Family Photo: The Garner-Afflecks Play Ball

09/22/2010 at 08:00 AM ET

With his new film The Town a hit at the box office, Ben Affleck enjoyed a relaxing weekend with wife Jennifer Garner and their daughters — Violet Anne, 4½, and Seraphina Rose Elizabeth, 20 months — at Saturday morning soccer practice in Brentwood, Calif.

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Lis on

Gosh, I thought Jen Garner was tall but she looks like a shorty next to Ben and her tall little Violet 🙂

They are such a super cute family!

Mari on

These pics are just precious! They are a lovely family.

Elle on

It is still hard for me to get used to seeing them together. I never would have placed these two as a couple. Thinking about them separately as actors…they seem SO different. But I suppose that could be the attraction. Their girls are lovely!

Terri on

Ben and Jen seem a perfect fit. They are both very family oriented.

Jennifer does look mighty short next to Ben. Or maybe he’s just tall.

Nicole on

wow, they’re in California and the girls are wearing what look like winter coats? How cold is it there? I’m in KY and it isn’t that cold here that we need to wear a coat like that even in the morning.

Stef on

Those girls both look sooooo much like their mommy. Soooo beautiful!

Megan on

Seriously those pictures are precious! Could this family get any cuter? I don’t think so…haha Those last two pictures are so freakin cute–totally one of those stolen moments captured on film–and despite the fact that it’s the paparazzi taking it, those pictures are adorable–especially the one of Ben and Vi where it seems they are sharing some little inside joke…so sweet! ADORE this family…they are my absolute favorite…Ben and Jen are doing it right PERIOD 🙂

Ella on

I love this celeb family. They seem so hands-on, down to earth and normal. Those girls are just too cute for words. And I agree w/ Megan, the last two pictures are just too precious. 🙂

Manal on

Sweetness overload!!!

Raleigh on

beautiful kids, lovely mother, hot dad, yet Ben always looks out of place, like he’s doing the right thing but not quite happy. Probably not the fact, but just observing.

Erin on

Nicole, the fog has been rolling in for the past few weeks here. Normal SoCal weather. Until it burns off it is quite chilly in the morning. Layering is key!

jordan on

Yay a family photo!!

Catherine on

Elle, I’ve thought the same thing, too! After seeing him with J.Lo, I just saw him with someone “flashier.” But can I just saw how refreshing it is to see a celeb dressed how an actual mom might dress? Love that she is in jeans and sneaks! Never seen JLo or Victoria Beckham dress “down” when around their kids. Cute family!

Catherine on

How weird, Raleigh, I’ve always thought the same thing about him. He often looks uncomfortable and out of place. Maybe b/c he is such a huge celebrity and has to keep this certain aura about him when out and about.

Beka on

He looks out of place in the first picture, almost like he doesn’t go to Violet’s soccer practices as much as Jennifer does.

Amanda on

You can tell Ben has a movie to promote.

Marielo on

Yeeeep,,,, Raleigh and Catherine, i was thinking the same thing all this time!!!!!!!!!!!

Caz on

Maybe Ben’s just feeling guarded about the fact his little family is surrounded by paps, I know my other half would be the same if me and my kids were hounded like his wife and daughters are. He looks relaxed enough on the other pics with his girls though 🙂

Erin on

I have seen them in both Brentwood and Pacific Palisades and they are very nice to everyone, no airs. This is a company town, I work in the industry and you hear the same story from top to bottom – he’s embarrassed about how he acted/was portrayed during his time with JLo and has committed to staying out of the spotlight when it comes to his private life. From everything I understand, he’s insane about his wife and girls. But being followed and memorialized by strangers is something he can’t stand and doesn’t try to pretend he can. Give him the benefit of the doubt. I could list dozens of celebs who claim they can’t stand the paps yet have their staff, my employer or their own families tip those same people off to make sure they make it into next week’s People or US. Ben isn’t one of them. Neither is his wife.

shalay on

Hands down, my favorite celebrity family. I saw Ben’s film The Town this weekend, and wow! He is still hotter than ever. I love seeing pics of him doting on his girls.

Jess on

I wouldn’t say Ben looks “out of place” with his family. Considering there’s a picture from this set that isn’t posted where Ben’s giving the bird to the paps, I’d say his stoic expression is more anger that his family is being photographed than it is he’s “not quite happy” or “uncomfortable” with them.

Mira on

Very cute normal-looking family. Jennifer always looks a bit too normal, IMHO– she’s always wearing really boring outfits that don’t flatter her figure.

Jenn on

So sweet! I was surprised to see they were in CA too- I figured they were somewhere cold, to be wearing the coats and all. I don’t think Ben looks mad, although I think he is less comfortable with his family being photographed than is Jen, who seems pretty used to it.

I just think Sera is about the most precious thing ever! And Violet is so blond. I also love Jen’s sweater..although not with those sneakers, lol

Ella Winter on

The picture of Ben with each of his girls, I DIE!! That is to anyone who doubts his commitment to his family.

Tee on

Such a beautiful family! Jennifer and Ben seem really devoted to their children.

CelebBabyLover on

Erin and Jess- I agree with you two! From what I’ve heard and seen, it seems like Ben really dislikes the paps (although I’ve never seen them myself, there are apparently pictures out there of Ben with Violet where Ben is trying to hide his and Violet’s faces from the cameras. Naturally CBB doesn’t post those, since they have a policy of not posting pictures where it’s clear the celeb doesn’t want his/her child photographed and/or the child clearly doesn’t want himself/herself photographed! :)).

I’m guessing that’s why he looks the way he does in these photos.

Bancie1031 on

LOVE these pictures ….. not to mention I absolutely love seeing this family out and about together! Unfortunately we don’t get to see them in too many pictures together so on the rare occasion when we do get to I enjoy it completely 😀 This is a beautiful family 😀

Sam on

“mommyof2” here you go. They are all together here doing what families do. Ben has to work, so does Jennifer so when they are absent I am sure they are at work. Like most families. Hope you see these and enjoy them. :))

anonymous on

I think its just not right to take pics of kids when they are out and about. They are just trying to do everyday things with having cameras around. I wonder whaat that does to them.

Sure they are cute, but really is it so much more important and interesting to see what shoes the kids have on etc, then respecting their privacy.

Just because showing these pics on blogs, mags etc … and ultimately making money from it, doesn’t make it the right thing to do.

All these kids, didn’t ask to be followed 24/7 — they simply have famous parents. Would you want this for your kids?

anonymous on

It seems that sooo many people love Jennifer and her kids, Heidi Klum and her kids, and so on and so on.

So if you all feel that way…. what about voicing your opinion on having pics that go too far. I heard Ben Affleck in an interview saying that he hates the paparazzi, he said something like, one thing to take pics of me and Jen, but goes too far for when kids are involved.

Why not tell mags, blogs etc… to limit to pics at public events.

Sarah S. on

Love this normal family!! 🙂

Janie on

Beautiful family! So down to earth and normal!

Melissa the NY'er on

They are a gorgeous family. Very down to earth & genuine, it seems. For those commenting on how Ben looks angry, out of place, uncomfortable, or unhappy, haven’t you ever been captured in a candid picture where your expression isn’t necessarily an ear-to-ear grin? I don’t think one photo is necessarily telling of a whole sordid back story. This is how the tabs can manipulate a story based off of one unflattering picture. I do have to say that while Jennifer is a beautiful woman, sometimes it would be nice to see her with a little more oomph. Ben always looks so put together & most of the time she looks like she just rolled out of bed & got dressed from the dirty laundry pile. I’m all for natural beauty & I’m also a mom so I know that one’s time can be really limited but sheesh. I don’t know..who am I to say! She’s gorgeous & they make a beautiful family 🙂

she e on

such a beautiful down to earth family. love both of them and those darling girls.

she e on

love ben and jen… such a beautiful family