Keri Russell: Working Motherhood Is ‘Hard’

09/26/2010 at 01:00 PM ET
Bill Davila/Startraks

After an eight year hiatus from TV, Keri Russell is making her big return — but this time with a few extra responsibilities.

“Any time you’re working and have kids, I think it’s hard,” the Running Wilde actress, 34, who is mom to 3-year-old son River tells PARADE.

The constant pull from both her career and motherhood was particularly evident when it came time to send her only child with husband Shane Deary off for his first day of school.

“My little guy’s first day of preschool was last week, and of course I want to be there for that,” she explains. “I never imagined that I wouldn’t be walking him to school. Luckily, I didn’t have to go into work that day until the afternoon.”

And while Russell is the first to admit she’s not the only mom having to juggle — “It’s hard for my lawyer friends and advertising friends too” — she is more than willing to sacrifice for her son.

“You just have to make time. During the weekends, I do less friends stuff and try to be there to make dinner and be there for breakfast time,” Russell says.

— Anya Leon

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pifr on

Working motherhood is hard when you are actually a working mother:

w/out a nanny
w/out money
w/out personal trainers
w/out chefs

Granted, Russell is not an A list superstar, but I think her comment is offensive to TRUE working mothers.

Sarah K. on

How do you know if she has a chef, etc? More importantly, there’s always going to be someone who has it better than you. That doesn’t mean they are allowed to find things hard. Also, chances are you have it a lot better than many people out there. So, you should probably stop complaining about anything and everything from now on.

H on

pifr –

thats offensive to me and i AM a working mother, there is no such thing as a true working mother we are ALL in the same boat trying to do our best and make the right decisions for our kids as well as the guilt loaded on to us by ignorant people who think all mums should stay at home even if they NEED to work, and god forbid want to , we women have it so hard and its not men, its other women, judging and bitching and making you feel like less of a parent, its obscene.

I cried all the way to work after dropping my daughter off at nursery for the first time then called every hour for the 4 hours she was there checkin in on her , and i still do. so do you not think this mum feels the same? its about how we feel as mothers and no amount of money makes it easy to leave your child. end of.

sorry to rant but things like this are getting common, we are all in this together we should all support each other , because this IS the hardest job in the whole world and only we know what its like. MUMS SHOULD STICK TOGETHER XX XX XX

jessicad on

Right on H! We all feel the same guilt and struggle with our decisions, we shouldn’t tear each other down!

Mia on

Money + Extra Help doesn’t change a person’s emotions. An actress that makes a lot of money, i.e Angelina Jolie vs. an average income career woman doesn’t make leaving your loves ones @ home any less difficult.

Less stressful-probably-but I don’t think it changes your whole emotional DNA.

Taylor on

Couldn’t have said it better, H!

Apparently, celebrities are supposed to constantly say that their life is a breeze when, truly, that’s not always the case. Yes, better financial security takes a great deal of pressure off an individual or family but it’s not everything.

Pifr, you have no idea how she raises her son. And for the 800th time, stop giving nannies such a negative wrap. One of my best friends is a nanny for a great family and while she does help take care of them, she in no way replaces the children’s parents. Unless a family is using a nanny to substitute their own parenting duties, there’s nothing wrong with extra help.

Please, this isn’t a martyr contest regarding who’s a better mom.

gdfg on

I notice that the caption says working motherhood is hard, which I find pretty sexist, while Kerry only says that working when you have kids is hard.

I think ALL working parents, regardless of gender or the amount of money they have, find it hard not to be with their kids all the time. Even if you have nannies and lots of money, there is still an emotional factor in there that makes it hard to be away from your kids.

Tee on

Good grief, while it’s true that having money might make your life a bit easier, it doesn’t matter when it comes to missing your child while you’re working! Kerry spoke the truth and tearing her apart for it is immature and rude.

Lisa on

And I thought all these comments were gonna be about that thing on her top lip. Boy was I wrong.

D on

Motherhood in and of itself is hard, but it’s a very rewarding job.

jurnee on

Btw, her hubby is a contractor/handyman… she might not have the option to not work. She might be the breadwinner, as so many working moms are today. And even if not, it’s so well said by the others — Moms’ emotional attachment, bonding and concern for their children has zero to do with their amount of income. Imagine yourself as a mom – rich or poor – would you love your children any less? Would you feel in any way different emotionally? Of course not.

CelebBabyLover on

Taylor- Right on girl! In addition what you said about nannies, I would like to point out that full-time working non-celeb moms use help, too. Daycare isn’t really any different than using a nanny, except that the nanny watches just your children (usually, anyway. Sometimes two or more families will go in together and hire one nanny for their kids) and she does at your home or hers instead of at a daycare center.

So I don’t see how Keri’s having a nanny (if she even does!) gives her any advantage over non-celeb working mothers. She has help with her kid while she works….just like non-celeb working mothers!

Now, if she relies on a nanny to help her out even when she isn’t working, then yes, she has an advantage…..but we haven’t seen any evidence of that being the case!🙂

I also want to point out that if Keri had said her life was so easy, she’d get criticized for that, too. People would be saying, for example, “Of course it’s easy when you’ve got money, a nanny, etc.!”

LeeLee on

I can understand points from both sides of these comments. But I always go back to the fact that technically Keri Russell doesn’t HAVE to work. I’m a stay at home mom of 3 and we constantly do without so I can stay home and raise my kids. I’m sure if she decided to stay home til her son was in full time school, she wouldn’t have to do without like my family does. I’m happy with my decision and it’s worth it to me to not have all the extras but my cousin is a working mom because she wants the extras – the nice car, the expensive clothes, etc. She rarely complains about missing things with her kids because she (like Keri Russell) chooses to go to work to live the lifestyle she wants. And yes I do understand that a lot of women HAVE to work regardless because without their salary, they won’t make the bills. I feel their pain and they have a right to complain. But regarding KR, I’m sure that’s just not the case. Just my $.02.

lizzielui on


How does any of us know that Kerri does not have to work? None of us knows what her financial situation is, how much money she and her husband have in the bank, how much they have saved, what their bills are. And truthfully, none of it matters nor is it any of our business. Bottom line is she misses her child when she is working, which is a common and understandable emotion. And I never got the impression that Kerri was complaining here, rather stating the reality of her situation which is something that most working parents go through whether it be the mother or the father. It a shame that because people are in a certain tax bracket they are not expected to feel and have basic human angst and emotions like everyone else.

gdfg on

LeeLee, it could be that Kerri WANTS to work. Just because someone wants to work doesn’t mean they don’t feel sad not being with their child. But if she stayed home all the time she might be sad at not having to work.

Mariel on

I think she could take her child to the set… i dont know, i am a sigle and worker mother, and i dont think her situation can be harder than mine haha

rob on

So…what is that thing on Keri Russell’s lip anyway? Its about time to make a Facebook page for it.

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