Spotted: Padma Lakshmi’s Bindi Baby – Krishna!

09/24/2010 at 03:00 PM ET
Albert Michael/Startraks

So sweet!

Krishna Thea Lakshmi, 7 months, cuddles with mom Padma Lakshmi while stepping out step out in traditional Indian garb on Thursday in New York City.

The Top Chef host, 40, describes motherhood as “such a primal feeling — it’s so deep and intense.”

“Everything is better with her around,” she adds. “Anything from the beginning of the day till the end.”

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Albert Michael/Startraks

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Crystal on

Padma and Krishna are so beautiful! I would think that Krishna would have a little more color to her being Padma is Indian. Genetics are a funny thing. I think she looks like her dad!🙂

Elle on

I don’t know who her father is but I’m guessing Krishna looks like him. She is so lovely and her eyes are beautiful!

miche on

She definitely resembles her father. She is adorable.

And Padma is so beautiful!

weu on

Wow, what a gorgeous baby and mama. It is strange how genes work, but it is also such a beautiful thing

AnonyMouse on


Brooke on

WOW – Krishna is beyong gorgeous…Beautiful little girl

Kim on

Very cute baby. I read in a magazine shortly after Krishna was born that her father was Adam Dell, the brother of Michael Dell (i.e. Dell Computers). Per the online magazines, he has an agreement (most likely, just monetary) in place with Padma regarding the child.

Annie on

Adorable baby and beautiful mom. Also, I love the Indian tradition of putting a bunch of jewelry on little baby girls. For some reason, it just makes me smile at the seeming incongruity (to my Western eyes) of it.

Lola Marie on

Wow, she looks exactly like her father!!!! She’s gorgeous!

K on

oh my gosh, how gorgeous! the first picture took my breath away.

Manal on

awww so sweet! loved her dress!

dee on

Seeing this picture of Krishna made my jaw drop. She is gorgeous. Not that I didn’t think she would be b/c I think Padma is stunning. But wow, she’s just beautiful!

Ashley on

Padma is half Indian/half white so the baby only has one Indian grandparent. That’s why she’s not very dark. But genetics are funny and interesting things could happen when she has a kid.

Linda on

Well now it’s sure her father is indeed Adam Dell, you can see the resemblance. She’s such a gorgeous baby but I expected her to hav darker skin, but like someone said genetics are funny thing…

Julia A on

Wow that’s a stunning baby. Beautiful mother-daughter duo.

Marguerite on

What an absolutely beautiful baby!

Taylor on

Mother and daughter are stunning!

Anonymous on

she could also have used donor eggs hence the coloring.

Manisha on

I love to see Padma wearing a sari!

Also her baby is sweet. I am indian and my ex husband was white and my son looks hispanic. Of course Padma is much lighter than I am!

Michelle on

Are her eyes blue? I wonder if they’ll stay that color? Both my sons have blue eyes, so I don’t know when babies eye color changes.

dee on


Krishna’s father is white, that’s enough explanation for her coloring.

Sophia on

Krishna is just beautiful! It’s amazing how fair she is, but she looks so adorable in her mama’s arms with her Indian get-up🙂 Lovely mother and baby.

Jen DC on

She is soooo pretty! I think she has Padma’s nose, but I guess everything else must be daddy. Man, Padma’s beautiful.

Sunny on

Ashley – Padma is definitely not half Indian / half-white. She is full Indian and from the same part of the country where my family is from.

Allegra on

She’s beautiful! And I have to say that I think Krishna is a beautiful name. It’s not normally something I would like but there’s just something about it…

Anonymous on

Although her daughter is not genetically 100% Indian, it is not uncommon to find green or blue eyes amongst Indians. My mother has hazel eyes, and all her brothers have blue eyes and they’re 100% Indian

CelebBabyLover on

Anon- From what Padma has said, she didn’t even use fertility treatments to concive. She has severe edometriosis, so she didn’t think she’d ever had a child…..and was pleasently surprised to discover her pregnancy with Krishna.🙂 Anyway, Krishna DOES look like her father!

elizabeth on

Padma’s mother is European, according to the Times of India. Beautiful baby and mother…I think in the second shot she looks just like mommy…lucky girl!

Jessie on

she so cute and I love the outfits and jewelry

Sara on

OMG – Indians come in every shade from extremely dark to very very fair.

nan on

why are some people speculating on the “mystery father”?! People magazine did an article back in March confirming the father is in fact Adam Dell.

Anonymous on

In fact she did use IVF treatments but because of her endometriosis, even with IVF getting pregnant is considered a miracle…also endo affects the quality of the eggs and many women especially in her age group tend to use donor eggs. I am not being critical simply pointing out another possibility to the baby’s fair complexion. As someone who suffers from Endo I may have to use donor eggs if my eggs are affected so i would be the last person to be critical of another for doing so. Having said all that i do agree that both mother and child are beautiful.

ukrishna on

The baby & mom are gorgeous! Love the name … has an ethnic ring to it and is beautiful. Wish Padma & sweet Krishna happy moments together!!🙂

Jess on

Cute baby. And I love when Padma dresses in traditional garb.

I don’t know where some of you are getting this Padma is half white story from. Both of Padma’s parents are of Indian descent and from India where Padma was born. Her stepfather is white though. Maybe that’s the confusion.

CelebBabyLover on

Anon- I went back and look through all the articles about Padma here on CBB, and not once has she mentioned using IVF or any fertility treatments. All I found was this: “As relaxed as she is about impending motherhood, Padma is eager to use her burgeoning belly to raise awareness for endometriosis — a condition she suffers from that led her to undergo two painful operations before resulting in the pregnancy her doctor has called “a medical miracle.””

The operations easily could have been to remove the excess edometrial tissues rather than being IVF operations.🙂

Anjani on

Gorgeous duo. Those baby rolls around her ankles and knees just make me happy! I’ll add that I am myself a (100%) Indian woman with (natural) green eyes who married a redhead, and now am the happy mother of two little boys, one who is blond haired with dark blue eyes and the other a little more nut-brown (but still surprisingly light) with green-grey eyes. Genetics are indeed funny. (I will also note that Padma is quite fair as Indians go.)

Finn on

Genetics are Really funny thing! I am from Scandinavia where people are so pale they look almost grayish white😀 and my husband is Indian, but compared to Krishna, our baby looks 100% Indian. Then again, among Indians our child looks very different. So in my eyes, after living in India for several years, I can not see any Indian features in Krishna.

Anonymous on

Wow, this is how gossip gets started. Why do you think you know exactly how she got pregnant? Unless you are in her inner circle or are her for that matter, you wouldn’t have any idea.

How about we not speculate, and just say thanks for the beautiful pictures of Padma & Krishna?

jessicad on

I recently started watching Top Chef, Padma is quite striking and so is her daughter! I have an endometriosis surprise baby as well:) I had the laser surgery to burn off the endo and was told I’d need IVF to conceive, 6 months later I found out I was pregnant and the Dr was quite surprised, oops! Wouldn’t have it any other way though, so be careful because Dr’s can always be wrong:)

Luna on

Genetics can bring about any coloring in a child, especially a biracial baby. My sister has a friend who has a white mother, Indian father. Her friend has the mother’s features, father’s coloring. The next child, her friend’s brother, has the father’s features, mother’s coloring. The next two girls are mixes, one light, one dark, with varying features from each parent. It can happen. Krishna is so incredibly gorgeous! 🙂

E on

I think it’s charming that they both look different, especially with the traditional Indian look, really cute on the baby and a nice mix!

Robin M. on

I had to google Adam Dell to find a pic of him but I can definitely see the resemblance! Gorgeous little girl.

Marla on

OMG, Gorgeous, precious baby. Love Padma!!

CelebBabyLover on

Robin M.- I had to google Adam as well in order to figure out if he looks like Krishna.🙂

Elle on

It amazes me, how people aren’t aware that the reason Indians have blue or green eyes is due to the Portuguese colonization hence the light skin and eyes etc. Until today there are parts of India where Portuguese is spoken.

Puckersbabe on

OMG, she is sooo precious! Padma is beautiful for sure, but her daughter is absolutely adorable!!! Congrats again!

surfer on

hi, krisha looks like Adam Dell…


Leah on

I notice lots of Indians are obsessed with skin colour and eye colour. Why is that? Is there some type of racial issue being swept under the rug?

tomfool on

wow… she’s a really white girlie! Must take after her dad… super cute.🙂

Jenn on

She must look a lot like her Dad, at least in her coloring. She’s so pretty!

Jenn on

Oh my gosh yeah, you guys are right..Adam Dell is definitely her father. I just looked at his pic, and she looks JUST like him!!

Tara on

Leah, do you live in India? Exactly how many is “lots” of Indians? What do you base your opinion on? Do you have lots of Indian friends or is this theory based on the handful of “Indian” posters on Get a life!

Sarah K. on

Leah, that’s kind of a silly comment to make here. First, most of the people who have been inquiring about Krishna’s coloring on this comment section don’t seem to be Indian. Second, curiosity about coloring and racism exist everywhere – don’t make it an Indian thing.

Anyways, I think that Krishna’s features are Indian, especially her eye shape. I think it’s the fact that her skin is so light that you can tell how Indian she looks. I’ve met albino Indians and they look European. For the most part Indians are technically Caucasian so their skull shape and many features are the same as Europeans. It’s because their coloring is darker that it doesn’t look the same.

Padma is fully Indian by the way. She herself is not biracial.

Niko on

“Padma is half Indian/half white so the baby only has one Indian grandparent”

This is incorrect, Ashley. Padma Lakshmi is 100% Indian. Both parents hail from her place of birth (Chennai, India).

MG on

Genetics are an amazing thing. My sisters & I are have the same biological parents, mom is white, dad is mexican. My older sister in no way shape or form looks mexican. She’s extremely light complected, with dark hair & green eyes. I’ve been mistaken for being italian, I have medium toned skin, lighter hair & brown eyes. My younger sister get’s mistaken for being hawaiian for some reason, she has dark hair, dark skil & hazle eyes. It is possible for Krishna to have the coloring she does even based on the fact that her father is white.

With that said, mom & baby are gorgeous. There is no mistaking that.

Ginger Mellow on

Padma Lakshmi is 100% Indian. She doesn’t have a drop of European blood in her for 1000s of years…the ethnic background she comes from does not mix with others. India is filled with many races and ethnic backgrounds and Padma is what is called a Tamil Brahmin, which hails from Tamil Nadu. The one article out there that claims she’s half European got their facts wrong and unfortunately many people have gotten their information from it.

Just google various Indian actresses and you will see the variety of looks, eye and hair colors.

Mary on

Seriously, this photo has me crying like a fool!! There are tears running down my face! It’s just so beautiful. I can see how much she loves her little baby. She took such care to dress her up so beautifully!! I saw this photo a while back and I’m glad I found this page again!!!

poppi on

Padma is south Indian and her colouring is typical of south India.The further north you go the light the skin.Its not uncommon to be light olive skinned in north India.Its pretty common to have hazel and green eyes.Its also accepted to have blue eyes.Westerners always imagine Indians use lighteners or lenses.Its not true.They are too poor to spend that kind of money on vanity.Its Indian genetics since India is full of various races including 74% caucasian.

Punjabis and Kashmiris can have brown,red and blond hair.Its not a given but its not unusual to see either.Google up Rohit Bal the fashion designer.He is Punjabi.Google up Rohail Hayat the singer.He is from further north.Google up Aish Rai or Hritik Roshan or Kareena Kapoor.Please don’t keep saying they wish to be white or use contacts.They don’t wish anything.Thats how they are in the first place.Also darker actresses are just as much liked ie Rani,Kajol etc.
Yes this baby is so very cute and looks like her dad.I wish Padma would be reasonable when the father is so caring.

Anonymous on

@Elle-It amazes me, how people aren’t aware that the reason Indians have blue or green eyes is due to the Portuguese colonization hence the light skin and eyes etc. Until today there are parts of India where Portuguese is spoken.

Sorry Elle,Indians having light skin and blue or green eyes is nothing at all to do with Portugese.The Portugese were in Goa not in the northern parts.Padma is from the south.The northern Indians are much lighter anyway by their own genetics which is proven by the names I mentioned.

Padma is south Indian and typically so but this baby looks like her father 110% and no doubt about it.You can get Indian kids of that colouring regardless but in certain races of India.Not in all races or tribes and India is not one ethnic group but many and varied although its a north to south thing for colour in general terms.

Having said that-the father deserves full credit for his role.Padma needs to co-operate for the childs best interest and Padma should stop behaving like a prima donna.

lea on

Seriously, genetics are funny. I had a friend who was a natural blond, blue eyed, fair skinned-looked 100 percent European in her facial features. She was half hispanic. Likewise, I know several people from South America with traditional ‘latin’ features (skin tone, hair, etc) but who also have blue eyes, plus a boy who’s half black/half white with has coffee colored skin and blue/grey eyes.

Just goes to show you really can’t tell what people are just by looking at them

Livy on

People should do their research before making outrageous claims. Not all Indians want to be considered white.
Take the case of Jacinta Lal, half Indian, half European – she was heavily ridiculed by Indians for looking too ‘white’ while participating in a Miss India pageant in New Zealand.

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