme. The colors are going to be pink, green and yellow, like Tinker Bell, her favorite fairy.

She had the idea to decorate the house as if you were entering a fairy palace. So we’re hanging tulle (the stuff tutus are made out of) and using pink and green fabric for a tablecloth.

Then, I went to a local craft store and found fairy wings, little wands, ribbons, sparkles, glitter, tiaras (all conveniently on sale in time for Halloween – thank you).

I got Rain a Fisher-Price Little People Dance ‘n Twirl Palace, which totally goes with the theme. We’ll open it at the party and everyone can play with it.

I’m still tackling the food but we know for sure we’re going to do fun, kid-friendly fruits and veggies. And the cake! It’s white cake with raspberry filling. I also insisted on a sugar-free option because Rain doesn’t usually eat sugar and I wanted to give moms that option.

Oh! And the part I’m most excited about! Melinda came up with a great idea as a keepsake for Rain. What we’re going to do is take a large canvas so that we can trace each of the kid’s hands with non-toxic markers, write their names and paste their photos next to each. It will be an activity for the kids to do and when it’s all done Rain will have it in a really sweet picture frame to hang in her room. How cute is that?!

I’ll send in some photos after the party for PEOPLE Moms & Babies to post, so that you can all see the final result!

This will be my last blog. Thanks for sharing my first-ever blogging journey with me — it has been an exciting ride! I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have. Thanks for reading! Feel free to follow me on Twitter and keep up with me on Facebook.

To all you wonderful moms out there, I love you so much! Moms rock!

–- Marisol Nichols

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Amanda on

I hope the party goes great! Happy birthday to your daughter! You’re a great mom and a great actress. Thanks for blogging!

solarspeed on

Birthdays are periods worth marking. Your daughter can never be this age again. I am happy for you and I wish her many happy birthdays.

Ella on

I do not know this lady but she must be someone really important as she describes every detail of her 2 (!!!) year old daughter’s birthday party.

Has it ever crossed your mind that Rain would also be incredibly happy having a wonderful birthday breakfast with her mom and dad opening some presents, playing with mom and dad and maybe later meeting her closest relatives (grandparents and aunts, cousins etc)?

Why go over the top at this early age? What comes next?

It really makes me sick reading about a planer for a child’s birthday party! Can’t you do something by yourself??? A wedding ok but honestly, a 2nd birthday?

Oh and what exactly are you doing besides planing – are you going to bake? even wrap the presents? or is it all done by aides?

Curious on other readers’ views – or is everyone gushing about this promising party?

jessicad on

I go all out for my daughter as well! She’ll be 3 at the end of October and I’m going for a Halloween theme this year. My family didn’t have a lot of money growing up so we didn’t get huge parties every year, so I definitely make up for that with her. Nothing wrong with going all out:) I agree with the above comment, they are only this age once so cherish it and make fun memories.

Good luck and thanks for sharing with us, she’s adorable!

Tee on

Marisol, I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog posts! Thank you for sharing some personal pictures and family moments with us. Rain is beautiful and her fairy birthday party sounds like a lot of fun! I love the idea of the personalized picture frame. What a neat way to remember who celebrated her birthday alongside your family! The cake sounds absolutely delicious, too! Now you’ve got me craving some cake!

Ella- I’ll answer your question. While I wouldn’t choose to have such a fancy party for my child, it sounds like Marisol and her friend are enjoying planning it and I’m sure that Rain will enjoy herself! My youngest niece Vivian turns one today and at her party last weekend, we didn’t have anything very fancy. I made her cakes – six baby blocks spelling out her name- and we just had family and close friends gather to celebrate. That’s the way my family rolls but that doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with having a more fancy party, if that is what you desire. What I don’t understand is why you couldn’t just say, “Goodness, what a big party for such a little girl” and then wish her a happy birthday. Why did you feel the need to make such a rude comment?

Jennifer on

I really don’t understand the criticism. This is a woman who obviously has the means to do this and is enjoying it. Her daughter will no doubt be thrilled as well! She’s even being so thoughtful so as to include a sugar-free cake for the moms who don’t want their kids to have too many sweets- sure sounds fantastic to me! Great job, Marisol, and Rain is so precious! I adore her teeny tiny pigtails 🙂

Heather on

-I don’t know why the hostility. At least this a celebrity party that is not a walking advertisement with corporate sponsorship! My daughter is having her first birthday this weekend and my husband and I are going all out. We are doing an Alice in Wonderland theme. However, we have made everything ourselves and bought stuff cheap off of ebay. My husband is very artistic and I’m crafty. We love planning our kids parties! It’s something fun we can do together. And our two boys have enjoyed helping out too.

svp on

Your daughter is gorgeous! Love her pigtails and her outfit. Thanks for your blogs, I have enjoyed reading them.

Charlotte on

Seems pretty fun and down-to-earth to me! Or at least a party at home that I am sure the B-Day Girl will enjoy!

cheryl W. on

Thanks for your blog. I look forward to reading it! Happy Birthday to your beautiful princess. Good Luck with everything and I’m sure she will cherish her birthday for many years to come!My son will be turning one on Nov 30 th and I have no idea what his theme will be. He is my first son so I am a little confused about themes when it comes to boys. I’m a pro when it comes to princesses, barbie, and bratz though. My daughter truns 4 at the end of January. She adores Chuck E. Cheeses!

MG on

Congrats to the birthday girl! What girl wouldn’t want a Fairy themed party? Given the chance, I would totally hire a planner. I attempted to plan my daughter’s first birthday last year & it was a fiasco. It makes for a funny story, but this year, we’re doing things a bit different.

To the 1 nay sayer, let her throw the party she wants to throw. She can obviously afford to. I would be more concerned if it were someone who would forgo paying their bills in order to throw an expensive birthday party.

I do feel bad for Marisol, she seems so sweet, & upbeat in her blogs & so far someone has something negative to say about everything she has written. It’s no wonder she’s stopping after 3.

Lola on

that’s wonderful! My daughter’s birthday is next weekend and I wish i had a party planner.

I hope your daughter has a wonderful time! You sound like a wonderful mommy!

And by the way, i didn’t know who Marisol was, but now after reading this blog I will look out for her on tv. Very nice lady.

And i’m not even going to address the hater on this post. She’s just jealous.