Eric Dane Admits ‘Impulsive’ Shopping for Baby Billie

09/25/2010 at 05:00 PM ET
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Give him credit for trying!

During a recent visit to Lopez Tonight, actor Eric Dane recalled his first — and last — foray into nursery design.

When wife Rebecca Gayheart was still pregnant with the couple’s daughter Billie Beatrice, 6 months, Dane was captured by photographers removing a large, Technicolor coat rack from their California home.

“You get a kid, you start impulsively buying things,” the Grey’s Anatomy star, 37, explains. “I found this coat rack and I thought, ‘It’s very colorful, maybe [Billie] could hang a hat on it or swing from it or something.”

“I showed up and said, ‘Honey look, it’s whimsical,'” he continues. “She said, ‘You want whimsical? Go back out the door you walked in.’ Two hours later, [I took it back]. I said, ‘Just sit with it, don’t decide now.’ She said, ‘Your career as a decorator is done.'”

The couple is seeing eye-to-eye on at least one thing — the war on germs!

Dane admits he thought he’d be a “let ’em get dirty kinda dad” but since baby girl arrived, he’s singing a different tune.

“The second you come into my house I show you the sink, the hand sanitizer, then I follow you around with baby wipes,” he jokes. “Because you don’t want the kids to get sick, right?”

There have been other changes on the home front as the couple adapt to a slower-paced way of life. The first-time dad concedes that while he kept his Porsche, he “got rid of” his motorcycle — and is now in the throes of baby-proofing.

“I had the baby-proofers over the other day, putting foam on the corner of the coffee tables and making walls and gates,” he reveals. “It’s very tough to get around my house now. When we were kids people were smoking … carseats were like a phone book, you know?”

As for baby girl’s name, Dane reveals that “Rebecca was convinced” they were having a boy so they settled on Billy, after Dane’s father. Once they learned that mom’s instinct was wrong, they simply decided to stay the course.

“I said ‘Great, we will name her after my father — Billie’… [and] Beatrice is after her grandmother.”

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selene on

I saw a snippet of that interview and laughed so hard when he said that Rebecca was convinced it was a boy so he said ‘Great, we’ll name him after my father, Billie’, then they discovered they were having a girl and he said ‘Great, we’ll name her after my father, Billie’

Sandra on

Okay, we have here one incredibly good looking celebrity father here! Lucky little baby and lucky wife! LOL. All the best to them!

Sarah S. on

Too bad there’s no pic here of Billie, because she is one BEAUTIFUL baby!

Sarah on

I’m glad he explained the name choice. They had both done interviews saying they were going to name their daughter something traditional, so I was surprised by Billie Beatrice. Seeing that they named her after special family members explains that and now I think it’s very sweet.

robinepowell on

Eventually they’re going have to realize that Billie needs germs. If you don’t sick, you don’t build up an immune system. 😉

I thought that was funny the things they baby proof, lol. :p

Jen DC on

Heh – they will “grow out of” the germophobe phase. As soon as they realize what she’s been stuffing in her mouth on the sly, they’ll realize all their efforts have mostly been in vain! Plus, they plan to let her crawl, right? Yeah, game over.

Kat on

I don’t remember where I read this, but somewhere I saw that with the first kid, when the pacifier drops on the ground you boil it, with the second kid you just wash it off, and with the third you pick it back off the floor and put it in the kid’s mouth. LOL!

Shannon on

LOL @ Kat! 🙂

Robin M. on

I like the story of her name. I think Billie is a cute name for a girl. I wish there was a photo with him and the ridiculous coat rack!