Get Ready to Whip Your Hair! Willow Smith Debuts New Video

09/21/2010 at 02:00 PM ET
Courtesy of RocNation

Watch out Rihanna! There’s a new, budding fashionista/rock star hot on your heels.

Just a couple months shy of her 10th birthday, Willow Smith has debuted her first single, “Whip My Hair,” after being signed to rapper Jay-Z‘s label, Roc Nation — all in one week.

“After meeting with several record companies, it was clear Jay-Z and the Roc Nation staff were the unquestionable choice,” shared mom Jada Pinkett-Smith.

“Their passion for Willow combined with their boundless vision and artistic integrity made Roc Nation the perfect home for our little girl.”

From her wild outfits to her ever-changing hair, it’s clear she has her stage-ready style down pat.

But while her song is actually catchy, we may need a little longer to get used to the idea of little Willow as a pop star.

TELL US: What do you think of her new career?

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Miche on

She is waaay too young for this. Poor child.

Ella on

Oh my, she looks like some alien from a cartoon.
What a freak-show this whole family is/has become.

Jacqui on

She’s an adorable child with a lot of talent and a bright future ahead of her. So what’s the rush? Couldn’t this big career be put off a few more years? It all seems a little mature to me. Trying to make a nine year old seem sexy (as some of the stills do) is unsettling.

Dana E on

I just think she’s adorable. Freedom of expression is so important as a child. Her parents know exactly what they’re doing. No worries about the Smith kids. lol. = )

Lonnie Thomas on

I think it is great! I have seen a lot of child stars over the years and noone complained about their future. If you got it, flaunt it! They have a talented family. No complaints from me. Go fot it! Wishing Willow the best!

lola on

i agree ella. the smith family annoy me- especially the kids. let them be kids, not entertainment pawns for the parents. this one practically writes itself…..think britney spears

Shannon on

She seems like an artistic kid. Her parents have the money and connections, so why not let her go for it. The song is better than I expected!

tink1217 on

I think she is a little young, but I get the feeling her parents are VERY involved. As long as it stays that way. All their kids seem very professional and grounded. I think she has lots of talent, she is a beautiful child…this is no different than Dakota Fanning or any other child performer… including her own brother! Her style is unique, funky, and fun. At least she is talking about her hair…and not something totally inappropriate! What a talented family!!

Keis on

@ Ella. Please be courteous. She’s a child.

Let the Pinkett-Smiths raise their kids any way they want in peace(as long as it’s not detrimental).

Nicholle on

I totally agree!! What’s the rush?

They are letting this LITTLE girl to grow up way too fast. There is only a limited time in life that you are a child. I think the Smith’s need to let both of their children enjoy childhood and save Hollywood until they are older. They can get a taste of fame just hanging out with their parents in public.

As a parent myself I think every child should have and enjoy a “childhood”.

This Mr. and Mrs. Smith, is a recipe for disaster. May God bless the Smith children.

Lissette on

I like her spunk and wish her nothing but success! Her parents know the business very well so you know they’ll keep an eye on her. Go Willow!

cris on

Obviously the family has connections that allow their children to do what other children(or adults, for that matter) dream of doing, however, that does not mean that the children are not talented. Just think about pro athletes and other actors where they follow in their parent’s footsteps…there are too many to count!

I am not sure what I think about Willow as a singer or Jaden as an actor (he seems rather arrogant for a 12 yr old) but time will tell!

tink1217 on

if we all say “let kids be kids” and have a childhood…then kids who are in competitive sports like gymnastics or figure skating or little league have to be included too…not just child actors and singers. Maybe these kids WANT to perform. Maybe it makes them happy. I believe as long as parents are involved and oversee everything in a good way that it can be a great experience for kids to do these things. One thing I know…having activities as a child…whether it is girl scouts, little league, dance…or acting…it USUALLY deters kids from bad influence. It gives them something to be proud of. Gives them a sense of accomplishment and pride in what they do. And in some cases…it gives them a real future.

Willow is very lucky to have these opportunities. Maybe it will go somewhere for her, maybe it won’t. But if she is having fun and enjoying it…what is the big deal?

Sakinah on

I think Willow’s free spirit come across in her song. Adults get so wrapped up in what they perceive to be “appropriate” they forget to have fun. She’s a young girl enjoying herself and making her mark. Let her live.

Chris on

Child performers of any kind should be illegal. Let them have a go-to-school, play-with-friends life. If they choose that career after they graduate, so be it. Careers for anybody under the age of 18 is child exploitation for the benefit of their parents and the companies. They are too young to make educated decisions about their lives and futures. One of the Olsen twins recently said she hated her childhood. I hope her parents, and all the others like them, are squirming!

Marcie on

It’s not like Will and Jada are looking to seek fame through their children. They already have it. Will smith is one of the highest paid actors. He also started with a very successful music career. I think many child actors and celebrities that go through troubles are the result of parents that are willing to pimp them out for money and fame. In my opinion, this isn’t the case with the Smiths. Both Will and Jada Smith have very outgoing personalities and free spririts, and I think their children’s personalities are a result of that. Like a previous poster said, both parents know the business very well, and I don’t think they are going to let their children be involved with something that isn’t good for them.

Anonymous on

Are their children even in school? The Smith’s are losing perspective on what is important, please get these children an education.

Bella on

Chris – Mary Kate Olsen’s exact quote was that she wouldn’t wish her childhood on anyone, but she wouldn’t take it back for anything. Not really the same as saying she hated it, no?

The people who post here, for the most part, are ridiculous. Stop judging how other people raise their kids and raise your own.

Nicholle on

Tink1217…Being a professional singer and having a major record deal as well as being a box office movie star as a child is totally different than participating in competitive sports as a child, (every child pretty much does that). I totally agree competitive sports brings a since of pride and deters them from bad influences usually, and it molds discipline and focus. But that’s different from being subjected to media scrutiny and they losing all privacy as a child. But I guess that’s hollywood parents for you.

Again I wish them the best and may God bless little Willow and Jaden.

Elisa on

I’m very liberal. For me, it’s totally OK Shiloh wearing boy’s clothes, Suris in high heels and make-up, Kingston with nail polish… totally ok, I swear. But I don’t like what they are doing with this kid.

Would it be too rude if I’d say it’s freaky?

She IS beautiful but all that hair, style and song are freaky.


cris on

Willow is not a fashionista, she is a miniature Rihanna, which makes sense as Jay-Z is involved in both of their careers.

Romy on

well her parents are not conventional so I am not surprised. it’s too bad they couldn’t wait until she was at least 13 or something, but she clearly has the fame and performing bug. their lifestyle is so different from mine it’s just hard to even imagine. I too am so over this family. I do not feel like ever seeing one of their movies or listening to an album again. overexposure and over sharing with the media!

Rose on

Is it just me or does she sound like a mini Rhianna?

tink1217 on

Nicholle…I am talking elite level competitive sports. In many ways it is even more demanding of child’s life and there are tons of kids who wouldn’t dream of doing anything else regardless of getting to “have a childhood” or not… I do believe The Smith’s SEEM more exception to the rule as far as “Hollywood” goes. If Britney Spears were putting Preston or JJ into acting or singing I would probably think twice about it. Or a child actor like Lyndsey Lohan as an example of parents gone wild and exploiting their kid…but who is to say that wasn’t what the kid wanted and was good at? How about nurturing our kids in their talents?

What I am saying…it isn’t really up to us to criticize someone’s parenting of what looks to be a well adjusted and genuinely happy couple of kids. Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors of any family…even in the public eye we still don’t know the truth. So why speculate? They SEEM like wonderful and supportive parents and the kids SEEM well adjusted and happy…

Basically you can’t please everyone. There will always be nay sayers and there will always be supporters.

Alyssa on

Not a fan of the song or putting your kid in the spotlight….let her be a child!

amandamay on

not sure how i feel about this – i don’t have a problem with children performing… some people are just born with the bug. what bothers me a little is how she looks – i’m a bit of a freak myself, so i’m not repressed or a prude and i believe in self-expression, but it seems like she’s dressed/acting like a teenager, not a 9 year old. also, i’m getting tired of hearing how willow is so creative and a “budding fashionista” – she has several stylists! this is not coming from her, it’s from her team of stylists (a weird enough sentence, considering we’re talking about a 9 year old)

ILuvPerfectParents on

She just literally got involved with Jay-Z, so he would have nothing to do with her style. The fact that she has the same stylist as Rihanna may have something to do with their styles being similar.

Positive or negative, you will always have people saying something about how celebs raise their children (proof is on here in the comment sections as well as hundreds of other blogs). Whether they allow them to be in the spot light or allow them to just be kids and go out and about with them, (Suri, Shiloh) the public and media are still going to scrutinize. For every child star that ended up badly there is one who did not.

alli on

NOT ALL KIDS ARE THE SAME!!! Some of you who are saying “let her be a child” would probably stifle this creative, spunky, and brave little girl with your conventional definition of a child. The fact of the matter is that Willow Smith is NOT a typical kid. She has grown up in a completely different world than any of us could imagine because of who her parents are. Let the girl do what makes her happy!

Janie on

Willow and Jayden seem obnoxious to me.

JMO on

First it’s really uncanny how much she and her daddy look so much alike!!

I have a feeling this is Willow wanting all this not Will and Jada pushing Willow to do it! Her parents are entertainers so of course they’re going to have the curiousity to perhaps dabble in the business. Will’s son Trey has been around it too but he prefers sports over acting and performing. If they were pushy parents wouldn’t they have Trey involved like Jaden and Willow?

When Raven Simone was like 7 years old she had a rap video out too! In fact she cut a few records as a little one! As far as I know she didn’t have parents in the entertainment business forcing her into it all and now as a grown women you never hear anything bad about her in the media. So yes some kids can do it all and come out just fine and sadly some don’t. It depends on the child and it depends on the support system of the friends and family to keep you grounded. I think Willow will be just fine.

Amy on

these people need to stop and slow down! she looks horrible! its not a matter of expressing herself, it is a matter however of setting boundaries! She has time to express herself, but kids need structure and boundaries first! They ALL have become too big for their britches and ohhh so weird. Just more kids riding on dads shirt tail..i would say mom’s but mom…hmmm…has NO talent and dad barely does.

Amy on

OMG! she’s 9!!!! WAY TOO YOUNG! here comes another used up druggie in 10-15!

Tess on

“Willow and Jayden seem obnoxious to me.”
– Janie on September 21st, 2010

This is exactly what I think too.

Beautee on

I personally believe that Miley “parents allow men to live with her, very little talent, irks my soul” Cyrus will be a used up druggie before Willow but this post isn’t about her. Cute kids, I hope their parents will keep them grounded. Good luck Smiths!

lola on

@Amy, i couldn’t agree more with what you said about the smiths.

elle on

Somehow I doubt that without the “music magic” in a recording studio, Willow would not sound as “impressive.” Only time will tell.

Shawna on

Wow. I really do not like this song. The part where she is saying “I whip my hair back and forth” over and over again is actually painful to listen to. And the rest is so obviously auto-tuned. Anyone who thinks they are actually hearing anything remotely close to this child’s actual voice is very, very naive. I’m sure she is a lovely child but she’s not a pop star.

Tee on

Wow! I took one look at the picture and decided against watching the video. Sorry for being blunt, but if she’s allowed to dress that way (hair and whatnot) then I have no doubt I do not need to be listening to her music. For crying out loud, she is just a little girl!

Ester Swift on

Go Willow you should wonderful keep up the great work and shake the hater’s off you come from a great Family and I know they know what is best for you and will not let you do anything you can’t handle we have had lots of artis that started at very young age’s such as Steve Wonder, Michael Jackson and so on so keep doing you not matter what .

Ester Swift on

Keep up the great work Smith Family.

Mae on

I think her song is so great I think she is worth waiting for to listen to. Love the song and think Willow has a great future as a singer. So please let her grow up without stylists and singing so she can develop a stong inner core of what Willow is. That inner core wont be there if she isn’t allowed to develop her spirit like a normal child.

Andrea on

I dont see the big deal. She seems like a pretty creative, smart kid and being in a family with the means to support her I think she is lucky and more power to her. While her style is pretty funky, I have never seen her inappropriatly dressed, as in belly showing, low cut anything etc…I have a daughter the exact same age as Willow and trust me..she has a style all her own too and opinions and would LOVE it if she could do what Willow is doing in regards to the singing..I like that they are letting her express herself and still be VERY involved as parents..its not like she is running amok.

Christy on

Are these kids really talented? Would they have these opportunities if their parents weren’t who they are?

Sam on

Oh my. There is nothing more to Willow’s voice then hundreds of other little girls I have heard singing – except for the aid of electronic buttons! Her voice has obviously been played with and the repetition of the lines in the song are annoying. It’s mommy and daddy that got her this ‘job’, not Willow on her own talent. When Willow realizes it she will crash and burn – at about 14. Shame and sad.

Tia Danielle on

All the negative comments amaze me! First off, who’s to say that Will and Jada are pushing their children into these positions? I don’t have kids myself but I think that it is important for a child to have creative expression….someone made a comment of how she is being to sexy, where? Second of all, as someone else commented, Will and Jada don’t need to get attention off of their children, they are very well paid entertainers, they are just giving their children the opportunities they probably didn’t have at that age and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Lastly, someone else mentioned that she needs to get an education, how in the world do you know that she isn’t getting one? Instead of putting the child and her parents down how about you let the child be a creative 9 year old or don’t say anything at all!

J on

She looks ridiculous.

Sam on

‘Christy’ – No, no more so then millions of other kids and no, no way. There is nothing ‘special’ or ‘catching’ about Willow’s voice, it sounds too much like it’s been doctored. This is absolutely the name ‘Will Smith’ and about Jay Z is being a good ‘buddy’. Willow is such a cute little girl – but not this way!

Elena on

Oh…looks scary…

Kendra on

I am in awe of all of the overly opinionated negative comments about this child. While, she (along with her parents) have chosen a life in the spotlight, they did NOT elect to have you all as judges. I’m not on here often, but I sure hope that you all are this overly critical of white child stars.

This song isn’t my style however, my eight year old daughter LOVES it! So while you’re ignorantly stouting how you dislike it, you’re not the audience she’s appealing to.

Some of the things that she wears is a little over the top but do you all think that she wears this to the grocery store or to playdates? We don’t see her photographed in everyday clothing but she probably wears Gap, J Crew, Abercrombie and such just like other kids.

And while you’re attacking Will and Jada’s careers, it’s a good thing that their livelihood isn’t dependent upon you.

All and all, thankfully I can apply my opinions and my rules to MY kid and they can apply their beliefs to theirs and you to yours!

Sam on

“Kendra” ‘white child stars’? Shame on you. Glad you’re not here often, there isn’t a place here for your way of thinking. You’ve just judged many posters with your ranting and raving as you claim we are judging Willow. What? Bye.

Megan on

She’s 9! She should be in a school chorus, not on a record label. What’s the rush to grow up so quickly?

pookiewookie on

Sounds like she might be a budding beautician. The lirics are kinda monotonous. Pays to have connections.

Lorus on

If the kids are wanting to pursue these things and the parents have the resources for them then why not? They aren’t being pushed into prostitution, drugs, etc. One is an actor and the other is a singer.

h on

she’s a “young” rihanna

Dana on

Megan, you are right on the money! I have the “song” on now, and it’s beyond obnoxious. As is this family, sheeeeesh! Someone pass the aspirin & fast!

Catca on

What’s wrong with her being on a record label at the age of 9, almost 10? She shows some real talent with that song. I don’t think any of the pictures were “sexy”, there were no provocative poses or clothing and she didn’t have any makeup on. She is a naturally beautiful girl, maybe that’s what was interpreted as sexy. Her parents are very articulate and well spoken and seem to be very involved with their children’s careers. They also are industry veterans so they’ll know how to steer both Willow and Jaden from trouble. I say Congratulations Willow on a great first single and I love the branding with the “w” in your name turning into a flag, etc. Fly with the eagles girl!

Beautee on

They have no less talent then those annoying sounding Disney Kids who are ALWAYS getting the opportunity to always put out very little talent cd’s. – I’m not sure if they would make it without the Smith name but I can’t even remember how long people have being getting careers of their names. I’ve done some research & more than a few modern day child actors have celebrity parents/siblings that could have the same questioned about them.

Emma Roberts, Noah Cyrus,(I’m not going to get started on her risque clothing line “their words” that this 9 year old has out) Miley Cyrus, Frankie Jonas, Emily Osment, Elle Fanning, Ella Travolta, Rumor Willis (first movie was striptease) and the list goes on and on. I am not saying that the kids named do not have talent. To be honest I’d do it to, if my child knew education came first and was passionate about acting.

mom of 3 on

my first response? ‘oh lord’. I love Will Smith, he’s hilarious, but when I see this little girl in the tabloids, I just ‘feel’ as if she is jealous that she is the only one OUT of the spotlight, and this is her temper tantrum to ‘be famous’.


Romy on

Kendra, their careers ARE dependent on us, the public! and they’re turning us off. More so with their oversharing and how much they love to, ahem, ‘be together.’ Honestly I don’t even believe they are that into each other. More of a partnership.

mom of 3 on

that song is obnoxious. But 10 year old’s will probably like it.

Lis on

Why any parent would want their child in the spotlight is beyond me…??? 9 out 10 child stars end up with some sort of issues down the road. Why would you put your child against those odds? She’s a little girl. I agree with the poster who said that she is too young to be able to know what she wants and to make good choices. When I was 9 I wanted to be famous too. Now that I’m an adult it couldn’t be more opposite.

Emmy on

She is way too young! Whats young with letting her be a normal kid, for a while.

Sanity on

It’s sad that no one seemed to have a problem with:

The Lohans’ uninvolved “parenting” that has lead to the decline of their child – at what age did she begin performing?

The Spearses’ “parenting” style that lead to the decline of their children – at what age did they begin performing?

The Cyruses’ “parenting” style that allows their daughter to live with men, wear trashy “clothes”, pole dance, etc. at the age of 15, 16, 17 – at what age did she begin performing?

From all accounts, the Smiths are involved parents who (for the person who asked about the children’s educations) home school their children. They are teaching their children ethics and values. They are also allowing their children to determine their own paths in life – something that they as parents understand is the child’s choice.

As parents, we can teach and guide but ultimately, we cannot choose who the child is. Whether you choose to accept this, a child begins at a very young age to develop the “who” of his/her being.

It is our job to prepare our children to survive in this world – by teaching and guiding … we don’t get to decide who our children are. And we don’t get to decide what our children will be.

I think this might be something the Cruises, the Jolie-Pitts and the Smiths understand better than most.

Janie on

Just listened to that song again. It is absolutely terrible. Sounds like noise pollution!

dlock on

Forget the HATERS!!! I love this song, where and when can I buy this song! I think is so great that Willow gets to dabble in music, she will a form of self expression. This is similar to kids that play sports or that are involved in some sort of music program at school, just a larger scale! I think that she has 2 great parents that will keep her in check and make sure that she doesn’t get carried away. My 9yr old step-daughter her this song n she loved it. I think this is more age appriate than the Rihanna concert that her bio mom took her to see!! smh So, please lets celebrate a 9yr old that is actually singing about something that other kids her age can relate to.

Go Smith’s! I love you guys, please keep encouraging and allowing your children to try different forms of art. It will make them very well rounded people when they get older. 🙂

Chris on

Bella: I have raised my child successfully. She is graduating with her BA in December in 4 1/2 years (she spent one semester in Ethiopia or she would have graduated in four). She has a beautiful voice, and I have encouraged her to participate in school choirs. She is also a fabulous photographer. All of her talents are great extracurricular activities and may eventually lead to life-long careers. For now though, she has been a well-rounded daughter, student, and friend.

fuzibuni on

It’s not like willow ever had a “normal” life anyhow. She’s been surrounded by actors, musicians and fashion stylists since she was born. I’m sure she feels like the luckiest little girl in the world.

It makes sense that Willow and Jaden would want to enter the celebrity arena at an early age. They are their parents mini-mes… right down to their similar names and looks. They’ve been built for fame.

Will and Jada seem to have made it through their careers without falling prey to the pitfalls of the industry… so they probably hope they can protect their children from it as well. Most likely, they believe in promoting self-expression since that’s what brought them success and fame. I’m sure they want their children to be confident, strong and independent. Maybe they are trying to give their children fame in their own right so that their confidence is not solely pinned on who their parents are.

As the Smith’s know very well, the experience of earning your own success builds character… But when your first album is produced by Jay-z at the age of 9 where do you go after that? It’s like having a helicopter drop you on the top of Mount Everest and pretending you climbed up there on your own. Willow knows that she only got that album because of who her parents are.

True confidence and a healthy ego are not usually built on the foundations of fame, fashion, and self appearance. And it seems that nearly all child stars have a rough time of it later on… but maybe the smith kids will be the exception because they were born into Hollywood royalty and that may keep them afloat.

So lets keep our fingers crossed for the Smith family and hope that it all works out for the best. At least they have Scientology on their side.

erilynne on

This song is terrible. :S

I also think she is WAY to young to be getting into the business, she isn’t even 10 yet! I think she should wait a couple years….at least 16-17 years old.

Her brother is a different story, acting and singing are opposites. He can pursue it.

Karen on

Anyone count how many times “I whip my hair back & forth” is played during the song? She has a nice voice, but I agree w/ the majority of comments here…she is 10!, be a kid before it’s too late!

Misha on

First off, I am in FULL support of the Smith Family. Will and Jada have made a name for themselves and defied many odds to reach the level of success and stardom they have.

Willow is a child, and I am quite shocked at these adults attacking her. I will say that her style is unconventional but why are you ganging up on the child for expressing herself? Healthy is expression is essential to bcoming a well-rounded individual. Furthurmore, I doubt that her parents have made her dress or act or sing-they are accomplished in their own right, and do not need to make a dime off of their children.

I like the song and think it to be quite catchy. As for all who think the children are obnoxious, why? Bc they are confident in themselves? Bc they do not seek your approval? There is absolutely nothing wrong with a child believing in themselves. Stop trying to stifle little’s ones creativity.

JM on

this is a tricky one. personally i would never want my kids to have a career (of any kind at that age). it’s not the same as doing sport or singing or playing an instrument in your free time because usually that is done a minority of the time and you still do “normal” stuff and have a normal lifestyle. i don’t agree with homeschooling either but that’s a separate issue.

however, i do agree that there has been way too much harsh criticism here. i really can’t imagine that every child star would receive these many negative comments, as others have said, what about all those brats that appear or have appeared on the disney channel in the last few years? surely that was even worse. willow seems like a sweet girl from what i could tell from interviews, certainly not as obnoxious and arrogant as someone like miley cyrus, so like i said, i don’t really see the double standard.

i think willow probably is very talented and a bright young girl and only time will tell how this will really affect her. from now on, i will refrain from criticising a nine year-old who really hasn’t done anything wrong and her parents who also don’t seem to be doing anything wrong.

NYC-girl on

This song is atrocious. And it’s Hollywood elitism at its worst. She has no discernibly unique talents. Any kid could make this song, no matter whether he/she has a great singing voice or not because the song is so overmixed and computer simulated. I feel sorry for any truly talented young people trying to make it in the music or Hollywood today without connections, when all these Hollywood kids get deals and fame and money thrown at them without having a shred of real talent.

Terri on

I think Jada and Will are great parents. But celebrity and children just don’t work. I wish Willow all the best with her dreams.

Beautee on

It’s really hard to be an adult and judge a song that is aimed for tweens. I dislike 70% of everything that comes out today from the younger generation but my daughters love it.

itstartedwithafish on

I have no problem with anything BUT that one still where she’s SEDUCTIVELY looking into the camera. No 9 y/o should (be encouraged to) do this. It gives me the heebies just thinking what a sick person would make of this….

Dee on

People, get over it!!! She is a kid, having fun and her parents can afford it.

You all critisize and carry on but if you all had the money, you would probably let your kids do whatever they wanted as well because you feel they should hav eit because you didn’t.

This kid doesn’t make decisions by herself, her parents are involved and how they raise her is nobody’s business, they are not breaking any laws.

If you guys dont like it then move on!!!

Mrs. Nichols on

I think she has talent and has parents that are going to watch over her and her career. It is great that she can express her personality the way she chooses. All children should have that choice.

Mrs. Nichols on

If people would concentrate on raising their own children and not judge other peoples choices on how they raise their children the world would be such a better place.

Rachel on

I used to really enjoy reading this blog but gosh sometimes I really wish commenting was disabled, people are so judgemental… You wouldn’t like someone talking about your children in a negative manner so why is it so easy for you to do it to someone else…

And Ella as my grandmother used to say ‘if you haven’t got anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all’ after all its not any of your business what they do with THEIR children.

nana23 on

everybody seems to have a negative comment about how the smiths are raising there kids. What i am trying to figure out is you all dont even know these ppl like that to be juding there parenting skills. YOu all are not around them 24/ so stop hating haters. That all you are is haters. I think they are a talented family and have very well rounded kids. Go williow lover her and her style.

justlovingit on

ppl stop! it seems like a lot of hate is going on. The kids are beautiful and Talented, they future is brighter then all of them negative response. The kids are being raised by Talented parents, whom choose to let them express they self through their talent. go go go Willow

MorningAshley on

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song and I can appreciate Willow for her spunk and fun attitude. What a few people on here fail to realize is that her parents dont need her to make money. They have more than enough on one of their incomes, let along two. The Smiths are not exploiting their children, they’re letting the kids live it up! As we should all do to the best of our abilities. Don’t hate on Willow because you’re overgrown and didn’t have the opportunity to do all the things you wanted to as a kid. And btw, I highly doubt the Smiths would have opened a school built around the fundamentals of education, learning and growing if they didn’t first start it at home…That said – I can’t wait to hear Willow’s album…and in the meantime Imma “whip my hair”!

Aria on

Quite frankly I think this a very good song I like it I can dance to this song all day. I feel that No matter how young or old you are its never to late or to early to do something that you love or enjoy. Now for you adults out there that think she is to young to be making songs or entertaining period you all need to cut it out, you all are way to old to be criticizing a 9 y old child that isnt even yours. Its not your child so be quite. Let the smith family raise there children how they want too, because last time i checked they still getting payed no matter what you say so why waste your time saying it, and who is to say she isnt getting an education becuase last time i checked she was learning her times table, oh but yall know everything so yall should of known that, and for the person who thought jaden was arrogant you need to pull your self together because from what i see is the fact that he is confident and is proud of himself so he has the right to act like that and reward himself because he accomplished alot and his parents are proud. So the way he is acting ist even hurting you so cut it out. I think that the Smith family is beautiful and can be a great role model for people who are married and wants to be. So to the smith family I applaud you for all of your hard work you’ve done and keep it up, and to all of you “so called fans” get it together live your own life an stop tryin to live theres, because you criticizing them is getting you no were and stops you from getting your blessings.

Aria on

Question: for the people who are quick to judge and don’t seem to care for other peoples feelings, has it ever occured to you that even though the smith family is very strong an independent even the women, that maybe just maybe on some level the comments still hurt cause I mean they still are human,and because you all are suppose to be there loving and adoring fans but yet you criticize them when YOU feel what they are doing as parents isnt correct or the right way. Who are you to judge them and tell them how to raise there children. You wouldn’t want anybody doing that to you so give them the same amount of respect that you KNOW they will give you if yall met. You know all the celebrities or at least every body that matters or who has met them has/have said good things about the children and about the family period but when it comes to you or the people that don’t matter you judge them so harshly its ridicilous and you never even met them. As humans God has created us out of his own image so why be cruel if you know the man(above) that has created you is so loving?

DonnaDee on

Amy, you need to stop hating. Will and Jada have more talent in their little toe, than you probably have in your whole body.If you have any children, do you let anyone tell you how to raise them. That is Will and Jada’s choice on how to raise their children. And they seem to be doing a D,,, good job at it. Willow may be only nine, but everyone has the right to their own expression. She’s cute and talented and I don’t think she needs anyone’s shirt tail to ride on. And for Shawna,
there are not many singers out there that uses their real voices without the help of electronic equipment. So “BRAVO WILLOW, BRAVO”.

Susanne on

I am in aw…of how many judgmental people there is in this world. .they are living theire lives as THEY feel is right,and who are you to judge that.Don\t forget life is meant to enjoy and fulfill your spirit..follow your heart always. I am happy to see a girl living her dream.XXX Namasté

dannwilly on

Will and Jada have TONS OF MONEY! They do not have to force their kids into anything. It is obvious that these are two talented kids — with good genes — who are pursuing their dreams!!! Nothing wrong with that! All these haters are probably terrible parents themselves and don’t invest half the time with their own kids as the Smiths have with Jayden and Willow!!! Folks need to stop being so judgmental and take a look in the mirror.

Brooke on

I think that it is so great that Willow and any other child is able to express themselves with their style. I have 3 girls and my oldest are 8 and 6, they recently shaved half of their hair off because they like the hair style, they also enjoy wearing unique clothing styles. I do not see anything wrong with the style or pursuing a career in music, movies, Broadway or sports as long as it is the child’s decision. I am open with my kids and they are open with me, actually at this time my oldest as always loved to sing, rap and dance so she is starting to write music with the help of her dad, learning how to stay on beat and is beginning to record songs so she can pursue a career much like Willow. I just want to say good luck and congratulations to Willow and her family. My family and I love her song and can’t wait to hear more from her or any other young singer/rapper out there. Kids will be Kids as long as they have strong/carrying parents by their side to help them through their decisions anything is possible.

annie on

I wonder if the Smith kids get whatever they ask for.


WOW there are alot of opininated people out here,she is just a kid having fun leave her alone!If you don’t want to listen to her music,turn it off!She is just a kid ,no one said anything about it being a career,she is just having fun,expressing herself.



Betty on

I’ve got to admit it, it’s not my kind of music but the girl can sing. But, her hairstyle choices are “interesting”, and I think there might be a number of kids with sore necks and whiplash if this become a dance sensation and everyone starts whipping thier hair back and forth. Some of the pictures in the video are simply beautiful but, what does that have to do with “whipping your hair”?

Nappy Lover on

Hey…..I don’t hear her talking about shaking her butt or freakin some boy…I thought it was cute. U never hear of Jada and Will in trouble and I think they will keep their kids grounded. If she wants to be a star then let her. She may not want to do this when she grows up. All the haters need to back off. how dare u compare them to the spears. U don’t even know how they raise their children or if they are being pushed into this. Both parents are actors and musically talented of course the kids are going to want to dable in this also. Stop judging and worry about what your kids r doing…who they are doing and where they are. I bet some of the people making negative comments don’t even how control over their own house hold…yet u judge others.

jenn on

if anyone is surprized by this i would be shocked. the kids come from a famous family so of course they follow footsteps. i like the pictures of her..they are good. HOWEVER, i would like to see her act, dress like a regular 10 year old girl. why are kids in such a rush to be an adult? as long as she’s supervised which im sure she is…i say have fun…just dont follow lindsay lohan’s path

Tee on

I really digging this song…lol cant believe it…anyways…about the ppl who think she is too young…its a song and a video..not provacative or anything…it’s ok for her to star in her a movie at this age but not into music…give me a break..she has indrusty smart parents im pretty sure this is what she wants to do and they’re guiding her properly…so ppl sit back listen up…and shut up..really its not that serious!!!

hating on

oh wow – posts full of hate and anger… go figure! Anonymously typing hateful comments must really help you feel better about yourself.

Best of luck to this adorable little girl! (and I did listen – she CAN sing!)

Joanne on

This child has 2 very famous parents who spew intelligence, class and copius amounts of talent not to mention hefty sized bank accounts..
So..I don’t think they need to force their children to do anything they don’t want to do.
They seem like very well rounded kids (based on interviews) and they seem like a very tight loving family.
My son at 10 wanted to be a professional hockey player.. now he’s 13 and still wants the same does that make me a bad parent if I encourage him to believe and achieve?? No it doesnt..because I sure as hell won’t tell him no son, you can’t do that..if anything I’ll help him to the best of my ability.
And all while ensuring he gets a good education.
So back off and stop judging the parents when you don’t even know what goes on behind closed doors..

debbie on

does sound good. but geez you would think as pretty as her mom jada is she would look like her some what. boy she is a female will smith tho. so get ready mom and dad for alot of cosmetic surgery for this one.

Maddi on

I think this is a great thing. Her song isn’t my favorite but its OK. She is the one who wanted to do this. Have no doubt if she wants to stop they will let her. For several more years she has the law on her side in that matter. Good luck Williow.


i think the video is hot and she has a great voice and the song is great! she was not forced to do this, it was her idea so there is nothing wrong with the smith family. There just very talented people!!!

Sasha on

To all you haters, did you guys ever sit and think that the kids wanted to do this? When you were children didn’t you want to do something but your parents couldn’t afford it or maybe they just said no? that didn’t make them a better parents. They are given enough freedom that they can handle….don’t be mad because Will and Jada are not your parents and this is America remember, as long as they are healthy and safe they should be able to raise their kids the way they want to. Most of you guys are talking about childhood, what about the millions of kids that have to leave school to support their family or the millions of adults that still continue to act like children. Your way of life is no better than theirs but them decide what that is for themselves. Peace haters!

Allie on

Is it just me, or does she look like a muppet?

sandy on

It feels creepy that this song may be catchy enough for adults to hum to it. I mean, I’m a 26-year-old woman, and I’d feel creepy indulging in a 9-year-old pop star’s so-called sense of style and jams. I’m all for letting children express themselves, but calling a 9-year-old girl a “budding fashionista” is ridiculous; First of all, her style is an amalgam of obnoxiousness, and secondly, she most likely isn’t styling herself. And being a female pop star at age 9 or 10 via a hit single called “Whip My Hair” cannot possibly be a good thing. This is very disheartening. So what if the kid wanted to do it; Kids that age do not foresee the repercussions of becoming famous so young. All they see is fun and exciting; Let’s just hope it stays that way.

Msanne on

Really People. Do you honestly think that her parents are not involved in her life, and thankfully are giving her the space to express who she is. There are so many children in this world who are being stifled and getting lost becuase they are finding other “negative” outlets to express themselves. The video for her song doesn’t show her performing some raunchy dance or anything of the nature, but there are dance teams with little girls doing very adult moves. People are specualting too much into Willow’s life. Based on the many interviews that the Smith family has had about how they are raising thier seemingly well rounded children, I am not at all surpirsed that Willow would be venturing in the music realm.

Adrienne on

THe song is a JAM! This is going to the top! Like it not folks it is time for the NEXT GENERATION to take over… I think ummm… that is what she is telling us! lol! You go Girl! Whip that hair!

kait on

I don’t have a problem with her having a talent for music… however the fact that she has a record label is because she has famous parents and they are the ones with connections. If she were any other normal kid (no famous parents, or ties with record label artists), she can post herself singing on youtube without all the doctoring and then we’ll see how far she gets in the spotlight career she thinks she has right now. She is 9. That is all.

J on

Not so much Adrienne…

Anonymous on

Not a good idea to have a little girl grow up so fast.

With all of the money the family must have, one would think they would use the money to provide an education in a normal setting- a simple childhood- etc. Traveling to fashion shows in Milan, dressing like this and the hairdos are making this young girl feel entitled and ‘show-offy’. If her parents weren’t stars, she would not feel so comfortable acting like this nor would she have these opportunities. That is a fact.

The Smith’s need to take time to allow this child to be normal; she has the rest of her life to ‘express herself’, but let it be once she has completed her education and matured in a normal sense and enjoyed being a little girl.

Just my two cents…

Nicole on

She’s just a little young for this plus the song is kinda pointless.

Jai on

I think that the Smith’s to be such a young couple really got this parenting thing together. Willow doesn’t let society dictate what is beautiful or not. These children earn whatever they get and Jada & Will encourage their children to be the best that they can be.

Believe me unlike so many children today the Smith’s children appriciate having weathy parents. Will say all the time that we are rich not you guys! LOL! They are grounded, helpout in the community all the times and they are role models.

So stop hating on this beautiful family! This family is filled with so much talents so if Willow want to sing, act, or model that is between herself and her family!

Daniela on

To my opinion.. Every child has their OWN decision if they want to be put in the spotlight. I have no doubt that the Smith’s aren’t pressuring her to do anything. She wouldn’t have sung this song if she didn’t want to am I right? Yeah she may be young, but kids strive to be their idols. The Smith’s have connections..and that’s a bonus for her. Let the child be, knowing how the Smith’s are… They are not anything like the Lohan’s or Spear’s.

Sha on

wow..watching this i thought she was at least 13 or something..but to scroll down to the comments and find out she is 9?? disturbing…she will be in rehab at 13, 14..drew barrymore?? lindsey lohan? britney spears?? hmm…

Nyctimene on

The chorus is a bit irritating but the rest of the song is actually pretty catchy and I’m not much for pop. She certainly has a voice!

As far as her looks, go for it. People say “wait until you’re older / adult!” No way. Wait until you have a job that’s your lifeline to independence and security and other adults like you bunch to get along with? Or do it while you’re at school and everyone thinks it’s cool? Your boss at Goldman-Sachs won’t think it’s very amusing at 35 to do that. Do it as a kid and get it out of your system when it doesn’t matter.

I don’t worry about the Smith family. They’ve been married for 13 years and going strong and I’ve never seen anything about them having any of the other problems (infidelity) that most stars do. Their kids are always smiling and happy and seem to be exploring their options on their own. Their son is doing acting (Karate Kid) and now she’s doing singing. When your parents are A-list stars it’s pretty much a given that you’ll try that instead of sitting around and then flipping burgers when you turn 16. Do you really see any of their kids working for minimum wage? Neither do I.

Nala12 on

Poor Child! What’s the rush…she’s only 9 for goodness sake!

George on

Mini Rihanna?

C on

I don’t understand why so many people are posting negative comments about this family. I have never heard or seen nothing but positivity from this family from the start. Look at your own family before you start criticizing another family. In order for these kids to achieve success in the spotlight, they have to be strong in terms of thier attitude to deal with the negativity put out by the public. I hope Willow takes over the music world.

Connie on

Go for it Willow! ! I love this song you have some serious skills!

Lauren MN on

This girl is the bomb, her and along with the rest of her family are so talented! Get it girl!

karen on

good vocals….sucky topic at least get some creative ideas…and wayy to young to be all this stuff to herself….where are her parents?




I really like Willow Smith; I love her voice & am amazed at how she handles the life of a busy star at age 10. But not everybody is like me: most adults cannot accept & embrace for a long period of time — a child singer. People want singers to really feel their music and to put their whole soul into the way they perform their songs. They want singers to be authentic and to only sing about things they actually know & believe. They don’t want a country singer trying to be a punk rocker, or some dude who radiates sweetness to try to be a hard rocker. With a child singer, you get a still-unformed person. While they may exhibit extreme talent like Willow, adults know child singers can’t sing about the things that are important to our everyday lives, because a child singer simply hasn’t lived life yet, not enough of it. How can they be authentic when the person they are is still forming? It’s nothing against child singers; I think it’s just a fact of life. I think if Willow is ready for this career now, then she should go for it & do what’s right for HER. Who am I to say when she is ready, and who am I to decide what I think her parents’ motivation might be?? I just think it will be almost impossible to launch a permanent following at her young age. I wish it were different, but there is a time for everything, and to be a star as a singer, a person has to have LIVED and experienced the gamut of life’s ups and downs. Until then, pre-teen singers are a thing people see and are amazed by, provided the singer is talented. But the lasting attraction isn’t there yet; hopefully it will be, in due time.