Elisabeth Hasselbeck Uses T-Shirts as Birth Control

09/23/2010 at 12:30 PM ET
Astrid Stawiarz/Getty

When it comes to family planning, Elisabeth Hasselbeck isn’t afraid to go big — with her wardrobe.

The View co-host tells PEOPLE that over-sized maternity t-shirts help keep husband Tim Hasselbeck at bay.

“I wear mine to bed … as a nightie,” she explains jokingly. “It’s great birth control for me now!”

Speaking at the launch of Reebok’s NFL Maternity Collection Wednesday at Destination Maternity in New York, Hasselbeck, 33, said her approach is working. Despite recent pregnancy rumors, the mom-of-three clarified that there was “no baby bump” under her football jersey.

“We’re maxed right now,” she continues. “We had [son] Isaiah [Timothy, 13 months] turn 1 and I felt like the groundhog coming up to see its shadow. Even at his birthday party I was like, ‘Where am I?'”

For now, Hasselbeck says she’s more than content to focus on her baby boy and his big siblings Taylor Thomas, 2½, and Grace Elisabeth, 5.

“With every child, there’s a lot more excitement,” she says. “It’s great. And while it would be fun to rock this shirt as a pregnant woman, now I will rock it as a non-pregnant woman and have fun with these T’s!”

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Crystal on

So I’m guessing that Elisabeth Hasselbeck uses the natural planning method for birth control? She’s gonna have a million children! Lol!

Cathy on


Sam on

Can you say ‘birth control’ Elisabeth? There are many PROVEN ones out there. But that comes along with common sense, and well – OK, I’ll stop now – just not a fan.

Sam on

‘Cathy’ – hahahahahahaha you SERIOUSLY made me LOL. You said it best! I’m still LOL – thanks for the best laugh of the day – so far.

Julia on

Get over yourself for Gods sake!

Kerri on

If she really wants to turn her husband off, I am sure all she has to do is try and talk about anything relevant in this world. Her perceptions on the real world are warped and 2 centuries ago. You can be modern and still have family values, the only thing Elisabeth is an expert in is believing her own spin.

Casandra on

She’s joking, obviously. God, I understand people don’t like her political views, but she’s not this evil monster and not everything she says needs to be criticized.

Jamie on

Seriously people! Did you ever think maybe she was just joking?

Gigi on

What’s the old saying “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt”…she should have remained silent. I’m actually embarrassed for her.

Sip on

She is done with three for sure. If Kelly Ripa has a fourth child though, no doubt Elisabeth will find herself pregnant again.

Liz on

Geez! She wasn’t giving advice on birth control methods to the public. She was only making a small remark as to keeping her own husband at bay. If you are all entitled to your own opinions on birth control then don’t slame hers whether she practices natural measures or not.

LoopsFroot on

Why is she still talking?

Sherry on

LMAO @ Kerri–yes Elizabeth makes the rest of us blondes look bad!! 🙂

Mary Ann on

Thanks for sharing, Elisabeth. I’m sure your husband is very proud of your big mouth. Good grief.

Nancy on

Uhh. A lot of the public agrees with her political views and you will find out soon. Lets leave politics out of this. She was clearly kidding. Whats wrong with your husband finding her irresistible. How do any of you know if she is on birth control or not? Why so negative? If it was Joy Behar saying the same thing, how would you react?

dianna on

I really can’t stand her….she is so annoying to listen to everyday and its ashame because I really like The View, all except her. She thinks that her point is the only one that matters. Where’s Rosie when we need her?

Sam on

‘Casandra’ and ‘Jamie’ – she doesn’t stop talking, interrupting, pointing, ranting and sneering long enough to think about anything she says! Seriously!

Doug on

Elisabeth is a 10 out of 10. What a wonderful woman, to bad there are not more like her.

sara on

Apparently, she doesn’t like having sex with her husband and so wears big t-shirts? If her wearing over sized t-shirts to bed is enough to keep her husband at bay then I’d guess they have some marital problems.

Krapotkin on

After this new way to keep a Husband at bay,expect him to look somewhere else, without long T-shirts!?

L.C. on

Ahhh….Elizabeth….your birth control methods lead to one thing…..CHEATING. Abstinence does NOT make the heart grow fonder. I try very hard in life to not judge people but this is one women who honestly drives me bats.

Alita on

Seriously? I did not need to know this information and why she would share it is beyond me.

Jess on

Oh my goodness, you women are sad and pathetic. Heaven forbid the woman try to make a joke. She isn’t even commenting on politics or her world views here. You all sound like bitter old hags. *shakes head* Probably doesn’t take much to turn your husbands off of you (assuming any of you were actually able to get someone to marry you).

Allison on

Ohhhh I get it. He’s a football player, she’s wearing someone else’s jersey. Ha! She could also play episodes of “The View” at bedtime – that might work too…

Kelly on

For the people that can’t stand her soooo much….. why did you read (and comment) on this article?

Sam on

OK, am I the only one still LOLing at these posts? Must be a slow day for me because this thread is making me laugh out loud. Seriously – you people are hilarious AND SPOT ON. Even you ‘Doug’!!

Trish on

I can’t stand her. She got on the show because of Survivor and rarely has anything intelligent to say – BUT…come on, people…she is clearly joking.

Patty on

Wow, you guys are tough. If you were sitting around chatting with girlfriends, you wouldn’t make a big deal about this comment. I like Elizabeth, and I respect that she stands strong on her opinions despite all of the differing viewpoints, especially from people who are cruel and spiteful. I thank God that, despite having different opinions than many of my friends, I still respect them and see the wonderful contributions they make in my life. I guess that’s the difference between being an optimist who loves people, and a pessimist who is a hater.

JM on

erm if you don’t want to get pregnant use a condom, or the pill or better yet both… this woman is seriously weird. it seems everytime she voices an opinion it completely baffles me. she is always somewhere between being wrong and scary, i HOPE not too many sensible people agree with her.

anyway, to me, even if for some reason i didn’t want to have sex one night, even if i just didn’t feel like it, i wouldn’t have to go to the lengths of making myself look unattractive. you should just be able to tell your partner you don’t feel like it and it not be a big deal. i hope she gets to experience that some day…

Jamie on

WOW! That is all I can say to some these comments. To L.C.-if wearing a t-shirt to bed leads to cheating, then you didn’t have much of a marriage to begin with!!! I don’t agree with everything Elizabeth has to say, but good grief…some of you are just mean!!!!!!

mel on

Wow… first of all, she’s clearly joking for all of you nitwits who don’t understand and just want to find the negative in everything just because you don’t agree with her politically. Secondly, to all those who seem to think that a few nights of peace in the bedroom are an excuse for people to cheat… well, I feel sorry for you. Obviously you build your relationships on one thing and one thing only and you’ll most likely end up alone, because at some point, putting out isn’t everything.

Felicia on

Lets see what she says when her husband is having an affair cause she didn’t take care of his needs and dressed like a frump…

lil on

Oh my gosh—-SHE IS OBVIOUSLY JOKING people. Lighten the hell up!!!

Alex on

Y’know Elisabeth, they have a pill for this now…

meghan on

She makes these jokes on the View all the time. Brushing her teeth until Tim falls asleep to avoid sex, slathering herself in self tanner so he won’t want to touch her. The jokes always fall flat and make her look like a prude and make Tim look like a caveman who only wants sex out of her. It’s embarrassing for both of them and she obviously doesn’t realize it.

She has very antiquated ideas of male/female interactions. Men and women cannot be friends, Tim never looks at other women, Tim can’t have an subscription to Sport’s Illustrated because of the swimsiut issue, Tim never needs to masturbate. Must be a blast to go into a locker room when your wife has a national forum to make you look like a eunnuch. Will not be shocked when the story eventually breaks that he cheats on her frigid ass left, right and sideways. Try learning a little bit about you body and the menstrual cycle and maybe you wouldn’t have to ‘keep him at bay’.

Of course, we are talking about a woman who thought her episiotomy was a revirginization. And no, she obviously was not trying to make a joke that time.

Manda on

So, basically she’s saying that by not dressing “suggestively” to bed with some lacy, satiny getup that her husband does not find her sexually attractive? That’s a great way to lower a woman’s self-esteem and self worth.

Rose on

Well that explains the what – 3 or 4 – kids that she already has. I would say that the t-shirts work as well for the Hasslebecks as abstinence does for the Palin’s – not much at all.

Gigi on

it was a joke. You guys just want to hate on someone.

Shea on

Pretty sure she wasn’t literally saying that a t-shirt is her birth control! Haven’t you ever said something like that? “Watching those kids was great birth control!”

Tiff on

Some of you are just plain ignorant

Samantha on

I knew she was kidding when I read this….but it still doesn’t change my mind about her. She has diarrhea of the mouth, and I find her completely annoying and self-absorbed. True story!!!

rgk on

I think the woman is a complete idiot, but she’s obviously just joking about the t-shirt. I hope she is, anyway.

JB on

Geez….some of these comments are beyond hateful. Everyone live your own lives and don’t worry about Elizabeth’s, she is doing just fine. I happen to like and respect her, and what she does in her private life is not my business, everyone is entitled to their own views without being denigrated by people who don’t even know them.

fuzibuni on

Haters gonna hate…

Kim on

All she’d have to do is open her mouth to turn me off.

gigimama on

She was totally joking. I call my flannel pajamas “birth control” because there is nothing sexier than a woman in fuzzy plaid from shoulder to feet.

Even if she weren’t joking, isn’t it her CHOICE to skip putting artificial hormones and chemicals into her body? Not every woman is giddy over loading her body with chemical cocktails of lab-created hormones. Some women prefer to not manipulate their fertility with cute little pill packets churned out by big pharmaceutical companies.

Karen on

Too cute!

didi on

Wow, I wish a oversized T-shirt would keep my hubby away. Nothing keeps him away. He is not superficial he knows what is undeneath that T-shirt!! LOL

Kate on

I would think her winning personality would be enough as a method of birth control.

babyloover on


meghan on

Sure, she’s joking. It’s just not funny. Especially if you’ve heard the joke before.

Cynlee on

What about just saying to your husband….no!

Ashley on

I really don’t see why so many people dislike her. I don’t share some of her political views but I still like her. She has every right to her opinions. Sometimes I feel bad for her being the only Republican at the table. She never gets to really say what she wants to say because one or all of the other ladies are going to shoot her down. So with that said, of course she was joking about what she said. Trust, a lot of us know a guy could careless about a big t-shirt.

Jill on

I very very rarely make negative comments, but this is the one time I will. I don’t care if she is joking or being serious, I find nothing she say funny, nothing she says intelligent, or nothing she is interesting. I will not watch The View because of her and it has nothing to do with her political stance, but everything to do what comes out of her mouth. I lost what very little respect I had for her after she said what she did about Erin Andrews. And then to say her daughter taught her to apologize and that is what brought her to her apology…..trying to make it cute. She opens her mouth and doesn’t think about what she is saying or who she is hurting. Yes, she did apologize, but I still don’t care for her.

Stephanie on

I’m pretty sure she was joking. I highly doubt that a T-shirt is really their birth control method of choice, or that she is implying that she doesn’t want to have sex with her husband. I’m not a huge fan of her myself, but some of these comments are completely ridiculous.

Tristan on

I’m with you, Jess.–A lot of pathetic, humorless people commenting today. And, Gigi, you may want to take your own advice.

Amy on

I just cannot believe how toxic most of you people are…do you not have anything better to do than talk nasty about people just because you don’t share their views??? How about this…get a life and be nice.

Barbara from Va on

Ugh. Just another reason for me to not like her. I am so sick of her and her antiquated ideas.

Mandy on

I’m not getting why people don’t realize she’s joking. Really are you that far left that you can’t take a joke by a conservative? Sheesh.

sherylgurl on

ugh…as if this overpaid reality star needs another reason to open up that trap.

JW on

Good gosh some of you need to lighten up and learn what a joke is!

Deloris on

I like Elisabeth. She’s not afraid to voice her opinion and she looks great in the t-shirt as she does in all her outfits.

Lynda on

This is news? Really?

Kristin on

Heaven forbid, a female conservative and smart businesswoman! You’re all jealous.

Lauren on

why does she feel the need to always make comments about birth control and how shes trying to keep her husband away? joking or not…its just gotten old and stupid.

Stacy on

People shouldn’t knock Natural Family Planning. My husband and I have practiced that since we got married and have two beautiful children. We’ve had no pregnancy scares compared to all our friends on birth control, some who have even had surprise children.

Jenn on

If any of you actually watched and listened to the show, you would know that she had trouble getting pregnant with her first two children and had to take fertility drugs in order to do so. Her third child was a miracle baby and she actually became pregnant without them. If any of you have trouble having babies as I do, you would know the journey is not an easy one. I only wish I could be as fortunate as she is to be the mother of 3 beautiful children. I will never have to be on birth control pills and she is probably the same way. It was obviously just a joke. Leave it alone!

Tess on

So she’s no longer brushing her teeth for hours in the bathroom waiting for her husband to fall asleep?

Joking or not, she sounds so stupid.

jb on

Joking or not, she’s ridiculously annoying

Mary on

Crystal, Actually, when practiced correctly, the sympto-thermal method of natural family planning is MORE successful than the pill and other forms of artificial birth control. AND you’re not pumping artificial hormones into your body (which, some have been linked to cancer).

Sooo Rich on

Don’t know of her, only have seen her name around here and there, but I can definitely say that she was for sure joking. But, the comments from the people that thought she was serious are hysterical. Love love love you guys 🙂

Michelle K on

Oh sh**….. if you people believe a T-shirt could REALLY be a form of birth control, I truly feel bad for you. I’m pretty sure she’s joking.

Paula on

If the woman wants 3,4, or 5 kids she should have them. She’s not on welfare nor foodstamps, I’m sure their salaries cover their costs and they can afford to live very comfortably. You should be concerned with women and men already on welfare that keep having babies. I don’t watch the show, too busy working for a living, but I think sharing too much of her personal life with the viewers will inevitably cause problems.

J on

Can’t stand this woman, but she’s obviously joking. Too bad she’s not the least bit funny. Does this woman thinks that anyone believes that she’s not getting down in the bedroom with her funny-looking husband on a regular basis? With three kids close in age? Please.

anon on

why does she always make comments about their non-sex life? no one cares how much sex she has or doesn’t have. condolences to her husband.

Tabitha on

I must say for not being a fan of The View at all or any of the women on that show the comments made here are over the top. It is a saying that a lot of women use when they are wearing something that they think isn’t attractive. That is it! the comments that go more in depth than the article itself is a bit much especially considering this is on people.com-a website about celebrities and reality stars! It’s not exactly high priority news for people to be in such a frenzy about it!!

Hugo on

Gigimama!! thank you!! some people don’t want to be on pills, even though the doctors push and push and push

Fed Up on

Elisabeth really thinks everything she has to say is so important. I wish someone on the View would really put her in her place with her consistent negative views she holds for the current President of the United States. She will not even consider the fact that this new president did in fact inherit a number of over whelming problems for this country. The GOP is so pissed off they lost this election that they as well as people like Elisabeth pride themselves on doing anything possible to creat additional issues for this administration. I think it is sad, really sad. I really do not care what type of birth control she practices but I am thrilled she does practice birth control. We do not need anymore of her.

Michelle on

Her IQ should be enough to keep any man at bay.

TL on

Hello? Come on folks, she was kidding. In a normal conversation this would have been laughed at! Good Lord. As for her views, most people I know agree with her! I do not watch “The View” b/c of Barbara, Joy, and Whoopi….did I miss anyone? Not sure, but it doesnt matter anyway, if I want liberal rants I will turn on msnbc or something. B, J, and W are very annoying and I have to give it to Elisabeth for being able to sit with them day in and day out b/c honestly, I have no clue how she handles it….

Vicki on

Can you spell J-E-A-L-O-U-S?? Hats off to you Elisabeth! You must be doing a good job, as you seem to strike a lot of nerves! Lots of bitter, bitter people in this world…it’s really a shame!

Tess on

I don’t think anyone actually believes that she’s serious that a T-shirt is birth control. What people are responding to is the stupidity of the remark/joke.

And Meghan – great posts.

JenLaw on

Ooops I did it again! Didn’t mean to log on to “Libs are Us”

Sage on

The thing is people realize she is joking,But are so filled we Hatred they feel like they have to slam this women. It said that we live in the US and if a person isn’t a mindless dummy and agrees with everything someone says it is fair game.

You don’t have to like the joke but to comment and say nasty vile things, explain to me how that is alright in any way. I just pray that some of you don’t have children because if people like you are raising kids, it will be the down fall of this country.

P.s. this is coming from an open minded libral

Mallory on

OMG does ANYBODY know how to take a JOKE anymore???????????????????? I’m sure she didn’t mean that this was a serious method of birth control heck some guys probably WOULD be turned on by a girl in a big baggy football shirt, everybody just needs to lighten up and learn that ppl arn’t super serious all the time

Sheryl on

Seriously……..Do I care what she does, wears, thinks?? Nope, NOT a fan at all of her, her views etc…..

Kim on

She’s joking everyone, calm down.

Soccermom4 on

If you’re that zoned out at your son’s birthday party, maybe you should have stopped with two children, or give up your day job!!

I love when celebs try to do it all and their children suffer.

Mars on

I am not a huge fan of Elisabeth, I do think she is prudish and highly annoying. I also Feel sorry for Tim and all the rules involving his interactions with other females… However if this is a joke… tacky but okay, but if it is seriously her method of birth control cool as well. I know due to her medical problems that with the first two kids Elisabeth and Tim had to use fertility doctors to help her get pregnant and the 3rd was a surprise, I doubt she would want to use the pill if she is already having problems normally to get pregnant.

We have no right to judge in the end of all of this, I mean seriously I would love to slap the stupidity and prudishness out of her, but hey that is my opinion. Let her continue to say things that we may think is stupid and makes a supposedly “smart business woman” look insane and we can all sit back in our homes living real lives if living pay cheque to pay cheque laughing our asses off at her whacjy comments.

Lilly on

There was a time that Elisabeth used staying in the bathroom and brushing her teeth until the bench-warmer husband fell asleep as her method of birth control. Tim must seriously be a bad lay for her to avoid him sexually. .

shaneliz on

I would assume that everytime she talks her husband would run the other way anyhow…. so the shirt isn’t necessary.

ardua on

keep it up elizabeth that is how husbands start thinking about cheating. weather u have 3 kids or no kids you always want to keep the bedroom alive. and a t shirt is not birth control if u dont want to get preggo then use real birth control if u keep wearing the t shirt then u will be looking for a divorce lawyer.

SIenna on

The only birth control anyone needs is a continuous loop of her inept political commentary from The View. She makes the Republican Party look even worse and that is hard to do. And as far as her clothing line goes, the words fashion line and Elizabeth Hasselbeck do not belong in the same sentance.

SusiQ on

How come people who want to make supportive or complimentary comments think that’s OK but if someone wants to say something negative they’re haters and have no right to post their opinions. People, do you have any idea the purpose of a messageboard? It’s put here to post opinions, pro and con.

chris on

Come on people.. It was a joke.. I find it hillarious that because she is a republican, everything she says is stupid. If a democrat said that everyone would be laughing because they found it so funny. I thought this was still America. She does have merit and she is a bright, INTELLIGENT, funny working mother. Give her a break already. You may not agree with her politics but don’t crucify her because of it. There are many people who I like and even love that don’t agree with me politically but I believe everyone has their own beliefs and if everyone thought the same way this would be a pretty boring life now wouldn’t it. It just makes all these women on here sound very catty and petty.. Of course, that is just my opinion, but this is America I am still allowed to have one aren’t I?

WendyLoo on

LOL Really, that’s all it takes to turn Tim off? My husband doesn’t really care what I have on, he thinks I’m sexy regardless. I’ll take that any day.

Sam on

Fine, we can all agree it was a joke. The POINT isn’t if it’s a joke or not, the POINT is, is that once again Elisabeth Hasselbeck has opened her big mouth and brought embarrassment to her self and her husband/family, which by the way has nothing to do with politics. She does this continually about sex and who runs it in her house etc.. I think poor EH is trying to keep up with the panel of comediennes she works with. Sorry EH – FAIL!

lacey on

I think she is awesome..face it she is right most of the time..and u people are just jealous…Rock the shirt Elizabeth!

Shirley on

Elisabeth needs to get her head out of her butt and live in the real world. We’ve all heard millions of times how her last pregnancy was not planned–there is NO reason for this in these modern times. What will Isaiah think of her comments on this in 30 years?

Deb on

Nothing like an article on Elisabeth Hasselbeck to see just how judgmental and hateful people are.

Gina from Toronto, Canada on

I can’t listen to this chick. She is full of herself. How do women like this have a husband? Is he the silent type? Does she wear the pants in this relationship?

Elizabeth on

Seriously people?! I am so sick of people slamming this woman because of her political views… it’s America, she’s allowed to think (and speak) what she wants without feeling chastised. And, Felicia, I think Elisabeth could wear a potato sack to bed and she would still look hot… men don’t cheat on their wives because they dress frumpy, that’s just absurd.

denise on

Can NOT stand this chick! Just simply can not. I hate her on the View. She gives Blondes a bad name. Her mouth alone should be all the BC her husband needs

Sage on

Chris finally someone with some intelligence in this thread!

Charicon on

The most annoying person in the world. If I were her husband I would stay away from no matter what she was wearing…!!

Jill on

This has NOTHING to do with her being a republican. I wouldn’t laugh if a democrat said it either.

And oh, I forgot, I must be jealous since I don’t like her. What a lame response. Just because someone doesn’t think someone is funny or a fan of theirs doesn’t mean they are jealous.

And if people are allowed their opinion of saying they like her than people are allowed their opinion of saying they don’t like this article, the “joke”, her on the show, etc.

Nikki on

Jess…if you are angry at people for saying mean things about this person that you don’t even know, then why are you doing the same thing?

Lisa on

Geeze people.. I’m sure she is joking… I love her anywasy… SHe’s one of the few people left in this world that isn’t afraid to stand up for what’s right… It’s called values and MORALS.. Something many are lacking these days!!!!

Holly on

We get that she’s joking so people can stop saying it. A lot of people just don’t like her and that’s our perogative.

Sage on

Sam that isn’t the point its a curifiction based on her politcal views, lets keep it real. If it wasn’t there wouldn’t be a 100 plus comment because someone made a jerk about wearing a maternity T to bed to keep her hubby at bay for the night. Let’s face it Politics is very nasty no matter how openminded we say we are.

Melisa on

Holy CRAP people! Lighten UP! She was clearly making a joke. And for all of you that supposedly can’t stand her…you took the time to read the story and comment on it for crying out loud!! What a bunch of self righteous wenches! Go do the dishes or something and quit being so crabby!

Allie on

Jealous any ladies alot of hatters obviously! I thought it was quite funny she’s wearing the other teams jersey other than her husbands team ppll get over yourself!! and get a life if you don’t care for her why even post a comment !

Sage on

Holly- You don’t have to like her but you don’t have to be a completely idiot like many of these posters either, they seemed to be having a heart attack over a maternity T. I guess this is why she will never be off the view because people are interested in what she has to say.

Momof3girls on

I could wear a trash bag to bed and it’s not going to keep my man away from me!!! I can’t stand her….if she’s done having kids, go get your tubes tied. The way she talks you’d think she had about a dozen kids!! I don’t watch The View anymore because I can’t stand it when she opens up her mouth!!

Tess on

I find it hillarious that because she is a republican, everything she says is stupid.
– chris on September 23rd, 2010

I think people think she is stupid because of comments like this, not because she is a Republican. Sherry doesn’t seem too bright either, and isn’t she a Democrat?

KU on

I love her & think her religious and political views are right on and are exacly what this country could use a little more of…if everybody hates her so much then why in the world are you all commenting on her article….Jealous??

lily on


Carol on

Joke or not, she makes too many commens about her not having sex with her husband that there has to be something there.

There has to be some truth behind why she keeps commenting on not having sex with Tim.

Sam on

“Sage”, you’re wrong. This post is not about politics except to the ones that have brought it up as a ‘crutch’. It’s about Elisabeth opening her mouth and spewing – – yet again. EH thinks it’s funny to talk about her sex life and how she controls her husband, this is not the first (or tenth) time! It’s embarrassingly sad, the only joke is on Elisabeth herself. And I’m not ‘idiot’ so please mind your manners, thankyou in advance.

Kelly on

Elisabeth’s face on any shirt = birth control

Lilly on

She’s said before that she’s not interested in sex except to have children but doesn’t believe in traditional birth control like condoms or pills. She’s living in the dark ages just like her roots.

Anne on

I feel sorry for her husband. She better be careful or he’ll be looking elsewhere. No sex in a marriage is not good.

Alicia on

She may have been joking, but she’s said it before and frankly I’m sick of it. How about actually using birth control and stop making jokes because it’s stupid.

Anonymous on

so basically Meghan you are in approval of her husband chating on her because you don’t like her – let’s hope it doesn’t happen to you.

Nancy on

Again, some of you are unbelievable. To Fed up, most of us in this country are fed up with Obama’s policies and will speak out in November. Elizabeth is totally outnumbered on that show and when you have big mouths like Behar, Walters and Sheppard, it is amazing that she gets any word in.

All of you people complaining about Mrs. Hasselbeck when we have Octomom now going on welfare for her 14 kids and we are paying while there are SO many people who would love to adopt one of them!!!

Lilly on

If Tim kept his wife happy sexually we wouldn’t have this discussion….just saying.

lswan on

This has got to be one of the stupidest articles People.com has ever printed!

DallasChick on

I can’t find one thing I like about her. Why are we talking about her.

L.C. on

I think its because it came out of Elizabeths mouth that the joke fell flat. Its honestly hard to tell with her when she is kidding and when she is serious as she is extremely prudy about everything under the sun so it is NOT always obvious with this particular women she is joking. Doesn’t make ALL those who comment negatively a bunch of haters, her joke didn’t work or did not jump out as being obviously a joke in the first place. I could care a whit about her politics, she is entitled to her opinions as the next person, nor do I feel threatened by her or jealous or any other ridiculous excuse expoused for disliking her. She rubs me the wrong way, that’s it in a nutshell but I wish her well and a happy life.

Erin on

Sounds like a super-healthy marriage.

Divorce in 3, 2….

meghan on

so basically Meghan you are in approval of her husband chating on her because you don’t like her – let’s hope it doesn’t happen to you.

– Anonymous on September 23rd, 2010

No I would certainly not approve of infidelity ever, under any circumstances, I just won’t be shocked when it happens to her. She treats him like garbage.

Yes, KU. We are all pea-green with envy. We all want to be a woman who is more annoying, shrill and stupid with each passing day, with a penchant for alligator tears when the discussion doesn’t go her way. So much to be jealous of!

JLW on

I think everyone took this article way too seriously. Elisabeth can have as many kids as she wants, she’s a millionaire!!!! Three kids isn’t very many any way! It’s amazing how judgmental people are when I read these comments! You all must have miserable lives!!!! So she wanted to have babies close together…she’s not the flippin’ Octomom! If you guys want to criticize someone…there you go. Find an Octomom website and comment away.

kirsty on

Wow! I sure would hate a lot of my friends and family since we pretty much have different political views. I’m sure glad I dont hate anyone based on who they vote for or that they have a different opinion than me. She is on a talk show to express her opinions, if she was quiet and meek she would not be on the show. I have no problem with her, I agree with her on some issues and I dont on others, but I dont hate the woman I dont even know her!

Amber on

Wow seriously people! She was obviously joking. I find it funny so many are talking about what an idiot she is and they aren’t even smart enough to realize she is joking.

Loog on

Nancy, the article is about Hasselbeck, not the Octomom, so your argument there hold about as much water as the bulk of garbage that comes out of your precious Elisabeths mouth on that horrid, horrid show.

And ‘most of us are fed up’? Really, you represent the majority of the population do you?

You’re as arrogant as Hasselbeck is. Must be related to lack of sex i guess.

Lilianne on

I realize she was joking but the thing is…it wasn’t funny! It would be different if most things coming out of her mouth sounded intelligent..but they just don’t! This is the woman who admitted to not having diapers when she visited the White House so she scooped the poop out of her son’s diaper and put it back on him in time to shake President Bush’s hand!! I mean…how redneck can you get? And to make distasteful comments about her sex life and keeping her husband away? I don’t hate her at all. And I am in no way jealous. I think it is ridiculous that if I have a negative comment to make about her I must hate her and am jealous. Putting aside her political opinions, she just sounds stupid. Maybe she would reach more people if she thought before she spoke?

Kim on

i agree w/other posters; she was JUST JOKING. I know some people don’t agree with things she says. This time i think she was just trying to make a joke. I’m sure she’s on proper Birth Control.

Texas chick on

I don’t even understand why she has lasted on The View. She has nothing to offer. Everytime she opens her mouth, something ridiculous comes out of it. ABC pays her money for that…and why????

Lauren on

her husbands team? her husband doesnt even play football! hahahahaah!

J on

And who CARES what you are going to do in November, Nancy? “We are going to speak out!” DO THAT. Where were you when Dubya was running this country into the ground? All of a sudden you are angry about policies because they’re Obama policies? Let’s hope the ignorant tea partiers and their ilk win and run this country further where it deserves to go if anyone is stupid enough to vote for them!

Tess on

I realize she was joking but the thing is…it wasn’t funny! It would be different if most things coming out of her mouth sounded intelligent..but they just don’t! This is the woman who admitted to not having diapers when she visited the White House so she scooped the poop out of her son’s diaper and put it back on him in time to shake President Bush’s hand!! I mean…how redneck can you get? And to make distasteful comments about her sex life and keeping her husband away? I don’t hate her at all. And I am in no way jealous. I think it is ridiculous that if I have a negative comment to make about her I must hate her and am jealous. Putting aside her political opinions, she just sounds stupid. Maybe she would reach more people if she thought before she spoke?
– Lilianne on September 23rd, 2010

Very good post.

MEC on

Love Elisabeth!! She’s an amazing woman. Clearly she was joking around and having fun.

Anonymous on

And this is why I am not a liberal, and why liberals are losing voters left and right. There are a few whack job conservatives out there, but look at these liberals! So full of it…the exact opposite of what they claim to be. Loving, caring, forgiving, open-minded? I think not. Only when it serves their own agenda, per usual.

Angela on

If T-shirts help keep her hubby at bay, he must be a shallow you-know-what! She deserves to be comfortable and happy and there is no rule that says she has to wear lacy nighties to bed all the time. If he expects that of her, and if that’s what he wants, then he doesn’t really love her for anymore than that. I’d not keep that kind of man around…

D on

If the guy wants sex, a oversized T-shirt isn’t going to stop him!

mama l on

Wow, it is sure obvious FB has been down this afternoon from all the time spent on these comments.

Karen on

I can’t believe all the negative remarks about Elisabeth. She’s the only sane person on the View!! Joy is the most negative person alive and when anyone disagrees with her she rips them apart. Elisabeth is kidding people!!! If you ever check what Elisabeth has to say, you’ll find that she is correct and Joy never gets her facts straight!!

Sam on

“Amber” et al……WE KNNOW EH IS JOKING, WE KNOW! ‘WE’ have even posted so. It’s not the fact that she ‘tried’ to make a joke, it’s that it’s her mouth that it came out of. Tedious old boring joke about a personal subject, not funny the first time, not funny now. THAT is the point! (and please remember, it’s not about her error in judgement when it comes to politics!!!)

Tammy on

i bet all she has to do is open her big mouth and thats enough to send any man to the couch.

JMO on

Meghan…thank you!! Every damn day this women rants and raves about how she has to keep her husband away. Or if I have ot hear another story about how much milk she produces and that she could feed a village I’ll puke!! This women gives TMI!

Now as someone who is not a democrat or a republican I do feel for her sometimes that she gets ganged up on and nobody lets her make a point. And sometimes she has very valid points and then other times she looks like a complete nitwit! Then again Joy does sometimes to. And Sheri does just about everytime she opens her big fat mouth!

So in conclusion the ladies of the View will always be annoying but some of us as annoying as they all are still watch. Nothing like a good cat fight in the morning 🙂

And even I knew she was joking about the shirt – even though the joke was lame!

Betsy on

WOW…people really do get offended easily. She said nothing wrong! Get over it! If you don’t like her, don’t read an article about her.

Brooke Jones on

I really hope she is joking. But joking or not, it is a ridiculous thing to say.

Anonymous on

I love Elisabeth and LOVE her opinion on The View. She is sure able to stand up for what she believes in and I am not sure all of us would be able to to that and stay strong with all the criticism that she gets. Not sure if the t-shirt is a form a birth control….it is has not bottoms….so easy access!!! 😉 Good joke though Elisabeth!!! =)

Joe Kenadee on

Wow how shallow is her husband to be turned off by a maternity shirt? Then again he would have to be a little shallow to be with such a narrow minded woman.

floridian on

no Trish – she did NOT get on the show because of Survivor – she got on the show and doing other things, QVC, Milk ads, etc ad nauseum due to her famous ex-NFL-er father-in-law Donald Hasselbeck. Google him.

woman has absolutely zero talent.

Amber on

What a peach- not! Wish you would stop posting non-stories about her.

Luna on

I fully understand it was a joke. But I have a problem with it for a couple reasons. 1. I do not need to know that wearing big T-shirts turns Tim off. Really. I talk to my friends about a lot of things, but not what turns my husband off. Poor Tim has really got to get teased. 2. It’s not funny. It makes her seem dumb, and her husband shallow. and 3. I knew it would make everyone in the comments sections upset. I like hearing other people’s comments. It can spark discussion. But when celebs run their mouths, it just makes nitpicky comments.

Joy on

I can’t believe the people on here who just can’t get a joke when it slaps them in the face. SHE’S JOKING, PEOPLE!

Dee on

I cannot stand her.

Jean on

I have never done this but you guys, with few exceptions are idiots. she was obviously joking and you guys went ape sh**. Must be nice to be so perfect and know everything that you can’t laugh at a joke.

Suzy on

I’ll be sure to include big T-shirts in my thank you prayers tonight. Keep wearing ’em, Elisabeth…please.

Mistie on

Are people actually taking this statement seriously?? It’s clearly a JOKE! Like me telling my family, the best birt control is a weekend with my neice.. it’s humor people. This is a gossip mag not world news!

JanaA on

Sooo… instead of taking a sane route, to where you can still enjoy time with your husband you turn him off completely? …. this relationship will soon be available in the “Break Up” section….

Lilianne on

Jean, it’s nice that you feel it necessary to call other posters here “idiots” because they don’t share your sense of humor. I realize that what she said was a joke but that doesn’t mean it was funny or that I am required to find it so. I find it to be in very poor taste that she wants to share information about her sex life with anyone besides her closest girlfriends. Not everything that comes of a celebs mouth is funny or appropriate, and not everyone reading it is required to find it acceptable. Maybe you like her and find no problem with what she said and thought it was funny. That doesn’t make you an idiot. Following that train of thought, it doesn’t make other people one either for NOT liking her or what comes out of her mouth.

Crystal on

@Jenn-She only had problems conceiving when she didn’t know she had Celiac Disease. Once she found out and was treated she was able to conceive naturally. She never used fertility drugs. Elisabeth also talks about not being able to resist her husband because he’s “so darn cute.” Lol!

@Nancy-GMAFB! Republicans are gonna come out in droves in November? Hasn’t your party done enough. You guys need to sit down and shut up. Obama is doing his best. We had 8 years of BUSH! I don’t trust a Republican as far as I can throw them and that’s never gonna change!

Anita on

She was obviously joking. Give her a break, guys.

Mikaela on

Ladies, learn to take a joke like you take a ****. Seriously, get OVER yourselves. As your sitting there on your little computers, being 100% involved in picking apart what a person you don’t even KNOW is saying, your taking time away from your OWN husbands.

Shirley on

I could live without Elisabeth and any of her comments.

Jill on

WE KNOW IT IS A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE GET IT!!!!!!!!!! IT IS JUST NOT FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

guitarharry on

Too much information!

Karli on

So I get that she’s probably joking, but it’s an odd joke, because I know MY husband thinks I’m sexiER with just a T-shirt..

Socalibaby on

Come on people!! I mean really (seriously)…..Do people actually look up to Elisabeth as a role model, someone they want to be like?? Her ultra conservative view points make me want to throw up! Elisabeth get with the times!!!! Every time she opens her mouth, I think “Wow I’m embarrassed for her”. Elisabeth bury your blond, bubble head in the sand and pretend Bush was the BEST president ever!

CMS on

Thank you, Crystal, for calling Nancy out. I laughed out loud at her thinly-veiled threat! Someone has been drinking a little too much of the Faux News/Glenn Beck Kool-Aid.

Melody on

Keeping him at bay? Be careful…. Don’t want to “keep him too far at bay”!! lol

Pea on

Jees. I don’t really even like her but some of you go too far and make the craziest conclusions (her husband will leave her if she’s not putting out, this is her only birth control method, she has marital issues, etc.). Chill out.

Kristy on

ouch…you people are mean…just because she’s the only conservative doesn’t mean you have to be ugly. That’s why you are even saying anything in the first place, because you disagree with her politically. Don’t worry, you’ll see whose right on the end.

Melody on

@Crystal… I could not agree with you more. It takes a while to clean up 8 years of crap. Obama is doing the best he can!

Jeanne on

So according to many of you here, those of us that don’t like her are “just jealous.” Is that right? Yeah, I’m seriously jealous of a repressed woman who gave up her own viewpoints to suit her husband (do some research, she was raised by liberal Democrats and switched parties when she got married,) is only famous because she wore a bikini on a reality show, and constantly spouts ignorant crap on one of the most annoying TV shows of all time. Yeah, I so want what she has.

BarbaraWaltersIsHot on

As others have said, also Elisabeth has to do is open her mouth and speak, and I’m sure her husband leaves off for the nearest bar. I really doubt the t-shirt method. Hubby knows what’s under there and will make a play if he’s in the mood. Again, if she’s wearing a flimsy negligee, it’s not going to matter if she starts yapping.

Robin on

She probably was joking, but i’m not sure this warranted an article. It was a lure, obviously, leading into the pitch for the NFL maternity line. Almost nobody would’ve read the article any other way. It is “tabloidish” and I am disappointed that this tactic was used. Even more disappointed in myself for being curious. Enough said.

Katie on

I went to Boston College a year before Elisabeth, and I have children the same ages as hers. I just celebrated my third child’s birthday tonight and I felt EXACTLY the way she felt on her 3rd child’s birthday. Those of you who have gone to a great college, completed the Survior reality show and succeeded on NYC television while having a great marriage and 3 great kids, please speak up. Others, please be humble enough to remain silent. Women need to support each other, period.

Steph on

Oh my! As an Aussie, I obviously don’t have the same exposure to this woman, but seriously??? Just about each and every one of these posts is nuts! You guys got offended/annoyed over a lame joke? Or offended/annoyed at posters who didn’t find it lame? My God, all I can say is thank the sweet lord this craziness appears to be American…

Nancy on

Hahaha. You liberals who are slamming Liz because of her views make me laugh. I am in the majority and you will see in November. All of the polls show that Obama has slipped more than any other President in this amount of time. His employees are leaving him in droves.

I love Elizabeth and she is spot on. Liberals love to slam beautiful, conservative women.

Sorry but Rush, Glenn and Sean have more viewers in the DAYTIME than MSNBC, Bryan Williams, Katie and CNN in PRIMETIME. Sarah Palin is the most talked about person in politics and she isn’t even in OFFICE. I guess the left tells you who they fear.

You can slam me all you want but when the reigns change in November, you will notice that you are in the minority. Facts=misery for you.

Sam on

“Nancy” – you’re on the wrong blog, you need to go to Google and type in FOX! Your latest post is ridiculous, to say the least. EH is a loud mouth person that constantly brings embarrassment to herself and her family, not because of her politics, her hair color or her past but because she CHOOSES TO OPEN HER MOUTH AND SPEW! It’s truly that simple.

Heather on

Come ON, people — it is obviously a joke. How dense can you all be? Just because you don’t agree with her politics doesn’t make her an idiot.

Robin on

@Crystal, I agree too. Obama was handed a pile of crap when he got in. I liken it to someone (Bush?) going into a room full of important issues stored in files and tossing every box into the air and landing every which way, and somebody else (Obama?) having to go in and sort through every issue and put it in its proper order, then fix the issue. It takes time. He’ll probably just begin to get it under control and the election will roll around. And many people will not vote for him because he cant clean the mess up fast enough. The country was in a recession when Obama got in there. Will anybody remember the 4.00 per gallon of gas when they vote? Or that the war in Iraq didn’t start with Obama? I don’t believe that anyone we could have voted in would be able to do it any quicker. It is a mess, period.

Laura on

This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard!!I am not a fan of this women at all. Her dumb ass statements really do nothing for me but make me mad.

CAB on

Ok, the joke is stupid. I wouldn’t have said the joke. I don’t get why people jump on her and start bashing her. I like Elizabeth. I think she happens to be spot on with her comments and assessment but I don’t agree with her all the time. I did not like the comments about Erin Andrews and I was totally shocked she would say something like that but I dont find her condescending as the other 3 on the panel. I like her and relate to her alot better than Whoopi, or Joy or Sherry. I mean Sherry can constantly make those stupid and irritating and disgusting jokes on The View about her ovaris pumping at the sight of a good looking man and this joke from Elizabeth is the most vile and ignorant thing you have heard? Are you kidding me?

I don’t get where the politics came from. Elizabeth was just making a joke and based on what she said about there not being a baby bump (this is atleast to me)a response that someone thought she was pregnant. Plus, her ideas on birth control are shared by a girl I know. I don’t agree with it but to each their own. As for the comment about Elizabeth always sneering and interrupting, are you dense? She is not the only one who does that. Joy is horrible about it and she does it because God forbid her riduculous and recycled opinion doesn’t get in. Joy has no idea what she is talking about and thinks her crass humor is amusing to everyone. She is completely offensive about people like me who are Catholic and a Republican. Ok, yea Elizabeth’s humor is lost on people but in real life how many of don’t know a person who has humor like that?

I say go girl Elizabeth! You keep sharing your views and you will have me in your corner!!!

Sasha on

I just think its hilarious that if Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Garner had said this in an interview people would have the complete opposite reaction.

CMS on

Oh, Nancy, your post is so hilarious that I’m going to share it with all of my liberal friends. (All of whom happen to be beautiful women — far more beautiful than Elisabeth, in fact.)

This is my favorite part:

“Sorry but Rush, Glenn and Sean have more viewers in the DAYTIME than MSNBC, Bryan Williams, Katie and CNN in PRIMETIME. Sarah Palin is the most talked about person in politics and she isn’t even in OFFICE. I guess the left tells you who they fear.”

There’s one huge problem with your logic here, sweetie — Republican followers are more likely to be the types of people who would sit around all day watching television and who, additionally, are more likely to have nothing better to do in the evenings but to watch (more!) television. Liberal/progressives are much more likely to be working and to read the newspaper or a book or to hang out with family members when they are not working.

As for Sarah Palin… I guess the left tells you who they LAUGH AT, is what you meant to type. I am PRAYING that Sarah wins the GOP nomination for president in 2012. Look at what she did for the McCain ticket, after all!!! She is hilarious! Is she a role model of yours??

Erin on

As a liberal, I can say that I do enjoy some Republicans. One of my great friends is a Republican, but Elisabeth isn’t intelligent. Attacking Obama because of something ridiculous she said (or many ridiculous things she says) is pathetic. Get your facts straight. You lost. Get over it. I heard that for 8 years. And Obama hasn’t slipped in the polls more than “any other president”. Check your facts. Look at the war criminal we had from 2000 – 2008. That fool should be in prison.

Erin on

And sure, have a bunch of kids – so many that you can’t possibly bond completely and nurture them. You’re rich! Who cares?

How many kids of rich parents (even only children) end up in therapy and/or prison?

Anonymous on

She is human, calm down everyone

Ms. Lady on

Elisabeth yells and screeches and often is offensive and rude to others on The View. I have nothing against her personally, but she would have done well to have taken an argumentation and debate class at a University. I see the others, including Barbara Walters, cringe at her thoughtless rants and rages for no apparent reason at all.
I think it is all about the entertainment.

BTW- For those commenting on the elections: In November the Democrats will win again, because the Democrats help the people, and the Republicans are all about worshipping the rich and neglecting the common masses of people. It’s just that simple. Long Live dear Obama.

PS- Sounds like a lot of people can not stand Elizabeth. There is a reason why. She is highly offensive and lacks charisma.

Tee on

I have never seen The View and don’t really know much about this woman but goodness, some of these comments are downright hateful. Yes, we have the freedom of speech but I don’t think that gives us the right to say such hurtful and nasty things, especially when it’s about a person that (odds are) none of know in person!

Like several other posters, I agree that she was joking. In my opinion, it was in poor taste. The marriage bed is sacred and doesn’t need to be shared with the world. I also agree with the people that have advocated natural family planning. As a Mennonite, I don’t believe in ANY form of birth control, including natural family planning… but that’s me and my beliefs. I don’t put that on other people. At the same time, I can say that I couldn’t imagine taking birth control pills or whatnot. I’m not against taking prescription medications- I have to take a lot of them everyday- but when there is a more natural way of going about something, I’m all for it.

I could go on for awhile about my thoughts over all these comments, but it’s seriously past my bedtime! Just one more question for all of you… why is it than when anyone disagrees with something somebody has said, they are labeled as “haters” or “jealous.” Are we back in middle school or something? I just don’t get the name calling!

T~ on

Some of these comments are the DUMBEST things i have ever heard or read.

i would hate to be neighbors with some of you. Because you dont agree with someone means you can bash the hell out of them for making a joke?

I guess some people cant separate not liking someones beliefs or opinions from not liking the person themselves.

Its no wonder this country is such a divided mess right now

Rick on

Of course she is joking. She is a very smart woman and is not so condescending that she can laugh at herself …unike her lib counterparts. The rewarding virtue of EH is that her values may be old fashioned…and that is a good thing in the days of pluralism and political correctness. I guess you dissenters probably think the Constitution is old fashioned too..and therein lies the problem we face today. The founding fathers had it right and we should adhere to those “old fashioned” values. The Joy Behars of the world are running the US down the toilet.

sharon on

how about a chastity belt ???? That way one doesn’t have to wear a cruddy polyester jersey to bed.

Sam on

LOL, best posts I’ve read in forever! Next time EH, try a little class, a little self-control, a little common decency and shhhhhhhhh! No one cares about your absent sex life. As for your politics and your blonde hair (it’s not real folks!), I don’t care. It’s your mouth that I’m LOLing at!

sunny on

Why is this even an article? Some people just need to be silent, and Hasselbeck is one of those people.

Anonymous on

Wow…Democrats help the people? By what? Collecting life long voters by giving them handouts? By further supressing women and minorities all the while claiming to “help” them? Wise up. You have been fed a bill of goods by some of the biggest snake-in-the-grass politics this country has ever seen.

You want to know why we are in this economic slump? I’ll tell you why. It’s EVERYONE’s fault. Not Bush’s. It all boils down to spoiled people takikng advantage, and that means both parties and a huge chunk of the American people. And the liberal party certainly didn’t help with their b.s. idea that everyone should be allowed to own a home (thanks ACORN) and by giving absolutely free medical care to anyone who whines. I worked in health care for many years, and I can tell you right now, the amount of people who came in on Medicaid claiming to be poor also took more vacations than I ever did, and bought nicer clothes, and some even lived in nicer homes and drove nicer cars. And many of them had more children than they could afford or ever should have in their situation…just because they could. Just because they don’t have to pay a dime. Just because, and let’s be honest here, they were just too damn lazy to go to the clinic and get their free birth control pills. And no, I don’t care if they are “ignorant.” When do we put a stop to this cycle? We simply cannot afford to sustain this level of “ignorant.”

There is a total imbalance in the country. News flash. Not everyone is equal. Not everyone deserves everything all the time. Why are we not choosing to run this country the same way that we raise our children instead of spoiling the crap out of everyone???? Wake up people.

Sarah on

I get that she’s trying to make a joke but 1) the joke isn’t particularly funny and 2) she’s been making some variation on this same joke for about the last 5 years. She needs to find some new material.

Anonymous on

Oh, I forgot to add that anyone who follows any political party blindly is a moron. That goes for both sides equally. Question everything. Everyone has an ulterior motive.

JM on

lol, oh wow nancy 🙂 you really didn’t do anything for changing the image people have of republicans like you. ignorant, pretty stupid, deluded fox followers who can’t think for themselves. yep, i think you ticked every box. i can’t believe you are happy to live in such ignorance.

apart from anything, this woman has nothing to do with obama. she is just a rather dumb individual. hey, maybe that’s why you sympathise with her so much…

it’s incredible that sometimes it can feel like people like you are just made up caricatures and then every now and then you come acorss people like you and think “oh sh** these people actually EXIST?” 🙂 sad, sad , sad.

Sharon on

I am not understanding why she would even share this information, some things should remain private, I know she is trying to be funny, but maybe leave the humor to her co-host Joy, Sherry and Whoopi.

Anonymous on

it’s incredible that sometimes it can feel like people like you are just made up caricatures and then every now and then you come acorss people like you and think “oh sh** these people actually EXIST?” sad, sad , sad

Interesting…I think the same thing about liberals like you. Funny how anyone who has an opposing opinion from yourself are “ignorant” and “deluded” Fox News watchers. How very open-minded of you. Did it ever occur to you that you could be just as deluded from your sources of information? Probably not…well, I’d rather drink the Glenn Beck Kool-Aid than walk a mile in Nancy Pelosi’s sneakers.

Go get yourself some of your share of that “Obama money from his secret stash” and watch some more CNN for more lies. Unlike you, I believe you are entitled to your opinion…no matter how wrong it is, or how narrow-minded and truly uneducated you are.

Lady on

Get off your liberal high horses goodness people…always taking everything SOOOOOO seriously being ultra sensitive all the time..always trying to start drama & berading people not by what they say but by their political views even though this has NOTHING to do with politics. Im sure if it was Jennifer Garner saying the same thing everyone would be like “OMG she’s so cute, shes the best mom, shes such an angel”

She is clearly JOKING….liberals can never laugh or take a joke…I guess all this turmoil in your party really has you people up in arms about everything……good luck in November, lol

S Miller on

Well honey if you keep that husband at “bay” long enough…he will no doubt start parking his “boat” in someone else’s “bay”! Use real birth control and have some fun honey!

Whit on

Oh my goodness… She is clearly joking. Haven’t any of you ever joked about something like that? Whenever I babysit my neice, I always end up telling my husband that she’s a great form of birth control. Doesn’t mean I don’t use actual ones too! OMG you guys! Seriously, stop the hating.

Allie-Rose on

If this was supposed to be a joke, it wasn’t funny. Just like any other “joke” about her sex life. This woman either needs humour lessons … or an actual sex life.
Other than that, I don’t see how her comment was worth posting.

Nancy on

Yup, liberal ALWAYS resort to name calling. They can’t argue the facts that is why I should finally learn not to argue with a liberal. They CANNOT back up the unemployment rate, the deficit, the debt. Most of the Democrat Senators have never run a business. Message to you JM, the only reason you have your government jobs and programs is because of the people who PAY TAXES. Nobody is hiring because they are afraid of getting hit with this Obamacare crap. Ask them. Stop having parties with your beautiful friends and talk to people. And for the person who mocked the unemployed. Shame on you. I am not unemployed but I can’t believe that someone in the party of “compassion” (joke) would mock people who are down on their luck.

Wax on

Seriously? Do you think people all people are copulating like rabbits and not caring about birth control. Kudo’s for her that she doesn’t have to be part of the trend of mainstream idiots that don’t know how to keep their pants on.

Taylor on

Lady, you’re just hilarious!

Please, though, be smarter with your words and do not generalize about all liberals. This is not a political debate, either.

That said, I see nothing wrong with her comment. If anyone thinks she was serious, that says more about your character than hers.

Dominique on

Maternity underwear would be a much better way to keep her husband at bay then maternity shirt…



April on

Nancy if I remember correctly from her previous comments, JM is not an American, so what she’s offering here is an outside perspective which should probably be considered a bit more. My husband is Irish and the way the U.S. is viewed by non-Americans really isn’t that great. We should all take the same look at ourselves.

I thought Elisabeth’s comment was humorous. I don’t care for her politics but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a quip.

bella on

Not a fan of this woman AT ALL….but yeah, it was a joke-holy cow I cant believe the comments! (And lets be honest-if a big T shirt turns him off then thats an excuse-its her damn mouth.

Momof1 on

Wait? What is so wrong with wanting your husband to come on to you Hasselback???

I thought your with archaic views you would think a women should be sexually subservient to her man. Just sayin’ *shrugs*

Anonymous on

Fed UP-
You just wait till November when everyone shows you and your party how FED UP they are with the DEMS. Good for Elizabeth! She’s a beautiful lady with a husband that adores her and she makes a few jokes and you all freak out! Why exactly do you care what her methods of birth control are? FYI: Natural methods of birth control can be successful too.

D on

I have to agree with some of the posts here. Elizabeth is attractive in her own way, however, she makes herself sound like she’s the sexiest woman in the world. I’m sure her husband finds her attractive, but at the same time, if she doesn’t want anymore kids, just say, “hey, I’m done”. I’m pretty sure they’ve had this chat thought. She’s got a huge ego from what I can see. Not my favorite person.

Danielle on

I can’t believe some of the comments I have read from you people. This is a woman making a joke about birth control, clearly. But if she wasn’t and really does practice birth control without hormones, what business is it of yours? I don’t understand how the people of our country have decided that it’s ok to mock and criticize and insult everyone else over nothing. Everyone thinks they are better than everyone else these days. There is no compassion and kindness left. What the heck is going on?

Lady on

Thanks Taylor! I was going for humor & just for the record, only generalizing the bitter ones on this site which I have encountered in the real world….who sound exactly the same…apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…

Nancy on

April, you couldnt be more right on. I will listen to anyone’s opinion if they don’t resort to 1st grade name calling. I didn’t appreciate his/her calling an entire group of people stupid. That is exactly what the liberals say about not sterotyping gender, sexual orientation etc….

I hate arguing politics but I felt like others were slamming Elizabeth about her views when the original post was about her sex life. These people don’t even know Elizabeth personally. How do they know if she isn’t paid to say the things she does for ratings?

Kim on

It’s obvious there are mostly democrats posting comments. I happen to agree with her most of the time. Keep up the good work Elizabeth!

Beautee on

Of course she was just joking. Geeez there are so many negative people and people want to know why they can’t find a SO/Spouse or why the divorce rate is so high.

Crystal on

Nancy- I am sorry but you are DEAD WRONG in your analysis of the Republican Party. Yes, Fox news is popular………AMONG CONSERVATIVES!!!!!!! As far as Sarah Palin have you seen her approval rating? She’s a joke to most Americans. That’s not me spouting off at the mouth. IT’S FACT!!!!!!!! Come November you guys can do whatever you want but it won’t change one thing. OBAMA IS PRESIDENT. I’m sorry but this post is about Elisabeth Hasselbeck and her choice of “birth control” (or lack thereof). This whole debate is meaningless. Let’s just agree to disagree and move on. Seesh!

Nancy on

Crystal, again I would have never entered this debate but if you look at my first post and look above it, you will see that several liberals posted before me. They started the political thing. I just felt that the conservatives needed to have their say too. Somebody else brought up Sarah Palin, who will probably not run for office again anyway. I don’t understand why anyone talks about her at all.

I have been reading these posts for over 5 years and this is the first I have responded to. I have noticed that if a liberal is having a baby, she is wonderful but conservative (Hasselbeck, Harmon) are constantly being dumped on because of their political views. I am fed up with it.

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Just because you guys already took it there….

Many of you seem to think that Obama is just the victim of the Bush administrations failures. You may want to pay attention to his actual actions, because then you’ll see he has been following nearly the exact same policies as the Bush Administration.

While Obama is professing to help the middle class and poor he is bankrupting our country, federalizing private industry and starting new wars in the middle east.

In just two years the Obama administration has managed to:

!. Started a whole new illegal war in Afghanistan, while leaving thousands of troops in Iraq to “keep the peace.”
2. Spent more money on “economic recovery policies” than any other president in the history of our country. This has indebted our children for generations with no positive benefit to the economy or job industry.
3. Federalized over 50% of private industry in the last 18 months… meaning companies like banks, insurance, the auto industry, and hospitals are now partially owned by our government.
4. Threatened to bomb Pakistan and Iran if they do not follow our orders on how to run their countries.
5. Passed “security” laws that allow for the monitoring of private emails, internet, and cell phone conversations. He is also attempting to have the government take over regulation of the internet.

Although Bush was certainly a world class mess… Obama has proven himself a worthy rival. If you are an American who values freedom you may want to wake up and smell the coffee before it’s too late.

Nancy on

This tea party thing is about fiscal conservatism. It is not a social movement. The head of the tea party was on the View and she explained this. It is about government not spending money we don’t have. It is about reigning in spending and making government smaller. If you don’t agree with that, then there is something wrong with you.

Karen on

OMG, people take life way too seriously w/ these posts. I can hardly waste my time reading them all. I read a few & had to comment. I like her & I think the maternity tshirts that she is promoting are super cute! Obviously people like her or she wouldn’t be on the View…like Star & Rosie.

CMS on


I have to jump in to say that your five examples of what the current administration had accomplished in the last two years are absolute nonsense.

Unfortunately, I do not have time to discuss all of your silliness, but there is one quick thing that readers can do to verify how crazy your post is. (And to see a good example of the lies that the conservative media are propagating.) Who started the Afghan War???!?? It was initiated in 2001. Check Wiki if you don’t believe me. And, um, who was president in 2001??

The people who believe these lies are the same ones who say things like “Keep your government hands out of my Medicare!!” (Medicare is a government-run program; always has been.)

If you are a millionaire or billionaire, it actually makes great sense to support the republicans. So, if you are this rich, then forgive me — you are actually smarter than I have given you credit for. If you are not a millionaire, however, you need to start thinking more critically. Start following the money, for instance — find out who is bankrolling the T-party and Fox News and do a little reading…

AJ on

Wow, all the harpies flocked here I see. It’s nice to see you all being so open-minded and tolerant of other’s differing points of view. Oh, wait…

Nancy on

CMS I hope things don’t get terrible. I don’t want this country to go bankrupt and since this country is so far in debt (congress has been controlled by dems since 2006 and they have to take some of the blame too). I don’t want our country to fail but it looks like the government is taking more control over everything and I like free choice. That is why I am conservative. I do listen to Talk radio but I also listen some to MSNBC and to Meet the Press so I get the news from all angles. I am not rich and do not want to be. I just want to be able to keep more of the money I earn and to spend it how I like. Thats all. If that makes me radical, then so be it.

fuzibuni on


To defend Obama’s actions in Afghanistan, and blame them on the previous administration is morally negligent. As the commander in chief, he has made the decision to turn the occupation of Afghanistan into a full fledged war.

You may disagree with me, but everyone from Time magazine, to Frontline, to the Huffington Post have acknowledged that Afghanistan is “Obama’s War.”

Prior to taking office, the United States war regime was focused on Iraq. In the 19 months since Obama has been in office he has made the decision to transfer tens of thousands of US soldiers from Iraq into Afghanistan. Soon after he did this, the death toll for American soldiers rose from 7 a month to 36 deaths a month. This does not even count the number of afghan civilians who have died.

Meanwhile, while promising the American people that he is ending the war in Iraq, Obama has quietly left 50,000 troops there to continue the occupation.

If you want to continue believing that Obama and Bush have different foreign policies you can… but the majority of news agencies and reporters who are paying attention will tell you they are more similar than you would like to think.

Sam on

WOW, wrong place for many of you. Try ‘Topix’ you’ll find some good ‘debate’ on your politics there! Good luck!

I just want to say one more time….EliSabeth, please keep your sex life jokes to yourself, they are repetitive and tiresome….no one cares, except possibly your husband and apparently you don’t care what he thinks!!

Tris Stock on

I am tempted to say that her atitude is ‘Elizebethan’ (pun intended), but I fear her particular flavour of non-reproductive stupidity has never before been witnessed in history.

This new phenomenon of using a T-shirt to prevent unwanted pregnancy will, I am sure, be about as effective a contraceptive as the more general abstinence programs


Kathy on

Get real people. I bet her husband agrees with her views and if he doesn’t, he has the respect to not blast her. Kudos to her and her honesty on how she feels. As far as the oversized t-shirt, take a joke people!

klp on

Everyone needs to leave Elisabeth alone. she has a right to her opinions and I agree with many of the political views she has. So everyone needs to back off. And everyone jokes around every once and awhile so LET IT GO!