Spotted: Sarah Jessica Parker’s Big Apple Babies

09/29/2010 at 03:00 PM ET
Katie B./Eagle Press

Mom on the move!

After a glam trip to London Fashion Week, Sarah Jessica Parker reports for mommy duty on Monday, taking twin daughters Marion Loretta (pictured left) and Tabitha Hodge, 15 months, to a doctor’s appointment in New York City.

“I love just being with my family — going to the grocery store, cooking dinner, putting my twins to bed, changing their diapers, getting my older son ready for school and packing his lunch,” the actress admits.

“Is it sexy? I don’t know about that, but it sure is fun and it’s definitely unpredictable.”

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Wagner Az/Pacific Coast News

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Lis on

Oh they are ADORABLEEEEEEEE! Marion sure looks like James Wilke to me! ❤ SJP!!!!

sky on

i agree marion looks like her brother and tabitha resembles her father. very cute kids!

Mia on

Agreed!-The pic of the first twin + her brother look a lot more like SJP but the other twin is ALL daddy-so cute.

Lisa on

Wow. At first glance I thought Marion looked like a young Sunday Urban. They look nothing alike but are both adorable! Maybe it’s the angle of the pictures but it seems Marion has a lot more hair than Tabitha! Cute kids and perfect family with big brother James included.

alex on

I like that her adorable twins have proper shoes that will help their feet develop well. As long as I can remember, they are the first celebrity babies too wear that kind of shoes and it’s a shame because these little shoes are the most important thing when a baby starts to walk. I worked at a store specialized in babies’s shoes, so I know how important it is for a baby’s ankle to be supported well. Sorry for the bad English🙂

Jenn on

This finally takes the wondering for me out of whether or not the twins are biologically Sarah’s. The first twin definitely has her eyes!

Brooke on

Loretta looks like a toddler all of a sudden. Def. must be the hair. THey are absolutely adorable!!

CelebBabyLover on

Adorable girls! Loretta DOES look like James Wilkie, and as for Tabitha….well, there’s no denying who her daddy is!🙂

Daze on

Aw…they look like Dad

Lady on

They are so so so cute!!!

Lila on

Wow, I can’t believe how big they have gotten! And such adorable girls!

anonymous on

Come on People Mag — don’t you think its a little much to follow these people around and report on their every move.

Oh, newsflash, they are on the way to the doc. Did they burp, cough, scratch their nose?

It would be nice if the mags, blogs etc, would respect their privacy. Its one thing to FOLLOW adults, another thing when kids involved. Just my opinion. What do the readers think?

brannon on

We think you are on Celebrity BABY Blog. ?? Adorable girls!

kendrajoi on

Cute! Marion Loretta looks like Matthew big time!

To anonymous: You do realize you are on a blog that posts photos of CELEBRITY BABIES? I hope that doesn’t come as a shock. If you don’t like the photos, don’t come to the site. It’s not rocket science.

Isabelle on

I’m not a fan of SJP’s work but she seems like such a great mother in all of the interviews I’ve read on this site. I love her children’s names too. Vintage, but not dated… very cute!

anonymous on

Yes I realize that I’m on baby blog — I just posted my opinion that maybe bloggers, and readers would think that maybe respecting someone privacy (especially kids) is more important than to see the cute bow in her hair, what top she is wearing, and how cute she is.

I guess the bloggers, mags etc … don;t think PRIVACY and respect is that important, since they make money from it.

I guess many that view sites, buy mags etc… don’t care about the stars feeling or their kids, just want to see pics and learn about what they do, buy, it, date, marry etc.

Just think… would the average person want to be followed? Would they want their kids to be photographed every minute? I doubt it.

I often see people comment how bad they feel that the paparazzi are so intrusive, but many keep on buying the mags, viewing the sites. It would be great if people would get to the point (and voice their opinion) that when taking pics of kids it should just be at public events.

For all you moms out there, how would you feel taking your kid to schol and having a photographer following you? Hmmmmm.

Jennifer on

@anonymous – Sarah Jessica is that you??

I’m not a celebrity but paparazzi comes with the “job” of being famous. So would I love it? no But paparazzi don’t usually follow around stay at home moms in small town America.

anonymous on

Jennifer —

Not saying its right, but if you are lucky enough to be famous in entertainment business, one can expect to deal with paparazzi, have your pic taken (especially given the changes in technology, how practically everyone has a camera with them). But my main issue (and of course, my opinion) is when kids are involved. They didn’t join the business, just have parents that are in the business (or have famous parents regardless of what the industry is).

I just find it wrong to follow kids to park, doc appt, school, or doing everyday stuff. They are treated like circus entertainers — to be gawked at and followed. I think kids should be off limits except when at public events, or if parents give ok.

A typical parent wouldn’t want that for their kids, and I think most in biz don’t either (I am of course not counting that “pimp” out their family by doing reality shows etc).

JMO. Sure the pics are cute, but really, shouldn’t we think of the kids?

CelebBabyLover on

Jennifer- I doubt that anonymous is SJP, as she has posted about this topic in several other posts here on CBB.🙂

Jennifer on

I was kidding… Sarcasam just does not translate well online…

ScarlettsMom on

Actually, Alex, I’m a physical therapist and we don’t recommend high-top shoes for normally developing kids anymore. When a child is learning to walk it is better for them to be barefoot so that the arches of the foot can develop appropriately. The newer soft/flexible soled shoes allow for better development of the foot and ankle muscles essential for balance. But they are adorable and occaisional wear is not a problem.

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