Ellen Pompeo Skips the Sweats In the Bedroom

09/25/2010 at 01:00 PM ET
Mike Coppola/FilmMagic

For Ellen Pompeo, life does not imitate art!

The Grey’s Anatomy actress is the first to admit the onscreen relationship between her character Meredith Grey and neurosurgeon Derek Shepherd pales in comparison to her real-life love story with husband Chris Ivery.

The stark differences even extend to their bedroom attire: Meredith prefers sweats, while Pompeo, 40, laughs that she opts for something a bit sexier!

“If I’d worn [that] myself, I never would have had a baby,” mom to daughter Stella Luna tells TV Guide‘s October issue. “The look is fundamental to who Meredith is, but it’s just not particularly conducive to baby-making.”

With baby girl having celebrated her first birthday earlier this month, Pompeo admits the separation from Stella while she works continues to be “very challenging.”

“I bring her here [to the set] as often as I can, but sometimes I have my moments where I am not the nicest person here because I feel very stressed that I want to get home to her,” she explains.

— Anya Leon

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meghan on

I really don’t want to hear about her baby making attire. TMI.

Shannon on


Ashley on

I love her!

sarah on

I think its sweet and funny. I did not find it offensive at all! she was making a comparison between her tv character and herself.

Hannah on

Well, she’s right. I mean how can you make a baby if you’re fully dressed..? lol

amandamay on

wait, so when elisabeth hasselbeck says she wears a t-shirt as “birth control” (as a joke) she’s crucified, but when ellen pompeo says she won’t wear sweats to bed because it would be like birth control (not sexy enough to get the baby making happening…) it seen as cute?!? i don’t even like elisabeth hasselbeck, but i feel sorry for her. this just goes to show that people are biased against her, utterly and completely.

Romy on

omg she was joking around!

meghan on

OMG, Romy! I’m not an idiot! I know she was joking, I just don’t see the humor in people telling complete strangers about their bedroom activities. With your girlfriends, yes. In print media, no way. I think it’s disrespectful to your spouse.

Jill on

Love ellen!

Here is the difference imo between her and elisabeth. I find ellen interesting, smart and funny. Not so much about the other. Elisabeth constantly is putting her foot in her mouth and I think she’s obnoxious. After the erin andrews drama, I have no respect for her. They both are joking.

CelebBabyLover on

meghan- She didn’t tell us about her bedroom activities! All she said is that doesn’t wear sweats in the bedroom! 🙂

Steph on

For those of you who are crying ‘TMI’ can you please read the article again, and understand that TV GUIDE asked her a question, i.e. are you like Meredith with your husband? She obviously had to give an answer, and frankly if all she spoke about was track pants then that hardly rates a TMI reaction. She didn’t bring the subject up, unlike Elissabeth, and she didn’t go on about it. She made one small comment. Grow up and get over it already!
Love Ellen 🙂

Hea on

This is not “TMI”, this is your imagination running wild. She didn’t even tell you the tiniest detail of what she wears to bed. Oh I’m laughing at you now.

jessicad on

I thought it was funny and cute! Love her!

Luna on

Steph, exactly. She just said that sweats are not good for baby making, but they’re fundamental to who Meredith is. Nothing else. Elisabeth brought it up. “Oh T-shirts are birth control!” There’s a difference. Plus, Ellen doesn’t usually talk about things like this. Elisabeth does.

Romy on

I don’t think this OR what Elisabeth said is a big deal. Both were being funny, or trying to be. I do not think it’s TMI or disrespectful. They didn’t say much.

CelebBabyLover on

Steph- I couldn’t have said it better! All Ellen said is that she doesn’t wear sweatpants to bed because it’s not conductive to baby-making (and really, she’s absolutly right about that. It’s a little hard to “do the deed” if you’re fully clothed! LOL!). How that qualifies as TMI is beyond me.

Now, if Ellen were to dicuss, for example, what position Stella was concieved in, then you’d have every right to be saying TMI!

Eryka on

Lucky me – my husband thinks I’m sexy even in sweats. Now I feel sorry for her and Hasselback, actually.

Hea on

How come so many Americans (I guess it’s common since I’ve seen it on TV and TV never lies) sleep in sweats? It’s very uncommon where I live.

itsjustme on

Wow! If people get offended by this ad then I dont recommend reading People magazine! I mean you act like she is posing naked on the front cover! LOL! I thought this article was cute and funny as well!

CelebBabyLover on

Hea- I don’t think it’s THAT common. 🙂 I don’t know of a single person who sleeps in sweats (then again, it’s not like I go around asking people what they sleep in, either. :)).

Tara on

Since this is a forum for People readers to express their views and opinions, I have to say that I have never liked the look of Ellen. I’ve just never warmed up to her. I think it’s the squinty look she always has on her face. It’s very irritating. I’m really shocked that she was chosen as the one to portray the title character in a show when her face is so unwatchable in my opinion. Don’t like 😦

Belinda on

@Tara – I think she was perfectly cast as Meredith. I have been watching Grey’s from day one and think Ellen is wonderful in that role. Yes, I get that it’s your opinion, so keep it if you want. But here’s my opinion: let’s hope you’re truly beautiful so nobody ever says something like that about you!