Keith Urban Helms Sunday’s First Recording Session

09/22/2010 at 11:00 AM ET
Lester Cohen/WireImage

Between Hollywood and Nashville, so far Sunday Rose Kidman Urban seems to be leaning toward the musical side of the family.

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman‘s daughter, who turned 2 in July, has been getting music lessons from Dad for a while. And now, she’s had her first impromptu recording session.

“She came down to the studio the other day, and I put little headphones on her, and she came to the mic and she did two songs,” the country star proudly told PEOPLE on Monday at the ACM Honors event in Nashville.

“She did ‘ABC’ and she did ‘Twinkle Twinkle,’ beginning to end. It was so cute to see the little headphones on her. It was cool.”

Urban has a new album, Get Closer, coming out in November. And his daughter’s influence is all over the record, he says, even if he doesn’t mention her by name.

“I haven’t written literally about Sunday,” he says, “but there’s a deeper purpose that’s come from my marriage and now from fatherhood. So, I’m drawing inspiration from that sense of purpose and a feeling of love that I’ve never had in my life before, and that has come from both my girls.”

Urban, 42, was honored at the event with the Jim Reeves International Award for being an ambassador of country music around the world.

— Eileen Finan

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iame on

WHAT?!! No picture of Sunday! Please let us see some recent pictures of this little cutie!!

Abby on

I am so happy for Keith and Nicole. They seem to be going strong.

Anne on

I’m sorry but his hair is ridiculous looking!

Kim on

I admire them for keeping their child out of the public eye..unlike (her ex) Tom and Katie who jump at every Suri photo op that comes their way.

sandra on

yay for these 3🙂 and im glad there are no recent photos, it means they are out there living their life, unbothered!

gloria on

This is such a sweet story!! Keith and Nicole are a wonderful couple and I’m happy for them. Would love to hear that recording by Sunday, Keith!! lol!!

G8torgirl on

Keith Urban is fantastic! I’ve listened to him before he was as popular as he is now, and he never ceases to amaze me. His family is precious, and his love for them is just so great. It’s so nice to hear a husband and dad glow about love for a change!! Way to go Keith!! I’ll put your new CD right next to my entire collection of yours! We love you down here in the South!!

Julia Sugarbaker on

There is no luckier gal in the world than Nicole Kidman! Period and end of sentence.

gloria on

I love this couple!! Sure wish I could hear that recording of Sunday singing and see a picture too!!

Amber on

I just love Keith Urban! He is one of the best entertainers out there!

marianna on

What a darling family! They’re wise not showing pictures of their daughter. I’m sure they want her life to be as normal and private as possible. Nothing at all like “The Tom Cruise Family” who take every opportunity they can to get press pictures out of their kid.

sophiacrow on

Please Nicole, help Keith with his hairdo!!!!!!!!!! It couldn’t be worse.

Mandy on

Oh please…..I’m going to throw up.

Louise on

What a man that Keith Urban is. Fabulous father and husband. And fabulous is not just a large enough adjective to describe Keith as an entertainer. Everyone needs to see Keith Urban in concert. Beyond fabulous.

Marie on

Their little girl is adorable! She just needs to be squeezed🙂

Mary on

His hair looks great.

Mary on

His hair looks great the way it is now. Not the way it is in that old picture above.

coco on

Love KU and his girls. So happy for him.

torgster on

I know how to fix his hair – just let me run my fingers through it for, oh let’s say the next 40 years LOL! I love him and am so glad he went to rehab and got his life turned around after they got married. I wish the three of them nothing but the best. And Mandy what is your problem may I ask? Jeez.

Jill on

What a sweet story. I did see a picture of them recently, I think in Us. This picture is from March.

And June

70's Rocker on

I’m tired of hearing about this hair thing, lst it’s Steven Tyler now it’s Keith Urban. There is nothing wrong with either’s hair. Some men actually prefer longer hair. Not everyone has to conform to certain peoples expectations……Maybe you don’t look quite right to some. He who casts the lst stone……

Taylor on

Kim, Tom and his family have nothing to do with this post. It’s just another way a person, like you, starts drama.

Katy on


Alice on

Keith Urban is the BEST entetainer anywhere today, he is a kind, caring, grateful and loving person!! I am thrilled he is so happy with his ‘girls’! As a singer,musician, and writer, he is the BEST as well!!

sassy on

First, you need to attend a Keith Urban concert to understand what an amazing and uplifting entertainer he is. He is a stellar musician, not just a singer. As exceedingly talented, popular, and good-looking as he is, he is HUMBLE!!! He works his recovery program and it shows. He is an inspiration and consistently makes an effort to keep his family a priority and to be a role model. Many in the entertainment business would fare well if they were as honest and humble as Keith.

Karrie on

@Sassy. Well said! I’ve met him a couple of times and been to numerous shows. I couldn’t agree more with your comments. I think that everyone needs to attend at least one of his concerts to understand. Of course, then they might get hooked and have to attend more. :^)

Erica on

Yep, the hair does need to be fixed…however, he is not only a beautiful man but a beautiful person as well…and an amazing singer. Yes, fix the hair so we can all marvel at your beauty!

Shar on

I know how to fix his hair – just let me run my fingers through it for, oh let’s say the next 40 years LOL! I love him

My sentiments exactly. Leave the hair alone – that is his trademark (a few more blonde streaks would be fine). What is most important is how he has turned his life around and what a wonderful and dedicated husband and father he has become. I so wanted this to work out especially with what that low life Tom Cruise did to Nicole. These two seem perfectly matched and very very happy and keeping their daughter out of the public eye is a good thing. You do see pictures of here periodically and she is a cutie. Much happiness always Nicole and Keith.

Kasie on

I hope they keep Sunday in Nashville & out of LA –

Kim on

I love him and his music, but I can see where the hair comments are coming from. It isn’t the length, it’s the fact that it so often looks dirty. Maybe he just has oily hair?

lowezl on

I don’t see anything wrong with his hair–it certainly doesn’t detract from the looks of this talented and gorgeous entertainer–I imagine you people wear your hairstyle to suit yourself, and I imagine Keith likes his hair that way. His hairstyle is his trademark, and if he’s comfortable wearing that particular style, why should it bother anybody? His wife doesn’t have any complaints–in fact, she has said she feels like a very lucky woman, and I sure bet she is because from all the interviews of her I’ve read, he seems to be a wonderful father and a very romantic and loving husband. Why criticize a man for the way he likes to wear his hair–at least he’s been blessed with good hair and a lot of it and doesn’t have to hide a bald head under a cowboy hat. He seems to appreciate his fans more than any other artist regardless of what they wear when they go to see him or how they wear THEIR hair. Back in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, no one cared how an entertainer wore their hair or how eccentric their appearance was–all that mattered was their music–it is a shame that such a petty thing like Keith’s hairdo should seem so important today with our high tech generation, especially if you go to MTV and VH1 and get a gander at some of the outlandish outfits and outrageous hairdos that you see over there on performers and presenters at their award shows and major events. Keith Urban is a man who gives 110% to make sure that his fans have a wonderful time and get their money’s worth at all of his concerts and each album he makes. When I see Keith on TV or go to one of his concerts, I get so lost in his music that I couldn’t tell you what his hair looks like. The only time I really notice it is when he is really feeling his music and flipping it around like crazy! Then there’s just no way you can sit still when you’re exposed to that kind of energy and talent.

aly on

Bets are that Sunday will be a very grounded young woman and Suri will be a very high needs materialistic young woman craving the media. Not to say either is bad…They are both cute children but Nicole and Keith are just mature and intriniscally talented, sincerely loving and philanthropic people.

Janie on

Beautiful family! Love Keith Urban!

missy on

Wow, 10 years since Tom and Nicole divorced and yet nearly a quarter of the comments are about the Cruises. It’s time to move on people. Seriously, those posts are embarrassing.

Sweet story. I’m sure Sunday has such an adorable voice.

SayWhat on

Some of the comments actually made me throw up in my mouth a little.

Glenda on

I think it is funny that people are commenting on Keith’s hair since the picture is an older picture and it don’t look like that anymore!!

Tee on

Keith and Nicole seem so happy together and little Sunday is gorgeous! I, too, am glad that they are keeping her out of the public eye, just giving us a glimpse of her every now and then. I would love to see them have more children in the future!

Chantal on

I must say I liked Nicole Kidman first,always loved Nicole from day one. I purchased my first Keith Urban CD after they were married. I’m glad I did, Keith is a wonderful singer! I recently saw my first KU concert in Paso Robles, CA what a blast! Keith thank you for putting on a wonderful show, you are a mighty fine musician and excellent guitarist! No one is better than KU in this generation. I am now a KU fan for life. I’m pleased Nicole is now in good hands and their daughter seem lovely. May your entire family live happily and in peace. God bless!

CelebBabyLover on

I’d love to hear Sunday singing!🙂 That being said, I think it’s a bit unfair to compare Tom and Katie to Keith and Nicole. I think that for many reasons, but the two main ones are that Tom is more famous than Nicole, and Tom and Katie’s homebase is LA whereas Keith and Nicole live primarily in Nashville, which isn’t exactly the paparazzi capital of the world!

So it’s only natural that we’re going to see Suri more than Sunday!

mommag on

Ok I LOVE me some Keith Urban, but damn…his hair looks like a curtain! It does need a few more highlights too.

Jill on

Glenda, I thought the same thing. I also wondered why CBB didn’t use a newer pic or one with Sunday, since the article is about her.

Anonymous on

These two make a beautiful couple!!!

Nicole Jackson on

That is so so sweet that Sunday song those two songs its cute when there little like that those are some huge milestones for the parents to see & it never gets old i learn or see something dfferent everyday with my son & he is 7 & for me it will never get old i love seeing new things that my son does like i said it will never get old for me! I cant wait for the new album i know i will be @ the store midnight when they put out im not going to wait around to go it next day im making sure to get it @ midnight thats for sure! I cant wait for new tour to start next year i know i will buy tickets as soon as u annoce your dates i just hope you plan on making a stop in Wichita, Kansas next year if Keith doesnt i will be so so bummed about it! But anyways good luck on the new album Keith i hope its does just as good or even better than your last albums Keith!!

Vi on

I find Nicole to be so phoney. I never liked her as an actress, and I like her less as Keith’s wife. He should have found a good ole country gal. I think it’s because of her that he dresses like a nerd. When he’s touring he looks so awesome, when he’s home with her, every pic he looks nerdy, geeky even. Wish he could have made it work with Nikki Taylor!!!!!

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