Spotted: Madonna and Lourdes – Designing Duo

09/25/2010 at 03:00 PM ET
Bryan Bedder/Getty

Madonna rocks the red carpet with daughter Lourdes (aka Lola), 13, Wednesday at the launch of their Material Girl juniors’ line at Macy’s Herald Square in New York.

The mother-daughter duo were joined by a breakdancing Rocco, 10, and Gossip Girl‘s Taylor Momsen (not pictured), who is the face of the collection.

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Kevin Mazur/WireImage

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giftbox on

Lourdes is really beautiful, and though everyone always talks about how much she looks like her mom (and she does,) I also am seeing more and more of her not-too-shabby-looking papa in her features (not just her coloring.) Beautiful girl.

mom in FL on

I don’t have any daughters, but I would never let my 13 year old daughter wear what Lola is wearing in the picture with her mom. Her dress is way too short. I don’t know of any schools that would let a girl wear that either and 13 year olds have no business going ‘out’ looking like that. But, she is a beautiful girl and looks older than 13.

Manal on

Cute! I love Madonna!! and Lola looks much older than 13!!!

Kim Chrisman on

Beautiful girl, ugly clothes

nella on

Lola is a beauty. She is as tall as her mom! I remember when she was just born. wow time flies by! Also, love Rocco’s breakdancing.

kaitlyn on

They look like sisters!!

lil on

Loudes is a very pretty girl. I dont’ think she looks like her mom at all. I think I am alone on this because everyone else seems to think she does. Oh well, I guess we all see differnt things.

Maria on

Lourdes’ arm is up so her dress looks a little shorter than it was. She’s pretty covered up, only her legs are showing, but she has on tights. The only thing I don’t like is that she tore the tights to create a look. It’s “in” but I still don’t like it.

Lourdes and Madonna are both beautiful and Rocco’s cute. Some of the clothes are actually nice and you can make different kinds of outfits out of the pieces. They do have a range, as in some items are geared more towards younger teens while others are more for girls in their 20s. If you want something more conservative, you can add leggings or jeggings or a sweater or jacket like Lourdes’ done with various outfits.

deani on

omg lola looks just like her mother..i always knew she would…i know ppl dont like her clothes but unfortunately that is the fashion for kids these days…when madonna was first on the scene and first popular i dressed like her and my parents hated every minute of it…so try not to be rough on her…at least shes not a wild child running all over the place w/o a chaperone and such…shes being supervised and doing something productived…way to go lola..keep up the fantastic work…

Elisa on

OMG I just LOVE Madge and her family! Lola is gorgeus! She’s just like her mom, but taller!
And Rocco is so cute that it hurts! He’s gonna be a star.🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Lourdes and Madonna coulod be twins, and Rocco is too funny!🙂

JM on

i don’t mind what she is wearing, it’s nice that she is allowed to express herself. but my god, madonna really doesn’t look healthy. look at her arms! her daughter looks to have a healthier figure than her and she’s still a child. i really don’t find that look attractive on women.

Tess on

Those clothes are terrible.

Erika on

I don’t mind the clothes. They are definately not my style, but they really aren’t inappropriate, other than the dress being a little short. Like JM, I also think Madonna looks unhealthy, although she actually looks better than she has in some other recent pictures.

The fact that Taylor Momsen is the face of the collection says a lot, though. That girl is a mess and I would venture to guess that a lot of the other clothes are not very appropriate.

Philippa on

I don’t see anything wrong with Lourdes’ clothes/look in general. No cleavage, no massive amounts of make-up, so I think she’s good. Her style might not be to everyone’s taste, but that’s a whole other discussion.

Shannon on

Lourdes is only 13? She looks 15 or 16 in that photo.

Dina West on

They both dress like prostitutes, and want all teens to dress like them.

Shame on them to waste money, resources and to steal opportunities to people who really have capabilities of design instead of these 2.

I am really sad these people are considered like STARS when they only abuse of their body.

JMO on

Lourdes does look like her mama. If you ever saw pics of Madonna as a little one they resemble each other so much but she def. does have her dad’s features too!! I can’t believe that child is almost 14 yrs old!! I remember all the huge announcements when Madonna had her! She’s a beauty!!

nelly on

I actually see nothing wrong with her outfit she will be 14 next month… honestly this is TAME compared to what kids her age are wearing 3pm take a drive by any high school and see what they are wearing practically the same thing … she does look like her mom but as she gets older papi carlos features has been making there appearance.. gorgeous young lade though

Tee on

It makes me sad when I see people dress in such an immodest fashion. The first thing I noticed when I saw this picture is that Lourdes forgot to wear pants or a skirt!

Mary on

Perhaps some people should consider seeing a site about religious figures rather than celebrities. Perhaps some of the comments stem from jealousy. Madonna came from nothing, worked hard, and achieved a lot of success. If she wants to help, support, and encourage her daughter, then brilliant. I’m sure most parents in that situation and with those opportunities would do the same.

Madonna looks fine, even slightly less muscular, and after working really long hours for the past 3-4 months, it’s not surprising she hasn’t kept up as much as she usually does with her training. She looks better softer anyway. She has more of a petite frame than Lourdes, who will likely end being a lot taller than her mother. Madonna’s dress is not risque at all; she’s covered up and her dress is to her knee, and Lourdes is pretty covered up herself. It’s not the 1920s and this whole shaming of women and their bodies should’ve been left in the last century.

JM on

Mary i do agree with you about the clothing. i never understand why people get so upset about how other women dress. surely that’s up to each individual woman? we don’t get upset about what guys wear so why this archaic view? live and let live guys….

what i meant about madonna, however, was not that she looks less muscular than she used to but that she just looks unhealthy. look at her arms they are thin and scrawny, it’s just my opinion but i would be worried if i looked like that and would think about changing my diet so i put on a healthy amount of weight.

Annie on

I agree with many of you. Compared to what I see many girls wearing these days this is extremely covered up AND she is in the company of her mom AND she is nearly 14. Sorry but most young girls look so inappropriate and show so much skin these days that this is totally tame. If she were bare legged with that skirt (or is it shorts) that’d be different.

Tee on

“Shaming” is a pretty harsh word. Modesty is important and most young people today are lacking it. (For that matter, a lot of adults are lacking it too!) It shows how the world is changing, and not for the better. Most people don’t think twice about allowing their children to wear something of this nature and it’s something I just don’t understand.

I will say this… my sister and I were both raised to be modest and now I’m even more careful given that I live amongst the plain community. So maybe I’m not the best person to speak on this subject because I know that I don’t think “mainstream” when it comes to this subject.

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