Molly Ringwald Has a Busy, Babbling Full House

09/21/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
Erik Pendzich/Rex

It’s been 25 years since she served detention with The Breakfast Club, but Molly Ringwald is still a busy queen bee.

She stays active keeping up with her 14-month-old twins Adele Georgiana and Roman Stylianos, who are now “walking and running around. They’re sort of babbling to each other,” Ringwald, 42, told PEOPLE at the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s 25th anniversary screening of The Breakfast Club in honor of John Hughes. “They’re adorable.”

Big sister Mathilda Ereni, 6½, helps take care of the twins, too. “She’s a really awesome big sister,” Ringwald says. “And we just got a puppy, as if life wasn’t complicated enough.”

With a German Shepherd-Lab mix and three children, Ringwald has her hands full. But she’s got help in her husband, writer Panio Gianopoulos, who was spotted grabbing popcorn and a drink for Ringwald before the film.

Making it in Hollywood with career and family “takes careful planning,” Ringwald says. “It really helps to have a very supportive partner and a lot of flexibility.”

Someday, Ringwald hopes her kids watch her in classics like The Breakfast Club.

“I want them to come to it organically,” she says. “I have a fantasy of watching it with Mathilda. But in reality, it probably would be better if she just went to a slumber party and watched it with her friends, you know, like every other kid.”

— Asher Fogle

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mary on

I was a senior in high school when this film came out. My 17year old and her friends LOVE this film. I find it so funny that they will get a slumber party going twice a year and watch this film. I too love The Breakfast Club. I can’t believe that it’s been 25 years! I can remember the theater and seat I sat in while watching this film. (and who was next to me, lol)

I too have added a 7 month old 115 pound puppy to our family of 6 (17 down to 5 years) and let me tell you I sometimes wonder what the hell was I thinking. Yes my husband is supportive and the kids well as supportive as much as kids can be at this age. But somehow in my head I thought it would have been a little easier. I did loads of research on this breed and they are supposed to be couch potatoes, but I have found out that doesn’t happen till about 2 years. Oh well he is defiantly keeping all of us very busy and amused.

So I wish Molly and anyone else out there who has puppy lots of luck.

Jacqui on

She looks better than ever!

Erin on

I still love Sixteen Candles! What a GREAT story… thanks for the update!

Josie on

She starred in some of the best teen movies ever…love her, and yes, she looks gorgeous!

Beth on

Mary, you got me curious … What breed of puppy? Sounds cute, and lots of work. But, they are worth it!

Dollhouses on

SOunds like a busy house! Life is always fun with kids around.

Sooo Rich on

Love Molly. Her eyes look different, like a bit scared. Think she is gorgeous though. She is such a great actress and she has an adorable family. She should be doing some A-list movies 🙂

jessicad on

I love all of her movies from back in the day! They really don’t make them like that these days.

She really does look better than ever!

Kari on

Wow!! 42 years old! She looks maybe 35, and I am a 29 year old woman. WOW! Hope I look as good as her at 42!

Kim on

I still remember her on roller skates on “The Facts of Life”…

pclark on

I, too, loved Molly Ringwald and the movies she’s been in (Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club). Who could forget Jake in Sixteen Candles – I thought he was sooo cute! Fast forward 25 years and I also have two children AND a new puppy. The kids are easy — the puppy is like a big, hairy baby! So cute (he’s a labradoodle), but such a BIG baby!

Molly Ringwald looks great and makes me not feel so old:)

mary on

Beth, Hello.

My puppy is a Newfoundland. I give credit to people who do puppies and babies, like Molly Ringwald. Gosh she has twins to boot.

Yes I knew he would get big. His papa is 185# his momma is 160. Somehow I that perhaps he would be 160 ish. But he is the splitting image of his dad. Sometimes I forget that he is only a puppy, one that stands as tall as me (I’m 5’7) and his brain, we sometimes joke or lack thereof, is that of a puppy but in a grown up body. Thus far I have lost 2 cordless phones, a tv remote, and the coaxial cable to DIRECTV. Not to mention the carpet along the lower stairs (which is a blessing because I really want to change it, lol) and an occasional shoe, mostly the 17 yr olds, haha.

This month has been much better, knock on wood. The first month was hell, waking up every two hours and sleeping next to his kennel. But really even with all my complaints he has been lots of fun too. He LOVES swimming, he even tries to retrieve our 5 year old from in the lake. He gets all nervous when the kids are either on the boat or pushing each other off the raft. He is now playing hide and seek with his toys and just recently we have been hiding the kids and telling him to find them. So I sometimes see the light at the end of the tunnel. We have had two dogs before this, but one was over a year and one was over two. And while growing up my mom took care of the puppies I was too young to remember that hell (my mom passed away recently so I wish I could ask her if she had the same probs).

So really it doesn’t matter if you have a Newfoundland or a pug, from talking to others who have done the crazy puppy with kids thing, puppies are a challenge in any household. Especially if that household has a kid!

Labradoodles are so cute! Molly has a German shepherd- lab mix, I wonder if that puppy has energy?

nella on

Love Molly! She looks gorgeous. Even though I was born in the 80’s when most of her movies came out, I watched them when i got older and loved it! Her movies such as The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles or Pretty in Pink are classics that any generation can relate to and love. I hope she gets to watch them with Mathilda one day ,that would be great. I also love her children’s names.

Evie on

Sixteen Candles and Breakfast Club both are great moves….but my daughter who is 8 loves Pretty in Pink…she know all the songs just thinks Ducky is the coolest….I which there were more moves like the ones from the 80’s

Georgina on

Mary, Im glad Im not the only one who thinks I can do kids, 3 kids but how could a puppy be this hard!!

We’ve got a rottweiler, and they’re supposed to grow up at 2 years. My bloke was 2 in August and Im still waiting!! We’re a month behind schedule.

All said tho, he makes the family complete and the kids adore him. He tries to round them up when they all dart off in different direction in the park. But he’s an excellent fielder when we play rounders. =D

Sonya on

Mary – I have a German shepherd/yellow Labrador mix and they have HUGE amounts of energy. Good luck with your training, I remember when ours was a baby (she’s 2 now and finally seems to be grown up, lol).