BumpWatch: Matt Damon and Luciana Hit The Town

09/20/2010 at 11:00 AM ET
Shane Conway/Splash News Online

Hometown pride!

Matt Damon arrives to The Town premiere with a Red Sox hat on his head and expectant wife Luciana on his arm Tuesday at Fenway Park in Boston.

The actor, 39, showed up to support best bud Ben Affleck, who directs and stars in the film, now in theaters.

Damon’s next project? Awaiting the arrival of his family’s fourth child, due this fall.

“Lucy’s completely over me and over being pregnant,” he joked recently.

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mommyof2 on

she looks amazing!!! Cant wait for their new blessing!!!! super cute family!!

Corrie on

I have a feeling it may be a boy this time…anyway, congratulations to them both!

anonymous on

I have a feeling its another girl.If he already has two girls,this one just may be a third girl.

Romy on

he looks like he was having a good time that night 😉 She looks great

michelle on

I wish I looked that good after having babies back to back like her. I have a feeling it may be another girl, but hopefully it is a boy this time:)

Jaedyn on

I would love another girl. Why does it always have to be a boy after 3 girls (if you count Alexia in, too)? 🙂 Jamie Oliver had his boy after 3 girls, how about Matt having 4 girls 😉 Anyway: I love this family!

CelebBabyLover on

I don’t have any gut feelings either way as to what this baby will be, but I think it would be cool if it was another girl, since Matt is good friends with Ben Affleck, who also has all girls! 🙂

Sydney on

She looks amazing. Matt is one lucky guy.

erilynne on

That guy in the back looks like he’s checking her backside out….LOL

He would be a super cute dad to a boy! Every male wants a son just like a female wants a girl. 🙂 To interact and do the similar activities. He sure loves his girl though either way!

d on

Looks like a boy to me.

Zoey on

Erilynne- its kinda a broad statement to say that every male wants a boy and every female want a girl. i personally want a boy more. and my husband doesnt care what we have when we have kids. and my dad when they had my little sis wanted a girl so yeah thats all i wanted to say. lol 🙂

i dont care what they have as long as they are happy

CelebBabyLover on

Zoey- Right on girl! I’m even going to go one step further and say that I think that the statement that men want boys and women want girls is stereotyping a bit. I don’t know what my parents’ or grandparents’ preferences where when they had kids (if they even had a preference). However, my mother is an only child, and not only did he not wish he had a son, but it was obvious to everyone that he loved having a little girl.

Except for my own father, I’ve never seen a man dote as much on his daughter as my grandfather doted on my mom (sadly, he passed away several years ago). I would even venture to guess that most likely, he was, in fact, hoping for a girl when my grandmother was pregnant with my mom! 🙂

So it irks me when people act like a man feels “incomplete” somehow if he doesn’t have a son. Believe me, that is NOT always the case!

Bancie1031 on

Luciana looks great 😀 I think her and Matt are such a cute couple, and they have beautiful children 😀

kristine on

i actually met the both of them once in the restaurant where i worked. they are both so nice. they stopped and said hello to people. lucianna was a bit more quiet, but still really sweet and smiled at everyone. matt stopped and took pictures with patrons and especially the kids that were around.

it was really nice seeing them