Allison Holker Enjoys ‘Dance Jams’ with Daughter

09/28/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
Courtesy Allison Holker

Allison Holker has been dancing nearly all her life, so she’s used to the long hours, wear-and-tear on her body and brutal competition.

But embarking on the 40-city So You Think You Can Dance 2010 Tour this month, she had to cope with her biggest challenge yet: leaving her 2-year-old daughter, Weslie Renae.

The fan favorite — who appeared on season two of the FOX reality hit and then returned as an All-Star this year — is already missing her nightly mommy-daughter ritual.

“Every night we do a dance jam to get our wiggles out,” says Holker, 22, a single mom since recently splitting from her ex-fiancé.

The precocious toddler is already following in mom’s talented footsteps. “She just moves — she loves Fergie! She goes for it 100 percent. I have to keep up!”

Holker — who reprises her emotionally charged, motherhood-themed “Fix You” dance from season seven on the tour — says she faced criticism from fans and colleagues alike when she resumed working just a few weeks after Weslie’s birth.

“I got a lot of beef, but no one looked at the fact that [dancing] is not just a dream or passion,” she explains. “It’s my job, income and stability.”

For now, Holker is looking forward to the last two weeks on the road, when Weslie will join her. (In the meantime, Weslie’s dad and Holker’s mom are looking after her.) The tiny dancer is also getting ready to take her first official dance class — and her mom is bracing for the waterworks. Says Allison: “That first time seeing her onstage is gonna make me cry!”

— Michelle Tauber

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Ana on

I did not start watching SYTYCD until Season 3 so I missed Allison’s performances as a contestant. But I absolutely loved her as an all-star! Gorgeous mommy and daughter!

Angie on

Saw SYTYCD tour last night in Duluth GA! Allison is very talented. Enjoyed reading this article.

Macy on

Weslie? Seriouslie? Oh dear.

Lis on

Macy, my cousin named her daughter Wesley. I hate it. But I know that everyone is entitled to name their children what they want. I’m just not a fan of traditionally boys names for girls (and vice versa). There are just soooooo many pretty girls’ names out there…

Mallory on

I love Allison I saw her on the very first (season 2) tour but didn’t get to meet her it was raining and I had to catch a train and I wasn’t framiler with the venue didn’t know where to go to look for them so I’m really looking forword to get meet her. Wesley’s adorable I’d get all excited when I’d see a link to a pick on Allison’s twitter so I could see Wesley. I’m not sure what your problem is Macy, Wesley’s a cute name and if your going to be all like but it’s a boys name well so is Mallory and I’m a girl, my parents found it in the boy’s names in the name book.

Brooke on

I loved Allison on her season.
And I happen to LOVE the name Weslie/Wesley for a girl. I think it’s precious. I adore boy names on girls! Everyone has a different taste – I don’t see anything wrong with it.

Chris on

She’s a cutie. Glad she’s got both parents in her life and a fun nightly ritual.

Mallory: At least Macy can spell Weslie’s name correctly, and she didn’t say a word about it being a boy’s name. You managed to mangle both spelling and punctuation. I’ve never thought of Mallory as a boy’s name; I’ve only seen it associated with females.

Least it’s not “A Boy Named Sue”!

Splum on

Great article on Allison! Love to see her get press.
Best female dancer STYYCD US ever had!

B on

There is nothing wrong with Wesley (any kind of spelling) for a girl. My ultra-feminine cousin is named Wesley, she’s never had a problem with it. And I am female and have a boy’s name. Clearly you have problems with girls name Kelly, Courtney, Casey, Jordan or Taylor, all which were originally boy’s names.

Taylor on

You have to be kidding me.

Her name is Weslie; not Banana Boat Celestial Starlight. Allison can name her child whatever she pleases. Also, not everyone likes pretty, ultra-feminine names. I’m sure there are plenty of people who dislike the names that you like or have used for your children. It’s all a matter of personal taste.

T on

Allison is my all time favorite girl from this show. LOVE her!

Anonymous on

😦 i just missed her. didnt watch until season three and didnt watch much this summer. she seems kind though. also GORGEOUS

Shannon on

Seriously, people gave her a bad time for going back to dancing and providing for her daughter? Wow!! She is an amazing dancer and it is wonderful she can use it to support her daughter. People really need to back off!!! I loved every dance she was in this year and only hope they bring back the All Stars next season

Sounjirah on

I think it’s great that she’s working hard and earning money for her young family. Plus, she’s a phenomenal dancer (my personal favourite).

As for her name choice, it’s not my first choice but it’s not because it’s a “boy’s name”. For interest sake, a lot of people don’t realize that: Ashley, Kimberly, Beverly, Evelyn, Kelly, Jodie, and Mackenzie are all originally male names. 😀 All of those are now considered primarily female names. Interesting eh?

Annie on

Weslie is such an adorable and lucky little girl!!! Allison is amazing & the sweetest person!!! I met her at the SYTYCD tour last night & she was soooo nice! I couldn’t thank her more for “Fix You” it is such an amazing & touching piece!!!

Annie on

I love Allison! Met her a few times and she is an absolute sweetheart. So modest and so kind-hearted. I’ve watched all seasons and she has been a stand out by far. Definitely my favorite across all seasons-she has such grace and star power when she is on that stage. I’m so happy she can earn a living for her family through her passion of dance, and share that with her precious daughter. The success this show has brought to the dancers is well-deserved. Can’t wait to see more from them next season!


HAHA Taylor you are hilarious. “Banana Boat Celestial Starlight”. Brilliant.

torgster on

I love the little red peacoat! What a cute little gal.

Tara on

I loved Allison as an All-Star this season. She really stood out! I wonder why so many young people, ie. 20-year-olds (eek!) are so eager to have children at such a young age. Why??? Why not use birth control and enjoy just being young? And especially doing in without even being married or in a stable relationship. Allison was engaged but really, how serious can 20-year-olds be? What ever happened to children being children and enjoying their status as such? Why in such a rush to grow up? I just don’t get it.

ProudMom on

Tara-I take most of your comment as an insult. Not all 20 year old women are the same. I got married when I was 20, that was 5 years ago & now I have a 1 year old son. I couldn’t be happier with my choices. I fell in love & didn’t want to wait years before I married him. I was ready to settle down & be a wife & mom. Just because you weren’t like that at 20 doesn’t mean everyone is the same way. It seems as if you’re actually calling a 20 year old a child, that’s just ridiculous.

S.A.M on

Proud Mom, you’ll understand what Tara means by the time you hit 35…..I promise you:)

Moore on

Wow, Tara. That is offensive. You just ragged on single mothers, young mothers, mothers that are not in a stable/married relationship and 20 year olds. Wow. I’m sorry if perhaps you weren’t/aren’t a “serious” 20 year old but remember that not all 20 year olds are that way. It is quite possible to make a life changing decision, have a desire and work towards it in a responsible manner at such a young age all the while enjoying life and the life you brought into it. That seems to be exactly what Allison did and what many young people are quite capable of doing.

Lilianne on

I have long been a fan of SYTYCD and loved Allison when she did her season and was thrilled to watch her again as an All Star. I thought she was the stand out of the latest season; even among the new dancers. I happen to love the name she gave her little girl. I think it can be really cute and sweet when girls have names that are typically thought of as boys names. I think it is fairly normal and tame compared to some of the names that “celebrities” come up with(I won’t name any in particular!). I wish Allison continued success and a lifetime full of smiles with her little Weslie!

ProudMom on

To S.A.M. I also got married when I was 20 and am now 39. I wouldn’t change getting married at that age for anything. I agree with ProudMom (and Moore), everyone is different. Getting married young doesn’t mean you’ll regret it later.

ProudMom on

Sorry, meant to make my name ‘ProudMomToo’.

Shelley on

Do we know for sure that she “tried” to get pregnant at 20? Maybe it just happened and she chose to raise her child. My birth control failed me and I got pregnant at 20 and I was married at 21. It hasn’t always been easy because I’ve wanted to finish college and I’ve also made a lot of parenting mistakes along the way, but we’re all happy and well-adjusted.

My son is six now and I’m looking at going back to college part-time. I’m happy with how it all worked out. Being a parent pushed me to be a better person and get it together. I’ve enjoyed being married (can’t imagine being out there again) and I’ve enjoyed being a mom. I’m grateful for the life I have. I’ve had more fun being “settled” than I did before having a family. The only thing I feel I missed out on was finishing my college career and that’s something I can still go back and look into, especially now with my son in school.

Holiday on

Wow Tara I take offense to your comment. I got married at 21 and pregnant right after that. My husband and I owned a nice house ( we got lots of money at our wedding for the down payment, plus inheritance money) and by 22 I was a mom of a sweet little boy who was 100 percent planned. I have been a stay at home mom with him for 4 years now and also have a baby girl. I was a mature young woman and all I wanted in life was to be a mom, and I didnt want to wait until I was 30 to do it.

Moore on

Shelley, I don’t think we should assume that she didn’t just because she’s young though.

Shelley on

I wasn’t assuming, I was just throwing that out as a possibility since Tara assumed that she *did* plan the child. The fact of the matter is we don’t know and either way it doesn’t really matter since they’re all happy.

brannon on

Love Weslie for a girl!

gdfg on

Nobody said Allison can’t name her kids what she wants to; they said they didn’t like the name Wesley for a girl. It’s called an opinion and that’s what the comments section is for. If you want t offer an alternate opinion, fine, but there’s no need to trash someone just for commenting that they don’t like what Allison named her daughter.

gdfg on

” . . . but really, how serious can 20-year-olds be? What ever happened to children being children and enjoying their status as such?”

??? Since when are 20-year-olds children? I’m pretty sure your “status” at age twenty is that of an adult.

Tee on

I can’t speak for anybody but myself, but I have an awful lot of 20 year old friends that are FAR more mature than my “older” friends. Yes, a 20 year old is still pretty young but that doesn’t mean that they can’t handle the responsibility of a family!

Anonymous on

Allison Holker is hands down, the best contestant ever to grace the stage of SYTYCD!!!!

rosie on

im not concerned with her age im concerned with her inability to parent so she can “be a star” children that age are simply TOO YOUNG to be away from their mothers like that!

Moore on

“I wasn’t assuming, I was just throwing that out as a possibility since Tara assumed that she *did* plan the child. The fact of the matter is we don’t know and either way it doesn’t really matter since they’re all happy.”

I wasn’t saying you were, I’m saying in general a young age doesn’t mean lack of seriousness about things like Tara mentioned.

Rosie, being a dancer and having to work for a living doesn’t automatically mean she’s trying to be a star. Part of a parent’s job is knowing how to delegate and when. She did say her child would be staying with family but not for the whole time she was away. It may be worst to tour with a child but may be beneficial to their situation for that to be a tour worth taking.

shannon on


Grandpa Jim on

It wouldn’t matter what she is named,..Weslie is the sweetest girl in the whole world! She’s being raised by two parents that love her more than anything! I get excited every single day I see her! Good luck Allison…we wish you the best!!!

Melia on

To all of you who are ragging on Allison about having a kid “so young”, UM EXCUSE YOU! Sorry that she didn’t have her kid when she was 80 years old? She’s done an amazing job, and she’s not being selfish by “trying to be a star”. She’s doing her job to provide for her family. And it just shows the ignorant person you are to say stuff like that. In case you haven’t noticed, there are mothers who don’t have someone to hand them everything. I admire mothers who can provide for their family all by themselves without anyone else or are young. And about the name? Everyone is entitled to name their kid what they want. Sorry we all don’t have “perfect” names like MACY.