Bill and Giuliana Rancic Recall Miscarriage Heartbreak

09/30/2010 at 08:00 AM ET
Jeff Sciortino

Bill and Giuliana Rancic have always been open about their lives, so when they decided to undergo IVF treatments to try to start a family this spring, they happily shared the news with fans.

Now, they’re talking about a more difficult experience: After getting pregnant on their first try with in vitro fertilization, Giuliana had a miscarriage at nine weeks.

“Both of us were in shock,” Bill, 39, tells PEOPLE. “Failure wasn’t an option!”

Giuliana, 36, says she was crushed by the news. “I said, ‘I’m not doing this again. I can’t.’ I was angry at life and at God.”

On their Style Network reality show Giuliana & Bill, which returns Oct. 11, the duo share footage of the happy news of Giuliana’s pregnancy – and the shock of the miscarriage.

“Hopefully we can help people understand that there’s nothing to be ashamed of,” says Giuliana. “It’s such a taboo subject, but it’s a very common problem.”

For more about the couple’s ordeal – and how they plan to start a family – pick up PEOPLE, on newsstands now.

— Charlotte Triggs

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Lady on

I really feel for her knowing first hand how this feels. It’s so heartbreaking & takes everything out of you for a long time. BUT, God had a plan for everyones life….so you just have to trust that he knows what he is doing…I hope that they try again for the little one they so long for….best of luck G & B!!

Lila on

I also had a MC after IVF. It was heartbreaking to go through so much- only to have to endure more pain.

So many people take the ability to conceive for granted. Unless you have dealt with the pain of months (or years) of failure, you really can’t understand. The desire to be parents is so strong, and not being able to achieve that is truly heartbreaking.

Elizabeth on

So sad to hear that. I hope they get pregnant. I remember in one of their episodes, Bill was talking to James van Praugh (psychic) and he said they would have two kids together but not twins. They are going to make great parents when it happens!

Stephanie on

I normally don’t comment on stories, but my heart just breaks for them. I hope they are blessed with the family they desire soon. I am so sad to hear about their miscarrage. 😦

bella mama on

So sad for them. They are a great couple and I hope they try again. God bless!

Lacey on

I haven’t experiances either IVF or misscarriage, but so I can only imagine how crushing it much be. 😦 I wish them the best and I hope that someday they do become parents.

Jill on

This is so sad, but I think it is great that Bill and Giuliana are being so honest with their struggles. I think it will help a lot of people. Also, miscarriages are common (not that this makes anyone feel better) and the fact that she got pregnant on the first try with IVF I think is very positive. In other words, I am sure she will go on to have a happy, healthy child! My Mom had 6 miscarriages, but when on to have 5 healthy kids, so I am sure Bill and Giuliana will also have a healthy baby soon! I wish them the best of luck!

Sweet Pea on

I know all too well the pain they are going through after suffering 3 miscarriages within the last 2 years. One at 16 weeks, one at 7 weeks and one last month at 8 weeks. To want something so badly only to be heartbroken over and over again is tough. The love and support of family and friends is what gets you through. I wish them much luck in their journey to become parents!

Krewcat on

My heart breaks for them. My husband and I lost our first 2 pregnancies, one at 6 weeks and one at 9. Then we had a beautiful daughter, I have to take progesterone to stay pregnant. We lost twins when my daughter was 3 months old. Our first 2 daughters were 18 months apart, then we added another daughter 14 months later. Then we waited and added a son. In the grand scheme of things I have 4 angel babies and 4 here on earth.

I remember the guilt of losing our babies, it was horrible. It is something that I think of all the time and wonder what those babies would have been like. There is a church I believe in New York that has the Book of Life for children who have died unborn. You can google it I think, fill out the form and they will send you a certificate with the babies name or just “Baby (last name)” It was very helpful to me that someone acknowledged that was my baby, even tho it never took a breath and I wasn’t pregnant long, I had dreams and hopes for them.

I hope they find peace and they carry on their dreams for a child. I will keep them in my prayers!

Shannon on

I absolutley LOVE Giuliana! They seem like such an ‘un-celebrity’ couple. I wish them all the best and truly hope that they can become pregnant.

Amy on

My heart breaks for them. I love their show, they are such an awesome couple and will make great parents.

klutzy_girl on

I feel horrible for them. I hope they have a successful pregnancy soon!

Katie on

Had a miscarriage 9 weeks. A year later, God bless us with a beautiful son by natural pregnant. SO yes losing weight with their actual weight s encourage but look at me.. Just God s plan if they are ready do that they will get pregnant or other option. NOONE wil understand the pain we have deal with miscarriage unless you experience. It s THE MOST painful and sometimes we feel we failed and disappointment and all the downs. . I went to dr for Ultarsound and was very happy but in few hours Dr told me that my baby died ( no heartbeat) it s like my world turn downside. I cried cried for whole week. Had D and C next day. I felt so empty after took my baby out of my womb. So picture it. To all women who lost baby… God has a plan and purpose for us. He sure gave me a miracle one. I am proud mother of 9 months old son.

B and G,
Have faith and keep hoping! Keep trying. Never too late!

lisa on

I’m so sorry for them 😦 We had a late m/c (16 weeks) after several IUIs and I felt just like she describes — seriously so sad and angry that sometimes all I could do is just cry and I felt like I had no hope left. Thankfully, my best friend helped me get my big girl pants on and keep trying and I had beautiful healthy twins and 4 years later a surprise blessing. HANG IN THERE RANCICS!!!

Melyssa on

This is so sad and I’m sure it will work next time. Look at celine dion she went through 6 ivfs before getting pregnant again with her twins. No matter what doctor or procedure you try its in Gods hands. I myself had 2 ectopic pregnancies, 2 failed IVF cycles and we are getting ready to try again in Nov with our last 3 embryos. Its very heart breaking and stressful because once you get pregnant your still not out of the woods cause you have to wait till your 12wks for your doctor to send you to obgyn. I was angry when we tried IVF this year and it didnt work and im getting my BA degree in Dec so I truly feel God had other plans for me and he wanted me to get my education out the way first.

Lisa on

I am in the process of miscarrying triplets as I type this. Giuliana and Bill share the same Doctor that my husband and I do so I feel even more close to them than ever. They are good people and deserve this. I admire that they are so public about thier quest because it is oddly comforting to know that even celebraties share the same pain as we do. Hang in there!

Shannon on

LOVE LOVE LOVE them! My heart just breaks for them! Having endured 3 years of countless fertily treatments, and miscarriages after IVF- we adopted our beauitful daughter earlier this year. I hope they try again- they will be great parents however it’s meant to be!

Crystal on

@Lisa-I am so sorry for your loss and I will be praying for you. I can’t even imagine the immense heartbreak and loss you feel after losing a baby. I wish Bill and Giuliana all the luck and blessings in the world.

Momof3girls on

Lisa…I’m so very sorry for what you are going through.

Best of luck to this couple..

sky on

so sorry to read about this. i hope she tries again. they are not alone in their efforts, but they will get there if they try again- i did. know the end result is worth the work! stay strong, keep the faith, de-stress, and not sure if you tried acupuncture, but it worked for me.

Cynthia on

I really hope they try again. I suffered 2 miscarrages, before being blessed with boy/girl twins in 2000. I’m so glad I have them.

jones on

I’m really sad to hear this as I really like them and their show. I respect them for being open and honest about a very difficult topic. I hope they do not give up and get the family they want, no matter the route they choose to take to get there.

coco on

My first pregnancy ended in a late term miscarriage at 5 1/2 months along. My next pregnancy produced a healthy baby girl who is now 8 years old. The next three pregnancies have all been misacarriages in the first 8 weeks. No matter how far along it is a heartbreaking thing especially when you get attached to idea of having a baby. I was on pins and needles praying to make it to term with my daughter and thank God I did but have not had a viable pregnancy since. The desire is still there but I realize that it may never happen for me. My first pregnancy has haunted me for ten years. I don’t think I will ever get over losing my first daughter. Good luck and God bless the Rancic’s and all the couples who struggle with fertility.

Sus on

Lisa, G & B, and anyone else who has struggled with a miscarriage: you are all in my prayers. My mother miscarried several times and it put her in a dark place for a long time. God gave her the strength to find the light and eventually she was able (with the help of doctors and medicine) to deliver a healthy baby boy (my little brother!). I hope you can also find the light and keep trying!

Jo on

My husband and I have been trying to fall pregnant for ages. We went for a couple of IUI’s, but none took. Finally, at the beginning of August, completely out of the blue, I discovered I was pregnant. We were ecstatic. And then 5 weeks ago, I miscarried. Although the miscarriage itself was agony for 3 days, the emotional toll still is so heavy even now. I’m so incredibly touched and sad for each mother here who has lost a child. My own mom lost 8 babies. It’s an awful, horrible loss that no-one who has not gone through it themselves, can ever understand. @Lisa, I can only imagine the pain you’re going through and I’m so sorry about your babies.

Hopefully, sometime in the near future, we’ll both be looking forward to the arrival of healthy children…

Brebaby on

So Sorry to hear the sad news about their miscarriage.

My husband and I suffered a great deal also. Five loses total, two miscarriages, plus three stillborn in second trimester of pregnancy. We have two beautiful children now a boy and a girl. 3yrs and 2yrs old.

Please Bill and Guiliana stay stong.

Jamila on

Hey Guliana,I watched you every day on E new, and I used to watched your show with your hubby. I Was wondering if you did the IVF or not, and today after you said that you had a miscarriage my heart broke for you I was in tiers, I wish you the best, please don’t give up. I have endured 3 naturals ectopics pregnancies with surgeries, 1 ectopic from my first IVF and a second failed IVF, I am on my third cycle and I am 14 weeks weeks pregnant. You reminded me myself after my first and second IVF I wanted to quit, I was mad with god, the whole world but I took 4 months off before my third cycle. So please don’t give up, like Rayan said you will be a great mother, I wish you the best and god will bless you with a child one day.

Sarah on

I don’t really follow their show, or know too much about them, but I feel very bad for them, and hope their dream for having children comes true. I realize I am lucky to have my happy healthy little girl. My heart goes out to you brave ladies who have been through your own extremely heartbreaking and difficult times. You are all strong beautiful women.

Elisabeth on

My heart breaks for anyone going through the loss of a pregnancy. My husband and I had a sweet little boy who was born asleep on October 22, 2009. The pain is still very present today. We had been trying since 2004 to get pregnant.

I know they’ll have another baby soon.

CelebBabyLover on

My heart goes out to them. My mother went through two early miscarriages (interestingly enough, her first pregnancy ended in miscarriage, then her second pregnancy resulted in a healthy baby, her third pregnancy ended in miscarriage, and then her fourth pregnancy resulted in a healthy baby. It’s as if, for whatever reason, she was not meant to have two succesful pregnancies in a row!).

From what she has told me, I know that both miscarriages were devestating to her and my dad. The first one was particularly difficult, because, like Giuliana and Bill, my parents’ struggled with infertilty. So not only were they faced with the loss of a baby, but the fact that they may not be able to concieve again. I imagine Giuliana and Bill are dealing with that as well.

Giuliana and Bill, if you’re reading this, know that people are thinking of and supporting you….and don’t listen to anyone who makes decidely UNSUPPORITVE remarks (before anyone jumps on me, I am speaking only in general terms here. The comments here have all been positive ones thus far, so I am certainly NOT talking about any of the commentors here! :)). Those people need to understand these simple, and in my opinion, beautiful, words of wisdom from my mom: “It doesn’t matter whether it “wasn’t meant to be”, or if it was “for the best”. No matter how brief you were pregnant, to you it was your child, period!” (in otherwords, it doesn’t matter if some people think that it was really yet a “child” that you miscarried, to YOU it was your child, not just some ball of cells, and that’s what’s most important!)

Michelle on

Dear Giuliana and Bill,

I am truly sorry for the loss of your child. Please allow yourself to comfort each other, gain your strength back and colsole each others spirits. Take the time you need to grieve your loss the pain on your heart is nothing no one can imagine unless they have been through it.

Please do not give up. I am speaking from experience of infertility, IVF and a very painful loss. This journey is nothing but test in your strength, FAITH, marriage, self understanding and pure life but you can’t let it take you from your dreams IT WILL HAPPEN trust in yourself and GOD. I am 29yrs old and for the first time after many failed cycles of IUI we finally got pregnant with our first IVF cycle. I gave birth to a beautiful daughter who passed away 2hrs after birth she was born to early my body gave up and i am an Angel Mother just like you. I also was mad at GOD for a long time but I had to let that go and put myself back in his hands how can I try for another Blessing if I am mad at the person who will Bless me with another child but again it took me months to open back up. Today is actually the day i found out last yr i was finally expecting so I feel your heart and I pray for peace and comfort. We are not giving up so please don’t give up.

I am very thankful you both are showing the world it is not easy and it’s ok to be real with how life really is and not just easy to bear a child/ren. I wish there was a way I can go and speaka bout this and start something us families can make a difference in parents who loss a childs life. I am very inspired by your show, can’t wait to read your book because its positive in peoples life and not just non reality.

God Bless your family I will keep you both in prayers. Even though we can never find the REASON we loss a child and will always wonder why just know we are here to listen we understand.

Love Michelle

Steph on

I had 4 miscarriages after the birth of my son….it is so heartbreaking! Never give up your hope to have a baby! I didn’t and now have a beautiful daughter. I wish them both all the luck and strength in having a baby that they so deserve to have!

Kristine on

I’ve watched their show and honestly didn’t know she had finally agreed to IVF so I had no idea she was pregnant. So sorry to read of the m/c. I lost a child when he was born at 26 weeks and I went on to have 2 m/c after IUI. No matter the loss, it’s very painful. Many women suffer a m/c and chose not to talk openly about it, but it’s very common. I hope they follow through with IVF, it’s nice they can afford it, but it takes alot of work. Their miracle will come. I got mine 22 mos ago at the age of 39 and it all the previous heartache was worth my joy today.

Mom*of*boys on

I too had to take progesterone injections to stay pregnant! And with success after 4 miscarriages, I have my boys, no IVF required.

Elaine on

Thats such sad news to hear about their misscarriage, i had one myself 12 years ago the baby was planned so of course i was gutted, but i soon got pregnant after & it helped me & my husband to come to terms with our loss, i do still think of the baby i lost & wonder what i might of had, thats why my youngest daughter is very special to us, my oldest is special to because she was our 1st child, i only have 2 kids & they mean everything to us, i really hope that they both get pregnant again & their children will be so special to them & loved so much, so i really want to wish them every success in getting pregnant & it will happen for them, good luck guys.xx

JB on

If she wasn’t so selfish about putting on weight, perhaps her body could caring to term. She is anorexia and/or mal-nutrition of course you can sustain a pregnancy

Lindsay on

Misscarriages are so common that one in seven women experience a miscarriage. Age is the most common reason for infertility. Fifty percent of the time males are the reason for infertility.

Tina on

Guiliana and Bill,

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I, too, had 3 miscarriages and all 3 were in the 1st trimester. Had to have 2 DNCs for the 1st 2 and the 2nd one, I miscarried at home. I am a true believer that God does have a plan because in May of 2007, we found out that we were pregnant! I was deathly ill for the 1st trimester, but after that, it was smooth sailing and I always had the fear of miscarrying again. With the 2nd miscarriage, I actually saw the fetus on the monitor and there wasn’t a heartbeat. I was so devastated!!! After the surgery, I went into a deep depression and felt that my body had failed me. But I had my son in January 2008 and he is the absolute light of my life! All that I can say to B&G is not to give up and keep positive and God has a plan for the both of you.

Jeanine Johnson on

I know what your going through. My husband and I lost twins at 14 weeks and we didnt even know there were twins until they told us there was a problem. I am so sorry for your loss but remember that GOD has a plan.Not only for you and Bills future but he has a place for that baby as well. Dont give up, dont let this keep you from haveing that family that you both want. There aew so many other ways to have a family. And remember that even if YOU didnt carry the baby its where and how that baby is loved, thats what makes the family!!!

Isabelle on

Dear Giulliana and Bill,
I’m so sorry for your loss. I love your show and see how you both have love for one another. just know that through love, and prayer, everything is possible. Have faith and the miracle will be given to you.



Jen B. on

I feel your pain! I am grateful to have one beautiful daughter but we have tried and tried for years. I have had 2 miscarriages and a son that was stillborn. It has been the hardest thing we have ever gone through, I pray everyday for another chid. Keep the faith and hope god will answer your prays!!!

Andrea on

My heart absolutely breaks for them, as I have walked this painful road. I will pray for their miracle baby. So very sorry for their loss.

I love this quote:

An angel in the Book of Life
Wrote down our baby’s birth
and whispered as she closed the book
too Beautiful for Earth

KRS on

A little bit off topic here, but I find it amazing to hear people talking about “god” having a plan for them, and needing to have trust and faith in “god”, and about finally being blessed by “god” with a healthy baby. But nowhere do I hear anybody blaming god for their miscarriages or difficulties conceiving or misfortunes….how can it be both ways?! god is either all-powerful or not, so credit and blame should go hand in hand in my opinion. In case it’s not obvious enough, I’m a very happy atheist.

Odette on

Giuliana and Bill, please ignore JB’s ignorant and hurtful comment if you ever read these comments. It is no one’s fault and I hope you eventually do have a child. I’m sure that any child of yours would be beautiful and that you two would be excellent parents. Never give up, and just know that there are people praying for you and wishing you the best.

p.s. CBB, if it’s not too much to ask, could you remove JB’s comment? This is not the place for negativity and blame and she should know that. Honestly, I’m ashamed of some people’s (i.e, JB’s) nerve and absolute lack of tact in situations like these and it really isn’t fair.

sensitivy on

I feel for everyone’s pain and women who have experience a miscarriage, as myself, but why are the Rancis making this suck a big deal. Millions of women have miscarriages and its very sad but it seems to me the Rancics are about themselves. Don’t they get that millions of women suffer miscarriages and understand how devasting it is? Its not just u Giuliana. America is on your side but I don’t understand why u r trying to make this what u call “an awareness”, women are aware and educated about pregnancy. There’s so much more important news going on out there, so I don’t understand. sorry u had a miscarriage, I experience it myself, but u have to pick up the pieces and move on and try again. u r still young and seem like a strong woman with a great man supporting u 110%. but please stop making this headline news and about you. America and espically women know and understand and sympathize what u and your husband went through, I think that’s perfectly clear. U r not the only one. sorry about your loss and good luck on plans of having a family.

CelebBabyLover on

Odette- I agree! JB’s comment was innapproprite and uncalled for! Also, for what it’s worth, it IS possible to be super-skinny and sustain a pregnancy. Look at Nicole Richie, for example. She was EXTREMELY skinny when she got pregnant with Harlow (and in fact, many people commented that there was no way she was going to be able to sustain the pregnancy)….But she had a healthy pregnancy, and later a healthy baby.

Also, considering Giuliana gained 7 pounds after her doctor told her to, I’m sure she would gain even more if he said it was needed! 🙂 And finally, not every thin woman is anorexic or mal-nourished! Some women are just naturally very skinny!

TMH on

I’ve experienced the same thing… Went through years of trying to get pregnant and it finally happened. We were so thrilled and on top of it we had twins!!!! It was such a wonderful time until I miscarried both. It was the end of the world for me emotionally. I didn’t want to try ever again. I felt that I was a failure and let my husband down. It was my fault. Another year went by and we were gonna try IVF. Long story short it WORKED!!!! At 38 years old, I had two beautiful twin babies (one of each). I thank God for our miracles every single day.

Hopefully, Bill & Giuliana try again! I will personally give them my doctors information if they want it!!!!! Good Luck!

Donna on

I so hope that these two people have a baby together. Be strong and keep trying, guys. All the best to you.

Sunshine YearRound on

I do not want to add to their heartbreak but Julianna has expressed more interest in “staying reed-thin” than in being a mother. You can ALWAYS lose weight! Her doctor told her to gain at LEAST 10 pounds to increase her fertility and she acted like it was a heroic act. Is she really mature enough to be a mother????

elsa caceres on

i hope they get their wish…a bay…but if it fails…they can adopt and become parents too…good luck

Bethanne on

I feel for them. I have lost four and it does feel shocking and numbing. You never think it could happen to you and when it does, it’s just a sad, tragic experience. I am glad they will share their story on the show. It helps to know that sadly, you are not alone. It does happen to others.

jk on

I am so sorry for your loss. I had 2 miscarriages in the past 6 months after going through infertility treatments for 3 years. It is truly heartbreaking and isolating. Be very thankful that you have the financial resources to continue IVF. Many couples don’t. It will happen.

annica on

so sorry about the miscarrage. it will happen if its Gods will.I like her very much.

Lisa on

Most, if not all, the women I know who were very thin had problems with either conceiving, carrying, or extremely low birth weight. Lots of good health to them both. They are a very nice couple. Wishing them the best and healthy children. p.s. Sometimes after adopting a child, women surprisingly become pregnant! Just a thought.

Monica on

There are no words to describe what it feels like to suffer a miscarriage. I had one 2 years ago on Christmas day at 6 weeks. It was devastating and I just felt empty in every sense of the word. The only thing that got me thru it was online chat rooms where I saw that so many other women had gone thru the same thing and survived. I realized that I had to grieve my loss before I could move on. I was able to get pregnant again a few months later but I was worried the entire pregnancy that something would go wrong- thankfully it didn’t and now have 2 beautiful girls (a 3 yr old & 8 mo old). I felt so ashamed afterwards that I didn’t tell anyone- not even my family. I am glad Giuliana is being open about it so that more women can see it’s not shameful and actually quite common. Please don’t give up hope yet. If it’s in the cards you will have children. I have known several people that have had miscarriages and then went on to have successful pregnancies after (myself included). Good luck and God bless.

Aunt Clara on

You are obviously loving people, individually and as a couple. There are so many, many children who need loving forever homes! Please consider adoption! Those children need you!

Eileen on

Hmm…if you’re going to put your two cents in, it may be a good idea to try and make some sense (JB) or at least spell the name correctly of the person you are insulting (Sunshine). Two people who love each other and want to share that with a child is a wonderful thing, having horrible difficulty doing that is sad, end of story.

Angus on

I couldn’t agree more.
I’ve had 2 m/c (and sadly have more friends/acquaintance that I care to count who’ve had late term losses, like at 39 weeks :(), have 3 healthy children and am expecting one more. One of the things I most abhor is that “god had a plan” bull sh!t.
People, whether or not people believe in god is of no significance, this is NOT a comforting comment. No one wants to hear someone/thing intentionally caused them this insane amount of pain. It doesn’t fix anything.
I’m so glad that they are talking about this, too many people don’t know the possibility is there, and when it happens to them they feel totally isolated, then the people come out of the woodwork. I was the first woman EVER in my entire family to have a known m/c.

If your friend has a m/c, you say I’m sorry for your loss, how can I help. And if they say they’re fine, then you mow the lawn, you shovel the walk, you take the older kids for ice cream or to school. You don’t avoid them, you don’t forget about it after a month, because they don’t. You don’t say the words “what happened to you”. It didn’t happen, it’s their life now, and it’ll never change. And while it seems like a really nice thoughtful gesture, don’t send flowers. Flowers die, and then they have to throw them in the trash. Think about it. It’s just not helpful.

CelebBabyLover on

I meant to say in my comment last night that in the full article in PEOPLE magazine, they mentioned that, after the miscarriage, the fetus was tested and found to have “a certain chromosomal abnormality” that’s the cause of 75 percent of early miscarriages.

That particular chromosomal abnormality is also, incidentally, more likely to occur in the eggs of older women (and Giuliana falls in that category, since she’s 36, which is considered “advanced maternal age”). I’m guessing that’s part of the reason why miscarriages are more common in older women.

Anyway, basically it was the chromosomal abnormality that caused the miscarriage, not Giulana’s weight!

Lyly on

So sad to hear this!

J & B stay strong and never lose hope!

lambchop on

I never had a miscarriage so I can’t even begin to imagine the hurt. Just stay strong and know that everyone is behind you both. You will be great parents. Good luck and we are all praying for you both.

breemom23 on

My heart goes out to Bill & Giuliana. I suffered a miscarriage in August. While it was not exactly planned, it was heartbreaking. My due date was my dad’s birthday and the day it was confirmed it was in fact a miscarriage, I find out my sister was pregnant! Her due date is a week before what mine would have been. While I am happy for her, it hurts.

Heather on

-Such sad news, I didn’t know she was pregnant. I had a miscarriage between my second and third child. It was the darkest time in my life. However we had faith that our family wasn’t done and we tryed again. We just celebrated our daughters first birthday yesterday! To the happy atheist, we live in a fallen world, bad things are going to happen. This is not an expression of God’s power or grace. To the Ransic family, hold on to your faith and each other. I think you will get that family you have always dreamed of!

Kathi on

Dear Giuliana and Bill,

Thank you for sharing your story with us. I just had a miscarriage as well. I felt really alone because I have never known anyone who had a miscarriage. So when everyone I knew told me that it was normal, it did not feel normal for me. My heart was broken and needed to hear from other women who have gone through what I went through but could not find alot of comfort in the internet. So when I read your story, I realized I wasn’t alone in this ordeal. I’ll cross my fingers that we get pregnant soon.

Michelle on

Sensitivy (as you spell it)

I am ashamed at your comment since you have also suffered a misscarriage and I am sorry for your loss. I don’t understand how you can be so negative and selfish as these to just lost there child and making it an awareness for others to understand the effect it has on a woman (couples) life. There are ppl who don’t know how to address this topic and just let our loses go under the carpet and that is as much painful as loosing a child. I am very happy they are trully expressing the facts of this journey in ppls life. I just loss my daughter in January 2 hrs after her birth and today still feels like yesterday and I trully feel ppl are not educated on this topic on how to help or just support the person in loss. 2 days after having lost my daughter I got a call fromt he hospital askign how my stay was how everything go how was my baby…ARE YOU KIDDING READ THE FILES…so there is alot they can be doing to educate satff, familym friends work place this topic is in need to be OUT THERE and to be of any negativity to this wonderful couple is just awful…

KRS everyone is allowed there own way to cope with situations in life and yes GOD is the ol’e poweful and is our strength we who loss a child mostly first blame GOD because he is the one who called his angel back we mourn and somewhere in our prayer we find our spirit again we take that blame away and he allows ua our dreams back he BLESSES us with miracles and angels everyday no matter what that is our choice of comfort and peace.

I don’t understand why such hurtful and negative post get added..

KellyW on

I recently suffered a miscarriage. It has been the most devastating thing I have ever experienced. Thank you Bill and Giuliana for sharing your story. The one thing that has helped me is being able to talk to other people and knowing there are people out there that can relate. I wish you both all the best and pray that you will be blessed in the future.

Mely on

I had problems conceiving and after 13 year of marriage, we decided to do the In-vitro. All I can say is. Try this again. So worth having a child. Plus, God has a plan for us, and he will give you a family, but it will be in his time,, not yours.
relax, you will be a mommy,, you just need to have faith,,,
relax, relax,,, don’t stress yourself,,,
trust me 😉
best of luck.

noneya on

To Michelle, Get over yourself. This is a blog where anyone can give their opinion. Your slamming women on here saying that they are not supportive is inaccurate. I saw nothing wrong in “Sensitivities” posting. I too have experienced a loss of a baby but we all have to accept and move on.


Miscarriages are horrible, but if you are adament about having children you can’t give up!! My husband and I have been married almost 19 years. We tried for a year and then began fertility treatments, but had a misscarriage @ 9weeks. It took us 9 years before we became pregnant again w/IVF. 8 months after our Son was born I had another miscarriage. We decided to do IVF again but was held off with my husband going to Iraq. A few months after he got back and settled in, we began the IVF process only to find out I was pregnant. We successfully had our daugther. 8 months later again I found out I was pregnant but miscarried again this time at 13 weeks. One year later I again misscarried at 17 weeks. We have gone through 4 losses but we have 2 great children!!!

Orela on

Having misscarried myself recently at 8 weeks I know the devastating pain. Well done to them for showing that side of things to the world and maybe other women will see there is no need for the silence and shame that seems to surround misscarriage

HLH on

It’s sad when anyone loses a child and many women experience this painful loss and don ‘t go from talk show to talk show to discuss the painful details over and over again. Miscarriage is not a new phenomenon that needs to be brought to the attention of the masses. In most cases, there is nothing the woman could have done to prevent the miscarriage and Mrs. Rancic is no different. However, you will be able to go through this with the Rancic’s on their reality show where they will be detailing their loss for your viewing pleasure. I agree with posters who pointed out that Guiliana has been more concerned with being stick thin (find her blog or vlog and read about her diet) than she is in maintaining a healthy weight. Don’t worry her newest publicity stunt will be an announcement that she is pregnant. Wait for it…

CelebBabyLover on

HLH- IMO, your comment was very insensitive. It’s clear the Giuliana and Bill desperetly want a baby, and that they aren’t just trying to have kids for publicity! Also, Giuliana never said awareness needs to be raised about miscarriage. All she said was this: “Hopefully we can help people understand that there’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s such a taboo subject, but it’s a very common problem.”

She’s right, miscarriage IS sadly still a very taboo subject, and I’m glad she and Bill are doing their part to change that perception!

TJ on

How sad! I was wondering how their pregnancy journey was going. She is right, miscarriages are very common. I’ve had one very early on also several years ago.

I can understand being angry, I didn’t get pregnant for many years after my miscarriage but was finally blessed with a son!

God has a plan.

Perhaps they could adopt??? Good luck G & B!!!!

mommyofone on

I have been in their shoes and do not wish that hurt on anyone. After 12 years and 2 miscarriages later, I just celebrated my sons 1st birthday. We were blessed with this angel by way of adoption. I hope they can overcome the hurt and move forward in a way that is healthy and right for them.

Cris on

I’ve been pregnant twice and had two healthy babies; one girl and one boy. I have no idea what pain they’re going through, but my son took me almost a year to conceive. I was only 25, but it seemed like everyone I knew was pregnant, or having an easy time getting pregnant. God will bless them with a beautiful family, I’m sure. The difficult thing is that we have to wait on His time. Glad they shared their story. Now everyone will be praying for them.

DoctorF on

Giuliana and Bill – so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. It is the most heartbreaking thing ever, but don’t give up! When you’re ready, try again. It will be scary, but it will be worth it in the end. (From a mom of 2, who miscarried the 3rd, and is now preggo again!)

Catherine on

I am so sorry to hear of this. I follow the show, as I graduated from high school with Bill’s mom at Mercy High School in Chicago. What a nice couple; I will be praying for them.

Sylvia Mckinley on

Dear Giuliana and Bill, I am sorry for your loss and disappointment. However I pray that you will not give up and try again to have the baby or babies that you desire to have. I love being a mother and I am also a grandmother. I often think what would my life be without children in it? I only think lonely…so I wish you all the blessings to be parents. Have patience and don’t give up on hope or faith. You will be parents when the time is right. I am sure great ones at that!!

CelebBabyLover on

TJ- In the full article in PEOPLE magazine, they said that they’ll consider surrogacy and adoption if their IVF attempts keeping failing. 🙂

Kelli on

I am so happy that Bill and Giuliana are speaking about their IVF and miscarriage. I too have done IVF and am now pregnant with twins. God willing, we will have two babies in March. It is such a taboo subject and it makes those of us who have to use IVF as a way to become parents feel as if something is wrong with us. 40% of babies born are concieved using some sort of fertility, yet people don’t want to talk about it. The more peole like Bill and Giuliana open up about this subject the better. I often feel as if we are battling this alone. Yet, infertility is a disease. You would not battle cancer on your own, why do people keep this topic so private. Both need support, both need love, both need help. I wish them all the best. God has a plan, it just takes a bit to find it.

Steph N on

My heart goes out to both. I suffered 3 m/ c before I had my daughter and another before my son. So a total of 4 m/c. In time the pain has gotten easier but I never forget. Especially when one of my children hit a milestone I think about where the other 4 would have been in life. I hope they find comfort knowing the child they lost is in the arms of the Lord and they will be with he/she one day. God’s Blessings to the Rancic’s may your dreams come true and may you suffer no more losses.

Emily on

I feel for people who go thru the emotional rollercoaster of trying to get pregnat, have you ever thought of maybe being too skinny? i know body weight is important when your pregnat. or maybe theres other things going on, but on a show on TLC there was a women who couldnt get prgo bc she didnt have the proper body weight..

CelebBabyLover on

Emily- As I said in a previous post of mine, in the full article in PEOPLE magazine, they explain that the miscarriage was due to a chromosomal abnormality in the fetus (they had it tested after the miscarriage). So Giuliana’s weight definietly wasn’t the cause!

Leonie on

😦 i understand how it feels to want something thats completely out of your hands, but God has a plan for us all, my husband and i have been strugling for 3years now, and 3years ago i found out that i have endometriosis, but with the faith of God’s blessings i will be healed and we will have our little family, keep on believing guys, your day has been picked by our heavenly Father, and it will hit you when you least expects it. Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig Hug to you guys.

Caroline on

I’m so sorry for them, but at the same time I’m glad they have the chance of trying it again, financially speaking. It’s awful to think how many people in a lot of countries don’t have the chance to try IVF treatments because they are so expensive and health care refuses to pay for it. And a misscarriage for a couple who have saved every penny they owned just to get a change of getting pregnant is ever more heartbreaking.
Best of luck for Giuliana and Bill to overcome this moment and renew their hopes.

MissRebecca on

Prayers to you both. My husband and I have trouble concieving and holding on to babies. We list two, one after IVF and then we didnt think we could do it again…. but a year later, we gave it ago…. and finally concieved via IUI and progesterone injections… her name is Kaiya which is the female version of the Swaheli word Kaiyan which means “Long awaited or hoped for child” 3 months later we were pregnant again and carried to term with our little crazy girl Cassie… we then went wwe were ready… we could get pregnant as wanted… well, we lost our third miscarriage at 11 weeks fter seeing the heartbeat 3 times:( Then an eptopic a year later and finally a 14 weeker that was delivered. We will forever be greatful that we have our girls…. I had this feeling when we started to try – it was going to be a task!!! I always told my Mom that I felt I would get and stay pregnant I know it would never be in a conventional way 🙂 Boy was I right. Do I want another baby… yes, but I am scared and I understand why they are scared as well… but you will never know your blessings unless you give it a go… sometimes the old fashion why is possible… Kaiya was made in a petry dish… Cassie was made after a fun Halloween Party…. so you never really know. God Bless and I hope the fear is not too much for them to never try again…. if we had one that… our girls would not exist… thats pretty profound! Loads of luck and babydust coming your way!

MissRebecca on

Please everyone remember that October 15th is National Infant and Pregnancy Loss Remembrance Day. Light a candle for you or someone else who has been effected by either of these heartbreaking situations ❤

Jill on

They act like age is the only factor for their infertility and since she is 36 that is the reason she is not getting pregnant. In most cases infertility is caused mostly by another reason not age alone.

All my friends had their babies at 35+ with no infertility treatments including me. I also know some women in their early 40s who became pregnant naturally too.

I think it is kind of a myth blaming all infertility on age alone. I feel sorry for them since we went through infertility too but I don’t want them to mislead people thinking that women can’t easily get pregnant in their late 30s and early 40s either!

rachel on

i absolutely love and adore bill and guiliana….

i am dearly sorry for your loss, but i am
convinced….. the best is yet to come

you two will make absolutely lovely parents.

be blessed and continue to be a blessing

Lynda M Catalano on

Hello, I would like to state first off, How much I love this couple they are not only two beautiful people, that share the same wonderful values about, family, life, marriage, work, honesty and trust- etc. They have a wonderful family and support system and a big heart for sharing this heartbreaking story. I really pray for them in their time of loss and I just know they will have the luck to have a child or children in their life. I know exactly how Guiliana and Bill felt-( Husband included, even though he is not carrying the child the loss is also significant for the spouse) that is why I could relate and had to comment. She may not ever read this post but maybe it will help knowing it happens all the time to people and is nothing to be ashamed about Life is full of heartbreak and hopefully she will find strength in the posts~!!!I had two children when I was younger. I was only 23 and 27 I was in a bad relationship. Abusive. I had the most wonderful, caring parents God Bless my father who is now deceased,. They let me move back in with them-attend college and work full time and in exchange they helped me so much with watching and nurturing my two wonderful children. I finally after so many years of being alone and building my career, meet a wonderful man that had no children of his own. We were married six years before we tried for a child I became pregnant and I was also Guiliana’s age 36. I figured that my health was perfect,I never miscarried and had no problem conceiving. We got pregnant after only 3 months of trying. I went to the Doctor they did ultrasounds and I went every month(Everything was perfect, no down syndrome or other Abnormalities). When I was 22 weeks along they scheduled a routine ultrasound to look at the fetus (natural time for a ultrasound)My husband and I wanted to know the sex of the baby. I could tell right away something was wrong. The ultrasound technician kept looking at the screen and my husband was asking questions and she would not even look at him or answer, She said I need to consult with the radiologist and then the doctor came in and stated The baby lost all the amniotic fluid and there was no heartbeat. Because I was almost 23 weeks or 5 months into my pregnancy they gave me two choices: surgury over a two day period(called a D&E)or nature labor, I REFUSED THAT AS I COULD NEVER TAKE THE PAIN OF DELIVERING A STILLBORN BABY. The doctor read a wonderful letter at my month post-surgery check-up from another couple and encouraged us that My husband and I were both healthy and to try again within two months. Once again we got pregnant in five months and today we have a boy that will be three years old in April 2011. Never give up.~!!! You two are wonderful people and deserve the best in life~!!! I will pray for you both. God Bless you The Catalano Family

Riley on

I am soooo deeply sorry for these two! I want them to have a kid soooo bad, and good luck to them. Don’t give up in trying. You should do whatever it takes, Gil and Bill!!!!

Pam on

Was not a fan of either Bill or Guiliana in the beginning but have come to really like and respect them. They are not at all what I expected,but I have grown to look forward to their return and hope the best for them with their desire to have a baby. They are truely nice people I think and not at all like some of the people that are on tv this day and time. Good luck to you both

Lika on

cannot tell you how sick i am of hearing of the heartbreak of miscarriage and that “we” have to talk about it because it’s nothing to be ashamed of. bollocks. you’re right, it isn’t anything to be ashamed of, but sometimes we don’t talk about it because we quietly mourn the loss of our children. i’m tired of these “celebrities” telling the rest of us that miscarriages are nothing to be ashamed of. no “bleep” sherlock. first, we had celine dion and having to hear about her years of infertility, now we have to hear about these two, and i can’t remember who else. really, a person’s fertility or lack thereof is nobody’s business but their own…keep it to yourself, i don’t care, and i have never met anyone else who has.

we have suffered numerous miscarriages, and we mourned the loss of our children. we didn’t feel ashamed that they died, we felt sad. we now have 8 kids, including a set of quads and triplets, so life goes on.

of course i’m sad for them, but really. mourn quietly and move on.

Tara on

I love them!!!

Ana on

They’re in my prays, I hope God bless them with a healthy son…I’m so thankful with them, because despite other celebrities, they’re doing such an important job…after 35 five it’s not a game, fertility decreases, and other celebrities in a very irresponsible way, make us believe that there’s no rush, that you can wait forever to have babies, and then, when you are on it, you realize how difficult is to get pregnant after 40, yeah it’s true, it’s not impossible, but you need a lot of strength, Constance and MONEY to achieve your so wanted baby. Thanks a lot for your courage, you deserve a healthy baby soon, I´m sure God will help you because now you´re helping a lot of people. God bless you, I’m from Caracas Venezuela, so far from you and you already help me in my process, I’m begining my 2nd IVF process and I’m 42.

kim on

I feel for you. I also lost a baby by miscarriage. However, the month that the baby was due I got pregnant with my daughter. God does have a plan. You will never forget but it will get easier. Good luck with your future pregnacies.

rachel on

while it is the right of everyone to voice their opinions…

honest down to earth sincere folks that really want to comfort and be a blessing to someone that may have suffered a similar loss… you folks certainly have the right to be hard asses, but to those are helped and comforted and encouraged to keep trying….. WE THANK YOU BILL AND GIULIANA….. WE LOVE YOU AND PLEASE CONTINUE TO USE THE CRITICAL HARD-ASSES AS STEPPING STONES TO BIGGER AND BETTER THINGS….

someone in my family was blessed by sharing your loss and honest feelings …..

love and blessings and DON’T YOU DARE GIVE UP….

rachel on

oh and for the record… i too lost a child… miscarried after three months….but GOD blessed me with three healthy babies after the initial loss…

Bridget on

I find it hard to believe Giuliana wants kids. Shes so self absorbed and career driven just who will look after the kid, shes stated she has poor skills with her nieces.
And these two seem like brother and sister they never touch each other, they never french kiss they seem like there is no sex at all.
I think they will divorce because she wants to be a big star but she doesnt have the talent or the looks.

Catherine on

God Bless you Honey! I know the pain of miscarriage. I had one at 17 weeks. But now, I have 2 in elementary school. So the good Lord DOES provide and bless those who needs his blessings and also mourns and comforts those who have lost. Remember, God lost his son too and he was brought back to him.

jorgi on

I had 2 miscarriages and then my live birth was twins . 2 healthy boys and the light of my life.
I love the show B & G ,watch all the time. Here’s hoping you both suceed .
I’m praying for you .

steffi on

My heart breaks for these two beautiful people. Giuliana, if you are positive in your next pregnancy, please be careful, in the early pregnancy one cannot carry heavy things, move too much and if possible put on low heels… God bless both of you and I hope/wish that both of you would be parents next year, with god grace..