Spotted: Benjamin Brady Flies High!

09/22/2010 at 03:00 PM ET
Pacific Coast News


Benjamin Rein Brady gets a lift from mom Gisele Bündchen while enjoying a sunny Saturday at Hudson River Park in New York City.

On Sunday, the 9-month-old’s proud papa Tom Brady and his team, the New England Patriots, took on the New York Jets in a 28-14 loss for the Pats.

“My son is so beautiful, I love him so much,” the model mama, 30, tells the New York Post.

“But before you have children, you have got to make sure you’ve got a great man. You can’t settle for less … someone you love, and someone who has the same beliefs.”

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Tammy on

Awwww!! Benjamin is such a cutie and he looks so happy. 🙂 Oh and Tom has some amazingly strong genes. Both boys look exactly like him imo…right down to the dimple in their chin.

mom in FL on

this picture is so cute. A mama and her baby!

Beautee on

He is a beautiful little boy. Both he and his brother look like Tom.

Jenn on

He’s so handsome! I think he looks like both Mom and Dad but resembles brother Jack a lot.

Allison on

Her comments seems to be a dig at Bridget Moynihan….“But before you have children, you have got to make sure you’ve got a great man. You can’t settle for less .”

Err…ok?! Not sure what that says about Tom?

Bugs on

The pic is gorgeous. But i gotta say, Giselle always comes up with the weirdest comments. You must breastfeed, you gotta make sure you have a great man before you have a baby. I wish we all women by nature had the capacity to know if we have the perfect man BEFORE we have a baby with him. Like, she always makes it sound as if life is a piece of cake or else. I know her life is perfect, and i hope it continues to be that way considering her zero-error expectations.

I know, i know, i’m pretty sure there’s more to those comments she makes, but she it’s always the same with her. She always makes comments that makes you go “huh?”

LisaS on

Whoever took the snapshot captured a truly beautiful moment between Gisele and her baby. They look so happy in this picture.

Allison on

can’t stand this lady and her off the wall comments.
i don’t know her husband personally, but i recall he looked really shady at the time when he left bridget pregnant and took up with gisele. they may have already been split by the time she found out she was pregnant, but seems like gisele just likes to let everyone know how perfect she is. sort of annoying. cute baby, though.

alex on

All I will say is she gives good advice. I hear some women complain about their child’s father and i also wonder to myself the best gift you can give your child is a great father.

Don’t want a crazy husband don’t marry a crazy guy.

Robyn on

The picture is gorgeous for sure…he looks just like his dad and big brother! Those Brady genes must be strong, heh.

However, I’ve always looked at the Giselle posts and thought “You women are so catty and evil. She’s just a dumb model, who cares what she says?” But to be honest, I was really offended about the perfect man comment. Some people marry someone they think is perfect and then years down the road, he’s not. It’s not all so black and white like Giselle thinks it is. I’m glad she was able to marry the “perfect” man for her, but we’re not all so lucky (so far, I have been, also). I’m also glad she managed to find someone so amazing within her child bearing years…not all women are so lucky. Should they not be having children just because they didn’t get a man to fix their lives? Stupid comment.

Alex, the greatest gift is certainly not a father. I grew up without one and don’t feel like I missed out on anything now that I know him as an adult. What about all the older women out there who just want a baby but they’re successful in life? So they should wait to have a child because mommy didn’t meet Prince Charming at 20? Hardly. The greatest gift you can give a child is showing them LOVE. Pure and simple. LOVE goes a long way.

Bugs on

Thank u Robyn. That was nicely put.

Bancie1031 on

AWE! Benjamin is such a cutie!

Elisa on

Ben is really cute…

She’s talking about the fact that she loves her husband very much,thinks he’s the one for her and was married before she got pregnant… what is wrong with it?? she’s not saying she’s perfect… she dated Leo DiCaprio for many years but he wasn’t the one…you guys always take it as an ill comment to Bridget… none of us was in that relationship to know what really happened,so stop judging Gisele…

Angel on

I remember those days of euphoric bliss. You were so in love and thought you knew everything there was to know about the subject. We’ll see how she feels in 20 years (if they are still together) when she has weathered several storms that life has a tendency to bring about. Her comments about having a great man before you have children are a nice thought and something to aspire to but it doesn’t always work out that way. She’s lucky that she thinks it did for her but I have my doubts. The same man that fathered her baby is the same one that left the mother of his first baby while she was pregnant. That doesn’t sound like the upstanding kind of guy I would want to have a baby with.

Tracie on

Gorgeous boy, but I really wish Gisele would keep her opinions to herself, as all she seems to do is offend others.

nelly on

@ Robyn….very nicely said life is life NOTHING is perfect

Jilliane on

They are such an adorable family!!! I wish them both the best.

It’s funny how one person’s comments hit such a huge note with some of you. Not everyone is in the same situation and what she says works for her. Calm down. I totally agree with her statement. In my experience having a great guy who I share the same beliefs with has made my family stonger and happy. Maybe I’m just lucky. But i think having a child with someone who you don’t share beliefs with and who is a total a**hole would be harder. Why can’t she have her happiness and be verbal about it without you people being pissed off because she is happy. Do you say the perfect thing every time you open your mouth? Not everyone will agree with what everyone else has to say. So deal with it and maybe stick to reading and commenting on someone you do like and agree with. (It might make you a happier person.)

Hahzu7 on

Are you kidding me? 1st – who said Tom LEFT Bridget? why could it have not been Bridget that dropped Tom? 2nd – even if he did SO WHAT apparently it was the best decision for everyone. 3rd – Gisele is Brazilian, some times what she is saying does not come out sounding like she really meant. And finally, she is correct, it really is the best way, to find the right man FOR YOU and then bring your children into it. she did not say it was going to last forever, or anyone who did not do it that way is doomed. But it is easier especially for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of finacial or family support. Stop judging people and just enjoy the photos.

D on

People are taking offense because she isn’t just talking about herself. She isn’t say *I* she’s saying *you*. She giving ‘advice’ although it comes up much more like a command “You have got to…”. It’s one thing to talk about your life, but she continually makes comments like everyone has to do what she does. She’s a model. For many years she’s been hired to represent brands and companies, she’s had many lessons on how to talk to the media yet she still makes all these comments that she has to take back or explain away. Good PR, bad comments. I think it’s great if they’re happy and everything is going well. That doesn’t mean it’s her way or the highway or that her way is the only right way or even that her way is possible for everyone.

Angela on

The perfect Mother speaks again…and puts her foot right in her mouth.

Gisele’s comments on anything motherhood,like she’s a expert. Stick to walking the runway.

Elisa on

Benjamin is so cute! I love Gisele. She’s so happy, confident and optimistic. And when you’re like this everything in your life works out. Our mind is powerfull.

I’m feel so much for the naturally unhappy people, but don’t be mad with Gisele, it’s not her fault.

Lady on

Clearly people are going to pick apart anything this woman says…who cares what she thinks…believes…says or does. It certainley isnt affecting anyone on this site…at least it shouldn’t as long as you know what is right & wrong…in your own definition.

Anyways, Ben is super super cute. Like his daddy use to be before he grew out his hair like Justin Biebers.

Bugs on

Some of you are NOT reading the comments carefully. I don’t think there’s any complaint of how her life is, or that there is something wrong with her life. The thing is, she’s not only saying how perfect her life is, she’s saying that it’s GOT TO BE that way. Her comments are always black or white. You’re either go white, or black. No room for errors or any other possibility. The same thing she did with her breastfeeding comments. EVERY WOMAN MUST BREASTFEED. Well, what happens if the woman canNOT breastfeed? There are situations in which women cannot do it. So, the “must” part caused the riot and she had to go back and rephrase it.

Now she’s done it again. She now says “before you have children, you have GOT TO make sure you’ve got a great man. You can’t settle for less.” Really? We have “got to”?? So if not we’re “settling for less”????? Well girl, what if it doesn’t work? what if she cheats on you? Like i said in my first post, i think anyone could only dream about being so sure of the person you’re with before you start a family. What about single motherhood? or women who simply can’t find or don’t want a man?

This is what bothers me about Gisele. She could’ve simply said, i’m happy with my life, i have beautiful son and a great man. But to say that you MUST do this, or you have GOT TO have what i have, otherwise you’re settling for less, it’s plain pathetic.

I agree with some here, she should stick to runways and not talk.

Bugs on

Elisa, please go back and read the comments. Nobody is “blaming” Gisele. Your comment is ridiculous.

ILuvPerfectParents on

Are you kidding me? There must be a link to this post my computer doesn’t show because NO WHERE in the above post did she say she had a perfect man. How is her stating, “before you have children, you have got to make sure you’ve got a great man” taking jabs at Bridget? Hello they have the same man as a father for their children, and she married him so obviously she think he’s a great man and father.

She’s telling the truth, with the exceptions of some, there are plenty of women who choose-chose to ignore red flags or flat out knew that the person they had a child with wasn’t a great person and for whatever reasons had a child with him anyway, only to realize later that not only is he not that great of a person but is also a horrible father and that can be vice versa.

I have learned not to be offended by catty remarks in the comment section because I realize that they are in 98% of every SINGLE post. If a mother states “I had a natural child birth” you will get, “oh shame on her for making mothers who couldn’t get one feel bad”. or “after my pregnancy the weight seem to have fell off” you will hear, “way to make other moms who had trouble with their pregnancy weight feel bad” or “I work out 2 hours a day for five days a week” you will hear, “well not everyone can afford a trainer, a chef, and a babysitter” etc……… No matter what they say, they can’t win for losing.

He is an adorable baby.

dickie on

Beautiful little boy…

Who asked her for any advice? She seems to think that she is living the perfect life and therefore must bestow her wisdom on all of us. And clearly she didnt marry the perfect guy. We all know his history.

Janie on

Beautiful mother and son. Some of you seem to be a bit jealous!

Janie on


what exactly is Tom Brady’s history?

toni on

Gisele just can’t win. Why post pictures of her? It seems that the “I hate Gisele fan club” has taking over this website. She doesn’t offend me, why does she get you all so riled up?

Amanda on

Cute baby, such a great picture! I agree, he looks a lot like his big brother and daddy!

People just don’t seem to understand that english is not Giselle’s first language and things can come off a little different than she probably means. And even so, I agree with the basic message. There are way too many women who think a man will change, either over time or when he becomes a father or when they get married, ect, ect, ect. Who date men but don’t talk about their future and then whoops, they are pregnant. And don’t get me started on the women who have unprotected sex with men and then are surprised when the guy leaves when he finds out she was pregnant. If he’s irresponsible enough to have unprotected sex when he doesn’t want a baby, it’s not a far stretch to think he’d be responsile afterwards. I hate to place the blame solely on the women, but we have to be responsible for our own bodies. It’s life. Of course in a perfect world people wouldn’t have sex with someone they wouldn’t want a child with, since a child can happen even when you’re being responsible, but that is never going to happn cause nobody wants to practice self control anymore.

Chloe on

She has the perfect family, the perfect friends, the perfect job and the perfect life. This is the present moment in her life. People ignore the fact that Gisele is 30 years old, she probably didn’t have everything perfect in her life before. Gisele is living in a fairytale.
But what she says about women should find the perfect guy to marry and to have kids with him is true. Women usually want everything with any guy who gives some attention to her. It’s very sad.
We must look at ourselves. Women are not rational, intelligent and smart beings when we’re in love.

To everyone who talks about Bridget Monahan. The woman announced her pregnancy after the end of her relationship with Tom. She wanted to trap Tom but he was smarter.

Annie on

Alex – “Don’t want a crazy husband don’t marry a crazy guy.” That made me laugh out loud. I have found myself wanting to say to women I know “what did you expect? He was like that when you married him. This is not a surprise”.

As to Giselle, ironically, I do think she means well. She’s happy with her life and she may wish that experience for everyone so she says things like you must breatfeed, you must have the perfect man, blah-blah. Unfortunately, her comments do come off as somewhat condescending. I am not offended because I just don’t really care what she thinks one way or another. 🙂

Anyhow, gorgeous photo and I wouldn’t mind having her figure. Ha-ha.

Jill on

He is so adorable. A lot of people feel the way she does and we don’t know what question was asked to give that answer. I think it is wonderful that she found that in a husband and a father. I am not bothered by what she said, but know that a woman doesn’t need any of that to have a child or become a mother. I know a few moms who never found the right guy and became moms on their own. This is her experience and again, I wonder what question she was asked.

Di on

Gisele Bundchen has a history of making ridiculous comments over and over again. I do not know any woman who would choose to have a child with someone they did not think was a great person. I believe most women do not want to “settle”. However, there are many unplanned pregnancies and the woman decides to keep the child even though the man is a loser. Also, people do change and the great man of you dreams turns out to be a liar and cheater. People cannot predict the future.

I personally would not want to date,marry or have a child with a man who would abandon his girlfriend or wife while pregnant because I consider that a negative character trait but others feel differently. I do not see how any woman can date a man who is expecting a child with another woman like Britney Spears or Gisele.

Lily on

I’m inclined to think that the issues with her comments are the product of cultural differences and the language barrier and I respect that. But I definitely have to continue to tell myself that in order to repress the negative knee-jerk reactions I often get when I read one of her comments.

I think Benjamin looks alot like John (or Jack, I’m never sure what he is called at home)…..anybody else see it???

meghan on

None of the problems from her comments are because English is not her first language. She knows exactly what she is saying.

It will be a great day when there can be a Giselle post and there is no mention of Bridget in the comments section and vice versa for Bridget’s posts. I really doubt that anything these women say is some veiled slam at the other. They both have beautiful, healthy sons and I’m sure they have moved on from what happened, why can’t you harpies get over it? Tom Brady ain’t so great that two grown women would be behaving like mean girls over him.

Jill on

Also not to mention that there are plenty of moms who are thankful to have a wife or girlfriend as their partner. I think this site strives on drama in their posts. Used to not be that way. I get sucked in.

andrea on

I’ve never commented on anything like this, but I finally feel like I must. Benjamin is beautiful, and up to this point I have chosen to believe Giselle means well in her string of comments on motherhood (although what she has said left much to be desired). However, the latest comment about a good man is more than I can handle.

What comes to mind for me is all of the wonderful single moms AND dads, and as a huge supporter of gay and lesbian rights, all of the lesbian and gay couples with whom I am acquainted. In this day and age, children are fortunate to have any of a wide variety of committed caregivers and family constellations, and I find Giselle’s comments about a good man repugnant and offensive. I think this woman needs to live her life off the record and leave the comments about parenting and families to the people who actually have the education and experience to render valid opinions. As a public figure, she should either refrain from making comments that could be sweepingly offensive or educate herself enough to realize her way of being is not the only valid one. For her sake, I truly hope she is just inarticulate and unable to express herself clearly because if not and she is, in fact, as judgmental as she has managed to come across, I am afraid how influence such as hers might damage her son and those with whom she associates…the world needs fewer bigoted and judgmental people, not more.

And just for the record, I am not in the least bit jealous or insecure, as some of you might accuse me. I, in fact, am a birth doula and prenatal yoga teacher, have a committed and loving male partner myself, birthed both of my children naturally at home, used elimination communication with them from birth (instead of diapers), practiced extended breastfeeding, and NEVER gave either of my children a pacifier (LOL).

fabs on

I am not sure if she meant what she said, but I somehow also think (like other posters) something has been lost in translation. My mother language is Spanish and I often caught myself saying something like, “you must make sure… ” instead of “one must make sure…”

Meaning this is what it worked for me, and I do not intend to say that you must follow/do the way I did it.

Pam on

Ok, I am a 48 year old grandmother – and of course don’t know Giselle, Bridget or Tom – but the first thing that I thought of when I read the comment about one must have a great man etc – was how she just loves to put down Bridget (without saying her name, of course) in just about every interview she does about her child, or Bridget’s child, for that matter.

I just get the feeling that despite all she says – that she is terribly insecure. (not sure if it is jealousy over the fact that she was not the first person to have a child with Tom).

Just my opinion of course.

fuzibuni on

Everyone expects celebrities to make totally PC comments that cover all the bases, just in case someone else gets offended. This makes for some really bland interviews in my opinion.

Are we really all so thin skinned and egotistical that we can’t just take her comment as what it was? She said it’s important to pick a mate you love who shares your beliefs. what is so terrible about that?

Just because you may be a single mom, or a gay father, does not mean that Gisele thinks you suck as a human being. She’s just being asked about her own perspective on having children. Not everything needs to be all about YOU.

zappo on

Giselle cannot win no matter what she says. It seems that the people who know that she enrages them everytime should not read the articles whenever she has a post on here. I feel it’s like going out of their way to look for something that they are sure will offend them just to have something to bitch about. That is a waste of energy and very negative attitude to have. Why not just skip past it and continue to have a pleasant day? If you know you already hate her, there is obviously nothing she would ever be able to say to please you. Live. Let live. Don’t let negativity get the better of you; it’s bad for your mind and spirit.

zappo on

I also don’t know why readers choose to take things so personally. It may be because of some unresolved issues in their own lives. Giselle isn’t actually talking to you in particular, just answering questions a reporter is probably asking. So much uproar, so much hate. Such a wasted emotion.

Kim on

If you don’t like Giselle stop reading her interviews/ comments. BTW I know plenty of women who have chosen a man to father their child based on his income, his looks etc. How can she be putting down Bridget when they chose the same man to father their child.Both boys have the same father so they both chose the same “great man”

gdfg on

Why do you all have to twist every comment she makes around to somehow include Bridget? I highly doubt she is thinking of Bridget when she answers interview questions.

gdfg on

“The woman announced her pregnancy after the end of her relationship with Tom. She wanted to trap Tom but he was smarter.”

Chloe, are you close friends with Tom or Giselle? Because I don’t know how you would know she tried to “trap” him unless you knew one of them personally.

Sometimes I feel like I’m posting on here with a bunch of children!

Sarah on

Just here to point out: for all the posters super-offended by every word that comes out of Gisele Bundchen’s mouth…perhaps stop reading her interviews. I’ll second zappo’s opinion: who has the energy to obsess and level vitrol at a stranger?

I read about her because I find her interesting and inspiring, less because of her yoga/new age mumbo-jumbo, but because I find it so beautiful how much she loves, treasures, and protects her stepson. And I’m jealous of her hair.

As for her comments: frankly, she’s right. Very few people want to have a baby alone, just as very few people want to have a baby with someone they don’t like or respect or doesn’t like or respect them in return. Accidents happen, but it’s so much easier when there are two committed, functional people involved.

suzy on

i’m inclined to agree with pam, that giselle is insecure. why else would you want your husband to grow his hair out, making him totally unattractive, and then “not allow” him to cut it. maybe she thinks the hair will keep other women at bay! here’s that story from yahoo – it’s quite comical:

Taylor on

Chloe, what an idiotic remark.

Why must it be that the reason Bridget got pregnant was because she decided to “trap” Tom. The fact of the matter is, it wasn’t great timing but they were both responsible for creating that life. Of course, though, Bridget must’ve poked holes in a condom or secretly went off birth control. Please.

I still don’t understand why some people insist on making Giselle and Bridget into the villain and the saint. Some people can’t stand Giselle while others love Bridget. Others love Giselle while they can’t stand Bridget. The truth is, no one knows what happened within their relationship except those that were active participants in it: Giselle, Bridget, and Tom.

The funny thing is, Bridget and Tom have publicly admitted to having a completely civil relationship for the sake of their son. It’s select individuals who refuse to grasp this concept.

It’s been over four years since they broke up. If they can get over it, why the hell can’t any of you?

lana on

We don’t know what happened in Tom and Bridget’s relationship – true. It’s as wrong to assume he left her as it is to assume she tried to trap him. But I find Giselle just very opinionated, judgemental and really ignorant. If she has such trouble with the English language she can either learn it properly before making comments that are offensive and plain annoying, or she can refrain from making such comments altogether. Giselle talks like she’s the enlightened one, not a supermodel whose job is to put on designer clothes and walk down a runway. If she’s happy and has a great life, good on her. Her son is adorable, and she seems to be content – I can’t find fault with that. What grates me is the way she KEEPS shoving herself into the spotlight by making the most offensive, rude and often baseless remarks which she should know can be miscontrued. Whatever her illusions, she [nor anyone else] does NOT have the perfect life, the perfect husband/wife, or the perfect child. I hope someone has the heart to tell her she sounds like a moron.

Barbie on

Hope she still considers him the “perfect man” in a year or two when they’re getting divorced. Her comments are so far fetched. She needs to get a freakin’ grip.

Sage on

But before you have children, you have got to make sure you’ve got a great man. You can’t settle for less … someone you love, and someone who has the same beliefs.”


Please tell me how the comment is offense in anyway? Yeah there are women how are lesbians, those who choose to have babies on their own(which is fine) But this in no way applies to them.

I’m sorry Andrea but she is a Hetero sexual women with a husband, it’s not a shocker that she didn’t included the entire humanrace, including gender, race,religion etc.. in that statement, so before we start calling someone a Bigiot, lets use some common sense.

Yeah some of you ladies may not like her because you have felt offended by some of her comments but guess what Cupcakes, someone saying that finding a perfect man that shares common life goals and ideas with ya before having children isn’t crazy, GEEZ

Yeah there are conditions where things happen and you must end that relationship(people change), but isn’t that what ALL people should strive for when finding a mate, people that share common ideas???? By looking at these comments I guess not, it’s no wonder divorce is so out of control.

Erin on

Sage – it’s no wonder the use of grammar is so out of control, judging by your tortured use of it. (Although some, just some, of the things you said make sense)

JustMe on

Yeah, I don’t know why some people get so riled up about what she says; I really can’t ‘read’ anything offensive at anything she has said and I have read (at least most) of the CB posts about her. They’re just opinions; maybe what a commenter has mentioned before, the fact that English is not her mother tongue has something to do with it… the wording is not exactly to the American native speaker’s taste or the way she conveys her ideas is just not what we normally hear here in the US. I really don’t think she’s patronizing anybody.

Jen DC on

In her defense, I really do think it’s a language barrier issue. No matter how fluent you are in a language, unless it’s *your* language, things are lost in translation. English grammar isn’t the easiest to learn and most likely what we perceive as unwarranted advice/bossiness is probably something milder in Portuguese.

That baby does look like his father and brother, though, and is just gorgeous.

Gisele, if you’re behind Tom’s non-haircut, you need to roll that decision back. He looks terrible.

Renee on

Why do people continue to say that Tom left Bridget when she pregnant?

Bridget told Harper’s Bazaar in 2008 that she didn’t know she was pregnant until a few months after they broke up. If Bridget didn’t know, then how could have Tom have known? Is he a mind reader?

Why keep toting that line when it’s false?

Next- Tom dated Bridget for 3 years, and didn’t ask her for marriage. A “accidental” pregnancy after 3 years wasn’t going to change that.

To me this reeks of the same Angelina Jolie/Jennifer Aniston fanbase wars.

Get over it ladies.

I don’t expect a woman with $ 200+ million in the bank, a successful career, a healthy child, a successful and wealthy husband in his own right to tell me how hard her life is.

The only people insecure here are those picking apart comments just so they can diss a celeb, and justify their unnatural hatred of them.

ILuvPerfectParents on

How can she be putting down Bridget when they chose the same man to father their child. Both boys have the same father so they both chose the same “great man”
That’s EXACTLY what I said, If she and Bridget’s sons share the same father and she waited to have a child by a great man, then obviously they both chose a great man. I can’t believe that people don’t see that or feel it was negative towards Giselle.

Why would she be jealous and insecure of anyone? He could have practically married anyone he wanted, he married who he obviously loved and wanted to be with.

Victoria on

I think that her comments seem so blunt is because she doesn’t speak english clearly.. I don’t think she is trying to sound rude. If you listen to her interviews, she has a strong accent.

Sarah K. on

There was nothing even a little controversial about her statement.

As others have pointed out, how can she be putting down Bridget when their children have the SAME father?

She is a heterosexual woman who is married to a man. Of course she is saying that you should find the perfect man. Does that mean she hates lesbians, gays, and single people. Quite frankly, that’s really reaching. It’s so blatantly obvious that she’s talking having common ground and similar beliefs as your partner. She’s speaking generally, not to every single person who has ever existed. You have to be looking to get mad if you actually found her comment offensive.

Emily on

Gorgeous pic.

But I do have to agree with a lot of the posters. She just comes off as sooo judgemental. You’ve been a mom for 9 mths and every opp she gets she throws out… what woman SHOULD do.

allison on

Wow at the women on this board. Whats so judgemental about her statement? Shouldn’t you find a mate that shares your beliefs and morals? And to all the people who are complaining about Gisele being judgemental, what excatly do you think your doing??????????? Thats right begin JUDGEMENTAL.

Patrice on

Wow! This is the first pic I’ve seen of Benjamin where he looks just like his Dad : ) For so long I was thinking “who on Earth does this boy look like?” Lol. Now I can finaly see it! Such a cutie just like Jack : )

Patrice on

Bug: NOWEHERE in her comment here does she say that the man “has to be ‘perfect'” She stated (quite correctly) that women should have a man that is RIGHT FOR THEM (individually) and shares the “same value system”, which is something that should absolutely be considered before having kids with someone…I mean, how could it not be??

I know G has said some very questionable things in the past, but really, how in the world could anyone find fault with what she said here? I guess some people are just ready to hate this woman no matter what she says or does.

Kim on

Suzy put down the tabloids ASAP Link an interview where “She” says she tells her husband how to wear his hair and not sources or insiders. GMAB

Sage on

Erin- I so you can’t read.

Sandee on

Sage, what in the hell are you talking about? GO BACK TO SCHOOL OR STOP TALKING!!!!!!!!!!

Audrey on

Tell that to Bridget Moynihan, Giselle! LOL. Seriously, stick to the modeling.