Rod Stewart ‘Cool’ with Being an Older Dad

09/23/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
Dave M. Benett/Getty

With another baby on the way in March for Rod Stewart, becoming a father at the age of 65 may seem overwhelming. But for the singer who says he’s “cool” with becoming a dad later in life, it’s a “lovely” occasion.

Besides, he still knows how to rock.

“We just did 39 shows in Europe and they were some lively nights!” he says. And his iPod packs the latest hits by Arcade Fire and Kasabian.

But between finishing his upcoming album Fly Me to the Moon…The Great American Songbook Volume V — due out October 19 — and two-stepping in his living room with expectant wife Penny Lancaster, 39, Stewart has embraced the quiet times when he can brush up on the Scottish folk and old Celtic songs that he’s planning to sing to the new baby — just as he did “to Alastair when he came out.”

— Jessica Herndon

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Sandra on

My goodness, do these older celebrities think about their children they are going to have when they are that old?? I feel sorry for the children as they did not ask to be born. Think before bringing kids into this world at such an older age! Geeeezzz!

ILuvPerfectParents on

Well I’m glad they are happy with THEIR choices regarding THEIR family. Congratulations and good luck to them and their family.

cris on

I agree Sandra. He may be ‘cool’ with being an older dad, but I doubt his kids think it’s cool that daddy can’t play catch with them in high school b/c he’ll be 83 yrs old.

CelebBabyLover on

ILuvPerfectParents- Right on, girl! Rod and Penny are doing what’s right for THEIR family! Also, for the record, not everyone with older parents regrets the fact that they have older parents. For all we know, Alastair and the new baby will enjoy having an older father! 🙂

abbey on

Totally, good for him, but clearly he’s not doing the all-nighters and 24/7 run-around caused by young children! Must be nice to have hired help – I’m sure I could cope at 65 too!

Deborah on

Huge fan of Rod’s for years, and he most certainly has had his ups and downs when it comes to loves lost, so glad to hear that he is finally happy again…Age is just a number and you with your nasty comments and remarks are just JELOUS, you should have the ambition and stamina that he does at his age is right and god love him for it. Congrats Rod.

Ashley on

I have two friends with much older fathers (my best friend’s dad just recently passed away at age 88- we’re 27 years old by the way- and another friend of mine’s father was already in his 80’s when we were in high school). I never had the chance to meet my best friend’s dad because he lived in another state, but it sounds like he was a very loving, committed parent and she never complained about his age.

As for my other friend, I think there were brief moments when her dad’s age did bother her a little bit but only because of the rudeness exhibited by our peers (some of our classmates would make mean comments asking if he was her grandfather, etc.). Overall though, I have to say that despite his age, he had plenty of energy and was very active so don’t be too quick to judge a book by its cover! He was a well known scientist who lived in many parts of the world (including Nepal) studying insects, and he continued working for a major university so he never even retired. Her mother had a pretty debilitating mental illness so he didn’t receive much help raising her either… it seemed to me, based on what I saw, that he did the majority of that himself. Age is just a number. Would I have kids that late in the game? No, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong for other people.

Catherine in Tulsa on

His two oldest kids are absolute messes – so maybe he wasn’t the best father when he was young. I think the fact that he can parent and understand what is important in life is vastly more important than if he can run a marathon (and chances are, he’s in better shape than men half his age).

Janna on

What’s important to remember about Rod Stewart being a father again at 65 is that *he* doesn’t raise the children, so it makes no difference how old *he* is. All of his other children have spoken out about him never being there when they were young. He said himself that he just finished 39 concerts in Europe. How much actual parenting does that mean he’s doing?

It’s their choice. It’s their family. These are just the facts to show that his age will be almost irrelevant to his children’s lives.

Kim on

My goodness, some judgemental people on here. Seriously, it’s nobody elses business how old the man is or rather or not he chooses to have another child with his wife. He’s probably in better shape than some of the people complaining. Besides, age means nothing. Plenty of youg parents die every day leaving children behind. As for him not being able to “play catch” what? I don’t recall my own Dad every playing catch with me and I loved him to pieces and survived just fine. Get over yourselves people.

Maggie on

First, I agree with ILawperfectparents comment. The decision to expand THEIR family is THEIR choice and NO ONES elses. Who died and made you JUDGE???? We have too many ignorant people in this world, it’s a shame to see and hear…

Irene on

I agree that it is their choice what family they have. However, if the woman wanted to have a child at 65, you would not feel the same way!! That says it all.

Marilyn on

I bet Catherine Zeta-Jones wishes Michael Douglas thought the way Rod Stewart does — she wanted a third child but Michael didn’t want to have anymore because of his age. He had his last child at 58.

Officegirl on

Enough already!

h on

Seriously, he’s “cool” with being an older dad?
Will he be still “cool” with it when he’ll have to explain to his young child that “dad” he’s not going to be around very long because “dad” wanted to feel young and decided to have a kid at 65????

marina on

Well I know a little girl whose father is around 60 and she often complain about it, but I think that she is mostly scare than he won’t be there for her when she grow up. She is really worry about it! I know I wouldn’t be a parent to late in life, but that is just me. He, or anyone, can do what they want with their life. I wish them the best.

irene – I agree with you!

Sandra on

My father was 69 years old when I was born. He was an amazing father who was able to play catch and chase me around the house when I was a child. He passed on good common sense and wisdom to my sister and myself. The 16 years I spent with him were some of the best of my life. I am sad he won’t be around for the rest of my life, but he is here in spirit and I am glad I got at least 16 years with him

h on

my dad had me late too, to as late as yours though ( 45 year old), i’m now nearly 20 and for the last year my dad has been really sick. All i think is ” if he had had his children earlier in his life, his children wouldn’t have to deal with him being so sick at such an early age.

I’m not saying that your dad was not a good dad, but don’t you wish though that he would have been a good dad to you and your sibling if you have some for many many more years than just 16?

That’s why i’m so shock when i hear about all of theese celebs who chose to have kids at 60 for men and 45 for women…

Tams on

I’ll admit I’m less inclined to have a child later in life, and I do believe 65 is a bit old but to each their own. As for the argument his children will have to deal with sickness and death at a young age, and that may terrify them. Well my parents actually had me young, in their early 20’s and even though they are only in their 50’s now, I have had to deal with sickness and the possibility of death with them. Let me tell you, it sucks and it’s scary to think that my parents may not live to see grandchildren grow up. My point is; age means nothing. You can be 80 and be healthy or you can be 40 and in the worse shape of your life. It’s hard to predict.

Sooo Rich on

Wow, whatever, to each his own. As for me though, I’m Penny’s age and can’t even imagine f’g a 65 year old man…gag, gross, gag. My dad is younger than him…I just am in awe. Money can do amazing things and whatever people, I don’t want to hear it from you…yeah, yeah, yeah, they’re probably in love, hah!

Barbi on

You know what? It will all depends how the child is raised and what the child is told. When he dies, he will leave his child the most precious gift of all: LIFE! That truly is all his child needs to know. That his father loved him enough to give him LIFE even at the age of 65!

Erin on

Mark “sooo rich”‘s comment as the exact moment this blog jumped the shark. For her sake, I hope she’s 20 or younger. Nothing else can explain/excuse her tacky comment. Now go back to f’ing, honey.

Angela on

Sandra, children do not ask to be born period. And I don’t see what the age of someone has to do with how well they are able to love and raise that child. Have you watched the news lately? The 19-year-old in Tennessee who allegedly gave her child away to some random woman? How about the 28-year-old in Indianapolis who locked four of her five children in a closet for half a day, and two of those children died?

B on

I think those kids would probably prefer having older parents to not being. It’s not like Rod Stewart’s kid was going to have young parents if only Rod Stewart hadn’t selfishly wanted a kid.

Would I have a kid at 65? No. But my father died when I was in college. He was in his early 50s. Stuff happens. I wish my father hadn’t died. Believe me. But I’m pretty glad he didn’t not have me for fear he might die young.

rockisall. on

I think it’s great he’s going to have another child. He’s fit and healthy and looks half his age and he’s always been a wonderful father. There’s no stopping him.

To all of you jerks, worry about your own families before you go around criticizing people you’ve never met and who have achieved a lot more than you in life, you’re all just jealous.


P.S: Oh and those who criticize love you, too, they’re just jealous, as is human nature.

Barb on

Love the albums. How about doing a list of Scottish Folk and Celtic songs for us. We would love to hear them…over and over and over again.

Good luck with the new little one.

Karen on

This totally disgusts me….who becomes a dad at age 65?

Janice on

It’s no ones business if he wants to be a dad at 65. He is in great shape for his age and is only becoming a father again to make Penny happy. This will be his 8th but only her 2nd and if I was them I would do the same thing. He certainly doesn’t have to worry about being able to support his children. He’ll be a great dad. If only all men were as fit and sexy at 65 as he is. Rock on Rod, you have all my support and approval. Love you man.

Gina on

Oh gosh I just laughed at the title “being and older dad.” Ummm… 65 is not an older dad in my book. It’s grandpa.

Diana on

Who are we to judge whether someone should or should not decide to father a child later in life??
First of all, if you are not a Rod Stewart fan, what do you really care anyway???
Second, is your life soooo perfect that you can pass judgment on another???
I am a true fan (since I was 9 yrs. old, I am now 46), I am a mother & grandmother also.
I just pray, that the new baby is born healthy.
Simple really, unless you have walked in his shoes…you should not judge.
And just for the record… he has 7 children already! 🙂

Rose Kennedy on

My father was 20 and my mother 24 when I was born. They divorced when I was about ten and I was put in a foster home for 5 years. From then on I raised myself and never felt loved by anyone. I married and raised 12 children of my own and at 82 am a great grandmother of 13. If they know they are truly loved, they will be okay in my opinion. I think you are great Rod, own and enjoy all your Great American Albums.

KLarsson on

Better a dad at 65 than a mom! Loved your music since I was 13, keep it up Rod!

CelebBabyLover on

cris- Who says 83-year-olds can’t play catch? There are plenty of 80+ year-olds out there who do a lot more than that! Heck, I’ve even known people in their 90s that still live on their own (my grandmother being one of them!) and are very active! Age is just a number. 🙂

70's Stewart Fan on

Congratulations to one of my favorite Rockers. How about a Faces reunion tour? Starting in Madison Square Garden.

Deborah on

If you live long enough and get smart enough you get to makeup for your mistakes. Good for you Rod and Penny. I’d wear her shoes any day.

Joyce tischbein on

I Believe You should live life to the fullest. No where does it say you have to sit down and be old because you reach a certain age. If you you can still feel good and rock like a rock star then keep ROCKIN. LOVE YOU ROD!! PLEASE COME BACK TO CINCINNATI! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!

Renee on

A loving parent at any age is a wonderful thing. LOVE LOVE LOVE THAT MAN AND HIS MUSIC! Lucky enough to have gone to every Rod concert in Tampa. My boys (3) have bought me all his new music since they were old enough to ask “Mom what to you want for your B’day or Christmas” I think we all need to get over this age thing. Young people need to know that every year you celebrate you b’day you are getting older, like it or not. Do it with dignity not disgust.

70′s Stewart Fan on

Best wishes to Rod and Penny on their upcoming Arrival. Rod is “Young at Heart” which makes all the difference in the world. He will be an amazing Dad once again!!

shirley on

congratulations and best wishes to rod and penny.
rod is a very young 65 and anyway what is the difference?
better a great father at 65 than a lousy one at 25.
i love rod to pieces and i am glad he is so happy. he deserves it!


I don’t no why people think that having a child at a older age is bad
just think of the kind of life this child will have It will be great. just having Rod Stewart as your father.I love Rod Stewart I have all his songs can’t wait till get his new one.I would love to see Rod come back to Dallas Tex. Its like is song I have faith of the heart And no one going bend or break me when it comes to ROD, I wish him and his wife the best, God bless your family

sage on

I have followed Rod Stewart’s career since the 70’s and went to several of his concerts even to the United States and missed one in Scotland but lately I am getting sick of hearing he is waiting for his 7th child when in actual fact he has a daughter (older than his present wife) born before he was famous and to an artist lady who put the baby out for adoption. This woman is now working in a grocery store, rod sent flowers when she got married, has no contact with his first daughter at all.

He is a deadbeat dad!! He is expecting his 8th child not seventh and when he admits that i will go back to buying his records and seeing his concerts. I also had my daughters to all his concerts and to one even MY dad.

kerrie on

Firstly I would like to Congratulate Rod & Penny…. I say go Rod and Penny & best wishes wooo hoo……secondly what gives people the right to be Judge and Jury……peopel are just jealous….leave Rod and Penny alone and get a life…..

Hea on

His kid will likely barely grow up and then he’ll have to bury his father. Rod is unlikely to see him or her graduate college and if he does, he’ll be lucky if he remembers it.

I think it’s selfish beyond words to have kids when you’re a senior citizen. I’m happy that a loved child gets to be born though, but, still… I think he’s way too old.

Jenny Ellis on

I used to be a big fan of Rod’s for years. I really loved this man.

Until I found out that when he was a teenager, he fathered a child and completely abandoned this girl and her mother. He callously cut them completely out of his life, refused to have anything to do with them. There was no doubt that he was the father, which he acknowledged countless times himself.

He even refers to his first child to this day as someone who he wishes “didn’t exist”. His comments regarding this unwanted child over the years have been excruciatingly painful and appalling, he never even allowed his daughter to see all her other brothers and sisters. He certainly does not provide financially for her either.

Rod Stewart’s contempt for a child whom he fathered and then abandoned as a teenager shows him for who he truly is. Over the years, he could have matured in his outlook and accepted the fact that yes, he still was the girl’s father. He didn’t have to treat her with the utter contempt he always had. But Rod Stewart literally doesn’t give a damn about this girl’s life who has been emotionally damaged and humiliated by his vile treatment of her.

Rod Stewart, I am shocked and ashamed by your cavalier and downright cruel treatment of your first child. I have never been able to see him in the same light again. It has tarnished his image in many mothers’ eyes for his lack of humanity towards his own child.

In many ways, I now feel contempt for his immaturity which continues to this day and his inability to deal with something which should have been faced by now, with kindness and compassion.

Georgina on

To Jenny and Sage (who might be the same person?)

Rod Stewarts eldest child, a girl, was adopted, thats right ADOPTED, he actually had no choice in the matter, the babys mother and her mother wanted it, being pregnant and not married was frowned upon in those days (1963/4) and the lady, Sussannah and Rod had already broken up by the time the baby was born. He has said he doesnt consider her his child becasue he didnt bring her up, and because she has parents of her own. Thats the point of adoption. It’s not like he walked out on her, adoption is a very difficult but also magnanamous thing to do. Why would you criticise some one for that?

And of course he doesnt provide for her financially, she has her own parents to do that. Once someone is adopted, in England anyway, thats it the bio parents just can’t pop up into the child life when ever they want to. So he couldn’t have contact with her. She has her own family and perhaps her own brothers and sister from her parents, not from a stranger, which is what Rod is to her.

And he is still trying to teach Alistair how to play football so that Alistair can play for celtic, so he can’t be that old and decrepid at 65 can he?

Jenny Ellis on

I am my own person, I am certainly not “Sage” or anyone else Georgina thinks I am. I have read interviews with Rod Stewart where his comments about his first child have been absolutely appalling. He has described his daughter with contempt and doesn’t think she even should have been born.

His daughter has repeatedly spoken about how she always wanted to know her biological father but he rejected the idea every time. Rod’s own comments have been shocking and he said he never wanted this child. He couldn’t have cared less that she was adopted, or what subsequently happened to her in her life. The day she was born, he said he regretted her coming into this world. The fact remains that well over 40 years later, Rod Stewart still rejects his first child and is a stranger to her, even when she desperately wanted to know her real dad and her brothers and sisters.

Her pain is very real and he has shown a complete lack of compassion for her in every respect. He is simply not the man I thought he was, and I can’t respect him as a person for his behaviour. Rod might have everthing else, wealth, fame etc. but he just doesn’t have any humanity to have ignored someone else’s suffering all that time. I don’t know any other fathers who have behaved like this. Real men don’t walk away or abandon their children.

Carl on

Why does Renee look Asian, specifically eyes and thighs? None of Rod’s children look as much like Rod as his older daughter with girlfriend Susannah.