Melissa Rycroft Gets ‘Conflicting Report’ on Sex of Her Baby

09/27/2010 at 07:00 AM ET

Johnny Nunez/WireImage

From Dancing with the Stars to The Bachelor, Melissa Rycroft is no stranger to shocking news. But the mom-to-be has possibly the biggest surprise of her life waiting: finding out the sex of her baby.

“We got our first report, got all excited and then we went back a few weeks later and it was a conflicting report,” the Bachelor Pad host, 27, said at the Juno Baby Celebrity Launch in New York City.

“We’re not sure, hopefully in the next week or two we’ll get 100 percent confirmation.”

And the upcoming arrival — due in February — isn’t the only thing Rycroft has to look forward to. She recently moved to a new Dallas home with husband Tye Strickland and is already taking time for her baby.

“It’s still crazy for me to be entering this world of ‘Mommywood,'” she said. “It’s exciting and it’s surreal and it’s a fun new world to be in.”

Another thing besides work that’s taking a backseat? Rycroft’s rigorous workouts. “It’s limiting what you can do,” she said of being pregnant. “The kiddo definitely tells you when they’re tired and when they don’t want you to work out.”

Meanwhile, Strickland has been doing whatever he can to make his baby’s mama as comfortable as possible with back and foot rubs. He’s also good at giving sweet compliments. Says Rycroft: “He tells me I look skinny every day!”

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alice jane on

When my sister and their husband were expecting their first, they brought me along for a 3D ultrasound, and were told they were having a little girl, so they told everyone, got tons of girl stuff, and didn’t find out he was a boy until the birth. I know these results are rarely wrong but since that, I just never fully believe it until the baby is actually born!

Anyway, congratulations to Melissa and Tye, and I can’t wait to see what they do have!

Lady on

She is so super cute, best of luck to her & Tye!!

Dar on

The main thing is that the baby is healthy and we know it will be cute, look at mom and dad. I have been a fan of Melissa’s since the bachelor. She is just one neat lady.
Good luck and load up on diapers.

JMO on

My aunt was having twins she was told she was having one of each. So for her baby shower they of course got one of each (blues and pinks) turned out to be two IDENTICAL twin girls!!! Yep a major mishap on that one!!! So my mom and aunt had to go and sew little bows onto blue and green things to make it look a little more feminine!!

Of course this was 20 years ago and things have improved much better but it just goes to show even an ultra sound is never fully correct!

Mina on

Any sonogram tech that wrong is a moron! You cannot confuse a cord with a penis because a penis ends and cord is much longer and thicker. A vagina looks like a hamburger. If it is too early or the baby is moving then then tech should say they dont know…even if they think they saw. Mine did that and so did my friends. They said they thought they saw but refused to tell us (maybe for legal purposes or emotional purposes). And they were right (when we went back). Just goes to prove that money cant buy a good doctor.

G on

Mina- a hamburger – LOL!!! I can see that! The tech told us at 17 weeks it was a girl (she got two good looks). I was still paranoid, but ended up having another u/s at 21 weeks and a different tech also said girl after getting a good look. So I’m pretty confident now (fingers crossed) and buying girly things.

skunknuggets on

I haven’t found out before the birth with any of my four, but the only thing I would believe is seeing it for myself. LOL

Mom*of*boys on

Ha! I was told that I was having a girl and went out and bought everything!!!! Including bedding and take home outfit! Someone just happened to tell me I was having a boy and I got freaked out and paid for another ultrasound….And it was a boy! I started crying and said “I can’t put a boy in that little pink bikini”. I took everything back and everyone was so awesome about letting me exchange it all. Hahahaha Now I am the proud Mom of all boys! I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

Good Luck Tye & Melissa…Either boy or girl, I wish you a healthy baby and good pregnancu.

mom in FL on

It is easier to mistake a girl for a boy than a boy for a girl. But I’ve heard many ‘hamburger’s or hotdog’s’ ha ha. i had all boys and in one of my ultra sounds, it was beyond clear he was proud of what he already had. ha ha.

jessicad on

Mina, ultrasound techs who are wrong aren’t morons, it’s not as simple as a hamburger vs. penis. They don’t “confuse” the cord with a penis either, more often if they are wrong they say girl when it’s actually a boy because the penis can hide or look similar to a clitoris at a certain stage. That’s why most Dr’s make you wait until you are at least 20 weeks before they look so the organs are more pronounced and easily seen, they don’t want to be wrong and upset the parents.

Heather on

-I have a feeling they told her girl and after the second ultrasound they saw little boy parts. With my first at 20 weeks the doctor” said 90% sure it’s a girl. Had second ultraound at 28 weeks and totally little girl parts”. Well, delivery surprise, a little boy! With our second we didn’t find out, another boy. When I got pregnant a third time I thought another boy. Had an ultrasound at 20 weeks, same doc from before said girl. We had a 4-D ultrasound at 28 at a place that just did pregnancy ultrasounds. The 4-D was extremely obvious. I still kept the tags on everything so nothing was washed when our little Girl came!

Julie on

I bet it’s a girl. I had the same thing happen to me. First I was told it was a boy (at 19 weeks) then my next checkup they said it was a girl. It turned out to be a girl. I think it’s very common to mistake the cord for boy parts if the baby is in an awkward position (which mine was) – at least that was the case 11 years ago…I’m not sure how much sonogram technology has changed since then.

JMO on

Ultrasounds for the most part 20 weeks and beyond are pretty accurate. I think though it is true if the baby is in a different position that doesn’t give a clear view it could be a toss up. Not a “moron” mistake just a human one!!

Emmy on

I bet she was told girl at her first ultrasound and then they told her boy for the second one, so i am going with BOY!

elle on

Don’t think you can be 100% certain about the sex of your baby, unless you have an amniocenetesis or cvs.

Jenn on

Note to Melissa: You might want to lay off the tanning bed or self tanning cream a little. You look awful!

Lis on

LOL, I actually wanted the surprise of not knowing until delivery. And at my 20 week ultrasound, the tech told me, “okay, if you don’t want to know, turn away now because the baby has it’s legs spread wide apart.” Haha – should have been a dead giveaway it was a boy!!!!

Kimberly on

Our 3D ultrasound tech said that it was a boy, and then when I went for a regular ultrasound in my doctor’s office a couple weeks later they said boy. Long story short, I had to be put all the way under for a C-section, and when I woke up, they told me I had a girl! Talk about being in shock – you’re already loopy from being put under, and I think I argued with those poor doctors for about 5 minutes saying that I had a boy!

I agree with Mina – if they aren’t certain, they shouldn’t tell you at all. You love your child no matter whether they are a girl or a boy, but when you’ve bonded with a boy for months, it’s quite the adjustment when a girl comes out!