BumpWatch: Stella McCartney’s School Run

09/30/2010 at 11:00 AM ET

Red alert!

Expectant designer Stella McCartney heads home after dropping her kids — Miller Alasdhair James, 5½, Bailey Linda Olwyn, 3½, and Beckett Robert Lee, 2½ — off at school in London on Tuesday.

McCartney, 39, and husband Alasdhair Willis will welcome their fourth child in late fall.

It’ll be a busy season for the designer — she also launches her first childrenswear collection this November.

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Marilyn on

I wonder if this one will be a girl and if they found out the sex of the baby.

Anonymous on

shes pregnant AGAIN?! damn woman take it easy

Jaedyn on

another girl would be cool. 2 boys, 2 girls, how perfect! can’t wait to hear the name of no. 4! 🙂

Ari on

A girl named Harper.

Minami86 on

This is off topic but I like how she averages about 2 years between the kids. Everyone is a little independent but still has someone close in age to play with. My sister is 10 & a half years older than me so we didnt start becoming like siblings until I was over 18. When I have kids, I want them to be close in age too if possible.

JM on

i would love it if they had a little boy and gave him the middle name Paul (as i tihnk all the kids have middle names from family members). i just love the mccartney family. so sad linda couldn’t be around to see all her lovely little grandchildren.

Lacey on

I didn’t relize she had her kids in a cluster. 4 kids in about 6 years.
Kudos to her!

rachel on

The ones she already has all have the same names and corresponding genders as three of Melissa Ethridge’s children. Though if this one’s a girl somehow I doubt she’ll be named Johnnie Rose.

Amber on

To JM- Paul McCartney’s first name is actually James, so I would assume that her oldest son’s middle name is already after him. I’m a huge Beatles’ fan, so I know way too much about them haha.

JM on

🙂 amber i’m a huge beatles fan too so already knew that his real first name is James. because it’s an irish tradition to pass on the same name from father to son and use alternating first name or middle name. so for example his dad was also called James Paul but was known as James, Paul McCartney is also James Paul but is known as Paul. and Paul’s son is called James. so i just thought it would be nice to have another Paul in the family. 🙂

kjc on

Wow – Rachel, you are right. I had to look up Melissa Etheridge when you posted your comment. How interesting that all 3 of Stella’s kids share first names with 3 of 4 of Melissa’s.
huh …who knew?!?